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Alt Gilligan's Island

It had been almost 10 years now on the island!
All of the people had given up hope of ever being rescued
or finding some way off the island and back to civilization!
Mary Anne and Ginger had a grass shack to themselves with
water piped into the place with bamboo "pipes" courtesy of
the Skipper and faithfull Gilligan. The women had almost no
cloth clothing left as it had all rotted away ,so they had
taken to wearing grass skirts and the bras that were so
tattered they were almost topless . The professor had his
own shack and was still trying to make a radio out of the
parts he had salvaged over the years. Mr. and Mrs. Howell
had moved across the island to the more atractive part of
the island and spent most of their time thinking about the
past and counting their worthless money.

Gilligan had grown muscular with all the work he
did for everyone and he had a golden tan. Both of the young
women had talked about how he was getting better looking
since the group had been ship wrecked ,so long ago.
Ginger even had thoughts of getting Gilligan to come over
for dinner some night and seeing if he was really "Hung" as
well as Mary Anne said. Mary Anne told Ginger: "I saw him
one morning down at the washing pond and he had just slipped
into the water. He was built like a HORSE down there! A real
salami; 8 or 9 inches at least"! Ginger smiled at the idea
of having Gilligan-the-fool, blessed with such an enormous
penis and she never knew it. Both of the women had been
sexually active before the island trip and it had been 10
years since either had any real sex! "If I could just let
him do me just once.....maybe that would be enough!",Ginger
thought to herself as she breathed deeply and watched her
36D cup breasts rise . "I still have my looks and health",
but all I can think of lately is hot,steamy cocks."

Mary Anne was thinking about her Coconut Creme pies and the
way the Skipper and Gilligan loved them so. And she also was
thinking about Gilligan's nude butt and the monster meat
hanging in front, as he stepped into the blue-green water
that day. Mary Anne's bra strap snapped as she stretched and
her full,firm breasts sprang out from the torn and tattered
scrap of nylon and lace. "Oh shit!, I'm going to GO-NATIVE
and throw that bra away!" Mary Anne secrety wanted to go
topless,ever since the group had been stranded. She had
developed a nice pair of tits (36C's) and her nipples always
seemed to be pointing up, erect and very suckable! She had
teased the men several times and noticed the professor and
Gilligan's pants several times when they had noticable bulges
develop when ever she was close to them.

"SKIPPERRRrrrrrrrrrrr! Gilligan was tring to mantain his
ballance on top of the grass hut that the men had built for
the two women,but he stepped wrong and fell right through the
woven bananna leaves and vines and plunged down,striking the
sandy earth floor and narrowly missing the two women inside.
Mary Anne and Ginger were planning to have a dinner that night
and invite Gilligan and the Skipper over for fried fish and
some of Mary Anne's Coconut creme pies. Gilligan had the
breath knocked out of him and he lay in a heap, trying to get
his breath back. Mary Anne,always so helpful,was at his side
quickly and helped him up to a sitting position. Ginger was
on the other side of him and tried to assist him also,but she
used this as an excuse to try and check out Gilligan's crotch
area. "Can't really see much now.....although it...might be
as large as Mary Anne said"; Ginger thought to herself and tried
to slid her hand into his private area,as both women helped
Gilligan to his feet. "Oooohhh ! Ginger???? and Mary Anne!,
Thank's a bunch! "GILLIGAN! Little Buddie! Are you alright?,
the Skipper asked,standing over the three and catching a nice
view down the open necklines of the young women. Ginger had
taken an old T-Shirt and put it on over her last bra. Her shorts
were torn and ripped,but sewn up with some thread from Mary Anne.
Mary Anne had her last remaining red blouse and a pair of faded
denim shorts she borrowed from Mr.Howell. The Skipper had always
admired both women and had dreams of making love to Ginger;
slowly removing her tatered clothing and sticking his tongue
into her......mouth and sucking those big...lovely boobs. But
most of all, finding out if she was a redhead down there! Now
Mary Anne was very attractive also,but she seemed like his
daughter!....back on the mainland.

"Remember!...cone back around sunset and we'll have a fish
dinner and some surprises for you"!, Mary Anne and Ginger said to
them as the Skipper and Gilligan finished the work on the shack
and prepared to leave for their grass hut several yards down the
beach area.

Mary Anne and Ginger worked on several projects that day: One
was to take Ginger's remaining dress and convert it into a pair of
sarongs for them to wear, that night. Mary Anne had caught several
fish and had cleaned them,ready to fry later. She had also made 3
coconut creme pies and they were baking in a "oven" that the prof.
had rigged up. (An old oil drum on bricks;over a fire).

