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Brenda, Mike, Bikinis and the Hippies

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Author's note:

As I said before this is based on actual events. As part of this might seem improbable, I want to say that the strangest things do happen. The hippy incident happen, but not on this trip. It was at while the family camped beside a river in national forest in northern New Mexico. I combined the bikini story and the hippy story for readability. And yes, back in the day, my father did take nude photos of my mother on that (and other) trips. Now, though we kids knew Mom and Dad went off to shoot pics, it wasn't until I was a teenager I found the metal tackle box that had the photos inside. Sadly she in a fit of anger she destroyed the nude pics several years later after she and my dad divorced. A fact she has told me she very much regrets. The photos of the hippies are in the family photo album, but given the Kodak 110 instamatic camera had a wide angle lenses and a tiny negative, they are little more than little blurs in the photo.

Attached below is from an 8mm movie my dad took about the same time, it is from a hot spring at a National Park. I think it's the only photo record of her getting naked in public during those years.

Brenda, Mike, Bikinis and the Hippies

The Johnson Family, were so stereotypical of 1974 suburbia, they were in fact unusual.

Mike Johnson was an up and coming V.P. of a large commercial building design and construct firm. He was very good at what he did and derived nearly all his self-worth from his job and the fact it allowed him to provide well for his family. Though he was the titular head of the home, he was all to glad to leave nearly all the "operations" of that home to his wife as he was out of the house long hours, and when he was home he was often still doing office work.

His relationship with is wife was respectful, proper and even paternalistic. Though he ceded nearly all aspects of the life in their home to her, he enjoyed the feeling of begin the dutiful provider and head of the family. The fact that she was intensely dissatisfied with their sexual life simply never occurred to him. He'd grown up in a world that godly women endured sex, rather than enjoyed it. What she saw as disinterest in her pleasure, he saw as a sacrifice not to intrude on her any more than necessary. Though the sexual revolution had made sex talk common in many circles, in his world it never happed with reputable women, and his Brenda was the epitome of reputable women.

His hard work had ensured that the Johnson family home was in a fashionable brand new subdivision in a growing suburb of Dallas. It was large and comfortable and very close to the top drawer elementary school that his three offspring attended. He'd never actually been in the building but Brenda had been a regular fixture there in the years before she went back to college. She'd been room mother, field trip chaperone and even Cub Scout den mother.

Will, their oldest had always been a handful, but he was a good student and other than the fact he was hyper-active, was bright, charming and articulate. One more year before her ten year old little man headed off to Junior High School.

Gerald, who arrived just over a year after Will, was likely the brightest of the three, but he was shy and very much a home body. Skinny and buck toothed, he lived for Lego's and playing with his army men. Though bright, school was more difficult for him, socially and academically.

Her baby, Michelle, had just started Kindergarten. She was the light of her mother's life. The feeling that little Michelle could do no wrong was very much driven by the fact that after to very rambunctious boy's, she was quiet and compliant, and oh so cute. Brenda reveled in dressing her up in frilly outfits and showing her off to the ladies at church.

For the past two years the family had booked a room at a motel on Galveston Island for three nights during the their older two boy's spring break. In the spring the family, due to the Mike Johnson's long overdue promotion to V.P. and the fact he'd accrued well over a week of comp time, they had rented a beach house just outside of Corpus Christy for an entire week. This would be quite a relief as all the children were now in school as well as mom. To make it even better, instead of driving, they would fly in an airplane, something the kids had never done.

Brenda had been struggling with the inner conflict of her new self with her old self. She knew she could not live this kind of hypocrisy for long. The trip would be her opportunity to tryout the "new her" for her family. The kids were not old enough to tell the difference an inch or two (or ten) less fabric in a shirt, skirt or swim suit meant but Mike, on the other hand, would see what that reduction in fabric meant.

She and Millie went on another shopping trip; this one for beachwear. Like before they went to the regular stores first before returning to what was evidently Millie's favorite shop, the Purple Haze. After wearing mini skirts and halters for months now, she didn't blanch as the short shorts that Millie recommended. The halter Millie insisted she buy was not only the size of a bra, the fabric was so thin the shape of her nipples shown through, even if they weren't hard. And to press the boundaries even further, she paired the halter with the short shorts. In that outfit, she would expose more skin than she had in her most racy clothes to date. Short shorts they were. She'd seen girls wearing them to class but hadn't considered what a short with a one inch inseam would be like, even if they weren't so tight they rode up her in the back and front, the sides were cut upwards so the outer leg seam was higher than her crotch. She mused about the popular Nair TV commercial's jingle "Who likes short shorts?" and to herself she mused the second line "We like short shorts" now included her. And if the shorts were small, the string bikini's she picked out were so small she'd have to shave both the sides and top of her pubic hair to keep it inside the tiny bit of fabric. All in all she'd never spend so much money for so little fabric in her life Sitting in the small commuter plane, Brenda looked for a way to bring up the topic of the "new" her. Though Brenda and Mike had had dozens of conversations about how what she was learning at school was in conflict with what she had always believed, the conversations were always in the abstract. She doubted that Mike understood how her view of the world, of her personal values and of personal morality had been so profoundly altered.

The boy's eyes were glued out the window of the plane, and Michelle was busy with her coloring book. Brenda took Mike's hand and leaned her head on his shoulder "I'm really looking forward to this trip" Mike gave a polite "I'm glad, so am I."

"You know, this is the longest vacation we've made as a family since Michelle was out of diapers. This time, I can actually lay out and get a tan while the kids play."

Still clearly not half-listening he said "Yea, I guess so" She wanted him to listen. She needed to prepare him what she was trying to tell him on this trip. "With the kids gone all day at school, and me being at U.T.A., it's like my personal life took a hiatus of a decade and now I'm finishing finding out who I am."

