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About My Other Man

My Other Man is a fictional story based upon my fantasies. I am an amateur writer of fiction and this story is a result of a sexual fantasy I've had for a long time. I write this story in the first person which places myself right in the middle of the story rather than telling you about as if I was watching it develop. While each story stands on its own as a short story, it is also linked to the previous short story and the next future story. Each short story tells of an adventure in my life that I have fantasized. I know how it will end but it wouldn't be fun to tell you about it now, you'll have to read the stories to find out.

My fantasies are character driven which mean they lead me through the story. Like my next short story they fly to Reno in Tom's private twin engine plane for some fun and good old fashioned sex. I will say that I had started off in a marriage where I thought I was happy, but what happens when I meet my real Mr. Right after being married for a ten years to Mike? I find myself being drawn closer and closer to Tom. I don't know it yet in the story, but I have already passed the point of no return.

I hope you'll like and read My Other Man. I really enjoy writing it. Oh how I wish I could meet a Tom, but that is why it is a fantasy.

Elizabeth D.

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