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Blind Date

Tammy was on the phone with her best friend, Freda. They
were talking about guys they knew who were looking for girlfriends.
Freda said, Oh my God girl, I know just the guy for you! His
name is Ray and he's a real hottie! He's got brown hair and
blue eyes, and a smile to die for! Let me call him and set you
up on a date! I'll call you back in ten minutes.... Tammy said,
Ok girl, talk to ya soon!... She hung up the phone and went
to the kitchen for a snack. She popped a bag of microwave
popcorn and grabbed a diet cola from the fridge, then went
back to the livingroom and sat on the couch to watch TV while
she waited for Freda to call back. Her favorite show was just starting when the phone rang.
She picked it up and it was Freda on the other end. Well,
how'd it go with Ray?... Tammy asked her friend. Freda laughed
and said, Girl, I got you a date with him for tonight at 8
pm. You're to meet him at the bar downtown called the Cheatin'
Heart. He'll be wearing a black leather jacket, or at least
that's what he said to tell ya to look for.... Tammy smiled
and said, That's cool. He sounds like a biker dude. I wonder
if he's got any tattoos to go along with that jacket! Hahaha!
What should I wear tonight?... Freda said, Go take your shower
and get ready. I'll be over in fifteen minutes to help ya
pick out something to wear and I'll do your hair for ya too,
girlfriend. By the way, he's not a biker. He works for the
military as a recruiter or something like that! See ya soon!...
They hung up and Tammy went to the kitchen and put her soda
back in the fridge, and the popcorn on the counter. She went
to the bathroom and undressed in front of her full length
mirror. She tossed her clothes into the laundry hamper,
then went to her bedroom and got clean underwear and a bra,
then laid them on the bed. She went back to the bathroom,
and stood in front of her mirror, looking at herself. Her
hair was black, dark as a raven's wing, and it fell in soft
curls around her face and down her back to her butt. Her cheekbones
were high, showing a bit of native American in her ancestry,
her skin was lightly tanned from spending hours outside
in her garden and by the pool. Her eyes were a dark brown, almost black when she was aroused
or angry and had soft black lashes surrounding them. Her
lips were full and red, so red in fact, that she didn't need
lipstick. Her gaze traveled down to her chest, where her
large plump breasts with their perky nipples dwelled comfortably.
Her breasts were large, size 44DD, and her nipples were
medium sized and loved attention. Her gaze moved down over
her tummy, which was kinda chunky, since Tammy was a plump
girl. She was only 5'1" tall and slightly overweight,
which was possibly the reason why she didn't have many dates
or a steady boyfriend - not all guys liked larger girls.
She could only hope that this Ray fellow did, but if not,
that would be ok too. At least she'd have a fun night out.
She moved her eyes down a little further to the top of her
thighs. The nest of black curls was trimmed neatly into
a heart shape, with the point of the heart pointing down
to the secret spot of her body that was tingling in anticipation
of the night ahead. She decided she had spent enough time looking in the mirror
so she went and turned on the water in the shower, then stepped
in and washed her hair and body, rinsed off, then turned
off the water, grabbed a towel and dried her body, then wrapped
a second towel around her hair before going into the bedroom
to pull on her bra and panties, both were purple silk and
lace. She had just pulled on her robe when she heard the doorbell
ring. She went to answer it and when she opened the door,
there was Freda with a tote bag slung over her shoulder.
With a big smile, Freda said, Your hair stylist and fashion
consultant has arrived!!... Come on in, girl! Wow, cool
totebag!!... Tammy said with a laugh. Freda came in and took
off her jacket, hung it on the hook by the door, then followed
Tammy into her bedroom to the closet. She looked through
the clothes and pulled out a few different outfits, laying
them on the bed. She pulled out a black dress that had gold threads stitched
on the short sleeves and hem, a red leather mini skirt with
a black tank top, a pair of black jeans with a white shirt,
and a blue sleeveless sun dress with a knee length skirt
and small flowers on it. Freda looked over the choices and
held up the mini skirt and tank top, handing them to Tammy.
This is the killer outfit, girlfriend! You just gotta
wear this for Ray. I know for a fact that he loves leather,
and red is his favorite color. And you gotta wear the red
high heels with it and your black fishnet stockings with
the red garter belt. Now get dressed while I get out some
jewelry for you to wear, and get the hair stuff ready.... Freda
said. Tammy dressed, putting on the garter belt and stockings
first, then the top, and finally the skirt. She went to the
closet and got out her red heels, the ones with the little
black silk bows on the ankle straps, then slid her feet into
them. When Freda saw that she was dressed, she motioned for Tammy
to sit at the vanity table and she got out the hair dryer,
hair spray, and the make-up that she would have Tammy wear.
