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Annual Training, Part 3...My Husbands Reaction.

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My husband and I had been married for 8 years when this

story happened. We had been in the lifestyle for the last

2 years. He had brought up swinging single...taking

advantage of an opportunity when it came around. We had

discussed it, but never more than just touching on the

subject. However, I always suspected he thought had been

thinking about him, when he brought up the possibility.

After all who would think an opportunity (or two) would

come up while I was IN the field! I wasn't sure how he

would react to my experiences, but I did know that I had to

tell him.

When our unit got back to town, we had the usual "chores"

to finish before anyone could head home. Normally,

everyone would be working thru these, as quickly as

possible. I was taking my time -- volunteering for extra

work. As I worked...I was trying to think of a way to

approach my husband. Eventually all the work was completed

and it was time for the final formation.

After we were released, I went to the office to use the

phone. Just before I got to the door, Bill came up behind

me. ?You want a ride home?? It was the first time he had

said anything to me since he had come to my tent. I had

woken up alone. ? Which hadn?t surprised me...anything else

would have been asking for trouble. I thought about it for

a second. Thinking that my husband might like the chance

not to have to pile the kids into the car, I told Bill that

I?d call my husband and let him know. I went into the

office and asked *Ray, the sergeant on duty, if I could use

the phone. When my husband answered, I said ?Get her out

of my bed...I am on my way home.? As I continued to talk,

I turned around; Ray?s mouth was hanging almost to the

floor. I had forgotten he was there and could hear my side

of the conversation. I just smiled and gave him a wink. I

turned back and continued my conversation with my husband.

We talked for a minute, and as I had thought, he agreed to

take Bill up on his offer.

Bill and I grabbed our gear and headed out to his van. I

started to tell him where I lived and was shocked to learn

he already knew. How long had he been watching me? Was he

stocking me? Turns out, he lived around the corner. He

made small talk, but when my answers continued to be one or

two word answers, he stopped trying. Just before we

reached my house, he pulled over. ?Are you okay?? ?Yeah,

I am fine. I am just trying to think of how to tell my

husband about what happened.? ?You are WHAT?!?? I just

smiled at him. Since some of the color was returning to

his face, I think he thought I had been joking.

When we pulled up to the house, my husband came out to help

me with my gear. I introduced him to Bill, and they

chatted for a bit. Bill told us that since he was so close

by, he would be happy to give me a ride to drill anytime ?

just to give him a call. After jotting down his number, he

gave us wave and drove off.

Even though it was close to 6 when I had gotten home, the

next two hours seemed to take forever. However, finally

the kids were fed and put to bed. My husband and I had the

next few hours all to ourselves. It was now or never.

He took me by the hand and drew me down the stairs to our

bedroom. Securely closing the bedroom door, he turned and

said, ?Spill it. What?s bothering you?? I suppose that

since I had been thinking about it all day. And worrying

about the right way to say it, for the past two hours. It

wasn?t surprising that I just blurted out, ?Do you remember

we had discussed taking advantage of an opportunity?? He

nodded. ?Well...I did.? He backed me up against the bed,

and said, ?Tell me about it.? So I started explaining

about the banana and the reaction. He stopped me and said,

?Better me.? I sat on the edge of the bed and

reached up and unzipped his shorts. I slid his shorts and

briefs down.

I tried to remember the steps, as I had performed them on

"Jersey". I reached up and cupped my husband's scrotum, in

the palm of my hand. Then taking my other hand, I ran the

fingernail of my thumb; from base to tip I lightly squeezed

his balls with my hand and then leaned forward. One at a

time, I took them into my mouth. I shut my eyes. Holding

one in my mouth, I ran my tongue over it, savoring the

taste and the feel. I then went to the next. In between,

as I switched from one to the other, I would run my tongue

or a fingernail, from the base of his penis to the tip.

About every third time I did that, I ran my tongue over the

head of his penis. ?Enough games, suck me.? He tangled

his hands in my hair and pushed his engorged cock as far as

he could into my mouth. He started fucking my mouth. I

relaxed my mouth and throat as much as possible. My

husband measures about 7 1/2 inches long, and 6 inches

around. Despite my best effort, I could never get my

husband's dick completely in my mouth. That was before --

I am not sure the reason, but I realized that he was in my

throat. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth...and I

could feel his dick expand. He was going to cum in my

mouth. Just as the thought came, I felt a gush of warm

fluid hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I

could, but I soon I had cum running down my chin, just as

before. I wiped the cum from my chin, licking my fingers

as I did. He watched me suck his cum off of my fingers.

