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Afternoon Delight

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As you come home one afternoon you find me in the back lounging by the pool. You start to come out to greet me but stop suddenly realizing I am lying there with nothing on. You watch as I cup my breast and massage them softly squeezing my nipples between my fingers. I run one of my hands through my hair then over my neck and down my body resting my fingers on my bear clit. You slowly slide out the door and move closer so you can hear the soft moans escaping my lips. I lightly run my fingers up and down over my slit only allowing my fingertips to graze my clit. Your cock gets harder and harder as you watch me. Still playing with myself, I run my other hand up and place my fingers in my mouth wishing it were your long stiff shaft. I run my tongue over the tips of my fingers as if teasing the head of your cock. Imagining the sweetness of your skin against my lips. I slide my fingers deep in to my wet pussy as you stand rubbing your cock behind me. My fingers moving in and out of me making me wetter and wetter. You move closer to me so that you can see my wanting slit better. Your cock starts to throb as you watch me pound my clit. You want so bad to replace my fingers with yourself but you don?t want to break my concentration. I move my fingers from my lips back down to my erect nipples pinching them hard. As I moan with delight you can not handle it anymore and move up behind me so you can reach my face. You gently rub your dick against my face letting me know that you are there. I smile as I look up into your sweet face then start to run my tongue down your shaft and over your balls. I can taste the cum you have released form the excitement and I want more. Wrapping my lips around you, sucking your hard cock. You reach down and take my breast in your hands while I continue to play with my clit and run my fingers deep inside me. I place my fingers in your mouth allowing you to taste my sweet juices while continuing to massage you with my tongue. You lean down and lower the lounger to where it is laying flat. AS my head lowers you move to keep yourself in my mouth and lower your mouth to my pulsating pussy. I jerk as you run your tongue over my hard swollen clit. You start to nibble on it making me wiggle away. You run your hands under my ass around to my hips and hold me to you. I suck wildly on your dick wanting to taste your sweet cum. You run your tongue over my folds into my slit making me want to cum all over your face. I moan your name as I start to taste your sweet juices flowing in my mouth. Our juices flowing together in this wild passion. I claw at your back wanting you to share with me but you continue to keep it to yourself. You loosen you grip as I start to move down under you kissing you all the way up until I reach your lips sharing our sweetness with each other. As we kiss I turn to face you then move to my feet. You do the same the follow me into the house to the bathroom. We continue to touch and roam each other?s bodies as I start running the water for a shower. As the water becomes just right I remove the rest of your clothing and pull you into the shower with me. You watch the water run over my body as I run my soapy hands all over you. You move to touch me but I stop you telling you to be still until I am finished. I continue to bathe you, washing your hair and paying close attention to the special areas. I wash your face with my kisses, then move around you kissing your neck then down your back. Then move back around and take you into my mouth. I now allow you to run your hands through my hair and over my shoulders. The water runs down our bodies as you wrap your hand in my hair. Your hand moves with my head as I move back and fourth over you cock. I moan your name as you start forcing yourself deep into my mouth. I reach down and start playing with my clit again while you fuck my mouth. My fingers gently pinching my clit making it get harder and harder. I can taste you start to get close to I move making you stop. I continue to play with my pussy refusing to let you touch me. As I take the soap and run it over my body I slide my finger inside me making myself cum. I start sucking the cum off my fingers then kiss you so that you may taste what I have created. You pull me close to you pressing your cock hard against me as the water runs over us. You reach down and turn off the water then start to dry me off. I in turn do the same then follow you into the bedroom. You turn suddenly towards me and grab me forcing me on the bed. ?Take me?, I whisper as you force my legs apart and bury your tongue inside me taking what I had denied you before. You gently bite my slit making me push my hips up to you. I reach down and grab you head pulling you to me as you run your finger through my juices down to my ass. You can feel me grow wetter against your tongue as I grow wild with passion. I scream in ecstasy from orgasm after orgasm while you fuck my ass with your finger and my pussy with your tongue. I beg you to give me your hard cock, clawing your back and bucking against you. You rise up onto me forcing my arms back and thrusting your cock deep inside my pulsating cunt. As you kiss me deeply I can taste myself on your lips, driving me crazy. I buck up against you as you hold me down beneath you. Fucking me wildly you tell me how wonderful it feels. I moan as the passion grows even deeper hearing you talk to me this way. You relax your grip on my wrist so that I may move and run my nails down your back. Wildly you push deeper and deeper until you are about to cum then pulling it out you explode all over my tits only to move back down and gently slide into my ass. I jerk to move away but you hold me down as you kiss me passionately. I start to lick the cum off my breast as you continue to run your tongue over my face then down to meet mine resting as my erect nipple. I take your tongue in my mouth as if it was your hard cock while you continue to penetrate my ass. I run my hand down and start to finger my pussy driving you wild. The erotic passion grows between us. Wildly bucking against each other. Fucking each other harder and harder. My ass grows tight around your throbbing shaft. My pussy wanting to release but waiting to feel the warm explosion in my ass. I dig my nails into your ass wanting you more and more. I move up, hanging my head off the bed stretching my body beneath you. The blood suddenly rushes to my head making the sensations more intense as you start to cum deep inside me. I scream for more as you push my hand away from my pussy and shove your hard cock inside. The room starts to spin as I orgasm, spraying my hot cum all over you and making you cum deep inside my dripping pussy. Then just as softly as it all began you pull my quivering body back onto the bed and run your fingers through my hair telling me how wonderful I make you feel.

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