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Beths Gift

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Beth was excited! The anticipation of what was to come made her heart race and filled her with an anxiousness that made it hard to breath. Her and her husband Steve had talked about this for a long time, but now it was really going to happen! The couple had been married for 17 years and were deeply in love. Although the love that each of them shared for the other was immense, they shared a passionate and lustful sex life as well.

After 17 year, they still had an active sex life and each of them longed for the touch of the other, but they both shared another desire and it was this desire that was about to be fulfilled. Steve had always found Beth sexy. He loved watching her sweat covered body glistening in a blanket of soft candlelight. He enjoyed watching the expressions her face made as her body became more and more aroused. It was enough to take his breath away. He loved to touch her, in this there was no doubt, but watching her; seeing her at her most passionate and raw moments made him ache. Watching her breasts heave, her hips rise, her lips part slightly as she reached orgasm. WATCHING, OBSERVING, TAKING IT ALL IN at the very moment that she climaxed, THAT was what turned him on more than anything.

Years earlier, Beth had confessed that the idea of being forced to have sex by a group of men, turned her on. The thought of three or four young, large, rugged, well-hung men holding her down and thrusting their hard, throbbing cocks into her wet, hungry holes, brought her close to orgasm. It wasn?t just the idea of the sex that turned her on, but being taken. Being FORCED to do what she had always wanted to do but had thought was taboo. And more than this, the idea of submitting to them and allowing herself to ENJOY what was happening. Being completely helpless and taken over by the moment, THIS is what turned her on and the couple had spent many a night fucking to thoughts of this happening.

As time went on, Beth slowly began to realize that there was yet another fantasy she longed to fulfill. It bothered her at first. She KNEW she was not a lesbian. There was no doubt that she LOVED cock. But the idea of eating pussy had become almost intoxicating. She longed to experience what it would feel like to brush her soft, full lips across another woman?s delicate mound. To gently part her lovers lips and expose the soft, wet, pink insides. To smell the addictive fragrance of a woman?s desire as she slowly took her into her mouth. Her husband loved eating her. He truly loved it and she was consumed by her desire to experience this for herself.

One night, during the throws of passion, he whispered to her ?I want to watch you fuck two cocks at the same time?. It was a fantasy they had used many times in the past to get off and Beth just smiled and moaned softly. Steve stopped and looked at his wife deeply. ?I mean it. I want to watch you get fucked? ?If I said it was ok, would you do it?? Beth just stopped and looked at him. It was a turn on for her but what she REALLY wanted to do was fuck another woman!

?I want to eat pussy? she replied slowly. ?I want to so badly!?

Her face was nervous, as if she didn?t? know how her husband was going to react.

Steve?s face lit up. ?WOW! Really??


Steve was more turned on than ever. He thrust his hips forward and pushed his cock deep inside her.

?Can I watch?? he said slowly ?I would LOVE for you to watch me with another woman?

?When? he moaned with anticipation ?Maybe I will make it your birthday present?

With that, Beth began thrusting her hips upwards in hard, quick movements, driving her husbands throbbing cock ever deeper inside. Her eyes never left his. She looked like a woman possessed by passion. Her body tingled as if all of her nerve endings were electrified and every touch sent jolts of pleasure throughout her body. Her breasts pulsed in hypnotic rhythm as the orgasm began to build inside. Her back arched as the first spasms gripped her body. Her pussy throbbed and tightened on the shaft of his cock pushing him over the edge. He felt the orgasm coming on and changed his rhythm to slow, long, controlled thrusts. His cock stiffened and then exploded, filling her pussy with hot, thick cum.

The two collapsed together. Entwined, sweaty and breathless.

?You know, I meant what I said. I would love to watch you with another woman?

?I know. I meant it too!? ? I want to try wouldn?t be mad??

?No, as long as I know you love me and your not planning on running off with this other woman, I would love to watch you get off with another woman. It would be a HUGE turn on!?

?Well then, lets do it!?

She rolled over and fell fast asleep.

To be continued?..

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