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Beths babysitting experiences

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Beth walked in from her week-long babysitting stint carrying her bag and covered in sweat. (I had always been told that horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glisten-trust me, Beth was sweaty).

She caught me unprepared as I had expected her almost two hours earlier. I had cleaned the dishes, washed the floor, straightened up the week's worth of stuff that I had ignored, cut some flowers, stripped and sat at my computer editing my large collection of pornography. I was nude, working the computer's mouse with one hand and my fleshy snake with the other.

My mind was running in circles re-living my encounter a few days earlier with a sexy young man and his voyeuristic lady in the best man on man sex that I have ever had, followed by the lap dance of the century in a nearby strip club. I was stroking and backing off for two hours now and I was really ready to unload anywhere she wanted it.

But now it wasn't looking too good. Beth threw down her bag and started pulling off her clothes until she was naked, standing in front of the air conditioner vent. From behind I could see the cold air pushing aside her matted pubic hair as the sweat continued to course down the swale of her back into the crack of her ass. She was literally dripping onto the floor. It was extremely erotic but with a tint of horror attached to it. I had no idea why she was in the state she was in.

"How was your week, dear?" I inquired innocently, fully expecting for her to spin around and fire a lightning bolt into my chest. I held my breath.

"I got stopped by a fucking cop," she answered without moving. I couldn't see her face but I was starting to get a feel for what was the matter. "It pissed me off because I wanted to get home to you to share my story and watch you get hard and excited," she continued.

I walked up to her, touched her back and she shuddered. I realized, by then, that she had a story to tell and that my adventures would have to wait their turn. I turned her around pulled her to me and kissed her lightly while stroking her wet matted hair. "Relax, it's great to have you back, I missed you," I cooed.

She let it all out and relaxed into my arms. We just meld into each other's arms and stayed that way until we were both cooled down and felt comfortable. I backed off and noticed that spots in her hair seemed matted and stuck together but she was getting dry and cooling off. She moved over to the computer and started watching my porn with me. I thought it best to stop asking questions and let her tell me what she wanted to tell me in her own time.

"Remember Jack Pringle?" she asked after a long time of watching porn. Now there was a mood killer, Jack Pringle was one of our son's high school "friends." He was the number two football player while our son was the number one player but in basketball he was number one with our son in the number two position. Whether it was the competition or his attitude, we never liked the boy but he was attached to our son at the hip. Jack was a good looking jock and bedded most of the senior class-some of who he shared with our son. We would overhear some of their stories and listen to the boys giggle at their conquests.

Her question was rhetorical and before I could answer she continued, "He's grown up now and I think we are going to be friends." Code words for "I fucked the crap out of him" and it struck me quite odd. "He's young but he has matured well," she said reading my mind.

"Here, lay down with me and I will tell you a story that you will enjoy-guaranteed," she promised. "Once upon a time, in a land, far-far away, there was a horny princess-me."

For nearly a week she had been alone with the two meanest, crankiest, most spoiled little brats on the planet-our grandkids. Our son is gone a lot and his wife is unable to control them. They are better behaved for us but it still is a tense, active time and by the end of the week Beth was tired and feeling used so when the neighbor offered to take the devil's duo to the park for the day she was more than thankful.

She snuggled close, wrapping a fist around my near flaccid tool and used it much like a microphone, giving it a lick every few sentences.

After the monsters left she started picking things up and eventually decided that it would be more comfortable if she finished the cleaning in the nude since no one was going to be there all day. By 1:30 p.m. she had picked up all the toys, made herself a light lunch and was starting to wash the dishes. Bored she went to our son's family computer and started surfing some of our favorite porn sites. By 2 p.m. she was on her back on the couch moaning as her small pocket vibrator was piercing her love hole exciting her very sensitive clit bringing herself to a wild, overdue orgasm.

"I'm sorry Mrs. K." she heard in a strong masculine voice but in an almost childish tone. Jack stood in the hallway mesmerized by the older, sexy lady playing with herself and moaning in ecstasy. He wanted to close the door and run but by then she had recognized him. "I didn't mean to stare, er, God, please don't get angry with me, I'll..." But the tent in his shorts proved that contrition was not the first thought on his mind. Beth was still horny, still aroused, still nude and her pussy was dripping. She stood up and started to walk toward the hallway.

Jack was still our son's "best bud" to the point that he had a key to the house and felt comfortable leaving himself in at any time. He was returning a CD enroute from one worksite to another and happened upon the mesmerizing scene.

The 20 years since high school graduation had been good to her son's main competition. He now owned his own construction business, married a sexy older woman and, unlike our son, kept up his sporting weight and shape. Shocked and excited my dick expanded in Beth's mouth and I reached back to stick a finger into her soggy, almost sloppy snatch.