She brushed Tammy's hair, then dried it and styled it so
it fell in riotous curls around her face and down her back.
She blew the hair dryer in Tammy's face, blowing the hair
back, in all directions, to give it a wind blown look, then
gave it a blast of hair spray to hold it. She then did Tammy's
make up, putting on the foundation make-up, then a light
shade of pink blush, some lavender eye shadow, and a transparent
pink lip gloss. She handed Tammy the jewelry that she had
chosen to go with her outfit, an onyx & ruby bracelet
and necklace, and a pair of ruby drop earrings. Tammy put
on the jewelry, then went to stand in front of her large mirror
to survey her reflection. Freda stood behind her and said, Damn Girl! You're gonna
have Ray melting like putty in your hands with that look!
You look absolutely beautiful! I wish you the best of luck
tonight, Tammy. I just know that you and Ray will be perfect
for each other. Come on, you'll be late if we don't get going
now.... Tammy looked at the clock and it said 7:30 pm. She and
Freda went to the livingroom and Freda grabbed her jacket
and totebag. Tammy grabbed her red shawl and her small black
purse, made sure her cell phone and keys were in there, and
tossed in a couple of condoms that she had grabbed from the
dresser drawer earlier, just in case things went really,
really well. Freda saw that and grinned then said, I am
glad that you thought of those, Tam. Just in case he forgets
his own.... Tammy blushed and Freda smiled and winked, then
they both left Tammy's apartment, locking the door behind
them. The girls got into Freda's car, a red Camaro, and Freda
drove Tammy to the Cheatin' Heart. Twenty minutes later, Freda parked the car across the
street from the bar. Tammy checked her make-up and hair
in the rear view mirror one last time, took a deep breath,
then got out of the car, purse in hand. Freda also got out
of the car and the girls walked across the street and went
in the bar. Freda told Tammy to sit at the empty booth in the
corner by the jukebox while she went to the bar and got their
drinks. Tammy went to the table and sat down. A few minutes
later, Freda arrived with two Pina Coladas and they sat
there drinking their drinks and talking. Freda kept watching
the door, looking for Ray. She smiled when she saw him walk
in. She didn't let on that she knew it was him, otherwise
Tammy would know. She watched Ray walk to the bar and sit
on one of the stools. She turned to Tammy and asked, Tam,
do you want any pretzels or popcorn to snack on while we wait
for Ray? I can go to the bar and get some for us.... Tammy nodded and said, Yeah, sure Freda. Sounds good....
Freda left the table and walked to the bar to stand by Ray.
She said, Hey Ray! How are ya?... He turned to look at her and
said, Freda!! Great to see you again! How are you, and where's
this friend of yours that you want me to meet so badly?... His
deep masculine voice was like rich honey, smoothly flowing
over every pore. Freda had to take a deep breath and remind
herself that he was for Tammy. She looked to where Tammy
was sitting sipping at her drink and said, That's her over
there in the corner by the jukebox, with the Pina Colada....
Ray looked casually over Freda's shoulder to where Tammy
was, and his jaw dropped at the surprise of seeing such a
beautiful full-figured woman. Freda watched the admiration
slide over Ray's face and said, Come on Ray, let me introduce
you to her. Oops, I better go back to the table with some popcorn
too.... She asked the bartender for some popcorn, then she
and Ray walked to the table. Tammy looked up as they approached, and Freda smiled and
winked. Tammy guessed that the handsome brown-haired
gentleman must have been Ray. He smiled at her and she smiled
back shyly. Freda said, Ray, this is Tammy, my best friend
in the whole world who needs some fun and excitement in her
life. Tammy, this is Ray, a great guy who loves long walks
on the beach and country music.... Tammy held out her hand
and Ray took it, lifted it to his lips and softly kissed her
knuckles, then turned her hand over and kissed her palm.
Nice to meet you, Tammy. May I sit down?... he asked. Tammy
slid over on the bench and Ray sat beside her as Freda sat
across from them. Tammy said, Nice to meet you too, Ray....
