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By the Firelight .....couples....

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We lived in New Mexico, on a mesa overlooking a red clay valley? I just loved the privacy our home provided. Its walls were mainly glass, so as to not obstruct our view of the valley and all the splendor it had to offer. The living room was one of my favorite places to be.. It had a huge fireplace made entirely out of stone, sensually rustic?.huge overstuffed couches in rich hues of burgundy and browns?and accented in heavy oak?.It was Christmas time, and the scent of pine from our tree, permeated the house?I was waiting for my man to come home, and I wanted to offer him something special tonight?

Earlier in the day, I had went out to my enormous rose garden, and harvested all the red roses that were truly fragrant?and all the white carnations that were in full bloom?.The scent that these two flowers gave off was intoxicating?a perfect combination?..As I came back into the living room, I placed the carnations in two crystal vases, and placed them on the mantel of the fireplace?But, the roses, I had plans for?.I knew that he would be home at dusk?..and hurriedly prepared for his arrival?.I went to our downstairs bath, and rolled our huge antique tub over between the fireplace and the window that overlooked the valley?.As I placed many oak logs in the fireplace, I placed a caldron of water to heat later , next to the fireplace, and continued with my plans for my fantasy. I carefully pulled hundreds of petals from the roses, and placed them in a wicker basket?.They were so silky and sensually scented?and I carefully placed dozens of white and red candles throughout the room?I knew I had to please his palate too, so I had arranged for some of his favorites to intensify his pleasures?Fresh strawberries, cool melon, and an plate of his favorite; crab and cheese stuffed mushrooms, which I would heat just before his arrival?I placed two bottles of his favorite wine in the icebox, and brought out finely cut crystal glasses?This was truly perfection?.

I went upstairs and commenced to put on something very special for him?Red was a color that was striking on me, and one of his favorites? I sat on the bed, and slid the thigh high nylons up my legs and fastened them to my garters?The small red lace daintys were perfect with these silky nylons, and the red lace decollate bra was a perfect finishing touch.. I looked in the mirror and smiled, and dabbed fine French perfume between my breasts, along my neckline, and between my thighs?As I brushed my hair, it shined like gold in the light, and felt incredible against my skin?..I was now ready for him, and new this was truly going to be a stimulating evening?

I looked out my window?. the sky was illuminated in shades of mauve and rose, and the first stars of the night began to twinkle in the winter sky? I saw his headlights travelling up the road, on his way to me?I hurriedly went down stairs, and lit the fire, and placed the water on the wood to warm?Quickly, I placed the crab in the oven to heat, and removed the wine from the icebox, and opened it?Pouring it into the crystal glasses?I went back to the living room, and strew rose petals from the door entry to the fireplace, and lit all the candles?I knew he was almost here?and my heart began to pound in my chest, and the moisture began to well up inside me?

I heard the familiar crunching of his steps on the gravel, and went to the door, and opened it for him?He stopped?Looked, and advanced towards me with open arms?As he slid his arms around me, I tasted his lips, darting my tongue between his ?.and felt his manhood immediately responding to our touch?.I stepped back, and said, "welcome home darling, please come with me, " and turned around, with his hand in mine?.and walked inside...I heard him gasp, and watched as his eyes twinkled with desire?he said to me, "my God, you are beautiful, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me."

The fire was roaring in its entirety as I led him over to the couch and slowly slipped his clothes from his muscular body?I ran my hands over his torso, and slid to my knees and took him into my mouth, and caressed him with my lips.. I felt him shudder, and reached around him, and pulled him by his ass, closer than he had ever been?.as I tasted his precum forming at the tip of his cock? He placed his hands in my hair, and held me firmly, as I slid back and forth on his throbbing member?I could go on like this forever, but, I had many other surprises in store for him?and was sure he would want to experience all of them completely?.As I rose to my feet, I gently urged him to sit on the couch, and asked him to relax, I needed to nourish him, for the upcoming events?.I felt his eyes upon me as I swayed my hips and walked to the kitchen, and brought back, all the delicacies I had prepared ?I placed them on the table in front of him, and slowly fed him?.not ever losing eye contact.. I saw the desire within mount?.and went to the fire, and retrieved the water and poured it into the half full tub?.then, I sprinkled it with rose scented oils, and of course, the remainder of the rose petals?.

Turning around, I watched as he stroked his cock, and returned to him?.standing in front of him, I slowly undid the clasp on my nylons, and rolled them down my thighs?and stood in front of him, and let him admire me in the light of the fire?.he motioned for me to come closer, and I gladly did?he ran his hands between my thighs, and slid a finger underneath the lace of my daintys, and inserted it to my silky mound, finding my throbbing clit, stroking, ever so softly? I swayed with his movements, and closed my eyes, as he drifted down farther, and retrieved my moisture...and dragged it up and circled my button?I reached up, and stroked my nipples through my bra till they were perfectly erect in anticipation of his lips?and reached around and unsnapped the clasps, and let it fall to the ground?.He arose from the couch, and took me by the hands, and we walked over to the tub and slipped in?The water was so warm and inviting, and I laid against his chest, between his legs, as he stroked me from behind?.I felt his cock nestled against my back, and slid back and forth on it as he brought me to heights of pleasure, I rarely felt?I lifted myself slightly, and he penetrated me from behind, with his hands around my waist? we rocked up and down, as the water rippled in the tub?.The heat from the fire was intense, and I felt myself begin to speed up my rhythm with the flickers of the flame as it danced across the room?.His hands quickened, and circled my nipples, and I reached down into the water and stroked his balls ?I closed my eyes, and saw the familiar spots of light behind my eyelids?I knew I was going to cum, and I felt the muscles of his stomach tighten, and I arched my back...and rode him till we moaned in pleasure, and I drained him completely?.I laid back, against his chest, and hummed a little tune?.. and smiled by the firelight.


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