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Angry Football Sex

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I'm 24 years old, Greek, with dark features standing at 5'9" and 170 pounds. I've known a particular couple for about four years, although we hadn't played in a little less than two. He's ex military, early 40's, maybe 5'11", 200 pounds and pretty built. He'd be terrifying if he wasn't such a nice guy. She is 5'3" 110 pounds, half Ukrainian half Brazilian. Just shy of her 35th birthday, she still gets carded when we go out, shes absolutely age defying. In the past I would come over to their place, get in the hot tub, talk, drink, have a good time, and let her actions towards me dictate how the night went, as she tended to be very shy. She and I never played alone unless her husband was in the house, in another room. We'd have a pretty standard mfm threesome (no anal), then her husband would disappear somewhere and I'd get 2 or 3 turns alone with her over the course of the night, with him occasionally popping back in. While I was pretty assertive with her, picking her up, moving her around, I can honestly say I was never rough. While she never voiced a complaint, I always felt maybe I had been pushing her boundaries in some ways so I never tried to take anything further than a light spank on the ass, and some firm but gentle hair pulling. Recently, they got back in touch with me. We met out for drinks a few times, caught up, but didn't play right away. About a month later, I received a text from the male half saying he had tickets to the Eagles game, but was unable to go because of a business trip, and asked if I would take his wife in his place. I, of course, accepted.

We went to the game in her SUV, and spent the first half being slowly disheartened by the pitiful performance on the field. By half time, both of us were fueled by light beer and football rage, and I jokingly suggested we go blow off some steam in her car. At the mere notion, it's like her entire personality changed. She went from shy and quiet to forward and seductive. She took my hand and practically dragged me out of the stadium, leading me down to the parking lot. By now it was dark out, and once there, she folded down the backseat of her SUV, and all but shoved me in. She had worn a tank top and skirt to the game, so as we kissed in the back of the car, I ran my hand up her thigh and was please to learn she wasn't wearing any panties. While I massaged her clit and teased her pussy with the tips of my fingers, she unzipped my jeans and pulled me out. She pushed me down, and wrapped her lips tight around my shaft, and moved herself to sit on my face. I licked and fingered her until she was dripping, her moans muffled by my cock deep down her throat. I thought she was going to make me cum, but before I did, she let out a cry, releasing her oral grip on me, and sat back, pushing her pussy full on my face, where she came so hard her whole body shook. Her chest flushed and breathing heavily, she told me she wanted me inside her. Problem, I didn't have a condom. She fished around in her purse and pulled out half a dozen of them. Something began to tell me she had planned more of this than she would care to admit.

She liberated herself of her tank top and bra, then me of my jeans, as I slipped the condom on. By then I only had on my fitted Eagles jersey. She still wore her jean mini skirt, which was now dislodges half way up her waist. I then proceeded to fuck her doggy style, pulling her hair, gently at first, but she started to resist it indicating she wanted me to pull harder which I was more than happy to oblige. I was smacking her ass as it bounced against my hips, eventually so hard that each time it left a bright red hand print that took time to fade despite her tanned olive complexion. I was fucking her so fast, and so rough, that as she came the second time (yes, shes one of those kind of women), the neighboring car alarm went off. Although I'm not sure if it was the SUV shaking, or her screaming that was responsible. I remembered that she used to love it when I'd cum on her ass. As I got close, I stopped and pulled the condom off, but right before I released, she spun around and took every inch of me down her throat. This isn't made impressive because I have a massive dick, I don't. It's 7" and thick at the base, so nothing earth shattering. Why its impressive is because, while most guys cum 5 or 6 ropers, and maybe 8 on good day, I cum 10-12 ropers, and she didn't stop sucking until she had drained every drop out of me. I've only fucked three women who could do that, so needless to say, I was in momentary fellatio heaven. She kept working me with her mouth, as I reached over her, spreading her ass, sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy, teasing her asshole. Then, despite the fact we had never done anal, I penetrated her ass with one lone wet finger. That did it, she had to have me again.

