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For lickinglady...

Here's something new for my friends at SLS...from seapsalm

Hi, my name is Tom and this is my story...well, the first part is mine, anyway. Little could I imagine how much my life was about to change. You'll see...

I'm retired from the Bureau, yes, the FBI. I'm father to two great kids and grandpa to three wonderful grandkids with one more on the way. I'm also a widower. My lovely wife died just five years ago from a sudden illness. Her passing is what caused me to retire early.

I tried travel, visited all the places where I thought I might find healing. I tried fucking everyone who would let me. Tired the bottle, too. Just didn't work. About six months ago I realized that I really enjoy working, and besides at 53 years of age I have a lot still available in me I can contribute. I considered going back to the Bureau, having served with distinction. Then, I thought maybe a change would be a good thing. Finally, I decided to start a private security agency.

I had a new fuck-buddy over at DHS, yeah, Homeland Security, and one night Emily told me about a DHS contract being let out for security at a new radio/telephone/internet survey site high in the California Sierra Nevada mountains. It was just getting underway, six month initial contract and she thought she could get me in on the "inside track" if I'd submit a proposal.

Proposal accepted, and here I find myself just arrived deep in the mountains far off the tourist track. I had driven my 42 foot motorhome which would be my office and home, pulling along behind it my pickup truck. Not a soul in sight, beautiful sunny spring morning, I had just leveled the coach and was taking in the view, breathing the clear mountain air. Man! What an incredible spot! The site is on the top of the world,surrounded with tall pines and a 360 degree view in all directions. Just down the hill from the top I'm admiring a small cobalt blue lake, which I could stock with Rainbows and Browns, and listening to the Blue Jays squacking at each other, and starting to feel guilty for taking money to be here. Well, almost guilty...

Suddenly, the peace was shattered! Off in the distance, I could hear the deep throaty sound of a high performance engine. I wouldn't have believed anyone could find their way here without wanting to find the place. This made me a little suspicious as the first-in construction crews weren't due for over a week. So, imagine my surprise when a gleaming red Ferarri convertable emerged from the pines on the only road in here. My surprise grew as I realized that behind the wheel was what had to be a goddess. As she drew up beside me, I noted golden tresses piled high on the head of a vision of beauty. Deep blue eyes, high cheekbones, perfect nose and a mouth with full red lips framing a dazzling smile.

"May I help you, miss"?

"Hi, I seem to be lost, unless this is the Double D Dude Ranch", she offered, a musical quality in her voice.

Glancing below her delicate chin, taking in the glorious rack to be seen there, I lost my concentration for a moment pondering what had to be double-D's under her blouse.

She caught my eye, and giggled, before saying, "Why sir, there's no dude ranch where you're looking".

"Sorry", I stammered, feeling guilty at being busted. "I'm new to the area. This is to be a Federal facility, and I'm here to keep the banditos away while they get it started."

"Surely, I don't look like a bandito, or would that be a bandita, sir?" She had a way of melting thru what I expected is my official demenor. I was, after all, wearing my full uniform with my duty belt complete with cuffs, nightstick and my Glock semi-auto pistol all in full view.

"Miss, I've studied the maps for this area, and there's no private property for many, many miles in any direction. This entire mountain is all a Federal preserve. Do you have a map you've been following?"

She turned to the passenger side and reached for an open purse on the seat, saying, "I have directions written down...".

This is when my blood ran cold, and my body went on auto-pilot, honed by years in the military and the Bureau. I spotted a metallic glint in the purse, and my mind screamed, "Gun"!

I barked, "Freeze!" She did. "Don't move a muscle!" Her head turned slowly, on her face a smile, not what I expected. Her eyes fell on the pistol in my hand, yet the smile remained. This was not the response I expected to see. Intimidation? Not a hint of it.

"Put both hands on the wheel. Do it now!" And, she complied, still smiling".

"Officer, what is your problem", she said with the same lilting, almost mocking musical quality as before.

"Keep your hands where I can see them", I said as I moved slowly in front of the car, gun leveled at her, and around to the passenger side. Reaching over the door I picked up the purse and lifted to me. Sure enough, a chrome plated snubnose .38 Smith was right where I thought it would be. Sure, a "chick-piece" as many professional males in law enforcement would call it, but plenty deadly none-the-less. Maintaining one eye on her, I checked that the safety was on and slipped it into my back pocket, setting the purse on the bonnet.

