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She spake in a language whose Melody might not belong to earth.

Shimmi like her sister Mama was quite on the 'darker side', but Beauty
cannot exist without a flaw. The flaw itself, is the Beauty. And her
strength lay in her beauty.

Of All the great fools of the World, I was the greatest. I knew her.

She was extremely attractive and appealing with sharp features and a
slim face. Had an upright nose, the eyes of a wild impala, lips shaped
like cupid's bow, and with pearl white teeth and dark black hair
almost falling to her waist. Her silky voice was honey to the ears and
spread a music far and near. Endowed with a fair complexion she would
have been the song of many a hearts.

She took charge of her chores and had reserved all her attentions to
me only. She would often fight with the other maid if they ever
provided any service to me. Her gravest duty was to make herself a
vailable to my slightest gesture, without any inference. She came to
my room on the pretext of carrying out household duties and bent
unnecessarily so low that the half of her breasts, her shinning auras
and a part of her nipples gleamed before my gloating eyes.

Soon enough, she became aggressive, arranged herself to be in my view
and exhibited her treasures to her greatest dexterity. While wiping
the floor, she completely pulled up her sari so high that I c aptured
a complete sight of her dark cunt and pubis which was grossly spread
with short hair. With every movement, the point of and the clitoris
twitched. The red blooded folds of her cunt quivered a nd drops of her
lust juice trickled from her silky hole. My heart bounced and sprung
on those presentations, and the spectacle served infinite pleasure and
caused a justified erection.

I, to reciprocate her advances, opened the belt of my gown and brought
in her view my groins and my erect penis which waved to her eager
eyes. The exhibition of its immense sexual prowess portrayed m y
eagerness and assent to her amorous offer. She cast an avaricious look
at the large dimensions of my standing swollen prick. A colour of joy
attracted her sombre visage, and her dark eyes emitted s parks of
passion, signalling her concurrence. She winked, made a vulgar sign
and went out laughing hysterically. I was strongly attracted by her
gesture, but no fruitful connection ensued, and I was not able to reap
the harvest of my endeavours as her sister always hovered around the
house, and was a great impediment to my impending ventures.

Shimmi, it was her custom to bring, at early morning, before the
house stirred, a cup of hot tea with freshly picked roses for me. She
would sit on the bed and with her soft fingers scratch my ears, side
burns, and continue playing with my hair, until I woke up. She would
then welcome me with a sensual soft smile and present the flowers.
That was highly exciting, and I made up my mind to take a decisive
step. Gain or lose in the process. One morning, she came to my room
rather earlier than usual, I was in a very deep sleep. She became
bold, scratched my ears, softly kissed my lip and whispered, 'my honey
you provocate and deny in the same breath, oh! What a heart breaker
you are!' Her hand slipped in my shirt and teased the hair on my
chest, and she bending over me kissed my cheeks and nimbly bit my

I woke up with a start. She smiled, showered the rose petals at my
face and said, 'your excellency, your bed tea is here, please open
your eyes.' The petals wet with the morning dew clung to my cheek s,
forehead, neck and lips. She did a most admirable deed. She started
picking the petal with her lips, beginning with the forehead then the
neck, cheek and finally from my lips. No sooner her chisel led lips
touched mine, I knew the world anew.

'The Cunning Rose petal; An impostor who cheated, the colour of her
lips. A thief who stole, the fragrance of her breath.' [Author]

I was engrossed by the light atmosphere of the room and her romantic
overture. There was a violent jolt and my erect prick slid out of the
front cutting of my pyjamas before her hungry eyes. I did no t make
any attempt to reverse the modality but waited for an equally furious
reaction from her quarter.

Her eye displayed ostentatious delight. She put her head on my chest,
slowly wriggled and reached for the coveted object and held it softly.
With eyes intoxicated, she said in a sad voice, 'Sir, you have a very
deep friendship with Sophia. Does my dark complexion deters you from
such an approach?'

