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Bed and Breakfast

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We took a weekend getaway down to the outer banks of North Carolina. We found a nice Bed & Breakfast that had separate cottages right on the beach. It was our first getaway without the kids and it was well deserved. It was only a 2 hr drive from home and we checked in about mid day. It was a beautiful location and the beach was our front yard. It was empty so we decided to relax in the sun and enjoy the warm day. You sunbathed while I swam and played in the water. After a couple hours we turned in to get ready for dinner.

I threw our suitcase on the bed and opened it to grab our toiletries and we hit the shower. You were so dark and tanned and combination of the water and suds trickling down your body was awesome as I lathered you up and washed your newly tanned body. I was getting so excited and turned on. When I stood up from washing your backside, I noticed your nipples were super hard and my cock stiffened and pulsed. You quickly noticed it as I handed the loofah to you. You began washing me by stroking it while we kissed passionately. I pressed forward and pinned u against the wall and lifted one of your legs up. I was ready to go for it right there, but you said you wanted it on the bed. So I agreed and you quickly finished washing me and we got out.

I was at the bed picking clothes out of the suitcase with my towel wrapped around my waist. You hugged me from behind and rested your face against my back. I felt the warmth of the sun as you pressed into me with a hug. You released your hug and pulled my towel off. As I turned around to see what you were doing you dropped to your knees and grabbed my half stiff cock and stroked him. I was hardening fast. You looked up at me and said ?I have been wanting to this ever since the drive down, but I decided to wait.?

You licked the bottom from base to tip, and then slowly worked your way around the head with your tongue and lips. You slowly slid your mouth as deep as you could and began sucking and stroking, alternating between fast and slow strokes. I held your hair as your head went back and forth, eating my hard cock like it was candy. You released your towel and I was getting close. You pulled off and leaned back onto your hands and told me to cum on your tits. I got into position over you and stroked until I exploded all over your chest. You cleaned me up with your mouth and then we grabbed your towel and wiped off your chest.

I helped you up and layed you onto the bed with your legs hanging over the side. I kneeled down and threw your legs onto my shoulders and I buried my face between them and began eating you. You were so wet and juicy. Your clit was warm and delicious. You moaned and writhed your hips as I fucked you with my tongue, alternating between slow licks and fast thrusts in and out. I surrounded your lips with my mouth and sucked on your clit until your body was shaking in orgasmic bliss. You pulled my head hard into you as your back arched and your body jolted. Your moans and screams were loud and sexy. I pressed against your clit gently as your body wrapped itself in pulses of orgasm.

I let you relax just for a second, then I stood up and with your legs still on my shoulders, I leaned over you and slowly entered my cock into your still throbbing pussy. You were so wet and I slid in so easily. We both moaned. You were so hot inside. I quickly began thrusting all the way in and all the way out. We both moaned and breathed heavy as I fucked you deeper and harder. I moved my hands from the bed and grabbed your tits and squeezed them as I fucked harder. I leaned in and went deeper, with your legs still on my shoulders. You came really hard again, so I slowed and relaxed your legs down as you simmered your climax. I pulled out and rolled onto the bed so you could ride me. You straddled me and slid on. We both looked into each others eyes and smiled as you slid all the way in until you were resting on my pelvis. You rocked and rolled and fucked me like a dirty cowgirl. We kissed and I held your tits and sucked them and we fucked faster and I began thrusting up harder to meet you as you came down onto me. You leaned back and I played with your clit as you rode me and moved back and forth. I was close again, so you quickly got off and stroked me until I came all over my stomach. You cleaned me up with your mouth again and then we wiped up with a towel.

You were still so horny and I wanted to go again to. You layed on me and we kissed and played with each other until I was ready to go. I stayed lying down and you slid on me again. You were still so wet. You leaned over and I spanked your ass as you slowly fucked me. You asked ?Is that what you want?? I said, ?oh fuck yah, baby!? then I spanked you again and you fucked a little faster for a few seconds. Then you looked at me and said ?Me too!? You pulled off and grabbed me with your hand. I was so wet from your juices, no lube was needed. You slowly lowered your ass to my head and let go as you worked your way in. I relaxed and let you do all the work. You slowly moved up and down, working a little deeper each stroke, until finally, I was fully in. It was so warm and so tight. The lube was plenty and you easily moved up and down as we both moaned loudly again. I could tell you were enjoying it. You started moaning in Spanish and closed your eyes as you leaned back a little. Your pussy was exposed so I began fingering it. You liked it, but the angle was awkward. I looked over and the suitcase was opened right next to us. I reached in a grabbed Romeo and began fucking you with him. I turned it on to a low setting and your eyes opened as you felt the buzzing. You were so horny and excited. You grabbed my wrist and helped guide me in and out as your ass rode up and down my pulsing cock. You screamed out ?Oh ya, Fuck me good baby! Fuck me with two cocks! I need two cocks!? We went faster and harder and I could tell you were close.

You fucked faster and yelled out more Spanish. Then finally a huge orgasmic scream as you squeezed my wrist really hard and leaned forward onto Romeo as my cock thrusted deeply into your ass. Just as you began to calm down your initial ?O?, I thrusted deep and exploded into your ass, sending your body into another long orgasm. I kept thrusting as my hot juice was exploding out of me. We both finished our orgasms and collapsed onto each other.

We panted and breathed heavy as we held each other on the bed. We were so hot and sweaty; we had to shower again before dinner. I jumped in first and quickly got out as you came in. While I was drying off, I noticed the front sliding door facing the beach was wide open. The white curtain liner was closed, but the breeze was blowing it rapidly. I didn?t notice this when we first got out of the shower, but then I remember leaving it open when we came in from the beach because the A/C wasn?t cold enough yet and the room was too stuffy.

Wrapped in my towel I went to close it. As I moved the curtain to reach for the door handle I saw a young couple sitting in the same spot we were just yards in front of our door. They were just getting up as I reached for the handle and they spotted me. I froze as I held the handle in one hand and my towel in the other. They waved and yelled hi as I stood in the doorway. I said hi back and smiled as I closed the door. After closing it, I turned to tell you. I know they didn?t see us, but I?m almost positive they heard us.

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