Back on her side of the car, I reached for the door handle and edged the door open. "Clasp your hands together and get out of the vehicle, slowly, hands in sight at all times", I growled. I caught a breath-taking flash of beautiful tanned thighs as she turned in the seat and wriggled out of the Ferrari, and maybe a hint of pink panties, too. She was the complete "package", beautiful face, glorious tits, tight ass and long well-muscled legs.

She quickly reached for her purse on the hood in front of her, saying "I have indentifi...". Her motion and words were cut short as I grabbed the back of her neck in a strong grip and pressed her head firmly down and forward.

"Place you hands on the fender, legs back and spread them". As she complied, I nudged her feet further apart with my toe to insure her body weight was fully on her hands, and unable to make an offensive move toward me, you know, "The Postion" as in "assume the position". Now, I was able to holster my gun, with some measure of safety, not that this slip of a girl was such a huge threat to my security.

"Officer, I always carry protection when I am driving alone, especially in a remote a..".

I cut her off in mid-sentence, "Miss, what you do when you are alone and not with me is your business. Here and now, it is entirely my business. I want to see your identification and I want to see it right now".

"It's in my purse as I was about to show you", she said lightly. Again, no indication of being in a serious situation, here, but almost amused. I was perplexed!

I had a funny feeling and was inclined to pursue it. After all, if this woman was really playing with me and I made some improper advances, working for myself as I was, worst case scenarion was I'd lose my license and maybe my business. On the other hand, I had done undercover work some years ago at the Bureau, and had made some high-level enemies in the US distribution side of the drug cartels. I knew there was a contract out on me, and this bitch's behavior did smack of a professional what with no evident intimidation.

"I'm going to pat you down, now. Do you have anything on your person which would cut or stick me?", I queried.

"Sir, no I don't. If there was anything which would do some sticking, I believe it is in your pants". Still, she spoke with lightness in her voice. Glancing down, I realized there was a very pronunced bulge in my pants which must have brushed her as I moved her to compliance.

"Be quiet", I growled. Reaching forward, I shook the bun of hair on top of her hair and long golden locks of hair cascaded around her shoulders, the sun gleaming in the highlights. Then, I began running my hands over the top of her arms, back under to her armpits and down her ribs to the waist. Nothing noted, I then ran my hands over her back, noting she was wearing a bra, then raising my hands over her ribcage to her bra. I caught a hint of a giggle as though I may have tickled her in the process.

"Odd", I noted as it felt as though her bra was padded. "Why would a woman with what is a magnificent set of tits wear a padded bra over them?" Answering my own question, I thought, "A pro would. Great place to put martial arts weapons where their presence would not be noted".

"Miss, I am going to remove your bra. Is the clasp in the front or the back?", I stated.

She shuffled her feet as she said, "In the front. Here, I'll do it".

I kicked her feet apart once again, saying, "You don't move a muscle. I'll do it as delicately as I can. If I'm wrong about my suspicion, you'll have my apology."

Reaching around, I fumbled for the clasp. With one hand on her neck, the other free and as out of practice as I am, I was having no luck.

"Unbutton the blouse, silly", she giggled.

Embarassed, but determined, I did just that and not too deftly. Fuckin' women! Their buttons are backwards! Clasp now in my fingers, I popped it open, my fingertips glancing across her breast as I pulled the cups to the side.

"Ohhh, that feels nice. I can feel the electricity running down to my toes and all the way back up, again", she tittered. "Could you pinch my nipples a little?"

"Quiet", I uttered, as seriously as I could manage. And, feeling the padding of the bra and finding nothing, I turned my attention to her lower body. Pulling the blouse from her skirt, I patted around her hips, ran my hands down her upper thighs and back up the inside...nothing.

"Shoes off", I barked.

"You'll have to do that yourself", she replied. "I can't reach the straps from here".

She was right, of course. Unbuckling the straps of her high heels, I firmly held each of her ankles and slipped off her shoes, one at a time. Again, nothing. There was only one more place a weapon could be hidden. "Do I dare?", I wondered.

No more had the thought formed than she said as though amused, "Heavens, Officer, are you going to perform a cavity search?".

"Under the circumstances, one is called for. Normally, a matron would be present to perform the search. Here, obviously, this is not possible. I can detain you until one can arrive which might be hours. Your call. Do I have your permission to proceed, or do I cuff you for the wait?"

"Oh, by all means, I'm anticipating your technique, do proceed". Again, not a hint of intimidation, not a whit of concern. Really, if anything her voice conveyed a sexuality which sent still more energy into my "little head", the bulge in my crotch.

