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Act One of Reunion Fantasy

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Hey you sexy thing! It?s very interesting that you text me today, I had been thinking of you earlier. From the picture you attached I can see you haven?t changed much?..still smoking hot!! I love that rock hard ass of yours and can?t wait to get my hands on it again. I can?t believe it?s been more than a year since we?ve fucked each other. That one night gave me lots of pleasure since ;) My thoughts were fixated on just how explosive our reunion will be when we finally get together again next weekend. I thought I would share it here with you. I hope you like it!!!

See, I was thinking you could get a room. You get there before me. You recall the impassioned pleasure we shared last year. I buzz the room before getting there. When I knock on the door you answer it with all of the lights out; as per my instructions. We get a quick view of each other with the assistance of the hall lighting. I just manage to make my way into the room when you put me up against the wall and pin my arms above my head. Our urgent need to kiss each other is satisfied with a long deep kiss that goes on and on. I immediately feel my excitement dampen my pussy lips. You pull your mouth away before I am ready to let you go. I lean toward you to ?..

Instead your mouth makes its way to my neck. Feeling the heat of your breath and the hearing your heightened respiration I release a sigh of passion and my head falls back presenting my flesh to you. My upper body quickly follows as it arches offering my tits for a tasting. Your urgent need to find my nipples prevents you from removing the sheer fabric that lies between them and your warm tongue. Your tongue twirls around and around causing them to dart forward?..

I want more!!! I, without hast, pull the silk blouse to the side allowing you full access to my erect nipples. You waste no time and devour them. Before long the wetness between my legs begins to run down the inside of my leg. I take your hand and guide you to my expression of lust ??where you wipe it way with your finger and slowly lick it off.

It has been more than a year since I had the pleasure of sucking you off and I wanted to refresh my sensations. I push you back away from me and you stubble up against the other wall of the room. Before you can catch your balance I am there before you on my knees eager to feast on my big juicy appetizer. I want to pounce on you as if you were my prey?..but, instead, I decide to take my time and toy with your aching member before I allow you to feel my ample lips wrap around your long hard cock.

I zip up the fly I had just undone. You jet your pelvis toward me in a feeble attempt to object. I get up off of my knees and turn away from you. Just before you get the chance to reach out for me I press my ass up against your arrow head. I sway my hips from side to side, then up and down. You reach out and grab my hips pulling me even closer to you. You love and hate the fact that I have taken such control. You want nothing more at that moment than to take me there and then. However, you?re more than a bit intrigued to see what I have in store for you. You relinquish your control completely and let me have my way?..for which you confidently assume you will be rewarded.

As I turn to face you I remove my blouse completely and allow it to fall on the floor. You reach out and massage my swollen tits. I allow you to continue as I place my face just in front of yours. I don?t need to see you to know the craving you feel. I lean my open mouth to yours and you await my tongue to entwine with yours. Again, our kiss is urgent, long and deep. I place my palm under your chin and push your head up and away. I untuck your shirt and in one swift move have it off and throw it on the bed. I make a trail of licks and kisses in and around your ear lobe. As I feel your body react my excitement surges.

I make my way slowly down to those well defined pecs of yours to play with each of your nipples. To encourage my southward travels you place your hands on my shoulders and apply slight pressure. I ignore you because I know what lies between these perky nips I am sucking on and your stiff cock. I want to admire that six pack of yours. At this time I press on making my way down to the main course. Without any delay I inhale you whole. You begin to pant with excitement. As I continue to move you in and out of my mouth I scratch my nails down your torso, adding some pain to this insane ecstasy.

I realize you are about to shoot your load a bit too soon so I begin to decrease the intensity of my behavior. I lift your shaft with a slow deliberate lick on the underside and hold it up in place with both hands. Now exposed to me are your full and gorged sacks. I take my tongue and drag it along the left one until I make my way to the base close to your ass. After full exploration of the one I make my way to the other. This time I take the sack and placed its entirety into my mouth. As I massaged it with my tongue I released a long soft moan. I know that the vibration will add to the sensation already felt. I get off big time watching you wiggle and squirm. I move you over a foot or two so I can place your one leg up on the near by chair.

I lean and lower my mouth to your cock barely grazing the sides when I covered it with my mouth. Engulfing it deep in my mouth without hesitation I suck on it as I play with your balls. As I look up at you with my lips lock around it you pull my hair away, as it was obstructing your view. You?ll let out a loud moan while I smile to myself and I regain my focus. I licked just the tip of your head, in one endless tease. Throughout, your precum seeps out and I lick it off, savoring the salty flavor. I start playing with myself with my free hand as I suck you even harder. Now I have to calculate my next move carefully!!!! I want to move forward yet don?t want to allow you a full release just yet.

Without any warning you interrupt my actions. In one movement you pick me up off my knees, spin me around and bend me over the desk. You hike up my skirt and plunge you cock into my wet and welcoming cunt. The force of the trust pins me face down on the desk top. I brace both hands firmly down knowing full well the pounding I am about to endure. Your tempo slowed but remained rhythmic taking me to the brink. You relished in taking me to that place. Now, you thrust deep and hard as you continue to slam into my drenched hole. You reposition me perfectly; targeting my g-spot because you are well away the shower which will ensue as a result. Then you hear it, the distinctive change in my moans. As I release a deeply glottal groan, my orgasm is imminent.

You reposition me to face you because now you want to drink up my pleasure juices. You veer my red ass up against the edge of the desk and I place my feet on the chairs which flank you. You lower yourself so you can appreciate the dessert of this long overdue meal. You bury your face in my snatch, lapping and nipping at my soaked pussy. You suck at my juices while licking, quite the talented pussy eater!! I squeezed my legs around your head holding you firmly in place while using my hand to hold your head tight against my clit. You use your fingers to play with my pussy. One by one you put three fingers in me to stir my next orgasm along. You are relentless in your efforts and I cum over and over and the puddle beneath me grows.

Seeing how accommodating and attentive you have been I decide I could wait no longer for you to sprinkle your cum all over my face. I whisper into your ear, ?Do you want to fuck me again?? Just as our last time together you are once again eager to please. You take your cock in your hand and I feel you pressing it up against my ass then raise it up to find the opening to my pussy. I use one of my hands to part my lips allowing you complete access and I squeeze and play with my tits with the other. You accommodate my request by cramming your cock into my saturated and pulsing pussy. Before long you are ready to cum. You withdraw and I carefully remove the condom. With an additional stroke or two you project your cum all over my tits. After you drain every last bit of cum you collapse on the bed from your exhaustion. There I was lying on the bed grateful to have finally had you again. It wasn?t easy waiting more than a year for it to happen. Watching you cum on command for me on cam is wonderful, but there is nothing finer than having you inside me.

I suggest we go to dinner; after all we will both need our strength to get through this night together. I head to the bathroom to ?refresh? myself rather than shower as I normally would. This time however, I want you to be taunted by the smell of sex that lingers on me. Who knows if we can make it through the meal?

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