That seemed to get his attention, at least a little "That sounds awfully hippy-ish. Does it really mean anything?"

Defensively she said "Yes it does. You've had choices all your life. You chose to be an engineer, you chose to take this job in Dallas, you chose to move from just engineering to become a field manager, then you chose to accept your new job as a jet-set executive. But me, when I went to college I only had the choice of being a nurse or a school teacher. Then we get married, and, not that I don't love our kids, but it was me, not you who had to leave school to raise our kids. I have never really had the opportunity to find out what I want for me. It's just been trust on me."

Now she had his full attention "So you don't like being a wife and mother?"

"No!" she had sharply. "I love being a wife and mother, but I can be so much more. Would you be happy just to be dad and husband?"

"It's different" he said firmly "I'm a man, being the provider is my mission in life."

"What a chauvinistic thing to say" she said angrily, but quickly regretted the tone when she saw his face. He hadn't a clue what he'd said wrong, and it was unfair of her to expect that his view of the world had changed like hers. Worse, she knew this was not that way to get him to accept what she was going to spring on him over the next week.

"I'm sorry" she backtracked "I didn't mean to jump on you like that. All I was saying, was I looking forward to getting away from home to test out my new wings away from the nest."

Mike nodded, but was not really following what she was saying. He knew something was up, or rather had been up for a couple of months. He had thought it was her resentment that he was out of town so much. He'd been so focused on work since Christmas, even when he was home, he was mentally at work. She'd pushed him pretty hard to take this week off and it finally dawned on him that he'd been missing something happening in his wife's heart and mind. To get out of the conversation that was making him uncomfortable she said "That's O.K. honey. I'm glad we got away too. Looks like the kids are loving the airplane ride."

While the conversation shifted to less troubling things like their itinerary, his mind was grasping for clues as to what he'd been missing. She'd let her hair grow out longer. He didn't mind that, she looked good that way. The truth was he always looked good. He'd had two long term affairs since he and Brenda had been married, and more than several one-night stands, but the honest truth was that none of them were as pretty as she was. Well, some of the young secretaries from the office he'd done were real lookers, but they were all so vacuous. Brenda was both pretty and had real substance. Sometimes he tried to imagine what she'd be like if she weren't' such a prude. He was probably the only guy in the world who fantasized about his wife while fucking some sluttish chick he picked up in a hotel bar. Sure the sex had been great before they got married, but he figured something happened to women after they said "I do" that turned them cold.

It never occurred to him that the change was not in the women, but in the men and their view of a wife verses a girlfriend.

The hotel was right on Corpus Christy Bay, the balcony overlooked the marina, filled with big beautiful sailboats. The kids ran around the two adjoining rooms they had booked and jumped on the beds like they had never seen a bed before. Despite any desire to be something else, Brenda found herself in full mommy mode right off the bat: diffusing arguments, insisting on sharing and convincing the kids that they could wait until tomorrow to go to the beach.

After settling them in Brenda took the opportunity to change into something suitable to the heat was they walked to visit shops and get a light dinner.

Mike was layed out on the bed when Brenda emerged from the bathroom. He paid no attention as she moved, out of his vision, from the bathroom to the adjoining bedroom where the kids were watching TV. But when she came back a few minutes later saying the kids were ready, he casually glanced her way. His casual glance instantly transformed into a blank stare. His wife, his conservative wife whom he thought he knew, was wearing an outfit so out of his perception of her character, that he just stopped in in mid motion. Was this his wife or some good looking woman he would try to put a move on to get her out of that skimpy outfit? And skimpy was right: a blue and white print halter top that did not contain her cleavage, and shorts so short that as she went back into the bathroom he could see the bottom curve of her ass.

He was still sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes wide, when she emerged with a brush in her hand. She stood in the doorway brushing out her hair, waiting for him to comment.

"Are you wearing that out?" he asked with a quite, puzzled tone.

She had waited for this moment for months and she was ready. "Why? Don't you like it?"

This was the moment of truth.

She knew full well he would have liked it if he passed another women wearing it on the street, she'd seen his eyes follow girls before. She was also fully confident that she looked good in this outfit. The only question was: could he see her both as a sexually desirable woman and as his wife. Or would those two images be incompatible.

The seconds crawled by before he said meekly "It looks good on you." He had much more he wanted to say but just didn't know what it was. What he did know was that he now knew what she meant when she said she wanted to "stretch her wings" on this trip. The stir in his groin said clearly he liked what he saw, but the confusion in his mind muted his interest.

Attempting to act nonchalant about brushing her hair she was in fact trying desperately to read his thoughts. She noted the desire in his eyes (and the rise in the crotch of his light slacks). She also could see he was not ready to jump her bones, at least not yet. One thing she had learned about men in the last few months is that at least in the short term, the tent in a man's pants overrode all other considerations. Sure enough, by the time her hair was done, he had yielded and what ever sense of propriety had clouded his thoughts at first, he had yielded to lust. In response, she became aroused and she felt her nipples press against the thin cotton fabric of her halter.

All this had lasted less than two minutes. She knew she had gotten by at lest the first test. She crossed their room and went through the door to the adjoining room the kids occupied. She intentionally rolled her hips as she walked to get the most out of her husband's desire for her.

As soon as her back was to him Mike reached down and adjusted the painful position his full erection had taken. As she had surmised, all of the issues that had first flooded him mind had been pushed to the background by his arousal. He rose and followed that beautiful ass barely contained in those all so short shorts.

The kids were kids and as such were completely oblivious to the fact that their mother had become the Pied Piper and their dad was in a trance as he numbly followed the entourage down to the lobby, out the front doors, and down the street. It wasn't until they were in a beach wear shop down from the hotel that Brenda even spoke to her husband.

