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A Wifes Best Friend

There is this one lady that my wife worked with for years. She is several years younger than us but she has always been so welcoming for us to visit her.It never seems to work out when she calls most of the time we are already have plans made. She knows my weak point is fried chicken but I don't think or she doesn't let me know how bad I want to play with her but my wife does! One night we was there for the super bowl party and she showed me were there master bath was but i was already tenting my jeans. But to think even her walking in her bedroom with me almost made me jizz before I got to the bathroom even though I was already going to relieve myself. This lady is just completely ignored by her husband and he doesn't care. My wife know's how I feel about her friend too! Hope that the next time we get a call we can make it. May be it will be more to cooooommmmmmmeeeeee!

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