Freda thought to herself as she watched them, They are
made for each other! Way to go, Freda! I sure made a match
from Heaven with these two.... She noticed that they couldn't
stop staring at each other, as though they were already
in love, even though they had just met a couple of minutes
before. Freda knew that she was witnessing love at first sight
with Tammy and Ray, and she was so happy! She excused herself
to use the ladies room, and left Ray and Tammy alone for a
few minutes. She went to the restroom, did what she needed
to do, checked her hair and makeup in the mirror, then went
to the bar to get a beer for Ray. She looked over at the table
to see Ray and Tammy laughing, their heads close together
like they were sharing a private joke. She smiled to herself,
then took the beer the bartender gave her, and went to the
table. She sat the beer in front of Ray, but he didn't seem
to notice, so wrapped up in Tammy he was. She cleared her
throat enough to get Tammy to look at her then said, Ok,
I'm gonna head on home. See ya later, Tam! Ray, behave yourself!
Ha Ha! Call me tomorrow Tam! Love ya girl!... She gave them
both a hug, then left the bar, knowing that Ray would see
her home safely. When Freda had left, Ray asked Tammy to dance. She agreed
so he stood and helped her to her feet. He went to the juke
box and selected a few songs, then led her to the dance floor.
The first song was a Trace Adkins song, and it had a fast pace,
but a great beat for dancing. They were breathless as the
song came to an end and the next song, a slow one, started.
Ray pulled her close and they slow-danced. His hands rested
lightly on her waist and hers were up on his shoulders. She
couldn't stop looking into his eyes. She was mesmerized
by his gorgeous blue eyes, so blue that they would put a summer
sky to shame. As she was looking into his eyes, she noticed
they grew darker, going from sapphire to cobalt blue. She
gasped a little, and blushed, as she felt the reason pressing
against her belly. He leaned down and whispered in her ear,
Let's get outta here baby. I have a surprise planned for
you tonight.... She smiled and he went to the table and grabbed her purse
and shawl. He put the shawl over her shoulders then handed
her purse to her and took her hand. They left the bar and walked
down the street to where his car was parked. Tammy wasn't
surprised to see that it was a red Mercedes with a black leather
interior. He did the gentlemanly thing and held her door
open for her, and even fastened her seatbelt for her. He
kissed her lightly as he fastened the buckle, then closed
her door and went around to get in the driver's side. She
watched as he fastened his belt, then started the car and
drove away from the bar. They chatted along the way and about
a half hour later, he turned into a long driveway bordered
on either side by tall maple trees. A few minutes later, they pulled up to a large white house
with a big yard and several flower gardens scattered around.
The house was only a single story, but had a large wrap-around
porch with hanging baskets of ferns and flowers on it. She
saw a few chairs and a swing on the porch as well. As she got
out of the car with Ray's help, a shaggy Golden Retriever
dog came lumbering from around the side of the house, tail
wagging and tongue lolling out of its mouth. The dog stopped
and sat just a few feet away as Ray closed the door on the car.
When he turned around, he saw the dog and said laughingly,
Roscoe, you old hound, where have you been?... Ray looked
at Tammy and said, Roscoe here is my dad's dog, whom I inherited
when my dad passed away last summer. He tends to take off
for a couple days at a time, and I think he's got a girlfriend
somewhere down the road. Who knows, maybe one of these days
he's gonna come home with a litter of pups trailing behind
him!... Tammy laughed and knelt to pet Roscoe on the head tenderly.
Roscoe licked her hand and whined when she stopped petting
him. Ray took her hand and they went up the steps to the porch,
and Ray unlocked the door and opened it. Roscoe ran in and
disappeared down the hallway to the left, possibly heading
to the kitchen for a meal. Ray closed the door and then he
pulled Tammy into his arms and hugged her tightly as he kissed
her deeply, his tongue sensually caressing hers in imitation
of what another part of his body would be doing soon to another
part of her body. She moaned softly and Ray broke the kiss
to look into her eyes. He smiled when he saw that they had
darkened to an almost black color of brown, and he knew she
was filled with desire for him, as he was feeling the same
way about her. He took her hand and led her up the stairs on
the right. At the top of the stairs, they turned left and
went down the hallway to the door at the end. Ray opened the
door and stepped aside for Tammy to walk into the room first,
then closed the door after he came inside. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her
tightly, pressing his pelvis and his rather sizeable erection
against her ass. She pressed her ass back against him and
wiggled her butt against him, drawing forth a groan of pleasure.
He growled softly in her ear, Do that again baby, and I might
have to rip that sexy little skirt and top right off of you....