"How would I look in this? Or should I go with the blue instead?" She asked him holding a hanger with the tiniest string bikini she saw in the store. Though she had spent a whole day looking for and buying swimsuits already, she decided with Mike's evident interest in her she would be better off letting him buy the first bikini.

By the time she asked him whether she should by the yellow or blue string bikini Mike had already completed that all too common male trick of compartmentalizing. It had taken all of five minutes, but now he was prepared to see, at least while they were in Corpus, his wife as a hip, sexy chick. He did not even try to process what this would mean when they got home. So when she asked, he didn't miss a beat and after considering what colors looked best on her he said "the blue one".

"OK, I'll try it on" Moments later, she pulled the curtain of the dressing cubical aside. She was amazing. How could he not have seen how sexy she had become? She was sure she was better looking now than she had been when they had been married. Her near olive complexion and amazingly smooth skin shown, glowed, in the bring lights of the store. He could not help notice the full rack the bikini top lifted and pushed outward. "Damn, she had nice tits" he found himself thinking. From those lovely tits, she curved down to a well defined waist and then curved out over her round hips. Again he asked himself how he could have lived with this woman for a dozen years and not seen how foxy she was.

"You don't think I'm too old for this do you?' she asked. Though his eyes told her what he really thought.

"NO!" he said so quickly it even surprised him. "No, it looks great."

By the time the kids got just too rowdy to keep shopping she had no less than three new bikinis, all much smaller than any bra and panty set her husband had ever seen her wearing, though perhaps a bit larger than ones Millie had talked her into buying.

Dinner had an air of sexual tension that had never been present in their marriage, even from the beginning. It didn't take too many off color comments by Brenda for Mike to get the message she was ready for something different in the bed as well as on the beach.

Back at the hotel, Brenda put a book in Mike's hand just before she morphed back into her role as the children's caregiver. "I picked this up at the University Bookstore" she whispered. "It's being used this semester as a supplementary text to a Human Relations class." Though it was true the she had seen it at the bookstore just last week, she had already read and re-read every page three times by the time she saw it on that shelf. She continued "I read it through, it has opened my eyes. I thought you might like to look at it while I get the kids down." Then she was into the adjoining room, leaving Mike alone with his thoughts and The Joy of Sex.

He had heard of the book, but never seen a copy. What had possessed Brenda to buy this? Another question with no answer, he mused. He had slowly, if belatedly begun to put the pieces together. Not quite correctly, but with enough clarity to see some sense in what was going on. When he and Brenda began having sex they were both students at Baylor. Back then she wanted it all the time. Even when he'd finished back then, he could tell she wanted more. It was amazing. It was also very wicked. Good Christian girls didn't want sex. Brenda did. There were more than a few days they had sneaked into the janitor's closet in one of the classroom buildings and she'd left with her panties filled with his goo. He even remembered at a Christian leadership retreat they'd slipped off no fewer than three times in one day and done the dirty.

He'd dated, and laid, a four girls previous to Brenda and all of them had to be begged and cajoled every time before they'd let him get off in them. But Brenda; they'd started dating his junior year, her sophomore. It took him a full six months for her to give up her virginity. But after that first time she seemed to want him to do her every chance they got. None of his friends had such luck with a Baylor girl. He had been the envy of Beta house. Not a week went by when he didn't tell them of how she'd oohed and aaahed and begged for more after he'd shot his load. Of course all this differed in her memory in that she always wanted more because he rarely lasted more than a dozen strokes. She was just getting warmed up when he came, each and every time. What he saw as him being the greatest stud on campus, she saw as an effort to get him to really satisfy her.

That had lasted, until she got pregnant, and then they got married. He noticed how when they had their own place and he did her in their own bed she, at first acted as she had, getting into it and begging for more. After a few months of that she seemed to get sullen after and by the time they began doing it after Will was born, she seemed just like the other girls he'd dated. She just lay there while he pumped. She wasn't resistant but by the time of the beach trip, it had been ten years since she'd showed any interest in sex.

Maybe the fact the kids are in school and she's back in college, the 'old' her had come back? Or maybe she's using this trip to see if it will come back? Either way, she had never ever dressed like she had tonight. This might be fun. Have a good respectable wife at home and a Delilah when they go on trips. He could live with that.

One thing was for sure. If she wanted to carry this wing spreading to the bedroom he'd be ready. He'd learned a great deal more about sex since they were in college. Not that he'd brought any of that home, but if she initiated, he could see how she'd respond.

Once she was out of the room he opened the book. Damn was it explicit. And like she did with all her text books, she had marked it up with things she thought important and even made some notes. He got an erection right off. She was gone a long time. He went from browsing he pictures to reading. He began with the parts she'd marked.

Sitting on the bed in the 'kids room' with Michelle in her lap, Brenda was a bundle of nerves. She wished she could predict how Mike would react when she came back in. He had appeared to relax as the evening had gone on and let his arousal take control of his reticence. But how would he be when she went through that door. She hadn't heard a peep from him in nearly an hour.

As the kids watched the mindless Munsters reruns, her mind went back to the "study" session she had with Vicky and her boyfriend a week ago today. She thought the books had been educational; her first 'full' tryst had opened her fully to the things that the books had just gotten her to begin to imagine.

She, Millie, Vicky and the lunch gang had fully discussed and evaluated each of the steps Brenda had taken to free herself from the puritanical chains she had worn for so long. Billy had given the group a glowing report of her action in his truck, which, naturally, Brenda ate up. As she basked in the glow of her initiation into the sexual revolution, she mentioned off hand that she was looking forward to a more comfortable environ when she went to 'study' at Vicky's in advance of mid-terms.