Mary Anne worked hard at everything and tried to keep her mind
on the food and the clothing,but she couldn't help but think of the
situation: stranded on this weird island with no way to get back to
California and why haven't any ships or planes ever come close? Was
anyone looking for them? Any what about her boyfriend? What had he
done?.....after 10 years,he was probably married to someone! A tear
developed in both her eyes,and for a moment Mary Anne stopped cleaning
the pampano that she held. But, then she sniffed away the tears and
thought about her blessings. A bunch of good people, wonderful friends
and an experience she could always talk about.....maybe even write a
book about! ......if she ever got out of here.

The sun was low now and the sea was turning from deep blue to
a darker shade of purple. Slowly the waves were breaking along the
sand. Sea birds circled and glided along the beachfront. Leave here?
many people would PAY hundreds of dollars just to stay here for a week!
The fish were frying in the one pan on the island and the Coconut creme
pies were cooling inside the hut.
Mary Anne and Ginger had finished the sarongs and looked fine! The two
wore a red flowered design by Ginger,who had split the last dress of
her's into two pieces. Neither women wore any shoes or underware. Both
had a wild orchid in their hair. Both looked delicious! Mary Anne could
not get used to : NO panties or Bra and she could see her nipple outlines
under the thin cloth. Ginger's breasts, although bigger, had equally
active nipples and her's were also visible under the swirl of cloth
that covered them.

Gilligan and the Skipper arrived just at sunset and brought
two bottles of sparkling wine, purchased from Mr.Howell for all the
money the Sipper had and an old pocket knife of Gilligan's. The guys
had bathed and used coconut oil after they shaved. Both wore some very
tatered blue jean shorts and ripped cotton t-shirts, no shoes. The
Skipper was wondering where Mr. Howell got all the stuff he and Mrs.
Howell had. It seemed they always had an endless supply of food, wine
and freshly ironed clothing! Perhaps he had a secret way off the island?
Or had the Professor finally found something that worked?

Ginger and Mary Anne greeted them at the entrance of the hut.
In the flickering reddish-golden light of several torches on bamboo
poles stuck in the sand and the sunset, both women looked wonderful!
The Red sarongs clinging to their curvy bodies, the flowers in their
hair and the fantastic smell of cooking food was a powerful force. Both
men felt their bodies energized and were eager to taste the food and
enjoy the women's company. Gilligan was thinking how beautiful Mary Anne
and Ginger looked tonight and couldn't take his eyes off of their
breasts,with the so erect nipple outlines. Gilligan had played "the
Fool" for so long, he was tempted to trip and spill the food and the
wine or cause some other disaster,just to hear them scream at him and
cause another ruined evening,but he did not. He could only stare at the
women as they sat across from the low bamboo table and as he ate the
wonderful dinner, think of making love to Mary Anne and sucking on those
two erect nipples that pointed at him now,from across the table.
"Care for another slice of my pie? Gilligan"? cooed Mary Anne,as she
leaned toward him. "Wow! It's wonderful,but I AM SO STUFFED ! Maybe
later!" ,Gilligan sighed,wondering if the women noticed his very erect
cock and afraid to stand up. The Skipper and Ginger had taken their
coconut shell "Glasses" and a wine bottle down to the beach and left
Mary Anne and Gilligan alone in the hut.
The waves were hitting the beach in a slow ,measured pace, the
light from the torches was dim and a full moon was in the purple-black
sky. Gilligan was trying to remain cool,say something funny, his heart
was beating very fast as he stood and took Mary Anne's hands and kissed
them. "Everything was so fine tonight and I've never seen you looking
so beautiful Mary Anne", Gilligan said,hoping his voice would not crack
but it came out with a deeper tone than normal and Mary Anne smiled and
pressed closer to him, touching Gilligan's chest with her breasts.
"Why thank you Gilligan!" , I hoped you and the Skipper would like us..
err... it tonight", Mary Anne said. "You know.... for 10 years we've
called you "Gilligan"! "What is your first mame anyway?",she giggled.
"Well's really...... Gilbert"!, never liked the name . You'r
the first to know!". Mary Anne laughed , "Gilbert Gillagan, that's a
real mouthful". They were now sitting on the sleeping bag, used by
Mary Anne as a bed and Gilligan moved close to her,homing in on her
very red,full lips. He had his hands around her and pressed his lips
against her's with an eager force,his tongue slipping into her mouth.
Gilligan's cock was erecting and Mary Anne's left hand found it and
she began tracing the bulging mound with her fingertips wondering if
she could determine it's size. Gilligan was enjoying the kiss; her
soft body against his,her breasts pressed against his chest,her hand
grasping his erection now and she was beginning to moan, deep down in
her throat. The wine had begun to alter her outlook and combined with
her sexless life for all these years.....well she was just tired of
holding back. The professor seemed so cold, Mr.Howell was married and
Gilbert was not so bad looking,in the moonlight! Besides....she HAD TO
know if Gilligan's cock was the monster she thought it was!