She giggled and did it again, but raised her skirt so that
the crack of her ass was right against him, his cock fitting
into the crack perfectly as he pressed against her. With
that, he quickly turned her around, lifted her shirt and
pulled off her bra in one swift movement, then just as quickly,
removed her skirt, and panties, leaving her in just her
garter belt and stockings and shoes. He lifted her up off
her feet and placed her on the king-size bed then spread
her legs and buried his face in her hot wet pussy, his tongue
teasing, licking and lapping at her wet core and her hard
clit. His hands moved up her sides and cupped and kneaded
her ample breasts. His tongue dove deep into her wetness and he slid in a couple
of his fingers into her, stroking slowly in and out, in and
out. She moaned his name and he sped up the motions of his
fingers and tongue, going faster and harder. Within moments,
her juices were flowing out and coating his face and hand
and he was hungrily lapping them up. He licked her clean
and then moved to stand and remove his clothes. Once his
clothes were discarded and tossed to the floor with hers,
he moved her up on the bed more, then knelt between her legs,
his hard shaft rubbing teasingly against her slit before
slipping easily into her with one thrust. He remained still
for a moment to allow her to get used to his largeness within
her sheath as he kissed her tenderly. After a few moments,
he started moving within her, nice and slow, pulling almost
completely from her body before sliding back in real slow,
to allow her to feel every inch of him. He did this for a few minutes before increasing his speed
a little bit as he moved his right hand from her breast to
slide it down her belly to her heart-shaped patch and further
down to finger her clit. When his finger began stroking
her clit in rhythm to his thrusts, it didn't take long for
her to start moaning loudly and within minutes, she was
screaming and panting his name and her fingernails sunk
into his bare muscular shoulders, leaving little crescent
shaped fingermarks as her orgasm hit her hard. He didn't
stop thrusting though, just went harder and faster and
deeper as he neared his own release. He kissed her again
and started really pounding her pussy with his cock, harder
and faster, grinding his pelvis against her clit and feeling
her sheath clench tightly onto his cock, coaxing forth
his release. Within minutes, he was tensing his body, his
pelvis tight to hers as he shot his hot cum deep into her pulsating
sheath. He collapsed on top of her, his weight supported on his
elbows to avoid crushing her. She reached up and wiped some
drops of sweat from his cheeks and pushed a stray lock of
hair off his forehead. He smiled tenderly at her and kissed
her on the tip of her nose, then he said, Wow baby, you were
great! I'm so glad that Freda introduced us to each other.
We have so much in common and we both felt the chemistry between
us within seconds of meeting back there at the bar. Would
you do me the honor of staying here with me tonight, and being
my girlfriend, Tammy?... He was still buried within her sheath
and as he waited for her answer, he pressed his pelvis to
hers and she wrapped her legs tighter to him before she said,
Yes Ray, I would love to stay here with you tonight, and
yes, I will be your girlfriend.... His face lit up with pleasure
and within seconds, his shaft was hard as a rock even buried
within her, and he started making love to her again for almost
three hours before they took a break. They showered together and then Ray gave her a robe to slide
on and wear while he slid on a pair of cotton shorts before
he made her a romantic dinner of Grilled Beef Steak with
Baked Potato and Tossed Salad, and Dutch Apple Pie A La Mode
for dessert. He poured glasses of chilled red wine for them
to drink with dinner. Ray told her about the house and the
gardens out back, as well as the stable full of horses, some
of which he was training for racing. He said, How about
spending the weekend with me next weekend and we can go trail
riding out to my cabin in the woods for a romantic get-away?...
She smiled and said, I'd love that, sweetheart. I do have
to work this week, but I'm pretty sure I could take Friday
off so we could spend all of Friday, Saturday and most of
Sunday at the cabin. How long does it take to ride the horses
there?... As he stood to clear the table, he said, Oh, I'd say about
an hour or so at a walk if we take our time and enjoy the scenery.
Just pack your clean clothes in a backpack, along with any
other necessities you might need. It's an old fashioned
cabin and we have to haul water from a pond nearby for bathing
and washing dishes, but I keep a supply of drinking water
in jugs on the porch of the cabin. I'll ride out there Thursday
morning with a supply of groceries and gas for the generator
to run the fridge and lights for the weekend, so everything
will be all ready when we get there.... She smiled and said,
That sounds great, Ray! I cant wait to see it. You said there's
a pond, so maybe if the weather is warm enough, we could go
swimming?... He nodded and said, No swimsuit needed for
that, if you want to swim. The cabin and pond are in a private
clearing on my property surrounded by trees, and the horses
are the only way to get in and out. Now, enough about the cabin.