Vicky evidently took her comment seriously and when Brenda arrived for the study session, she found that the other two girls would not be arriving. Vicky had postponed the session. The rest of that evening was etched in Brenda's mind as a series of vignettes set to the music that played from the stack of LP's Kevin had cued on his Kenwood turntable.

From that night forward every time she heard Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension she would be transported to that moment; dancing with Vicky around their living room, nude. Their bodies swaying to the music, Vicky's long peaches and cream limbs moving as gracefully as a Bolshoi ballerina and Brenda experiencing her first marijuana high as a vision of harmony and love filled Brenda's mind. In her memory that moment would be eternal. Her body and the universe were as one. Nakedness was at that moment, far more natural than any clothes they could have worn as she and Vicky became the music.

Kevin watched from a comfortable position on the couch dragging on the last of the joint they had shared. His eyes followed and Brenda felt a psychic connection between them. She could feel him in Vicky as their dancing bodies moved as one: the young forest nymph, barley out of her teens, eroticism rushing through her like a raging river, and herself, the goddess of the night, a deep pool of womanly desire, contained, but accessible.

With their arms raised to the ceiling their motions brought their bodies into contact. Vicky's small breasts nearly fully disappeared as they stood chest to chest, hands clasped above them, the pink of Vicky's nipples stood proudly out from her chest spoke of latency while, the fullness of Brenda's breast was the fulfillment of maturity in form and function. The soft flow of Vicky's fiery auburn hair as it brushed Brenda's exposed skin heightened her awareness of the sensuousness of the moment. The radiance of the equally fiery auburn curls at the nexus of her long legs spoke of the promise of Vicky's temple of erotic fulfillment, though Brenda's soul knew her body too held a promise. Her own sacred temple of Venus felt the call of Aquarius and was ready to do its part to heal the world through love.

Sitting on the hotel bed, TV on, her daughter resting on her lap, while her body responded to the erotic images in her brain once again challenged Brenda to make a unified whole of her now fractured life. These snippets were so clear they were almost like a second reality, happening at the same time as she was with her three children. Each vignette with a tactile reality, each with the sounds of a particular song that, decades from that moment, would still elicit a physical arousal from Bonnie.

The lead from Three Dog Night sang in her head "How does the light shine in the halls of Shambala?" She was back in Vicky's apartment. Sitting on her knees with her eyes closed, she could feel Kevin below, between her knees, fully inside her body. Her breathing was labored and she was covered in the sweat of nearly an hour of sexual exertion. The touch of the soft hands, she knew they Vicky's, cupped her breasts, the touch pushed her across the threshold on which she had been perched upon for an amazingly long time.

It began in her outer thighs. Her muscles tightened like bands of bronze. In an instant, yet every so slowly the tension moved in, what for Brenda, was a clearly perceptible path; around her outer thighs, to the front, then radiating outward from her knees, inner thighs and into her crotch. Her legs pulled tight, like the drawing of bowstring. Her buttocks, and pelvic muscles were contracted, from knee to waist, until she was fully drawn and paused there for an eternal instant awaiting release.

Sitting with her children, she felt her thighs had tensed. Her abdomen was drawn in, and between her thighs came an awareness of her own sexuality. She drifted back to her memory.

That moment, that eternity, would be a touchstone, a benchmark, for all time. This is what it could be, it should be, and had never been before. With Tommy and with Bill it had very pleasant, but it was all preliminaries. This was it. This moment was what she had been longing for since that day, years ago, that she had given Mike her virginity and she had first heard the promise of Eros. She had begged Mike for over a year to bring her to this point before despairing of ever arriving. At that moment, she knew in her body and soul she had crossed into a consciousness that would forever be part of her.

The momentary pause passed and the potential energy tied in her tension uncoiled violently. Her body jerked forward. The spasm rushed into her inner self, gripping the male organ trapped inside in a constrictor hold. She feel his shape inside her, felt the energy compressing down to that one spot, then burst outward in all directions; out through her legs to her feet, up through her torso to her hands and up to her head. Her back arched as the psychic power sought an outlet. From her lungs it came, a primal scream, a howl, an animal cry, a holy voice of triumph. Her body trembled and convulsed as the river flowed up from her orgasm and out into the room.

Later, Vicky and Kevin tried to describe what she had done, how she had sounded, during her orgasm, but their description was always so trivial, missing the metaphysical component that made it a defining moment in her life.

The last vignette was of Jim Morrison singing "This is the end, my only friend, the end...." as her head lay on Kevin's pelvis. It was a good while after the previous image. She was utterly spent. Oddly this vision was in the third person. She could see herself from above, the way some describe an out of body experiences. Her skin glistened in the light as rivulets of sweat ran down between her breasts. Kevin's penis, was still not quite flaccid, despite the fact he had ejaculated three times since they entered the bedroom. Brenda savored fruit of the last of the three, still fresh on her tongue. This was the end, the end of her searching, the end of an unfulfilled promise made by the god Eros all that time ago.

In her vision she saw beside herself, Vicky as she lay her head on her boyfriend's chest. Now that Brenda could simply take no more, the hum of the vibrator continued to fill the room as Vicky attending to her own needs after spending the evening attending to Brenda. It was not that she was not grateful, but Brenda had reached the end of herself and only listened in a detached way as Vicky looked for one last climax.

For Brenda, in the hotel room, the time it took the kids to settle was not unexpected or unfamiliar, but finally she had them down. She had decided during dinner, that she would be in charge of the bedroom activities tonight. He'd had over a decade to make their sex-life work, now it would be her turn to give it a go.

He lay in the bed, propped up reading the book. He looked up. She said "Finally. I thought they would never go to sleep."

