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An Evening With The Boss!

An Evening with the Boss!

The workday had been hectic and all I wanted was to get away. Heading
out the door, I ran into my manager needing one last thing before I
left. If he hadn’t been so sexy I probably would have put him off
until the next day.

I had had a crush on him since he’d first started. Every time I was
around him, I would be so aroused. Maybe it was his smell. Not
cologne but his own scent. I felt drawn to him like a magnet. It was
a purely physical attraction. But I had three strikes against me. He
and I were both married, and we worked together. Being the straight up
guy he was, I knew it would take a major amount of work to persuade him
to trust me. I mean, I only wanted to give him all the pleasure I

I listened to the project he was presenting to me, but I couldn’t
concentrate on what he was saying. I just kept picturing him lying
beneath me, as I stroked him with my body. When he asked me what I
thought, I tried to clear the scene from my mind. I needed to look for
a way to get his undivided attention. I had started wearing sexier
clothes to work hoping to get a rise from him. He was so in control. I
could tell he was attracted to me, but was afraid to admit it. I agreed
to start on the project the next morning. What he didn’t know was that
I had already started a project of my own. My goal on this one was to
feel him inside me.

The next morning I came to work in a short number that did not fail to
get compliments. Being at a tough company on dress codes and
professional behavior, I was pushing my luck. But it was worth it. I
knew I had his attention. He was definitely checking me out. We went
over the project again (since I wasn’t listening the first time) and I
went to work. Later he stopped by to “check on the progress”. I
turned in my chair and slowly uncrossed my legs and crossed them again.
He watched as I leaned down and stroked my shin. This afforded him an
excellent view of my cleavage. Suddenly he had to go. I knew he was
back to “Mr. Straight”.

It was late evening when I took the finished project to his office for
him to look over first thing the next morning. Thinking he had already
left for the evening, I stepped into his office not realizing he was
still there. He looked up as I came barging in. I stammered something
and he bade me to sit and chat. I sat across from him and leaned back
on his sofa. He sat quietly watching me.

I made the comment that he looked tired. Just stressed he said. Maybe
I could relieve some of that for you, I suggested. He looked kind of
stunned that I would offer. Lets go get a drink, and you can tell me
all about it, maybe I could help. He let out a relieved sigh. Maybe he
had thought I might have something else in mind? He agreed and we left
to meet at the pub down the street.

The place was quiet. Not the normal lunch crowd at this time of the
night. We ordered a drink and he thanked me for working so diligently.
My mind was working 90 to nothing. I told him that I really enjoy
working for him and would do anything he asked. His eyes widened at
that. He knew what I was referring to.

He started telling me the usual. “We are both married, work, can’t
afford to loose it all for sex with an employee”. I agreed totally. I
wouldn’t want to put him into any kind of jeopardy. He said that he
was human and he had not missed my signals and was flattered. But he
was afraid to give into what he really wanted.

We sat silently looking at each other and drinking. I figured it would
be a lost cause at this point to continue trying to persuade this man
that I wanted only to taste him. That my hunger was not power, money,
or love. Just pure lust. How could I explain so that he would
understand that my juices started flowing as soon as I seen him. That
my nipples tighten when I am in the same room with him. I could not
just come out and say, “please let me lick you all over”.

We finished our drinks and got up to leave. Holding the door for me, I
couldn’t resist. I turned so that my breast brushed his arm on the way
out. He walked me to the car and told me to drive carefully as I
started the car. Only it wouldn’t start. I had left my dome light on
and the battery was dead. Neither of us had cables so he offered me a
ride home.

How could I sit in the car with him and not touch him? I hesitated and
he again offered. Was this one last chance? I accepted and we were on
our way. As we hit the interstate out of the city, I leaned back and
relaxed. This great song was playing that I love to dance to. Maybe I
was reeling from the drink, but the atmosphere was so right. I asked
him if he minded if I took off my stockings. No he said as I slowly
pulled my dress up and unhooked my garters. He watched me as I raised
my legs one by one and rolled the silk hose down. He asked if I always
wore that to work. No but I would if it turns you on I said. He
licked his dry lips and shook his head yes. Ahh, now this was working.
I casually caressed my legs. I asked him if he minded if I played
with myself while he watched. This could not cause him a problem (at
least not the ones he kept repeating).