She got another condom, pushed me down, and used her lips to roll it onto my still hard cock. She mounted me, facing towards me, and began to push herself so hard and deep onto my cock I thought the condom would break. I grabbed her arms and forced them behind her, keeping them there with one arm and making her support herself by pushing her breasts into my face. With my free hand I reached around and slid a finger in and out her ass, just a knuckle deep, matching that rhythm of that penetration to be the opposite of her increasingly determined effort to impale herself on my dick. Her whole body started to shake and I thought she was cumming, but she stopped pushing down, so I began to thrust myself up into her, while penetrating her ass with my finger. Suddenly, the muscles in her pussy tightened so hard I could feel them squeezing my cock, and I had this irrational fear it was going to break off. Her features flushed, and she screamed so loud that a tail gate still going on a few cars away caught notice. This whole session was so intense, I was ready to cum again so I practically threw her off me to make this happen. I picked her up and moved her so she laid on her back, head pointed towards the front of the car, just barely overhanging the gap for leg room before the front seats. She was still to pliant from her recent 'seizure of an orgasm' to protest the repositioning, or maybe she wanted what came next. I pulled the condom off, and blew my load all over her face. I actually took the time to count 11 strands of milky semen as I deposited it across her face like I was icing a toaster strudel. She didn't even flinch, in fact, she gasped with pleasure as I was doing it, smiling as I lay the last of it right across her pearly whites. She lay there, fingering her pussy with one hand, wiping my cum off of her chin, cheeks, and eye lids with the other, licking it from her fingers. Her only interruption in this task was the occasional pause to slurp on the head of my shaft. While she was busy de-iceing herself, I played with her perfect pink nipples on her perky C cup natural breasts. After a couple minutes of toying with herself and teasing my cock, she made one single, but grueling demand. "More." Now, I'm not typically the type who can go back to back, I usually need at least 10 minutes, but it happens if I'm turned on enough. Back-to-back-to-back though, was relatively uncharted territory for me. Maybe it was the perfect testosterone/alcohol mix, or maybe a it was the will of the sex gods, but as soon as she uttered that single word, more challenge than seduction, I went from half to full mast.

Now, I'm going to pause to say, part of the reason why we waited to play is that we wanted to exchange recent STD tests, which we had done about two weeks before this, and all three of us had been clean. Also she had gone back on the pill a couple months before and it needed time to take full effect. Safety first.

She was so determined to prove herself to be an insatiable sex goddess that she didn't even give me a chance to grab another condom before she had pulled me on top of her and guided me inside of her. I penetrated her fast, hard and deep, then withdrew slowly. Her legs locked around my waist, her nails digging into my back, she forced me deeper and deeper with every thrust. Having gone from a condom to bareback, I was suddenly aware of just how wet she was. Her thighs and ass were soaked as I reached a hand underneath her to once again slide my fingers into her asshole. She gasped, and I knew what she was really wanted.

I climbed off her as gracefully as one can while in the back of a SUV, flipped her over, and grabbed her hips, pulling them up so she sat on her knees, with her face pressed against the floor. I began to lick her ass, sliding in one finger, then two, then a 3rd, until I was sure she could take all of me. I spit on my dick, and then into her ass one more time, then slid myself slowly into her, inch by inch. I'm uncircumcised, so despite not having lube, it went in smoothly. I started slowly, but before long she was pushing her ass into me, begging me to fuck her ass raw. She cried out as I pounded her, forcing her face down, then tugging her hair back, but after every scream, came the command "Harder." This time, we came in tandem. I fired my whole load into her ass, pulling out slowly so I could admire my handy-work. Her pussy was soaked, leaving trails down her thighs, her ass cheeks were bright pink from my hands and hips slamming into them. Then from her perfectly ruined asshole came the slow running stream of my cum. I couldn't help but be impressed with myself, this was a money shot at the end of a porn video. I remember at the time wishing I had had my phone ready so I could take a picture. Just then, there was a BANG BANG BANG, and I spun around to see four guys pounding on the back window, and cheering. This was sufficient to kill her orgasmic stupor. She bolted upright, the last of my cum draining from her, and she frantically pulled her skirt back down to its appropriate place, and hunted for her shirt, which in our haste, she had lost track of. I didn't know what to do, so I laughed, hard, and casually hunted for my boxers. By the time I found them, the group at the window was long gone, but she was still mortified, and insisted we leave. I pointed out that there was still at least a half a quarter left in the game. Before she could protest, I hopped out of the car to the cheers of the tail gaiters who had returned to their vehicle, and took a bow. As she got out, the group started a slow clap that ended in such thunderous applause from the dozen or so people that had congregated there, she couldn't help but take a little bow herself, before shoving me off towards the stadium.

Once inside, hidden by the safety of the mob, she relaxed, then departed to find a bathroom to go clean herself up. She met me at our seats just in time to watch the Eagles win. Following the largest crowd we could, we secreted our way back to her car, and just as she was about to climb inside, I ran to the center of the lane, in eye-site of the group from earlier to receive my final standing ovation, which they delivered without hesitation. Strutting my way back to the car she said "I can't believe you, you knew they were watching didn't you?" more playfully than accusingly. I pleased ignorance, since really I had no idea they had been watching, but based on their arrival, I could guess what exactly tipped them off. On the drive back to her place, she told that she had bought those tickets on purpose, knowing her husband had the business trip, in order to create a scenario where she and I would be alone. Although, she had planned for us to play back at her house after the game, she took my joke earlier seriously, and jumped at the opportunity. Apparently, that tension I had always sensed was not because I was pushing her boundaries, it was because she wanted me to push them further, in ways her husband wasn't comfortable doing. She didn't know how to let go in that way while he was present.

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