She stood, back to the nearly closed door, for she was not prepared to shut her kids in a hotel room.

She hesitated, but pushed on; this was no time to balk. She had pondered this moment for hours before coming up with this plan. Mike watched her with a dull, incredulous stare.

"Do you remember?" she asked "The first time you came to my parents house?" She untied the front of the halter and the fabric fell. Though she did not fully expose her breasts, the intent was clear.

"How many times did we do it, right under their noses."

He only nodded. He was too flustered to come up with an appropriate response.

She went into the bathroom and from their continued "What did we do it, like two or three times a day, for the entire time you were there. Let's see, we did it in the kitchen, the laundry room, the guest bathroom, the garage, well the garage, about three times, in the back yard twice, and best of all..."

She emerged from the bathroom, her short's unsnapped. "...was that very first time after you got to my parents old house on Springer Street, in Houston. My folks was so excited to meet you, it had been forever since I'd brought a boy home. And they were so naive. I'm sure it never even crossed their minds that I'd given it up to you....."

She rolled the shorts down over her hips and let them slide to the floor. She had not worn underwear. Mike's eyes widened as he lay on the bed, stunned. It certainly wasn't that he hadn't seen her naked before, but it had become an ever rarer sight over the past decade.

".... and even it they had thought of it they would be sure you pushed me into it against my will."

She crawled up from the foot of the bed. The ends of the open halter dragging the sheets as she moved, cat like over him.

"Well, that first time you were kinda pushy, but after that first time, I was pushing you not the other way around." She came to a stop, her naked torso poised above his sheet covered one. Looking down at him she finished her reminisce. "But, it had been two weeks without you and I was dying for some. I don't know if I ever told you, but I actually practiced getting my panties off with out lifting my dress. I'm sure all you knew was that when you could see them fall to my ankles, it was time to get busy."

Mike again nodded as he looked up at his wife's face inches above his own. He certainly remembered the day of which she spoke, and she was right, he'd never really thought about the fact women's panties were designed NOT to just fall down, yet on dozens of occasions that year, he'd seen her white panties around her ankles as she stood in the doorway of an empty classroom, or even janitor's closet. Every time he'd followed her in to wherever she was going. She would stand back to a wall and lift her skirt to expose herself. After freeing his penis from his pants, he would lift her left leg and thrust himself into her. It was great. And when he thought they were reasonable safe from being interrupted, he would take the other leg and lift her off of her feet and nail her to the wall. He knew she always enjoyed that by her moans, he sometimes had to muffle. On most occasions he'd pull out just in time and then she'd use her panties to mop up the semen from the floor and stuff them in her purse. The whole affair never took five minutes, usually more like three. He was the envy of all his friends, a good looking girl who wanted sex, all the time; and he obliged their prurient interests with play by play descriptions of each episode, sometimes while she was in her next class, the semen was still wet in her purse. Never did it occur to him back then that fast was not the goal.

Her memories were very similar, thought she did not see the fact they had finished in less than five minutes as a necessarily good thing, though she did know, in most cases it was essential. On a Baptist College campus there was no chance of even visiting, let alone sleeping, at the other's dorm room. She did remember she had a special enjoyment when he pulled out of her, she would hold his slick, hot penis and jerk him until the stream of white semen erupted and spewed over the wall or floor or whatever was in the room. For her, each and every room they had done it in was firmly etched in her mind, a sacred shrine of Amore' and Eros. She also knew, from the looks they gave her, that Mike told his friends everything. It made her mad that her reputation would be ruined if she and Mike broke up, but on the other hand, she did like the hungry looks she got. Particularly she recalled the occasions when they had just done it before they joined the gang for an activity. Mike would whisper a few words to his buddies and they others would look at her like she was naked. She knew she should be offended that they saw her as some floozy, but deep down she liked the idea that they longed to be with her.

She had never been truly beautiful. In high school, she was thin, even gangly and a late bloomer. She did not even begin to develop the beginnings of woman's body until she was sixteen. She had seethed with unholy envy at the buxom girls in her school who attracted boys like flies. She'd never been past second base in large part because she never had a serious boyfriend and the fact that until she was into her sophomore year she didn't even have any breasts for boys to want to touch. Perhaps this social obscurity lead her to a profound desire, even need, to be noticed. She was in drama, and dance and chorus. At church she lead the youth group and taught a children's Sunday school class. Perhaps this is why the openly Christian girl, enjoyed her new reputation as a sex kitten with her new friends at UT-A.

On that memorable day when Mike met her parents for the first time, she was so nervous. She was sure (even before she found she was pregnant) she and Mike would marry and she so wanted her parents to like him; but she was also dying for him. They stole kisses every time her parent's weren't looking. When the sat for dinner she hiked her skirt up under the white table cloth, and during grace, took his hand and placed it on her crotch, she had already moved her panties down to her thighs. His fingers played in her pubs while her father gave a long prayer.

Brenda, on the hotel bed, sat up on her knees and settled on Mike's crotch. The unmistakable erection said she had his attention. Now looking down at him from a kneeling position she cited the memory of that meal and asked "Have you ever been as surprised as when I put your hand in my lap while Daddy prayed?"

The trip down memory lane helped Mike focus. He was able to put together a full sentence. "Surprise wasn't the word for it. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I was scared to death your father would figure out what was going on and shoot me on the spot."

These events had taken place over eleven years ago, yet this was the very first time they had ever spoken of them. He thought they were things that she had either forgotten, or had tried to forget. He on the other hand, had jacked off more than a few time to the memories of that day.

