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Another Taste Of Heaven

I open my eyes in the early morning light, content to lie quietly curled
against your back with our bodies spooned together, as I listen to the
rhythmic sound of your breathing.

I raise my hand to run my fingers lightly through your hair, not wanting to
waken you, yet unable to resist touching you as you sleep.

Your body shifts slightly as you murmur contentedly in your sleep and my hand
drops lower to gently graze my nails over the sweet spot at the nape of your

My fingers are tracing languid, teasing patterns against the sensitive skin
there when I feel your body shift against me once more as your arm silently
raises to capture my wrist in your hand, stilling my movements.

Undaunted, I smile to myself as I lean down to favor that sweet spot with
scattered kisses, whispering hotly against your ear,

"Good morning, baby…"

Your response is something between a grunt and a moan and I feel your hand
release my wrist as your fingers move back to stroke the bare skin of my hip
and thigh.

I press my body closer to your back, rubbing the curls between my legs
against the sensitive skin of your ass and we both moan in satisfaction.

Gently, I raise myself behind you, shifting my position and as I move up and
over your body, you turn to lie flat on the bed. I rest against you, my
knees straddling your hips and I gaze down into your sleepy face smiling
promises of pleasures yet to come.

My body bends forward, leaning down to capture your lips with my own and as
we kiss tenderly, passionately, I feel the warmth of your hands palming my
breasts, your fingertips teasing the aching nipples into hardened buds.

I groan my pleasure into your mouth and rock my hips against your groin,
knowing you can feel the heated wetness soaking through my curls as my body
responds to your touch.

You moan your own satisfaction back to me as your hips rock against mine in
counterpoint rhythm and when we break apart at last, I move my lips to trail
wet, lingering kisses across your shoulders and chest.

I suckle gently at your nipples, laving them as I love you to do mine and my
tongue strokes them seductively into hardened nubbins.

I move lower, alternately kissing and nipping at the smooth, sensitive skin
of your abdomen, pausing to lick playfully around your belly button before
trailing my lips down further still to the musky, tender skin at the juncture
of your thighs.

My body shifts beneath the bedcovers as I move to settle myself between your
legs and I hear your breathing quicken as you feel the warm moisture of my
breath dance across your sensitive skin.

I run my tongue lightly over the skin around your groin, nuzzling my nose
against the curls at the base of your erection and inhaling deeply the
wonderfully musky, sexy scent that is uniquely yours.

My lips begin to kiss their way from your curls to the tip of your hardness,
pausing long enough for my tongue to lick the drops of precum from the head
of your erection, reveling in the slightly salty, slightly sweet taste of

I hear your groan of pleasure as my lips open to engulf you in the hot, wet
depths of my mouth and the feel of your hardness pulsing against my lips
sends white hot sparks of desire straight to my core.

My lips gently hold your hardness captive against the roof of my mouth while
my tongue makes a teasing game of stroking the underside - that sensitive
jumpspot - over and over again until I am rewarded with the feel of your hips
bucking softly against my mouth.

Your breathing becomes more erratic as I close one hand tightly around the
base of your erection and begin to stroke you firmly as my tongue dances
circles around the head of your hardness.

All of my senses are completely engrossed in the erotic experience of going
down on you. I am passionately aware of the taste, texture, scent and feel
of you and the eroticism of this sensory stimulation pushes my own arousal to
a fever pitch.

With one hand, I reach down between my legs, slipping past the swollen folds
in my curls and into the dripping wetness there. My fingers are soaked with
the juices of my own excitement and I pull my hand back to run my wet fingers
along the length of your thigh, whispering softly to you,

"This is how excited you make me, Michael. Feel how wet I am for you….
because of you… This is how much I love pleasing you like this…"

I hear your excited gasp and murmured answer as you realize the full extent
of my excitement and passion for you and I feel your erection grow harder
still within the grasp of my hand.

Shifting my position slightly, I move my body slowly up the bed again,
kissing your skin as my lips make their way back to yours.

I gaze down at your face, your eyes heavy-lidded with passion and seductively
rub my wet curls against your groin, fighting not to laugh out loud at your
tortured groan as I lean down to whisper teasingly in your ear,

"So tell me… Do you want me to continue? Or would you rather go back to

My question is met with a derisive snort of laughter and a sarcastic "Yeah,
right… sleep…" from you and I duck my head so you won’t see the smug smile
framing my lips.