Am I not the Nightingale of the wild?' Why then your fires for me so
mild? I have conquered men of great astute, But couldn't apprehend
your attitude. Am I unsightly, unworthy, or you unkind; Or it be
a strange malady of your feeble mind. (AUTHOR)

I was very aggrieved at her statement and replied, 'hue of the skin is
trivial in friendship, it is the colour of the soul that prevails.
Would you like to my friend? I asked covertly.' She said, 'my lord, it
all depends on you.' I embraced her and said, 'Should you wish to
extend our affections then you would have to sink deep in the affair
of hearts.' She replied smilingly, 'I would be as fort uitous as you
may grant me.'

I was extremely joyful to get her as I always longed for dark woman
and wished to get one. I had not succeeded in the past, although I had
made passes to many such women but always faced rejection. I f a woman
is black or ugly, it is never meant that she would give herself away
to every young men who greets her. It was the first occasion that I
had succeeded without even trying.

I said nothing but held her in my clutches. She was a little shy and
tried to break the hold but I did not pay any attention to her
struggles and kissed her. She replied vigorously and sucked my tong ue
so energetically that I believed that I had not a woman yet. I lifted
her shirt, uncovered her belly and chest. Two black billiard balls
jumped before my eyes. The breasts were large, very shapely , the
nipple small and erect, and the dark halos widely stretched with
excitement. I placed my hand on them and pressed powerfully. They were
unexpectedly very hard and silky. She uttered a low whine and me
hugged tightly. I pushed my hands down and I proceeded to touch her
cunt but she recoiled and covered it with her palm.

With much effort, I lifted her petticoat, nipped her clit and wanted
to engulf my prick in her vagina. She resisted and said, 'it is
getting brighter, I would come at night than you may quench your t
hirst of desire.' I did not pay any heed and continued my purpose but
she resisted. Facing failure I asked for less and said, 'darling
atleast let me feast my eye on your treasures,' she smiled and s aid
nothing. I made her sit on the table and pulled up her petticoat to
inspect her cunt. In the dark, I did not make much out of it but saw a
pair of thick lips and a very hairy Mound. She bought my erect penis
out of its confine and handled it like a toy. I rubbed her clitoris
with the head of my penis and she groaned heavily. I did not see
permissible to fuck her at that uncertai n moment, therefore,
continued the fore play. She heaved and twisted my penis my all her

I, in response, pushed my first two fingers in her love hole. She
could not bear this unannounced assault and shouted, 'darling what are
you doing? Are you going to enlarge my hole.' I smiled and con tinued
with my fickle aggressions and pushed my fingers deeper in her cunt,
and with my thumb rubbed the thick head of her clitoris vigorously.
She started trembling and kissed me passionately and sa id, 'darling
you are my king, please continue your attacks and enslave me forever,
yes darling do it harder and quicker.' She whispered in my ears,
'darling, I am all wet and ready for a fuck, but it is done best in
the quiets of the night and not for now, it would spoil all
enjoyment.' I whimpered softly in her ears, 'Oh! Darling you should
let me fuck you now, dear let me taste your cunt and y ou may have a
taste of my cock.' 'No sorry darling, I too need a fuck more than you
do but it is much too risky. I shall come tonight when the coast is
clear, and we may fuck each other till the nigh t permits us.' She
kissed and sucked my tongue furiously, amused herself with my prick
and went away victorious.

She kept her promised and came the same night. She was like a statue
carved out of black marble and was dressed in a pure white nightie
which glossed against her dark complexion. A strong perfume inv aded
the room and I imagined that she had come fully armed for the amorous
game. With a smile, she threw herself on the bed. We, mad with lust,
tore away our clothes and in a moment were lying naked in bed,
mingling with each other.

I took a stock of her body and found that she was very supple and
proportionate. Her breasts were large and full of life, the nipple
protruded, and the dark halo around stretched in a wide circle. He r
mound was thick and padded, and the pubic freshly shaven. The lips of
her cunt were thick, rough and coarse and the vagina, though not lax,
stretched and peeped like a long tunnel, obviously the result of
extreme fucking. The thick, fat and large clitoris, a full-blooded
hydra aroused with the rage of passion, stood erect. It too showed
marks of inclemency, brought about by the constant mis handling by
males, or self satisfaction.

I took it in the mouth and sucked it vigorously. She whispered
sharply, 'darling, you have awakened my sleeping passions and I am
awfully hot, please extinguish this fire with your sperms. I cannot w
ait any more, please let's do the act.' She made me sit upright on the
bed and entwining her limps around my waist pulled up her torso to
bring her cunt closer to my penis. Then taking my prick in he r hands,
she with a vigorous muscular force rammed it in her fanny.