"That didn't stop you from doing me good when they were washing the dishes." She chided. After they had messed with each other through that dinner, her parents offered to let them talk in the living room. Like most houses built just after the war, her parents was as simple one, two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen/dining room. It was not large and surely no one would think it had enough privacy for sex while her parents were awake. However, that had not stopped the young Brenda and Mike. Just behind the wall, they could still hear her parents washing and drying dishes, Brenda lifted her skirt and pulled her panties free, quickly she took the few steps and tossed them into the laundry basket in the hallway. Still carrying on a conversion with both Mike and her parents in the next room, she leaned against the wall and lifted her skirt as an invite to Mike.

He balked for quite a while, but she was insistent, and as quickly as he could he freed his penis and pushed it into her. He was in a hurry and while her mother was telling Brenda about her Aunt Pat's sick dog, Mike was filling Brenda's womb with his seed. No sooner had he zipped back up and flopped on the sofa, did her parents appear in the room.

"You know I had your jazz soaking my dress and down my legs for that whole evening. You know how hard that made playing ten hands of Gin Rummy, but I couldn't move because my mom would have asked what was all over the back of my dress if I'd gotten up. If they hadn't gone to make coffee so I could rush to my room and change, I don't know what I would have done. And how they didn't realize the room smelled of sex I cant imagine, except maybe they didn't know what sex smells like." She laughed. He, looking up at her, nearly naked, talking about 'private' things like they were common place clearly had once again left him abashed.

His abashedness amused her. He just lay and stared, like a junior high boy at a school dance. She leaned over put her arms on either side of his head. "oh, and I forgot to thank you for the new swim suits." And she gave him a light kiss. "I love you so much." And she kissed him again. "If you're willing, I'd like us to pretend we were red hot lovers, like before we got married. Let's forget all the stuff that has come between us over they years, things that have made our love life old and boring, and, for tonight, be a part of the sexual revolution."

She was in charge, they both knew it, and saying no was not an option for him. She kissed him hard, driving her tongue into his mouth. It was not the first time she'd French Kissed him, but this was the first time she'd done it like some of the hippy sluts he'd bedded on his travels. A question as to how she had learned to kiss like that floated through his mind and would resurface numerous times before the night ended. But this time, as with the other times, he would force it to the back fearing such a thought would bring this amazing night to an end.


She was awakened the next morning, not by the expected children, but by her husband's warm body spooning up behind her, and his penis into her. This was a first, on several fronts. To the best of her recollection, it was the first time in years they'd had sex more than once in a 24 hour period, probably since Will was born. Another first was her husband taking her from behind in the bed. He had never done that, ever. Yes, he'd done her from behind for some quickies, but that was out of necessity, this was different. Perhaps Millie had been right. Perhaps he had, like her, been with other people because it seemed, as her slowly stroked behind her as they lolled in the bed that this was not an experiment or learning situation. He clearly had done this before, but just not with her. It didn't matter really, but it did feel good.

She wished she could tell Millie that last night had been fabulous, a new beginning for their marriage. But she couldn't. Not that it was awful, or even bad. It was pleasant even. But it was not fireworks or even sparklers. She had stuck to her plan and mounted him to control the pace. It was good, but just didn't seem to flow. The problem was that he didn't seem to understand good sex has a rhythm and cadence. She was still very inexperienced, but she knew that to be true already. And like Tommy he had been ham handed with her body when he tried to respond. All in all, it looked like both Millie's theories had been right; he'd been fucking around with other women AND he was just a lousily lay.

So what did that mean to her? She did love him, and wanted to be married and raise their kids together. Laying there, she enjoyed what was without a doubt the longest continuous coitus she had ever had with Mike. She could be happily married, but she would not ever be monogamous again. The only real question was; would they both continue to do it with other people secretly are could they have one of those "open" marriages she had heard about on campus.

From behind her, Mike's hips smoothly moved up and back. This was amazing he thought. She was responding to him, for the first time in a decade. He could hear the low humming she used to make when they had sex before they got married. What had brought about this change in his wife, or rather return to the person she had been. Maybe it was as simple as that, now she was no longer a mom 24 hours a day and back in college, she was just reverting back to the person she had been. Was he being too suspicious to think she had to be unfaithful? She had been a virgin when they got married. And then was the blow job she gave him. She had never, ever done that. And she was great. She didn't hesitate and she even took him down to the pubes. Where did she learn that. He even asked, she just said she'd been reading the book and was doing what it said. Maybe he was thinking too much. He just enjoyed the slow morning fuck instead.

The days at the beach were full, after all they were the parents of three young children and that kept them very busy. Not so busy that they didn't have sex at least once each day. Again the first time since their honeymoon that they had gone five days straight of having sex. Brenda wore all of her tiny bikini's and short shorts and little halter tops. Mike and Brenda both were enjoying themselves greatly.

Sitting by the hotel's pool or in the surf, Mike couldn't take his eyes off his wife. She was so amazingly sexy. He was quite sure that not only was she prettier than she had been when the married, but she had a better figure. She wore one little bikini after another during the week, each one giving him a new appreciation of his wife's body and her sprit. Whether it was a triangle bikini top or her halter top, he could swear she was always on the verge of exposing herself. Even when she was swimming with the three kids she had more than a few male admirers lusting over her. It felt like it had in college, when all his friends would lust over her, but she was his. Today, it was men she did not know, but the feeling of owning something special was the same.

For Brenda as well the week was going well. She'd worn the little bikinis and progressively more reveling 'school' clothes with only positive reactions from her husband. On Thursday she wore a yellow tube top in which the dark circle of her nipples under the fabric were clearly visible. Even that had not gotten a bad reaction; a reaction yes, but giving him a woody in his shorts was not a bad thing. He was much more affectionate and though the sex was never great compared to what she had experienced with Kevin. But, it was most certainly was better than it had ever been with him. It was good, far more lengthy and much more frequent.

