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Am I a Cougar? Nahthen again, am I?

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think anything would happen in my life that I would have a story like this to tell. I'm still a little shocked, but I do want to share this. I still can't believe what happened, but I'm glad it did and I enjoyed every single part of it.

I am a 37 year old widow with no children, a career and a large house that my ex and I built. I've often thought of down sizing after my husband dies, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Out of the blue I got a call from a cousin of mine that lives about 4 hours away. Her 18 year old son was accepted at the college in my town and she asked if I had any leads on a place he could live. I said that I had plenty of connections and arranged a weekend for them to visit so we could look at apartments. I hadn't seen Randy in about 6 years and remember him as kind of a geeky kid. The weekend came and they showed up at my door..I had set up a few apartments to look at and had a game plan. My cousin got out of the car and I ran to give her a big had been well over a year since I had seen her. Just as I had finished saying hello, Randy stepped out of the car...and my heart stopped. This young man who had always been a geeky kid emerged from the passenger seet...all 6' 2 of him with bulging muscles. I remembered my cousin telling us he had been quite the football player in high school.

We had a cup of coffee and headed out to look at a half dozen apartments. There were a few that were really nice but I found tha they were out of their budget. Then, I don't know what came over me but I offered "hey, I'll make you a house is very large and I have plenty of room. Why don't you stay with me and you can pay a small amount of rent, but more importantly help me around the house..lawns, car, etc." My cousin, not wanting to impose at first declined - until I insisted that it would work out well for both of us. I needed the help and Randy needed a nice place that he could afford.

It was agreed and we look forward to Randy moving in aobut 3 weeks. As moving day got closer I got the spare room ready and some things re-arranged to make it comfortable for Randy..and of course for me.

On moving day, Randy showed up about mid morning. I was eagerly looking forward to him being there and realized that I was going to enjoy his company. After unloading his stuff, we sat down for lunch and a couple of beers. It was very comfortable and we talked easily. Being a warm day, I was in a T-shirt and shorts and Randy was wearing a work-out shirt and gym shorts. After a couple of beers the conversation went in many different directions and I could feel a little sexual tension in the air..or was this my imagination? I wasn't sure and wasn't going to try and find out. As the afternoon wore on it got hotter and hotter and after a couple of beers I suggested jumping in the pool. I went upstairs to put on a bikini and came down poolside to see Randy wearing a loose pair of swim trunks. We jumped in and innocently swam around for about a half hour but contiuned the conversation and joiking that we had started earlier. When we got out, Randy's eyes gazed on my wet bathing suit and very hard nipples. I don't have big breasts (36B) but my nipples are very prominent and sexy. As I caught him noticing my breasts, he looked away in embarrasment and I caught the noticible cock-twitch in his shorts. I saw him slowly getting erect. That's when I realized how sexy a body he had to go along with what appeared to be a very big cock. Just as I was enjoying, he quickly turned away and made an excuse to go in the house. I knew he was going to take care of the swelling in his shorts. I became instantly aware of how wet my pussy was at the thought of it. Oh well, amusement over for today. As the evening wore on we had the chance to do a couple more beers and both got a little tipsy. The joking and fun got more intense...and of course the sexual tension increased rapidly. We got goofing over the remote and who should control it as Randy grabbed it away from me and held it behind his back. We playfully wrestled and as I accidently brushed against his cock, I could feel it harden in his gym shorts. It didn't take any time at all for a full blown erection and of course Randy was visually embarassed. As he tried to get up to leave, I pinned him down and told him there wasn't anything to be embarassed about and that I was flattered. At that point, his eyes appeared a little glazed and his breating quickened. I sensed that he was heading over the edge. What happened next still shocks one quick move I yanked his gym shorts down and had the full length of cock fully to the back of my throat. I can't lie and tell you about this long, languishing blowjob because that doesn't happen with an 18 year old stud...withing probably 20 seconds he was arching his back and depositing several squirts of cum to the back of my was then that he told me this was his first blow job. I lovingly licked every part of his cock to make sure that I got all of his cum....and of course, he stayed harder than a railroad spike. I wanted more of him and started with a long, slow licking, sucking and dreaming...of this beautiful 8" cock, young stud, and unsatiable sex drive of an 18 year old. I realized that my pussy was soaked and wanted all of him right there. I dropped my shorts and pulled him on top of me wanting to feel every inch of that beautiful cock as I pulled him into my soaked pussy...the glazed look, the heavy breathing and his gasping told me he wouldn't last very long. Within a couple of minutes he switched from a slow thrusting motiong to a very deep, strong motion deep in my cunt...I was being fucked very well by this young stud. I knew I couldn't slow him down and wanted to feel him shoot his load into my wet pleaseure could wait a little longer. He let out a little scream as he tensed up and shot his load of semen deep inside of me. This was heaven...he collapsed on top of me...but his cock stayed stiff and nicely imbedded in my very hot, wet pussy. I knew he had more for me. I kissed his neck, rubbed his ass and knew that this time..was going to be mine. As his breathing quickened, I rolled us over so I could ride this stallion. His cock was hard and he was ready again. I was in total lust as I rode his cock to an exploding, screaming orgasm. This time, he was able to hold it a little longer..enough tme for me to roll off and onto my hands and knees. I wanted this stud to fuck me hard from behind. By now, he was almost fully spent and worked a lite harder to cum for the third time. It only took about 5 minutes of good hard fucking for him to scream 'i'm coming again' as he shot another hot load into my pussy. I had had 2 orgasms and was looking for more..but, that's another story. A Cougar was born....

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