Slowly, I begin to move off of your body, pretending to respond to your
request in mock seriousness, and in an instant I feel the satisfying and
exciting slap of your open palm against my butt and I pause, looking at you
in wide-eyed innocence and feigning confusion.

"Don’t… even… think… about it…" You manage to get out in a low voice, your
words hissed between teeth clenched in unreleased passion. "Of *course* I
want you to continue…"

I fight to hold your gaze without laughing and manage to nod solemnly in
understanding as I lean down to whisper in your ear,

"I’m glad… cuz I want to make you scream…"

I am rewarded with a second slap against my ass as my lips begin to kiss
their way back down your body again and I moan my pleasure of your
communication skills as my mouth moves over your heated skin.

Amid wet kisses and tender caresses, I gradually make my way back down your
body until I have repositioned myself between your legs once more. Wrapping
one hand around your erection again, I begin to stroke you gently while
using my free hand to bend your legs up and away from your body, opening you
more fully to my hungry eyes and mouth.

I push my body further down on the bed, moving my hands to rest them lightly
on the backs of your thighs. Lowering my head to nuzzle softly at your
balls, I inhale the intoxicating scent of them and close my lips around them,
sucking them gently into my mouth where they are bathed by my eager tongue.

My efforts are met with your whimper of approval and when I kiss my way from
your balls down to that tiny ring of heaven, tonguing it hotly for the first
time, I feel your whole body jump in response, your hands tightly fisting the
bedsheets in ecstasy.

I feel my own arousal leap forward tenfold as I explore this new and intimate
territory with my lips and tongue and I hear myself groan in passion as my
tongue suckles against your ring of heaven over and over again.

Your body is twitching, nearly convulsing in sensory overload and I am
merciless in my quest for your pleasure. My tongue circles your tiny opening
in repeated strokes while my lips suckle at the tender skin, thrilling to the
taste and smell of you.

I set up a rhythm to bring you the most pleasure… alternating between
stroking, licking and nibbling at your erection, sucking softly on your
balls, and tonguing and suckling wetly on your tiny ring of heaven.

Your ragged breathing and heated moans together with the tensing, straining
muscles of your body tell me that I am pleasing you and yet I want to do

I reach my hand between my legs again, once more dipping my fingers into the
ever-increasing wetness there and coating them with my own juices. I bring
my hand to your tiny opening, rubbing the wetness from my fingers all around
it and I revel at the sound of your passionate groan.

I move to bathe my fingers in my own wetness again, bringing the juices back
to you once more and as I take your erection deep into the warm, wet recesses
of my mouth, I gently begin to penetrate your tiny opening with my finger.

Your whole body stiffens with the new sensations my lips and fingers are
bringing you and your passionate response to the slow penetration of my
finger in your virgin ass spreads fire in my own loins.

My lips and tongue are teasing the head of your erection, alternately licking
and circling the head - stroking under and around to tease your jump spot.
One hand is wrapped around the base of your erection and moves more urgently
now, with the hard, firm strokes your body begs from me.

I move the finger within your ass slowly in and out, penetrating your sweet
ring of heaven a little deeper with each thrust. My finger rotates gradually
as it moves in and out, stroking you in all of the places that bring you
pleasure and keeping time with the motions of my hand and lips on your

I feel your body begin to arch off of the bed as the combination of having
your erection licked and sucked while having that tiny ring of pleasure
stimulated pulls you closer and closer to orgasm.

My thoughts are of nothing but bringing you the pleasure of release and I
wriggle my finger in your sweet ring of heaven just a little deeper, and
stroke you just a little harder, knowing the sensations will be enough to
send you over the edge.

I taste the first hot pulses of your cum in my mouth as your body begins to
shudder with the intensity of your climax and I let my body flow with you,
the motions of my mouth and hands melding with the rhythm of your orgasm.

We spiral upward together and I ride the waves with you, reveling in the
joyous sounds of your passion and as your body soars with its completion, I
smile my own satisfaction - content and satiated with what we have shared.

End of Story

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