On Wednesday they took a shuttle to Padre Island National Seashore. Brenda insisted thy march down the beach to find their own secluded spot for a day relaxing and pretending they were the only people on earth. The weather was picture perfect and the Brenda was right, it was like they were the only people on earth. Parents relaxed and the kids played in the surf and built sand castles. Their picnic lunch was made a bit more challenging by the sand the kids kept knocking into the food. It was while they were cleaning up from lunch they hippies arrived.

There were about a dozen of them. All in ragged cut-offs, dirty old shirts and sandals. Both boys and girls had long stringy hair. The only discernable difference was the various levels of scruffy facial hair on the boys. Mike had heard and read about hippy's but never actually seen one, let alone a troop of them. Brenda had seen a few around campus, but even then they were not as "earthy" as this group.

Even Brenda had to admit this was a little frightening. Real hippies were not like the sanitized version passed down to future generations in pop culture, they were essentially homeless young people living off the "straights" they encountered. She had become more open minded, but this appeared to be a group of drifters, carrying their belongings in packs and duffels as they made their way closer. As the breeze was blowing down the beach the smell of pot preceded ever the sounds of their talk and laughter.

As they passed by Mike could see they were much younger than he'd thought of hippies. They all looked to be in their late teens, some clearly younger and one or two possibly older. Another interesting thing was that there were nearly twice as many girls as boys. Mike had read somewhere that this back-to-nature quasi religion of the hard core hippy crowd appealed more to females than males. One of the older guys carried a threatening looking Bowie knife from his waist. Mike felt impotent with fear for his family, and himself. They were a good mile from the last knot of sun bathers they had passed.

Brenda's fears were relaxed when first then several of the girls said hello as they passed. They seemed friendly enough. And despite their disheveled look, they sounded like normal middle class kids and their smiles were genuine, if grass induced. Of course Brenda knew that her husband would never recognize the smell of marijuana. Not 50 yards up the beach the troop seemed to stop then one of the guys came back to the blanket on which the Johnson family sat.

"Hey man, do you mind if we crash right up there? We've been walking all day and the girls are ready for a break."

Brenda spoke for the family "Sure man, that's cool." She spoke the lingo with the smoothness of someone who was far more familiar with such things than Mike.

"Groovy!" he said and trotted back to his friends.

When he was gone she noted to Mike "Nice of him to ask. I'm sure they are harmless."

It took the troop just a few minutes to make a little camp. A lean-to, some blankets and a circle of rocks that seemed to be a fire pit. They clearly meant to stay the night. The kids soon lost interest in the new neighbors, but Mike and Brenda kept a watch, all be it discreet, of what was going on within a stone's throw up the beach.

Once they seemed to be settled in three of the girls and one of the guys, peeled off their ragged clothes and headed into the water; for a skinny dip. Brenda was not at all shocked as from what she'd heard and seen with her friends, any other action would have been surprising. But Mike's eyes nearly popped out of his head and he dropped any pretense of not watching the hippies.

The four in the water were joined by the rest. It appeared that rather than playing, they appeared to be bathing.

"See they do clean up" Brenda said jokingly "At least occasionally" Their children didn't even seem to notice anything amiss. Wrapped up in their own world of building a huge sand castle. Like most children, adult things did not interest them, and to them, even though some of the hippy "adults" were not more than five or six years older than Will. That span of years was more than enough to seem like adults to a ten year old.

This change in atmosphere at least gave Brenda and Mike something to do while the kids played. Brenda noticed the tent in her husband's swim trunks, and was a bit jealous. After all she had worked so hard to get him to lust after her, these girls were stealing the show. Granted, the oldest guys had a visibly large penis swinging between his legs, but even naked he looked emaciated and sickly. After a good hour, the hippies had mostly come out of the water, most of the girls had put on shabby waist skirts or wraps (she couldn't be sure which), two of the four guys had donned shorts, but all remained bare chested.

I had taken Brenda the whole hour to commit herself to what she had began considering not long after the hippies first undressed. She sat up and rummaged thought her duffel and came up with the Kodak Instamatic and tossed it to her husband.

"Here, get some snapshots of me and the kids." She said standing.

Mike dutifully complied then she added "and make sure you get some of our friends too, No one will believe this if we don't' have proof."

She trotted down to where the kids were and prodded them to stop their project long enough for their dad to take photos for mom's album. When she had gotten what she wanted, she let the kids go back to their castle. Mike turned to go back to their blanket, but she stopped him "Don't you want some of just me?"

He turned back with and said "I'm out of film."

"I brought an extra; it's in my duffle bag.", and he went up to change film.

Brenda, trotted down to the water's edge, as it was near low tide, the water was some ways from their stuff, or even the kids castle. As she went she pulled the tie that held on her top and the two that held on her bottoms. They fell away, and she tossed them behind a pile of beached seaweed. Stark naked she ran full speed into the water. She, Brenda Johnson, was nude on a public beach, just like Millie had spoken of. Her heart was racing and her skin was hyper sensitized to the warm air and cold water. The water was shallow a good way out so she was well away from Mike and the kids when she was able to dive in and begin swimming. She was intent on getting submerged before Mike saw what she was doing so she did not slow down until she was fully under water a good hundred yards from her husband. All the while, he never looked her way, though the hippies watched from the moment she dropped her bikini.

She swam and floated for some time before she realized she'd drifted down the beach with the current. . She saw Mike had finally made it to the water's edge with the camera, but she was well past the hippy encampment. She had not intended this. Her intent was to walk up out of the surf, shocking her husband, and put back on her bikini. Very daring, but not stark raving mad.

