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Being Relaxed By Twiztid

We meet for coffee and we talk. You tell me about you and your kids. You put your hands in mine. I start massaging them. We continue to talk for a hr. As we talk I tell you how sexy you are and how you looked stressed from work.

We talk some more about life. As we talk i offer you a massage to help relax you. You say you would love one.

We go to your home and I run you a bubble bath. I leave the room so you can get in. You call me back in and we talk some more. As we talk i massage your feet and caves. I leave the room and you come out in a towel. You then change. I have you lay on the bed. I reach over your wet body for the massage oil.

I start at your feet massaging my way up hitting ever spot on your legs I come to your shorts. I run my hands under them. I'm massing your hips and inter thighs. I spend some time massaging you there. You spread your legs a little to make it a little easier on me. I then move to your lower back. I'm still running my hands in your shorts massage your but and hips. I then move to your back. I'm massage your arms and back now I reach your neck. I then ask you to roll over. I start massage your neck and arms again this time I'm also massage your breast. As you lay there I snack a kiss here and there. I then get back to your shorts I run my hands under them to massage you're hips and inter thigh. I move to the foot of the bed and I continue to massage you till I'm back to your toes. By this time your so relaxed you fall asleep. I make my way out the door as you sleep.

End of Story