?There?s more.? I told him. ?Tell me.? ?I?ll show you

some more first.? I slipped the head of his dick between

my lips, picturing a banana. I bit down lightly. I took

more of him into my mouth. Every inch or so, I would bite.

Soon I had most of him in my mouth. I pulled back until

only the head of his dick was still in my mouth. Adding a

little suction, I made my way back down his penis. As

before, every inch or so, I would stop and nibble. After

doing that for a few times, I ran my tongue all the way to

the tip and then over, licking off the droplets that had

collected there. As I was sucking him, I kept his balls

cupped in one of my hands. Each time I would bite, I would

apply a little pressure with my hand. Soon he was ready

for more.

As I continued to lick and fondle, I started the rest of my

story. ?Well the next part of the story involves Bill.?

?Bill...the one who brought you home?? I nodded. He told

me to tell him. I told him how Bill had surprised me in

the tent. I told him about Bill putting a couple of inches

(all I could manage) into my mouth, to lube him for what

was going to happen next. ?When Bill was satisfied that he

was ready, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He pulled

me up and walked me around to the foot of the cot. I

noticed that my bedding was stacked in a pile at the foot.

I turned and glanced over my shoulder at Bill. Even though

I had not asked the question, he told me the position would

make things better for me. He doubted the lube would be

enough to take him easily.? My husband stopped me for a

minute, ?He?s that big?? I nodded. He told me to

continue. ?Bill told me to lean forward and place my belly

on the pillows. In that position, my ass was up in the

air. It made me nervous so I asked Bill what he was going

to do. He told me that he was going to fuck me. Before I

could react, Bill slid one finger into my sopping pussy.

My juices pooled into his palm.? When I got to this part,

my husband inserted one finger, than two into my pussy. As

on the night I was telling him about, my pussy was soppy

wet. He continued to pump his fingers, in and out. He

told me to continue with the story. ?Bill placed one of

his hands on my hip and wrapped my hair around his other

fist. He tugged, gently, until I was on my hands and

knees, supported by my bedding. In one thrust, I was

completely impaled on his entire dick. ?Like this?? my

husband matched his actions with my words. He had his dick

buried in my pussy. He was pumping slowly, so that I could

continue with the story. ?As he continued to thrust

forward, his rubbed my ass with his right hand. He reached

around and lightly brushed my nipple with his left hand. I

expected him to swat me as he thrust.? At this point, my

husband gave me a swat on my ass. He then rubbed the spot

he had swatted. I continued my story. I told my husband

that that was the only the first of several times that

night. I told him that I lost count of the times Bill had

made me cum that night. While I talked, my husband

continued with the swat and rub. All the while he was

slowly fucking my pussy. When I told him about losing

count, he pulled out of my pussy. Without any warning, he

pushed my face down on the bed. Holding me in place with

his hand, he pushed his prick into my ass, not stopping

until he was buried to the base. He paused, allowing me a

moment to adjust. He then started thrusting. Fast and

hard. I felt like I was about to split open. Finally my

ass did adjust and I could feel it getting wet. He started

to vary his thrusts. Deep, hard, fast, than he would slow.

When he was thrusting slowly, he would lean back a bit and

swat my ass with his hand. It seemed like he couldn?t get

enough. ?Put your fingers in your pussy. Play with

yourself. I want to feel you cum.? He continued to pump

my ass. ?Cum. NOW!? As he felt my body start to convulse,

be pulled out of my ass and rammed his cock into my pussy.

Feeling my pussy cum wet his cock sent him over the edge.

He pushed all the way in me and pressed against my ass. He

started cumming. His cum filled my pussy to overflowing.

I felt his cum flow down the back of my legs.

He told me to lie down on the bed, on my tummy. He

followed me down, his cock still in my pussy. He leaned

forward and whispered in my ear. ?Do you want to continue

fucking Bill?? I nodded. ?Okay.? I knew that he had to

feel my pussy getting wet again, as I said it. ?There are

a couple of conditions. One - you have to ask me before you

go play. Two ? when you get back, you have to tell me

about your experience. Three ? you have to do whatever I

say. You have to let me have your mouth or pussy or ass or

all of whatever order I want. Do you think you

can do that?? I nodded. ?I know you have his number, call

him and set up a meeting for next weekend.? I grinned,

for two reasons. Although, I was looking forward to making

the call, my husband?s cock was flexing in my pussy. I had

a feeling that this was just the beginning of a VERY

satisfying night.

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