She tried to swim against the current, but clearly that was not going to work. She had been bitten by her own cleverness. She had but one choice. She swam to shore, and waded at an angle toward her husband. As such she walked directly toward the hippies, fully nude. She knew it looked like that was her intent. Though it was not, she was not about to flinch. She was not about to let those kids think for a moment she had not planned this. She mustered her courage, shoulders back, chest out and marched toward them.

Mike was too far away to see his reaction to all this, but she was sure she'd knocked his socks off. The hippy camp came to a stand still as she approached.

"Beautiful day" she said as she walked up to them "You don't mind if I follow your example.

Up close they all looked emaciated, pathetic even, not the image of free living hippies she'd gotten from Laugh-In. Their smiles were genuine and the positive response of "Show the man your not ashamed" from one girl and "Yea, mama" from another as well as the offer for a joint from one of the guys made her feel empowered. This had turned out even better than she'd planned. She sure hoped Mike was using the camera. She stayed and talked for a good ten minutes. She found the oldest guy's name was Pocky, or at least that's what they called him. They had been living in a commune in New Mexico, but there had been a conflict. So now they were just on the road. After what she deemed an appropriate length of time, she made her way back up the beach to her family.

Past the encampment she watched the camera come up to Mike's face, she posed like one of the girls from his magazines. She stuck another pose, then raced back into the water. She had an idea of what she wanted him to shoot, she just hoped he would. She went back out into the waist deep water and as sultry as she could waded directly toward Mike. He just stood there; she mimicked the act of taking pictures, after which, the camera came back up. Once back on the beach, she, without fuss, went to where she'd left her suit and redressed. It was only once she'd done so, returned to their blanket and begun drying off she asked.

"So, how was that for spreading my wings?"

Mike, who had been in voyeur haven for the past hour just said "You have damn nice wings, I'll say that." He couldn't believe his luck when those hippy girls stripped down not far from them, but he'd been concerned that Brenda would insist they move away from them. He had been thrilled to get an hour of the most amazing strip show he'd ever seen, and in his travels he'd seen quite a few. He was sure that at least one couple had been having sex while out chest deep in the water, it was just amazing. He'd tried to hide the fact he'd had an erection since the first girl got naked. Those four guys must get all the pussy they could want. What a life. It's not fair some guys got all the luck. He was completely un self-conscious about the fact that in fact he already had sex with women other than his wife on a regular basis. Even more, he couldn't imagine his wife had already begun to live that hippy life style right under his nose. Mike simply could not see life in those terms. As a respectable man, sex was available, but not in such a public way, but he envied those young guys all the same.

When he'd walked back to the water after put the new film cartridge in the camera, he thought he'd seen Brenda's bare rear while she swam, but was sure it had been a trick of the light on the water. But when she waded ashore, down past the naked hippies, his heart began to race when he saw she was indeed with out her bikini. Naked as could be. His wife, who didn't even own a bikini until this week, walked right up the beach in the nude.

She was so sexy so amazingly confident, so sure of herself, she even told stopped to talk with them while naked. It had taken until she was in the hippy camp to remember she wanted him to take photographs. He snapped, wound, snapped again, shooting nearly all of the 24 exposures as walked toward him and began to pose. When she ran back to the water he could not help but look over to the hippy kids, they were all watching his wife. It was then he realized she was prettier than any of those naked or half dressed girls. It had first began to dawn on him that first day on they had arrived that he had not been appreciative of how attractive his wife is, the second night in Corpus he had first begun to realize he'd underestimated how attractive his wife had become over the last decade. When she emerged from the water strutting toward him, her naked body glistening in the sunlight, he knew, without a doubt she was far more attractive now than she had been a decade and two children before.

That afternoon was the highlight of the entire trip for both she and Mike. It was the first time she'd gotten Mike to take that kind of photo of her. She couldn't wait to see the prints, but it would prove somewhat challenging as to where to find someone who would make such prints.

The rest of the trip was fun, including one quickie in the hotel stairwell when she was wearing a mini-skirt. Mostly though, she spent the last part of the week attempting to work out the meshing of her new "college" self with her more established "home" self in a way that would be sustainable once they went home.

It was not until they were on the flight home that Brenda get feedback from Mike she almost asked what did he thought of her behavior, then reconsidered and said "I enjoyed myself this week." To which he predictably replied he had also. So she continued, "I like my new clothes, but they are just the outward part of who I am becoming. But the clothes say a lot. I'm more confident about who I am. I've realized most of my life I've just gone along with what I was taught I was supposed to be and do. Now I'm looking around I realized I've spent my entire life playing a role assigned to me. Now, I'm the director and I like directing myself and will never go back to being a player in someone else's production."

Mike sat and listened to his wife. She was spouting out Bettie Freidan drivel laced with narcissistic hippy nonsense. He considered debating the issue with her, but put it off until a more opportune time. He knew this new attitude had come from her returning to college. It had seemed a good idea last summer, but now he realized it had been a mistake. And he also contemplated, while she went on and on, what would happen if he told her she was wrong and he expected her to stop this childish behavior and grow up. Would she do it? And if she didn't, could he ever expect her to do any thing he said again? He couldn't take that chance so when she stopped waiting for his feedback he just said tepidly "Sounds like you've been doing a lot of thinking while I've been on the road." And left it at that.

She was not about to let go of the initiative though she could not miss his lack of enthusiasm for what she was saying, so she said flatly "Yes I have. And it's about time I did." She considered pushing further, but decided this was far enough and just said off handedly "I just hope the neighbors aren't too shocked.". That last comment was especially funny to her because the man who had moved across the street had been looking quite a bit at her when she'd been in her 'school' clothes in the mornings the last few weeks.

Neither Brenda nor Mike was sure where this was going, but both knew they were on their way.

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