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Anticipation Couple



your hands holding my arms to the bed.

You know

anticipation carries my desire.

We've played this game before

many times

A slave to your sensuality;

I hate to lose.....

so I close my eyes

(and let my fingers slide thru the sweat on your chest)

(fumbling for the button on your jeans)

Eyes wild with fever,

neurotic with want.

I need to taste your lips only inches from mine.

(my lips softly meet with yours)

(you taste of passion and love)

(the distinctive taste that is yours)

(I feel I've become drunk on its euphoric sweetness)

(slipping softly into a place I may never return from)

an extraordinary vision of senses

You smile as the sighs behind my eyes

grow louder.

Your patience unwavering.

so close to feel your breath on my cheek

your proximity forcing me over the edge

(undoing the button)

(you slip off the wall that has come between us)

(becoming one)

(releasing yourself into me)


as beads of sweat roll down my forehead

catching my gaze,

your lips mingle with mine

seeming to plunder my very life.

Aching with delight,

I run my fingers over your chest.......

fumbling for the button on your jeans........

Nothing tastes so sweet

as the flavor of anticipation.

End of Story