"I grabbed him behind the neck and pulled him to me," she continued after removing my dick from her throat. At the same time she grabbed the rock-hard cock through his shorts and kissed him squarely on the mouth. She was in heat, excited and wanted some cock and didn't really care who owned it. There was no struggle, he reached behind her putting a hand on her naked back and pushed her breasts into his shirted chest. Tongue mingled with tongue and the excitement mounted. When they broke she ripped off his shirt exposing the pecs and abs of an athlete. Deftly she opened his shorts and left them fall to the floor as she grabbed his glutes and directed his cock into her anxious mouth and throat.

After almost ten minutes of deep throat and grabbing by the balls to keep him from shooting Beth pulled him toward the couch and threw him, still in his socks and work boots, on his back on the couch. She straddled him putting his dick back in her mouth and plopping her snatch onto his face. "Like this" she told me as she jumped up and pushed me to the couch and straddled me.

I got my first real look at her pussy and it was coated with thick sex liquids that had stiffened and slicked down what remained of her pubic hair. My tongue darted into the sticky cavity and I could taste her pussy. It was obviously Beth but with a slight different bouquet.

"When did this happen," I mumbled. "Three days ago," she answered and went back to her tale and to responding to my ministrations upon her soggy pussy. My train of thought was de-railed and I put myself into listening to her story and sucking her finger-sized clit.

Jack quickly found her engorged clit and began to suck and flick with his tongue. The boy knew his way around a pussy and Beth was loving it as she face-fucked him and this time didn't grab his balls. When he shot his first shot his dick was all the way down her throat and she could feel his shaft expand to express his cum directly into her innards. Squirt two filled her mouth and she swallowed it down as number three hit her teeth and lips and sprayed all over her face, dripping down onto his tight balls. The fourth squirt struck her on her tits as she was stretching out her body from a massive orgasm centered in her clitoris. "He sputtered and gargled my lady juices, I thought he was going to drown."

At this moment she realized where she was, what she was doing and who she was doing it with. They both sat on the couch. The deadly silence was broken, for a while with mini-after-shocks first from one and then from the other. "I can die now," Jack blurted to break through the wall. He explained, "Growing up, that is the one thing I always dreamed of doing and I promised myself that if it ever happened I would give up anything that I had to-including my life."

"Seriously, on those many trips to football and basketball games when I was the chaperone and caught you staring at me, that is what was on your mind," I asked. "Not exactly," he responded, "I always thought about fucking you."

She allowed that, given the circumstances, his wish would probably come true that day. "But you are married," she noted. "And so are you," he shot back. "My wife is not much younger than you-in fact, she looks a lot like you-and we have an open marriage-we are swingers. Are you aware of the term?"

The matter-of-fact conversation pulled me from the edge and with pain in my balls I came down off the mountain without causing the eruption.

Turns out that they are on the same on-line swingers group but living nearly 100 miles apart our profiles never popped up for the other to see. I wonder how we would have responded.

"Swinging was her idea," he explained. "She is highly sexed and for the first years of our marriage I almost killed myself trying to keep up, so we settled on the open marriage." "I've had a couple of experiences and we regularly attend house parties but Gretchen will attack anything with a dick or pussy outside our 50 mile comfort zone."

The name Gretchen got stuck in my mind and I imagined all sorts of things that might happen in my future. My little soldier popped to attention, surprising Beth as she reached out to grab it to tell me how she removed his shoes and socks, crawled up his leg, licked his balls and his ass which got him hard again. This mental picture got me up again also.

Still on his back Beth straddled him and slowly sucked his sizeable member into her sex cavern. Sliding up and down she could feel him getting bigger, rubbing against her G-spot, giving her wave after wave of orgasm until his ball sack tightened and he again shot stream after stream of sperm into her happy cavern.

Falling off of him she spied one of our son's table napkins which she started to shove into her cunt. Her lover soon spied what she was doing and leaned over and spread her lips to make it easier until the entire napkin was inside of her.

Little was said after that as Jack dressed, kissed the naked Beth and left for the meeting he was already late for. Going out the door he said, "I still haven't fucked you, you fucked me, I'll correct that error soon." That was all I needed to plaster cum all over Beth's waiting body.

Sitting there, spent, I remembered the start of the conversation and questioned, "You got a ticket?"

"No," Beth snapped back, "I said I got stopped by a fucking cop."

Unable to parse the conversation I just laid back and waited to be educated. I was spent and a bland discussion of law enforcement would allow me time to recover and perhaps attack her while I told her MY fantastic story.

