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Cabin Fever

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The weather is cold you are wrapped up in a blanket in your flannel PJs (with feet) you are sitting in front of a fire, with a good book well some would call it good others might call it trashy but, you call it exciting. Robert, your live-in lover has gone hunting with the guys, and you are looking forward to the time spent alone this weekend. Saturdays are meant to be spent like this the cabin you live in is on a lake you are several miles from the nearest store you don't feel the hustle and bustle of the city and the phone seldom rings. It is peaceful, almost too peaceful.

You relax read and realize how good life is. Your book is about a Latino lover who has the touch of a masseuse, and the tongue of a salesman. He looks like a bullfighter, tall thin and muscular he is everything romance is all about. You wonder if this was a good time to start a new book with your honey so far out of range to help you through the TOUGH parts you realize that you may have to take things into your own hands, so to speak. You are into Chapter four the characters have all been set and the second love scene has begun, (you are wet). So wet that you hardly hear the car door slam outside. The hard knock on the door brings you back to reality; you answer the door without thinking about a robe.

It is Rick your lover's old college buddy, (damn, he is good looking). You and Robert have joked about inviting Rick to join you for a threesome, but it has always just been a fantasy, and never mentioned to Rick. As you open the door the cold air hits you in the face your nipples harden instantly. Rick notices and seems uncomfortable you invite him in. As you close the door, he says he came up to ice fish with Robert. When you tell him that Robert is deer hunting, he gets a funny look on his face. He says Robert called yesterday to make sure I was still coming. "I can't believe he would be that forgetful," you remember Robert talking to Rick but didn't hear the conversation, but Robert was cleaning his rifle when he called hum you offer Rick a cup of coffee he accepts, but perplexed, so, you say "hey, why don't you stay the weekend? I will ice fish with you and we can still have fun? He relaxes a little, and says "OK."

You notice he looks you over for the first time and then looks away you decide that Robert has set you up to have some fun. You have talked about it, and Robert is very open-minded. You know he would love to hear about how you seduced his best friend. So, you get Rick out of his coat, gloves and hat you get him next to the fire with a cup of coffee and you are still wet.

He sees the book you are reading and laughs he said his ex-girlfriend had read that book and it made her so hot that she attacks him! You smile at him with a knowing look he sees the look but isn't sure what it means so he changes the subject. You ask him how long ago he broke up with his girlfriend it has been three weeks that is why he came down. Robert thought he needed to be around friends. You ask him how he is taking care of things in the absence of a lover he turns red, but says, " I have things well in hand" and you both laugh at how TRUE those statements were!

You ask him if he finds you attractive "of course" he says, "yes, very, but I would never move in on Robert". You laugh again and say taking and borrowing are two very different things, and you slowly unbutton the first three buttons of your PJs he drops his cup of coffee as your left breast pops out. You laugh and get a towel from the kitchen to clean up the mess made by the coffee going everywhere then you tell him that you have just decided that you have a game you want to play. He asked what it is and you say I want to challenge you to a Dare he says OK. You unbutton the rest of the buttons and step out of your clothes as you stand in front of him completely naked, you tell him you plan to stay naked until Robert gets home, and you want him to do the same.

He says he is sure Robert will kill him; you laugh and say, "You don't realize how much Robert likes you." I think he would dump me before he would stop being friends with you and you smile, but you promise him that Robert will not be mad. It is OK, he reluctantly joins you.

You tell him that you want to pretend that you are both dressed at least for now. You both move into a morning routine. Rick getting another cup of coffee you return back to your book, two chapters later you call for Rick. You need help.

He comes over and asks how he can help. You say that you need to be touched, and you will read to him what to do you back up in the book a couple of pages to the hot love scene you have just read and start to reread it he touches her breast with his hands. Rick touches your breast. He kisses her neck. Rick follows along. He kisses her ear, and his tongue darts into the ear touching off an explosion throughout her body. She opens her legs, you open your legs he touches her thigh she moans he kisses her breast with such tenderness that you almost don't feel it but then harder, and with more passion he moves up and kisses her on the mouth. Rick is a good follower.

You drop the book. Rick takes over, he remembers this scene from his ex-girlfriend's description one they had played out he says and then you wonder how many times he rehearsed it. He knows every move. He moves to the front of the chair you are sitting in, and pulls you to your feet. He carries you to the bedroom and lies you on the bed. You are shaking he begins to kiss your body every inch. You touch him as he moves around you, lightly touching his skin.

He stops between your legs, and begins to make love to you. As you arch your back to meet his tongue he becomes very aggressive, as the first wave of orgasm washes over you, you realize that it is going to be a long weekend. He comes up for air and lies beside you. You turn over and move down his body touching him with your tongue kissing him all over and then taking his 7-inch dick into your mouth he is very hard and fat you can't get all of it in. Robert is about the same size in length but not nearly so wide. You get him wet you realize how much you want to feel him fill you. You climb on top as you ride your way to your next orgasm he cums for the first time after a few minutes of rest he rolls over and gives you a big hug and says. " I needed that more than I realized. Robert did me a huge favor asking me to come and fish, Wow! I caught a Wild One"

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