I leaned against the door and put my left leg on the seat. Thank
goodness he had a bench seat. I continued to stroke the inside of my
legs working my way up. He would watch for a few seconds then stare at
the road. This went on for a few minutes. I decided to go all out and
I pulled my dress over my head. I rubbed my thumbs over my nipples,
enjoying the fact that he was watching me. I knew he was turned on
when he started adjusting himself. I had one hand squeezing my breast
and the other cupping my mound. I was starting to really get into it
and had almost forgotten where I was when he pulled off the interstate.
He pulled into a closed service station and stopped. He teasingly
said he couldn’t keep driving or he would wreck the car. I kept
playing with my pussy. It was so hot and swollen. My juices had
already ran down onto the seat. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy
and licked them. He watched as I teased my fingers with my tongue, my
eyes never leaving him. He licked his lips. I wanted to see if he was
ready to give in. Reaching over, I ran my hand up his leg. I could
feel him flinch, but he didn’t stop me. Good sign. I moved slowly,
waiting for him to tell me to quit. He took one of my breasts and
massaged it. I wanted him so bad. I had reached his cock and could
feel it straining against his pants. I lightly caressed it through the
material. He had his hands all over me then. We stared into each
other’s eyes and silently said yes. Sliding my fingers into his hair,
I pulled him to me and licked his lips softly. I could feel him groan.
Unbuttoning his shirt, I trailed kisses and licks down his chest. He
was running his hand down my back and to my cheeks, pulling me closer
to his stiff muscle. I obliged gladly. This was the moment I had
waited for. I could not wait to have his cock in my mouth. I licked
his stomach as I unzipped him. His cock sprang forth as if searching
for my mouth. I would never have dreamed he was so big and it was
still growing. Could I even fit all of that in my throat? I teased
the sensitive head of it with my tongue. Slowly licking up and down.
I wanted to make sure it was nice and slippery for my fingers to glide
lightly over it. I took him into my mouth. Mmmm, he tasted so good.
I very gently fucked his hard rod with my mouth. I played with his
balls as I sucked him. He still had his hand on my cheeks and was
working his fingers to my slit. Licking his balls, I worked my tongue
all over him, teasing the inside of his legs, licking, nibbling, I
couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted him in me, on me, everywhere. I
kept inhaling his scent and I couldn’t have been any wetter than I was.
He put his hand into my hair and pulled me up. Kissing me roughly,
running his tongue in and out as if he were fucking me. He pushed me
down into the seat and came over me. I thought he was going to slide
into my wetness, when he moved up and sat on my chest. Putting his
cock into my mouth and slowly moving it in and out. He told me he had
always wanted to fuck a woman in this position, but had found no one
willing. I repeated again that I would do anything for him.

He pumped for a few minutes as I licked and sucked at every stroke. I
could feel him hesitate. I wanted to taste his cum; knowing it would
be sweet. He pulled out of my mouth and moved down. I raised my hips
to meet him, only to feel his lips on my clit. Reeling from the
intensity of the feeling his mouth triggered, I came. He took one of my
nipples into his mouth as he pushed into me. Still contracting from my
orgasm, he did not move. I could feel him filling me so fully. He
began to move leisurely. I met him on each stroke. Moving faster, he
would bite my nipples. I was surely going to die from the sensations.
He sat up and brought my legs over his shoulders. I gasped from the
pain/pleasure it caused when he went so deep. His cock pounding me,
his balls slapping against my ass. It was mind-blowing. I couldn’t
stop the ripples. I was going to cum again. Grabbing the back of his
legs, I pulled him closer as I exploded. My pussy had never been so
thoroughly plundered. He pulled out of me and I immediately felt the
emptiness. He cupped me and his hand was bathed in my moisture. I
couldn’t let him stop at that. I had fantasized about tasting him for
so long. I sat up and leaned him back. This time I would take

His cock was still hard and wet. I licked him clean. Then I took him
into my hand and caressed him lightly. Holding the base of his thick
root, I again took him into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his
head and pumped up and down. He kept telling me to stop or he would
cum. Didn’t he realize that was what I wanted? I continued my
ministrations. I could feel his balls getting tighter. I knew I would
be rewarded within seconds. He grabbed my hair and pushed into me.
Pumping one last time as he shot his sweet load into my mouth.

We have worked together over a year now and still have an occasional
late night. It has not caused any problems for us. Now he is glad I
was so diligent in my pursuit of him. We have fulfilled many of our
fantasies that no one else is willing to do. Next time I’ll tell you
about our out of town meeting.

End of Story

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