I slowly raised her skirt up the most beautiful pair of legs I'd ever seen, to her hips. With one hand on a firm butt cheek, I slid the other around her hip. Feeling nothing under the fabric, I let my fingertips graze down over the mound of her sex. Feeling nothing but moisture ands silky bare skin, I withdrew my hand. As I did, the sweet musky scent of an aroused female tantalized my nose. She emitted a low throaty growl, and stammered, "Ohhh, that wasn't so bad after all".

Reversing hands, I reached around the other side, one hand firmly on her butt cheek and the other sliding down and brushing her mound. Again, the low throaty growl, evoking the words, "I wish you wouldn't stop".

"As I have your permission to not stop, I will continue". I mumbled, sliding my hand down the back of her thong, pulling the narrow strap to one side as I did, and brushing my middle finger over her little pink puckered eye, ran it forward and encircled her pussy lips. Lightly brushing the hood of her clit, I circled her lips once more, and again. Her body was trembling now, clearly the product of sexual stimulation and showing no indication of anything but pleasure at the fact.

"Sir," she uttered in a soft voice, "If you use your hands for this, you might miss something. May I suggest your tongue?"

Now, my hard-on was in full rage. I knew I was going to get fucked, or she was, or we were. It didn't matter. It had been quite a long time, and my "little head" was fully in charge, now. I dropped to one knee, shouldering her thighs even farther apart and extended the tip of my tongue. Ahhh, shaved smooth as a baby's ass, and smelled like a spring morning (later, with a smile, I reflected it had been a spring morning). Making little rapid tongue tip licks around her puss, I realized she tasted like honey...even better, maybe. As I began to flick her little clitty her body began to quake in rapid short bucking movements. Then, I traced the length of her crotch and lingered on her little puckered hole, swirling my tongue around and around and occassionally taking little pokes in her asshole.

Now, her body was in full motion, and I knew that if I didn't fuck her now, I would regret it the rest of my days. I dropped my duty belt and struggled to free my pants, which puddled around my ankles. Out came my private weapon, as hard as it had ever been, and as quick as I could I pressed it on her snatch and drove it home.

"Unghh, yes, finally you slow-assed jerk", she shrieked.

"Thank God we don't have neighbors", I thought.

"Fuck me deep, hard and fast, and don't you stop 'til I tell you. I need your cock and I have waited for your cock, so do it, do me, fuck me, fuckme, fuckme, fuckmeeee!"

Being the polite kind of guy I am, I did as I was told. This bitch was one incredible piece of ass. This pussy was hot and tight, maybe hotter and tighter than any I could remember.

Her body was bucking with tremendous power, amazing to me as she was still spread-eagled in "the position". Then, it began to shake and quake with massive movement and I thought for a second I might be thrown off if I didn't hang on for dear life.

She began a low howling sound coming from deep within which rose in volume and pitch and finally broke from her lips, like huge breakers bursting on a seacliff, in a nearly deafening scream, "Yes, God, yes, Oh MY GOD, YES. The howls softened to more of a sobbing sound but not with any sorrow associated, more of a deep and entirely primal tone.

I had nearly reached my peak, oh so nearly, but managed to hold back just barely. I slowly began to withdraw my cock from the heavenly place where is had been so powerfully lodged, when she muttered, "Don't you dare, you asshole. Don't you pull out of me. We are not done here, not by a damned sight. Don't do it, I'm warning you".

At this moment in time, I was so sexually charged, more than ever in my life, I had only one thought. No, not a thought, but a mindless compulsion. With no hesitation whatsoever, I pressed my cockhead at her anus and pressed, gently then harder, harder and the muscles parted. I was in. One, two, three strokes and I was all in, in to my balls. God, what an ass! Hotter, tighter than her pussy had been, and it felt like what had to be the hot side of heaven.

It had happened in only a second or two. Her voice assailed my ears, "My God, yes, you hunk of heaven! How did you know? How could you possibly know I want you in my ass? Yes, please God, yes, take my ass, fuck my ass, keep fucking my ass you asshole.

Well, always the compliant one, I did as told. Boy did I do as I was told! I fucked her ass like it was the last thing I'd ever do. It never occured to me for a heartbeat it might be just that. This time we both came together in an eruption of passion which blew my mind as never before. I blew what had to be a month's worth of cum up her ass, and I could feel her juices bathing both our thighs. I was in an orgasmic state of bliss beyond time and space, just me, God and this incredible woman. Holy God, what an experience!