"Here." She handed me a folded but wrinkled and stained dinner napkin. She could see the light bulb flicker then shine brightly over my head. "When you moisten it it smells and tastes just like it did three days ago." She was surreptitiously bringing me into the room with the two of them.

"I had sprinkled some water on it and put it in a baggie for you as I packed to come home after the kids returned," she explained. "I left early to surprise you before you got too deeply into your porn and give you a blow job as you sniffed and licked the napkin." She also put on her Navy blue dress with white polka dots that I loved, left off her bra and her panties for quick access on arrival.

Driving down the turnpike the air conditioner made her nipples hard and visible while a jet of air blew up between her legs and kissed her exposed pussy. The more aroused she became the more she wanted to be home sucking my cock and her speed crept up until the flashing red and blue lights on the State Trooper's car pulled her down from her reverie. She glanced at the speedometer and the needle was just dropping across the 80.

The first place to pull over was a wide, tree-lined pull off for 18-wheelers, but at this time of day it was empty. She pulled well off the road close to the trees and waited as the door of the police car opened and a giant of a man stood up. Easily 6' 5" black and putting a strain on his summer uniform in all of the vital spots he strode to her window as she lowered the glass. He could see her nipples through the soft fabric of her dress and a lot of cleavage was also revealed. I said it was my favorite dress.

Beth's view was also interesting. She was staring just below his belt and could plainly see the outline of his dick in his tight pants. As he observed her further she plainly saw his snake get longer as he looked over her legs and down between her breasts.

"Good afternoon ma'am, I'm Trooper Benedict and I clocked you doing 84 in a 65-19 miles over the posted speed limit," he announced. "That's a $400 fine and 4 points, but you are one mile per hour under the mandatory citation limit." Her mind was spinning wondering why he made that point, then it struck her. Gathering her driver's license, registration and insurance form she turned to the trooper.

"Trooper, I am so sorry, I just took my mind off my driving for a minute, my husband will kill me if I come home with a ticket like that," she cooed doing her best blonde imitation (she's a hot red head). "I'll do ANYTHING to keep from getting a ticket." She saw a movement in the pants.

The trooper went back to his car to check for priors and warrants and all of that cop stuff. Eventually the flashing lights stopped, Trooper Benedict stepped out of his car and walked back to the window.

"Ma'am, please step out of the vehicle, I need to do a field sobriety test," he ordered. Knowing that it was a ruse she opened the door wide and thrust her left leg out of the door, hiking up the already short skirt. Raising her right leg up the Trooper got a terrific look at her now drenched pussy.

He walked to the other side of the car, in the shadow of an overhanging tree branch and my scofflaw wife followed close behind. He ordered her to put one foot in front of the other and walk toward him. As she followed his instructions she "tripped" and reached out to find something to catch herself on. Not surprisingly she found his crotch and grabbed hold of his now extremely large shaft. She told me it was like grabbing onto a handrail on the steps. He quickly dropped his duty belt and his pants as she sucked the massive tip into her mouth. Experienced at deep throat this monster was so thick and long that she could not get it down her throat so she sucked as much as she could, as hard as she could and was rewarded with what felt like gallons of cum squirting into her hair and into her mouth and all over her dress and down her cleavage-everywhere. She was coated in cum and in sweat.

The trooper recovered quickly, zipped up and grabbed her hand. He walked her over to his car and opened the back door telling her to get in. The back seat was extra large to accommodate a lot of "perps". He pushed her onto the seat, lifted her dress and began to eat her pussy. While he was doing this he un-zipped his pants and extracted his monster which was getting larger and larger as he slurped. Eventually, leaving the door open, he crawled in on top of her and shoved his cock into her anxious pussy. Only a quarter of it would fit but he pumped and pumped and soon shot a couple more gallons directly into her pussy.

I recalled the odd taste of her pussy as I ate her earlier in our session and now it made sense.

"He let me up, helped me out of his car, kissed me, thanked me and escorted me back to her car where he said, 'That was great, my badge number is on the warning, look me up some time'."

Only about ten miles from home she decided to just open the windows and turn off the air conditioning since it was having too much of an effect on her. Finishing the last part of her story she was alternately gulping down my cum and finishing her tale.

As I recalled the story that I had to tell I started to figure out how to get it started and turned around to look at my cum-covered spouse and she looked so cute laying there dead asleep with my cum dripping out the side of her mouth and her hair slick with cum from me and from the law enforcement officer she had fucked several hours ago. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for her to wake up.

Good girl. No speeding ticket and the real possibility of a new playmate for us. It's been a good day.

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