I was not little amazed to find that her hole was not lax or slack as
it appeared, but firm and tight like that of a virgin's vagina after
her first fuck. She must been a celebrity among the male of all
classes, moral or immoral. Now I came to know what a woman like her
could do to a man. Fucking her once would leave no room for any other
woman in man's life. She was certainly a demolisher of t heir prides.

She gave a load sigh and pushed her torso up and down digging the
clitoris to my prick, and rubbed it rigidly against entire length of
my prick's. Her firm breasts dangled before my eyes and with eac h
push swung like huge pendulums. I took them in my hands, squeezed
firmly and rotated her nipples with thumb and index fingers. She said,
'darling please manipulate my breasts more strongly and suck the
nipples with all your force, please also tickle my bottom hole and
slide your fingers inside it. Oh! Dear I am enjoying this wonderful
fucking, you are the kind of male I relish, make me come quickly and
than I teach you to enjo y me in many more ways.' Her movements became
frantic and she jumped on my prick like a rubber doll.

She took me now with short pushes and always making sure to dig deeply
enough to push the head of my penis in womb. She soon started
trembling and shouted in my ears, 'Oh! Darling make your cock stil l
longer, thicker and harder, I want even your balls in my cunt.' I
replied, 'baby I am trying, I am trying, oh! you really know how to
fuck and be fucked.' I seconded her each stroke with an equal a rdour
but being in a passive position could not do it as strongly. Each
push sent a tremor through our entire being and juices flowed freely
from our organs.

She now on the edge of fulfilment cried, 'my darling push deeper and
harder, you are making me come, quick, quick, here I come, oaf, Ooff.'
She bent and embraced me tightly and squeezing her legs sen t forth a
discharge of such magnitude that the entire area of our pubis was
inundated with her sperms. She trembled and then relaxed. She did not
let hold off my cock but continued pushing and wrench ing. After
awhile she was on the edge again, cried, 'darling, hold on I shall
come again soon.' She stepped up her work and spent powerfully again.
I liked that black mermaid, she was the mirror of a man's thoughts, as
far as the sex was concerned. I said, 'dear you were unique, now let
me have my pleasure.' She said nothing, silence is half consent.

I laid her on the bed and as I moved to insert my penis in her cunt
and make my impending discharge. She said, 'darling answer my question
honestly then you can commence to bathe my little cunt with your
romantic ambrosia. Why did you go to Sophia's house and stayed there
for the night.' I lied confidently, 'dear, she was alone and terrible
fearful of ghosts and thieves, therefore, requested me to stay at her
lonely house and give her some heart.' She replied curtly, 'no Sir,
you are in the wrong. Now hear the truth from me, you went to Sophia
in the anticipation of a fuck, and having gain ed her, would continued
to do so.'

I was stunned, 'what know you of that?' I shouted. She negated my
question and repeated her query. I parried again, 'you should not
accord such remote blames to a respectable lady. It is an unworthy
deed. I consider Sophia my superior and a good friend. You speak from
nowhere or some random passions may have overtaken your thoughts. And
you should have no business to supply me provocation. You a re loud,
erratic and impolite, your incivility has injured my senses. Keen
tongue like a knife; Cleaves the thread of life.'

She replied sternly, 'Sir, it is not you but your guilt that speaks,
and truth is always disagreeable. You cannot emancipate your
conscience by employing acute accent. Your face is not supporting yo
ur tongue, and you are hiding behind false curtain. I had seen lust in
your eyes, you coveted her beauty and youth.' I said, 'you are being
pedantic, my dear. Events do not turn according to our desi res.' She
replied, 'sweet lord, it is just a question of thought.'

