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Aunty Jane

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She wasn't really my aunt, she was our next door neighbor many years ago. Jane was from Croatia, she met her husband, Chester, when he was a GI at camp in Italy helping to resettle displaced persons after WWII. They lived in the brick bungalow next door to us. Chester was a great neighbor, always helping everyone out, that's how he died, shoveling snow for old Mrs. Rasmussen. He was only forty, leaving his Croatian war bride a widow to fend for herself. I had just turned 17 and felt sorry for her and something else, you see even before Chester passed, she spent most summers in her back yard tanning in little European style bikinis. She had a body like a movie star's and always turned a rich Mediterranean brown by summer's end. She didn't have what I would call a classically beautiful face, her eyebrows were thick and her nose was a little too big and slightly off center, but she had what today, I would call fuck me eyes and never lost her Croatian accent.

My mother told me that I should volunteer to take care of her lawn and clean her gutters, the kinds of jobs men were supposed to do back in those days, and I readily agreed and rang her doorbell one sunny afternoon a few months after her poor husband had passed.

"Hi, Aunty Jane, my mom said that I should um, you know, ah cut your grass and stuff this summer." I realized how stupid it suddenly sounded to be calling her aunty, especially when she opened the door wearing one of her little bikinis, as if she were just about to start a tanning session in the back yard.

"That is very kind of you, Robert." She began to tear up a little as she said it and I didn't know what to do.

"Gee, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you think about Uncle Chester, I mean, ah, I could come back another time..." I shuffled my feet on her porch, but couldn't keep my eyes off her 40 year-old tight Croatian body, noting that her nipples wear poking through the thin fabric of her bikini.

"No, don't be silly, sorry sometimes I can't help it, I feel so all alone, that you would help me is really very special, Robert, please come in." She opened her screen door and took my hand and pulled me inside before I could say anything.

Her living room furniture was covered in plastic, I don't know why people even bothered to have rooms like that back in those days, they were like pictures that no one ever used. She took me back to the kitchen and sat me down in a chair.

"Are you hungry, Robert, surely a growing young man such as yourself is hungry. I'll make you a sandwich."

"No Aunty Jane..."

"Stop with that Aunty stuff, I am not that much older than you." She put her finger on my lips and bent over me. Her face inches from me and her fine Croatian body right there. I could feel a thunderous erection developing.

"I'm not hungry, Aunt, I mean Jane." When I spoke her name like that, it had the effect of leveling the playing field, even if I was a young inexperienced punk who hadn't even reached second base at that point in time.

"What, a strong young man not hungry?" Her eyes seemed to dance at this, as if she were asking a totally different question.

"I could cut your grass right now if you'd like?" I wanted to do something for her, anything to make her happy, to feed those eyes of hers.

"I am afraid I couldn't pay you, Robert, with Chester gone, it's been..." She turned her face away from me, again with more tears and I just wanted to hold her and tell her it was going to be okay.

"No, I don't want money, never!" I slapped my hand down on her kitchen table. "You're my neighbor, Uncle Chester was always helping everyone, it's time we paid you back for his kindness."

"Oh my dear sweet boy!" She pulled me from the chair and hugged me crying openly. "Sweet, gentle boy!" She began kissing my forehead. I tried to pull back, my cock was rigid and I did not want her to feel it, but she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight."

"It's nothing, I mean anyone would have done the same." I felt her body, the fullness of a mature woman in my arms. I will remember it till the day I die, my sweet Aunty Jane.

"But what's this, Robert." She pushed me back a step and looked directly at my crotch. "This won't do, no, no we can't have you so excited like this."

"I'm sorry, I ah, er, um, I mean, you are just so beautiful, I ah, couldn't help myself."

"Ah, so you think I am sexy, Robert, is that it, is that why you want to help me, so you can think about me and then play with that cock of yours?" She sounded genuinely upset and I felt humiliated, I mean sure I really wanted to be a good neighbor and help her, but yes, I had been masturbating to the image of her for years and having been this close to her was only going to make me do it more.

"No, please don't think that, I want to help..."

"So I am not sexy to you?" She interrupted me with a little girl's voice and changed her entire demeanor in an instant. I have never met another woman who could act so convincingly and change from moment to moment like she could.

"Yes very sexy, I mean, you know, you are a beautiful woman." I was bright red with my head down, totally lost in her Mediterranean beauty, wondering how all of this was going to end.

"I am thinking I know how I can pay you Robert."

"Please, no money, nothing."

"Nothing is exactly what I am going to give you, Robert." And with that she removed her top. "Do you like nothing, Robert? Should I give you more nothing?"

She smiled at me, her nipples taut, she already had tan lines and her pale pert breasts were more than I could bear.

"Yes, more nothing, please." I stood transfixed by her, as if she were a goddess appearing to me in the wilderness.

"You like this nothing, Robert?" She dropped her bikini bottoms. It was the first pussy I had ever seen, beautiful trim black hair, pouty vulva lips, glistening clitoris rising as she spread it open with her hands and showed it to me like the proud woman she was.

"Yes, I love your nothing, I need your nothing, I want your nothing."

She took me to her bedroom where she stripped me and lay me down, she sucked my cock to a perfectly hard upright tool that she then mounted with her incredible body and fucked me into starstruck bliss, all the while talking to me "Darling Robert, now you can call me Aunty, do you like fucking your Aunty?"

"Yes, Aunty, I want you Aunty, oh God, Aunty Jane."

"That's it my lovely boy, Aunty Jane wants all of your cum, give it to me, baby, cum for Aunty, make Aunty's pussy wet and full of your young cock's spunk, pour it out into Aunty's wet pussy, please Robert I need it."

I remember every detail of it, even though it was forty year ago and Jane died some years back, my sweet Aunty Jane. I came again and again that summer as Aunty Jane paid me with nothing every time I took care of the lawn or cleaned the gutters or changed her storm windows. I found a Croatian Restaurant a few months ago, I go there quite often now. There is a beautiful young waitress there who sounds just like Jane sounded when she spoke to me of nothing.

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