Let's go back upstairs to bed, baby!... They went back upstairs, hands joined, and Ray took the
robe off of her and started caressing her entire body slowly
after she laid on the bed. He had her lay on her tummy and he
gave her a full body massage, using warmed baby oil, working
the oil into her skin with firm but gentle pressure. He started
with her shoulders and arms, working down to her fingers,
where he placed kisses on each fingertip before moving
back up her arms to her shoulders and neck again. He massaged
her back, moving all over in sensuous circles, her skin
left feeling like it was on fire with every touch of his hands
and fingers. He moved down to her lower back and ass, gently
kneading the twin mounds of her ass cheeks and occasionally
running a finger between them to tease her. He put more oil
on his hands and began massaging her thighs and legs, slipping
his fingers between her legs to brush against her wet pussy
with every few strokes of his hands. She moaned softly with
that contact. He finished massaging her legs and feet, then had her flip
onto her back with her head on the pillow so he could massage
the front of her, up her legs and thighs, his hands brushing
lightly over her mound with the heart-shaped patch of black
hair, up her tummy to her breasts, which he kneaded and massaged
til her nipples were hard, and finally her chest and shoulders
again. He kissed her tenderly and she sat up. She said, My
turn to please you now, my sexy cowboy!... and she pushed him
back on the bed and pulled his shorts off of him slowly. As
she pulled them over his hips, his cock sprung free, semi-erect.
It was nestled in a mat of crisp curly brown hair and begging
for her attentions. She laid on her belly between his legs
and started placing little nips and kisses on his legs and
thighs, working her way up to his waiting shaft. She blew
a warm breath over the tip of his cock, where she could see
a tiny bit of moisture. She giggled when she saw it jerk in
anticipation. She moved her hands up and cupped his balls lightly, placing
loving kisses on them and licking them before taking them
into her mouth one at a time, caressing them with her lips
and tongue. She moved one hand up and wrapped it around the
base of his cock and ran her tongue up the full length of him,
around the tip and over the tiny opening in it, then back
down to his balls. She lifted her head to look at him as she
opened her mouth to take him inside her warm wetness. He
was watching her, his nostrils flaring and eyes darkening
to a deep cobalt blue as desire took over. She raked his cock
with her teeth and he growled. She giggled but never broke
eye contact with him as she continued to lick, suck, and
caress his cock with her mouth and hand. She pulled almost
completely from him, keeping only the tip of his cock in
contact with her lips as she sucked gently on him. He was rock hard by now and when she looked at him, his eyes
were tightly closed as if he were struggling to maintain
control. She could feel the pressure in his cock and knew
he was about to explode, but she didn't stop her attentions
on him. She sucked harder and stroked him faster, taking
him fully into her mouth so her nose touched his mat of hair
at the base. Within seconds, she felt his cum shoot into
the back of her mouth. She didn't like to swallow so she opened
her mouth to let it run out as she continued stroking him,
milking every drop from him with her hand. She felt his cock
start to soften, so she moved off the bed and grabbed one
of the towels they had dropped after the shower, and wiped
his cum from her chin and lips, then wiped it from where it
had dripped on his balls and cock, and on the bed too. Then
she tossed the towel into the laundry hamper by his door
and went back to lay on the bed beside him, her head resting
on his shoulder. She looked up at him and asked softly, Did I please you,
dearest?... He looked down at her and smiled, then said, Baby,
you were wonderful. That was the best blow job I've ever
gotten, and I sure hope to get a lot more of them from you in
the near and distant future. No one has ever made me that
hard in such a short time, nor made me cum as hard as I did from
your attentions. Thank you so much, baby.... She yawned as
she said, You're quite welcome, honey. I gotta go pee and
wash my face, dear. I'm all sticky! Hahahah!... He laughed
and said, Go ahead babe. If you want, there are extra tooth
brushes in the cabinet by the bathroom mirror so you can
brush your teeth.... He gave her a playful swat on the bottom
as she climbed over him to go to the bathroom to wash up and
brush her teeth, and just before she stepped into the bedroom,
she bent over and wiggled her butt at him, drawing forth
a desire-laden laugh from him. A few minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, her
face washed, teeth brushed and hair pulled back into a braid.
She climbed back in bed and he pulled the blankets over her
then turned off the bedside lamp, pulled her close and kissed
her good night. She fell asleep feeling happy and loved
by this man who was her first real blind date and she couldn't
wait to spend a lot more time with him. Deep down, she felt
he was really The One... that she wanted to spend the rest
of her life with, and she really hoped she was right. She
would just have to wait and see what the future held for both
herself and Ray. She had the feeling that things would work
out just fine, and that thought made her fall asleep with
a smile on her face.

End of Story

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