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Burning Desire Couple

Burning Desire

With each sensual kiss,
I smolder within
Your touch of desire
scorches my skin,
My passion now burns
In a sinful fire,
I feel the intense heat
Of your desire
Stay with me,
Share my love tonight
As we burn together
Under the moonlight

Each drop of sweat
Feels like cooling rain
Relief to my skin,
That endures this flame
Pleasure and passion,
Like embers of coal
I Feel your heat engulf my soul
Stay with me,
We have our love all night
As we burn together
Under the moonlight

Intertwined in passion,
We become one flame
Hot and wild
So wickedly untamed.
Two bright and beautiful
lovers do meet
To make love
To quench the sweltering heat
Under the moonlight
Burn with me,
Our passion of fire
Like an endless sea.

Burn with me....

End of Story