Gilligan stopped kissing her and started to remove Mary Anne's
sarong. It came off easy enough, as soon as she removed the safety pins
holding it on. Mary Anne's breasts with their small erect nipples
greeted Gilligan's eyes and he was thrilled when he took each into his
mouth and sucked each throughly. Mary Anne closed her eyes and moaned,
feeling her pussy beginning to moisten. Gilligan removed the rest of
her sarong and allowed Mary Anne to Undress him.
Mary Anne was on her knees,quickly and pulled the blue shorts down
his tan legs. Gilligan's cock sprang up and outward as she slipped the
shorts down. "Ohhhhhh Gilligan! You really DO have a Big One!", Mary
Anne squeeled with excited joy! His 10 1/2 inch penis had bounced out
with the stiffness of a cock in full erection and booped her nose. Now
the two were on the "Bed" and Gilligan was pressing kisses on Mary
Anne's breasts and working slowly downward. Mary Anne writhed around
under his hot lips,feeling a growing tingle spreading out from her
wet pussy and fighting back the desire to scream out loud as Gilligan
neared her most secret place. He allowed her to grasp his steel-hard
cock and twist it in her hands ,marveling at the feel of it and at it's
length and girth. Then as she waited for him to plunge into her eager
love nest......hoping he was able to give her the pleasure she so
desired and deserved........"Oh Gilligan! Hurry up! I need you now!...
Please DO ME! ........what are you waiting for????? Hurry up darling !
Ohhhhhhhhh !!!! GILLIGAN ! DOOOOOOO ITtttttt! Do ME NOW!

Mary Anne opened her eyes and saw EVERYONE ON THE ISLAND gathered
around her and Gilligan! The Professor, Skipper and Ginger, Mr.and Mrs.
Howell and Gilligan,now standing and clutching his shorts in front of
his flacid penis. "Have you heard the NEWS?", they all shouted! All were
talking at once. Mary Anne was trying to get her sarong back on as they
all turned their backs. Mr. Howell did manage to get a good look at her
bare breasts,all tan with their small hard brown nipples. The Professor
also watched her nude body and wondered about the strange stirring in
his pants. Then dressed, Mary Anne listened as the excited group told
them about the Professor's radio he had been working on and how he had
contacted a ship and IT WAS TO BE AT THE ISLAND IN THE MORNING!!!!

Gilligan lay in his bed of bannana leaves and thought about the
dinner party and Mary Anne. Her warm kisses and her Coconut creme pussy!
Her pie was good too. "I wish ,I had time to taste both! Damn IT ! Just
2 minutes more. DAMN! DAMN ! TEN YEARS on this ISLAND....and all I
needed was 2 more minutes! Gilligan thought about the coming morning it would NEVER WORK! He drifted off to sleep and dreamed
about chasing Mary Anne and Ginger along the beach. All three were very
nude and Gilligan sported a 12 inch penis, very stiff and his balls were
as big as apples,which made it hard to run ! At last he caught Ginger
and dragged her down into the foaming surf. He sucked her tits and thrust
his tongue into her salty sea pussy and was delighted to find the hair
trimmed into a heart shape and very red,like her head,now damp with her
sweat and the sea. He thrust his erection slowly into her ,as they both
lay on the shore, the water breaking over them. Ginger was moaning and
calling out his name as he began the thrusting. Then Ginger was gone
and Gilligan was pressing deep into Mary Anne,forcing her into the wet
sand. The moon was out and some where he could hear the sound of a large
ship's horn sounding.

The sun was already up when Gilligan woke and rolled out of the
leaves. On the beach all of the people had gathered and had arranged
their bags of belongings, as it were. A group of ship wrecked people,
dressed in rags and one in a sarong. Gilligan watched as the ship came
into view and saw the small power boat start for the shore. He watched
from Mary Anne's hut as the people got into the small boat and headed
out for the waiting ship. When the ship could not be seen any more,he
turned and untied Mary Anne. He removed the gag from her mouth and he
expected Mary Anne to begin screaming and clawing at him. Mary Anne
smiled up at Gilligan, took a deep breath of fresh sea air and said,
"Gilligan,you did'nt have to tie me Coconut !".

The End

End of Story

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