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Boy Next Door

This is a true story. One night, my husband was at work and I was home alone watching TV and drinking a beer. There was a single male that lived two doors down from me and we had chatted some ocassionally. I knew he liked beer so I called him up and ask him to come down. He said he would be there in a jiffy, so I waited for the lite tap on the door. When I opened the door,all I had on was a black fishnet shirt that clung to my boobs really good. When he saw me, he tried not to stare,but it was not working too well.He had on a pair of shorts with elastic in the band and he was starting to get a bulge in his front. I ask him if he thought I was sexy and he started to kiss me. I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down past his balls and took his sweet cock in my mouth.He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved just a little bit. I understood what he wanted so I took his full length in my mouth and began to suck him with an eagerness I surprised my ownself with. He was moaning and rocking back and forth and I helped him to cum. He exploded in my mouth and there was so much cum it ran down my chin and onto the carpet. It was a warm October nite and the moon was full so we decided to go for a walk down to the end of the street. It was a dead end street and the houses stopped a little ways before the end. at the end there was a concrete driveway where you could make a circle to get going back in the direction you came in. We decided to sit down on the concrete and it was real warm for that time of year.We chatted for a little bit, then he turned toward me and ask me if I minded if he would return the favor to me. I was not exactly sure what he meant but I was soon to find out. He gently helped me to lay back on the concrete and put his fingers into my pussy which was soaking wet from being with him and giving him a blowjob. He moaned when he felt my moistness and then he pulled my shirt up and began to kiss and lick my clit which was sticking out and fully engorged from our previous encounter just a few minutes before. He put his tongue as far as he could get it and I could feel the tension mounting higher and higher. He began to finger me deep inside my puss and at the same time still licking and sucking on my clit. I could not hold back any longer so I let myself go on over the top and had the most sensual and erotic time that nite on the warm concrete in October.

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