As our bodies and minds began to return to normal space and time, I stayed still, my cock deep in her bowels, not wanting to move but knowing sooner or later I'd have to. Well, there was no one around to throw water on, not an option.

As I began to withdraw my cock, I felt her weight shift and before I could flinch she had turned and hit my chest with the heels of both her hands. She moved with the grace and speed of a cat, and suddenly I was toppling backward, my feet tangled in my trousers, and I was flat on my back. As I struggled to regain my senses, I realized something very frightening was happening. I had lost control, and as I glanced up I see in the hand of this Venus, this Aphrodite of an incredibly beautiful woman, I see a gun in her hand. Uh huh, it was a chrome Smith and Wesson .38, her's.

Uh oh, must have fallen from my pants pocket when I "dropped trou". Now, the smile was very broad on her face.

My first thought was, "Well, if I die now it will be with a smile on my face. What a fuck to go out on!"

My second thought was, "Oh, Shit". Now, I've been in the sights of "bad guys" before, and been lucky, maybe been good enough to get out of trouble. But, now? Now, my pants were literally down. My "little head" had done me in.

She began to laugh, and laugh, and I even hoped for a second I might gain a split second and get to my gun. Then, I realized my duty belt and gun were at her feet. "Nope, I'm fucked", I resigned myself to what might even be my last thought.

Her laughter began to subside. "Relax, caballero, you really ain't dicked." The laughter began to take over again.

Puzzled, and a little relieved at the same time I'll admit, I said hopefully, "Mind explaining that?".

"Sure", she said. "Seems we have a mutual fuck-buddy in the DHS. Emmy and I have been tight for some time. She's told me all about you, including your security contact up here. So, I dedided to take a week off from the Bureau and see for myself if you are the stud Em says you are."

Seeing the shock on my face, she continued. "Yes, the very same Effy Be Eye you became a legend in. I always did want to meet you. I knew about the contract out on you and I decided I'd play to that, knowing you'd have that on your mind. Just to keep you off balance, a little."

"A little! My ass!", I grumbled, probably not being unable to hide a grin at the same time. "I will admit, you did fool me as no one has ever fooled me before. You are good! So, as you know my name and we didn't get to introductions before the strip search, who the hell are you?

The laughter began again, "My name's Charity, Charity Sue Lindberg. Here, let me give you a hand." Pointing the muzzle of her revolver to the sky, she moved toward me, bending and extending her other hand. I grasped it, snapping her toward me, at the same time chopping her gun hand which sent the gun flying. She landed on me in a tangle and with a shriek, and I quickly rolled on top of her. I had her hands behind her back, held in one of mine, and was sitting on top of her beautiful butt.

"What are you doing, you bastard? Tom, that was a mean trick! Tricking a helping hand even, you absolute asshole!"

"Shucks, Miss Charity, seemed the least I could do after you gave me the fright of my life, all the while laughing your pretty little head off", I chuckled.

"Now, Miss Charity, I'm going to perform a little experiment. This is where old Tom finds out if Miss Charity is ticklish, and if she is ticklish, just how ticklish she is".

"No, you wouldn't", her voice suddenly serious. First time I'd heard that tone from this smart-ass of a goddess. "Not that! NO, ANYTHING BUT THAT!"

So, being the compliant sort of feller I am, I began with just light fingertip strokes along one ribcage. She wiggled just a little but made not a sound. I switched hands, mimicking the motion on the other side. The wiggling increased. Then, I switched again and began tiny little wiggling movements with my fingertips just under her hips on her tummy. Now, the wiggling became really pronounced. Hah! I knew I had her!

So, the tickling began in earnest. I let go of her hands and attacked both ribcages with both my hands. She was out of control. No way was she going to get the top hand in the state she was in. Yes, I was on top and I was going to stay there until I decided otherwise. I was in control, absolute control...and, it lasted for maybe 10 seconds. Go figure?

How she did it, I'll never know, but here I was on the bottom again, my arms pinned above my head, and her lips locked to mine. I didn't struggle much. Fact is, I don't think I struggled at all. It was nice...

Time passed. Glory, was this woman a kisser! I didn't care if I ever got up or did anything else for the rest of my life. We just melted into one another until it seemed, with tongues intertwined, there was only one of us; we had fused together.

