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Behind the Wheel

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This is a true story that happened over 20 years ago.

My husband and I had starting experimenting with swinging a few years after we were married. It was a long drawn out procedure at that time. You would pick up a swingers magazine, scan the ads until you found one that "peaked your interest". Then you mailed a reply to a post office box and waited for an answer.

We were going to our first house party. We had met the host and hostess thru their ad and had played with them a few times already. They were hosting their annual Christmas Swing party. Since it was planned for our 6th wedding anniversary, we decided to attend. It sounded like a good way to celebrate. There were about five other couples, most of which we were meeting for the first time. We had a great time. We met a few couples that we were interested in meeting again.

However, this story actually starts AFTER that party.

The party was in a town about an hour from where we were living. We left for home, well after midnight. We started talking about the party and our experiences. He had kept an eye on me...mostly for safety reasons, but I didn't know what he had been up to. He skimmed over his...he wanted to hear about mine. As I talked, he told me undo my safety belt and move closer. He slipped his hand down my blouse and under my bra. He ran his thumb over one of my sensitive nipples. ?Take it off. I want to see your boobs.? I slipped out of my top, and followed it with my bra. He played with my right nipple, as I told him about my first guy of the evening. He alternated between pinching and rubbing my nipple, until it was standing alert. Then he switched to the left one. He told me to slip out of my skirt. I looked around, and realized we had left the city lights behind. We had taken the back route, as was our usual habit. We were the only ones on the road that night, or at least it seemed that way. Dark, lights in sight. I lifted my butt off the seat and slipped my skirt down, letting it pool around my feet. I hadn't bothered putting my panties back on when we left the party, so he had easy access. He slid his hand down my belly, until he reached the spot between my legs. He rubbed my pussy for a couple of minutes, while I continued to talk. ?Spread your legs.? I did as I was told and gave him more access. He rubbed my clit with one finger. I lay my head back against the seat, my eyes closed. Hearing my sighs, he increased the action.

I had slipped my hand down to the front of his jeans, and it wasn?t long before I knew my story was having an effect on him. He reached down and unbuckled his belt. I undid the snap and pulled down his zipper. Reaching in, I freed his dick. ?Suck my dick.? I leaned over and ran my tongue down his shaft. I slipped the head of his dick into my mouth. Applying a bit of suction and using my tongue to lick off the pre-cum that was already gathering. ?I want you to really suck my dick.? That would require me to get into a different position. It took a little maneuvering, but soon I had my knees on the passenger side, my ass in the air. In this position, he could reach my boobs, but also play with my ass, if he wanted. I could get more of him into my mouth. I leaned forward and slipped his dick between my lips. Soon I had more than half of his dick in my mouth. I started to move my mouth up and down. He reached back and rubbed my ass for a few minutes. Then he reached under me and slid his fingers across my swollen pussy lips. I slipped him almost all the way out, and added a bit of suction as I slid back down as far as I could go. ?Stop, now!? I looked at him in surprise. ?I want you to tell me about your night. You can?t do that with your mouth full.?

He told me to turn around and face the back. As I kneed on the seat, leaning over the back of the seat, he slipped one finger into my pussy. ?Talk to me.? I told him about one of the guys putting me on my knees at the foot of the bed and riding me doggy style, until he came. My husband slid a second finger into my pussy. ?You?re sopping wet.? He continued to finger fuck me and I continued to talk. Soon he had slipped a third finger into my pussy. It wasn?t long before I was cumming, soaking his fingers with my pussy juices.

?Straddle me? ?What? You're driving.? I glanced back at the speedometer...He was going the speed limit, 60 mph. He slowed down a bit and repeated his request. ?The seat is all the way back and there is plenty of room. Just put your right knee between me and the door.? He scooted to the left just a bit and I slipped my leg over him. I put my knee where he told me to. I was bent over to the right, just a bit, so that he could keep an eye on the road. I slid to the right, making sure he could see over my shoulder. Now I was in the right position. I could feel that at some point, probably when I was undressing, he had slid his pants down to his knees. I slid down onto his dick, feeling him slide into my pussy. I paused for a minute, letting myself enjoy the feeling of being filled completely. ?Ride me.? I could feel the car accelerate, as I started to move. I shut me eyes, as I road him...up and down, up and down. ?Talk to me. Did you have a good time? Tell me.? I started to talk, telling him, again, about the first couple of guys that I had been with that night. Then I started telling him about the last experience...with a couple and two single guys. I felt him start thrusting against me. Soon his dick expanded in my pussy, a sure sign that he was about to cum. We came together, just as we came to the stop sign. I am not sure how fast we were going when we came up to the stop sign, but we were able to stop...LOL Good thing, too?because I?m not sure that we could have explained the situation had we been pulled over. (Then again, it wouldn?t have taken much explanation.)

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