All my efforts failed against her persistence and I had no choice but
to give up the conflict of the tongue and confess candidly. I said,
'Shimmi, you are in the right, but she left me with no altern atives,
I was heavily seduced, and to conclude, well yes, she surrendered to
me, her morality. I was obliged to fuck her twice that night and have
promised to accommodate her in my life permanently. To attend your
curiosity and to exclude any exigency: I must say that we love each

Disappointment overtook her spirits. She said sullenly, 'In the garb
of love you are officiating your guilt but I shall not dwell deeply on
that point. You are not entirely to be blamed, Sophia, to entice you
in an amorous affair, had been playing, "give the wolf a taste and
keep him hungry." She enflamed your senses and then kept herself
apart, perhaps, waiting for the right moment. When she f ailed to
seduce you, she called you to sleep in her house on the pretext of
fearing the goblins. You see, males are so fallible, they can never
refuse a woman who so vehemently seeks their affection. Well, she
succeeded, and now you may go and trifle with all the forlorn women in
the town, but please don't forsake me.'

She ended her deliberations after a while and laid still with her legs
wide apart, showing her lecherous cunt to inflame my lust. I did not
wait but fixed my penis on her cunt and pushed it inside he r with all
my strength, making her go mad with pleasure. It did not take long and
also spent with a great force, bathing her cunt with my hot lava. She
pressed her thigh to enjoy the warmth of my war m water and the last
proximity of my dwindling penis. We wiped ourselves and lay in arms
and talked about the experience that we just had. However, she did
not only conversed but toyed with my limp penis to make it alive

She said, 'Your lance is tired but I shall wait for its revival. In
the meantime, please suck my clit and make me come again. Though,
tired and worn out, I consented. She opened her thighs and taught me
how to perform cunnilingus, 'dear, strongly suck my clit with your
lips and concurrently stimulate its tip with your tongue, and you may
also prick my vagina and bum hole with your fingers. In r eturn I
shall treat your dead cock and try revive it.'

I fell down and commenced to learn this newer art. A pleasant smell
of her cunt assailed my nostrils, I never knew that cunts could be
that sweet. I performed the errand very efficiently, and her clit
started twitching in a rhythm, and her dripping vagina pulsated on my
finger. With a long groan of delight, she pressed my face to her cunt,
until for me, breathing became an impossible proposit ion. I somehow
liked this new way of stimulation and tried to prolonged it. When she
seemed to be coming, I purposely removed my lips from her clitoris.
She used a vile language to remonstrate me, ' fuck nicely you
weakling, or get for yourself a frigid hag, you don't deserve a fiery
woman like me.'

Not to increase the matter, I concentrated on relieving her lust, and
did the sucking more powerfully. Near the end, her clitoris grew
larger and pulsated impetuously in my mouth. Her vagina closed s
trongly on my fingers and throbbed frantically. I sucked vigorously
and with my rough tongue stroked the sensitive pointed head of her
clitoris. A few more sum such savage treatments from my side an d she
started throwing her waist up and down. Her whole frame trembled like
a dry leaf, and then with a loud shriek, she enclosed my face in her
thighs and twisted it rapidly. She was writhing agonis ingly and
commending me for the enjoyment I was providing her. Her jerk ended
with long sighs, then she released me from the vice grip of her thighs
and was inert for some time. She had came copious ly and great deal
of juicy oozed from her cunt and filled my mouth, and I could noting
but swallow it. I quickly got out of the bed, wiped myself and then
wanted to kiss her good bye. She, still not fully satisfied, expected
some more wanton fucks. I, however, completely exhausted changed the
story an d asked, 'dear love, you fuck so nice, please tell me
wherefrom did you learn that, by art or chance?' She smiled and said,
'I practised this delightful art, for the first time, at the age of
twelve. Darling, how about giving me one more nice climax and then I
shall unfold numerous tales of my fuck affairs.'

I kept silent to quieten her mounting storm, but she was absolutely
unwilling to waiver her quest. She persisted in torturing my prick
with great inclemency to invigorate its hardness, but it refused to be
subjected to such continuous torture, and lay inert, unmoved by her
solicitations. It showed no signs of revival. She shrieked, 'indolent
fool, go play with your cock and jerk yourself off. In that case, you
would have no need to satisfy a woman. An infirm placid like you
should use that technique.'

She, at last, with a sorrowful look of hopelessness and utter
dissatisfaction reluctantly left the room, slamming the door behind
her with a powerful Bang. I breathed a sigh of relief and took a vow
never ever to see a nymphomaniac woman again. I could not believe the
veracity of my senses. Whatever had transpired just now was real or a
figment of my imagination?

End of Story

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