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Bad Hop 6

When I responded to Grandma that both my parents were aware of my sexual activity, she was aghast and asked who I was practicing with. When I told her Mom had taught me, she couldn't believe it. I gave her the whole story of how it all started.
She said she was horny all over again after hearing that and asked, "Will you fuck me again?"
Of course I was willing and able! My hard rod was quivering with anticipation. She said, "I want it doggie-style. Can you do that?"
"Get on your knees," I quipped.
She threw the covers to the side and rose up. Her tits were hanging straight down, nipples fully erect. I moved behind, reached around her leg to put my cock in her wet hole. She pushed my hand away to do it herself!
Once inside, I stroked slowly at first, one hand squeezing a tit.
She sighed, "This feels so much like the fucking your grandpa used to give me. I swear it's like his cock going in and out!"
After a while, I had her lie flat on her stomach. I wasn't able to play with her tits anymore, but it made her pussy even tighter. She enjoyed it too. I kissed her back and neck, nibble her ears, and picked up the pace of stroking. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. As she orgasmed, her cunt squeezed me so tight, I started shooting a huge load, many spasms!
I lay on top for a while, then she said, "I want to taste you." She spun around and enveloped my rod, licking off her juices and my cum. I didn't go completely limp, but did diminish some as she scooted up to me and kissed me full on the lips. Her juices and mind tasted all right!
"You are quite a fucker," she said.

End of Story