It was not even a conscious process. It just somehow happened that my cock became buried deep in her pussy, and I honestly could not tell you where one ended and the other began. She rode me cowboy-style like the rodeo had come to town and we were the whole gig. God, what a fuck this woman was. Again, time ceased and pleasure overwhelmed us both. Finally, somehow the bliss subsided following another incredible climax and fusion of male and female energies, and she collapsed on me, both of us trying to catch our breath in choking sobs of delight.

Finally, she raised her head. With a big smile she said, "Tom if you don't feed me, I'm going to feed on your flesh. Cannibal Sex, I'm gonna call it. What's it going to be?"

"How does a barbequed steak, baked potato and a tossed green salad sound?", I grinned back.

"Might just fill the need. I guess I have to let you up to make it happen, eh?" Big smile, "Can I trust you if I let you up?"

"Absolutely not, but if you're hungry enough you have to take the risk."

So, we struggled to our feet, each helping the other as our wobbling legs wouldn't have been much good without the other's. Arm in arm we made it to the door of the motorhome. "Show me the kitchen", she said.

"Right there", I pointed, "And, its a galley, like on a boat". "Salad makin's in the fridge. You start on that, and I'll get the fire going outside". With the fire started, and the potatos snuggled in their foil down in the coals. I stepped back inside.

"OK, big boy, salad's ready and I need a shower".

"Step outside, I have a something ever better", I chuckled.

Eyebrows raised in curiosity she followed me out. I turned to her at the bottom of the steps, and planted a deep kiss on her lips. "Trust me", and I ducked under her and put her over my shoulder. "Follow me", I chuckled.

She shrieked, "Tom! You said! Bastard, how can I ever trust you?" And, she began giggling, and giggled all the way down the slope of grassy lawn to the little lake I mentioned earlier. I walked right into the water, and when about waist deep tossed her in with me along with her.

She screamed! I'm pretty sure I screamed, too. I had never felt water that cold. Well, I guess it was nearly fresh snowmelt which, yeah, would be cold. No leisurely swim this time. We both struggled to our feet, howling with shock and delight at the same time. Regaining the shore, we embraced, and made out way back to the coach.

"Towels are in the head and a bathrobe which should fit you in the bedroom hanging locker", I said.

"OK, stud, you get the steaks going. Right now, I'd settle for raw, but rare will be acceptable. If the potatos aren't ready, tough, I'm starving! Let's eat!"

Well, it was a great meal. The sex and lovemaking had whetted our appetites like nothing else could have. We knocked off two bottles of really good Cab, managed somehow to get to the king bed in the rear and under the covers. Then, Morpheus had his way with us...we were gone.

OK, here Tom's story becomes mine. I awoke to feel, then see, shafts of sunlight filtering in through the window coverings and lighting up what was a very nice bedroom. Took a few seconds to realize where I was, then I raised to find I was alone. "Huh", I thought. At this moment, the scintillating aroma of fresh brewed coffee tickled my nostrils immediately followed by the smell of fresh bacon. "Food", I thought, and my body enthusiastically replied, "Yes, yes, yes, food good!"

"To hell with finding the robe", I thought as I padded in my barefeet to the galley.

"How do you like your eggs?" Tom grinned at me.

"Coffee first, you pagan god. Eggs over easy will be fine, but coffee first and now!", was my reply.

"Costya a hug", Tom smiled back.

"No, no sex before breakfast. See, I'm learning about you, you devious deviant".

We both began to laugh, and we laughed and ate, and had glorious sex and made love, and played, and ate, and slept and repeated this wonderful alternation of just being joyful in one another's presence. I could share the details, but you know how it went by how it got to where we are in the telling. It was simply amazing how well we fit together. And, when the week drew to a close, without even discussing it we both knew where it was leading. It was a done deal!

I got to SFO, turned the Ferrari in, and caught the "Red Eye" back to D.C.. I walked into the Bureau and to my supervisor's office door. One look at me and she said, "Oh shit! You and Tom, right?" I nodded. "Putting in for early retirement?" I nodded again. "Figures, he's one hell of a fella. You're one hellova gal, too. I'm very happy for you both. I'll put the papers through for you. Clean out your office and get back to him, before he comes to his senses."

With this, we hugged, sniffled a little, and said our goodbyes. Two hours later I was boarding for the return to San Francisco, the rest of my life, our lives, ahead of us.

Of course the tale doesn't end here. This was just the beginning. Hopefully, for a first dose, this was just enough for you. I'll, rather, we'll be along after while to share more. If you want more, that is. It only gets better and better...let us know.

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