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Can We Go Again

you left a key for me at the front desk

I enter quietly finding the room lit by candles
very dim and romantic
some sort of soft erotic music is playing
your laying on the bed naked after a shower

you look so hot laying there waiting
I walk over to the bed and kiss your forehead
you moan softly
I kiss your cheeks
another moan
I kiss your lips
you part them waiting for more
but you cant have it yet
I tease your lips with my tongue
you try to kiss me back I pull away
I reach for the massage oil in my bag
you feel its coolness on your skin
I kiss you again and let you kiss me back
more soft moans from you
my hands gently massage you
working my way around your upper body
I come for more kisses you kiss me back
I feel you starting to reach for me
your touch feels so good but not yet love
I run my hands down your legs
and close to your middle
I hear your breathing change
deeper and deeper
you want to touch me not yet
my lips graze you there
you want more
I want to take you into my mouth
but not yet
I tease the tip with my tongue
now sliding it down the shaft
you reach for me again not yet
now I have to make you stay still
I tie your wrists loosely to the bed posts
you can reach me when you are really ready
again I start to kiss you all over
starting with your mouth
you start to moan louder now and move your hips
my tongue slides slowly down your stomach
my hands barley caressing the skin around your middle
I can see the wetness building
you feel my tongue slide onto the tip to take your liquid
you thrust to get closer to being in my mouth
I allow you to enter and take you fully to the base
I love to hear your noises of pleasure
I suck up and off leaving you wanting more
standing above you I slowly come down and
surround you with my tight wetness
you enter me so smoothly I want to finish
but not yet I stand back up to
take you into my mouth again
down to the base and back up
with a swirling of my tongue around the tip
standing above you again I turn so my
back is to you lowering myself onto you
again you fill me you want to have your
hands free to feel me and to move me
not yet
I move slowly on you up and down
around in circles to feel you from every
angle I come off I feel how close you are
I release you now you can touch me
you stay in the same position
I put you inside me you feel so good
I'm moving faster and you grab my hips
your moving me to your rhythm oh yes
yes I'm there babe I want you to come
for me you flip me around and finish
with you taking me from behind
oh babe you are so good
can we go again?


End of Story