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A trip to Germany (Day 2 - Afternoon)

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Day two in Berlin started off normal. Valerie was still in the shower and Stacey was watching some early morning German TV when she noticed me wake up. I sat down beside her on the couch and asked her if she had fun last night in the club. She said she did and that she met a few guys and danced all night, but had too much to drink. This was obvious since we helped her stumble home from the club to the hotel. She asked me what me and Val did after the club last night. I told her that we also went to sleep once we got in. I thought she?d buy it, but it was obvious that she didn?t. I told her that it was the truth and to stop being so nosey. She said ?well its not like I was the one that walked in on you half naked!?. I didn?t know what to say to that. ?Does Valerie even know or are you embarrassed to tell her? Well, embarrassed or afraid that is?. I was getting a little ticked off at her and said ?Yeah, Valerie knows and doesn?t care?, hoping this conversation would end here. ?Oh really, she doesn?t care that you saw me almost naked? I find that hard to believe. Well what if you had seen my boobs, or butt, or even my vagina, then would she care?? The thought of this started a stirring in my pants and said ?I don?t know, and I?ll never know, because I?ll knock next time.? She replied with ?well, what if you don?t have a chance to avoid it? Like what if I flashed you right now? Could you look away?? I knew I couldn?t but still said ?I don?t want to see you naked, trust me, I?m happy with your sister.? She then flashed me her tits and squeezed her little B cups together. I couldn?t help but look. ?Ah ha! I knew it, you cant resist me like you cant resist the hot girls in the club last night.? At this time, Val walked out wearing a towel and said good morning to everyone. Stacey said good morning but told us that she wants to actually see some of Germany and is going with a guy she met at the club last night to a popular shopping mall. She said she?d be back at night if we wanted to go to the club again. We said bye, and she left closing the door behind her.

?So Val, I was thinking, do you wanna go on a webcam chat room and chat with someone from one of those swinger type sites? See how funny it can be?? She said ?sure, wouldn?t hurt, besides, theres nothing to do right now.? She said that she wants to get dressed, and I said ?why, they?re just gonna see your face, its not a fashion show.? She agreed with the idea but still slipped went and changed into a sweater and sweat pants to avoid being seen in a towel. We went on a swinger site and joined quickly with only the intention to chat with other couples or singles via webcam. Val brought along her computer to email her family, and since we had an internet connection in the hotel room, we were set. We met this guy Adam in Toronto, Canada. We?ve never been to Canada, but it wasn?t like it was too far away from home to go. Adam was 22 and pretty good looking. We started just chatting when he commented on how sexy Valerie looked. She was a little shy in replying but I told her that its just flirty fun and it doesn?t matter. She said thanks but commented that she doesn?t think she looks the best in this big old Nike sweater. He then commented saying that maybe she should take it off then. This got me riled up and Val blushed but started her reply with ?don?t be rude? but I quickly deleted it before she could hit enter, and typed ?maybe later?.? Val looked shocked and smirked a bit towards me and then into the webcam. We talked a bit shooting the shit when he finally asked quite abruptly how big my cock was. I was taken back a bit and wondered why he cared. I was gonna reply similar to Val?s initial reply when like me, Val deleted it and typed ?hard or soft?? I was finding out more and more about Val?s inner slut. He said that all her cared about was hard, and she typed 7 inches. Adam replied that he?d love to see that too. He then asked if we wanted to see his cock. I was grossed out when Val smiled and nodded on cam and had him whip it out. It was a huge long cock. He was really hard and it musta been at least 10 inches long. I couldn?t help but gawk at it. Val looked like her mouth was about to water when she turned to me and said ?I?m sorry, I went nuts and let this go too far. Its getting bad. Are you mad at me?? I replied with ?of course not, its just fun, tease back if you want?. She gave me a nice wet kiss then said ?well I don?t wanna show my tits or anything to a stranger.? And I said ?well, he just showed you his cock, so I think you should give him a little something back.? She gave me a devilish look and then had her back face the camera, stood up and pulled down her sweat pants revealing a nice blue thong. I?ve seen this thong twice in my life and it drove me nuts. She shook her ass a bit infront of the camera and then sat back down in her thong and sweater. Adam was stroking his cock and said that Valerie?s looked too good to be true. It was the nicest, softest, tightest, and roundest little ass he ever saw. He then said that he wanted to see mine. I wasn?t about to show my goods to a guy in Canada, but Val said to me ?come on, its not like you?re not horny. I know you?re not gay so whats the big deal about showing some ass? Even I did it and I?m ms. Conservative.? I then got up, pulled down my pants and showed Adam my ass. My hard cock almost hit Valerie in the face and she gave it a little kiss on the head of it. She then turned me around and Adam got to see my cock at full attention. I quickly sat down and said ?Val! You?re pushing it. I don?t want him to see my cock.? She laughed and said ?why not, you saw his, you even told me that I owed him?. I said ?well you didn?t show him anything real, just your ass in a thong.? She said ?well, do you want me to show him my bare ass?.or tits?.or even my pussy?? I now was extremely horny. With Val talking like that and a guy on cam watching us with his cock out?it was getting hot. She then kissed me, stroked my cock a bit, and took off her sweater exposing her tits to Adam to see. Nobody has ever seen her tits in a sexual fashion but me, and now a stranger overseas is seeing them. She shook and grabbed them a bit, acting more and more slutty. It looked hot to see her nice soft yet firm tits being fondled by herself with her hard tiny pink nipples sticking way out. Adam suggested that we all get off on cam. Val and I were too horny to care.

I peeled off her thong and made sure the cam got a good view of her newly shaved pussy. I quickly forced my cock into her wet tiny teen pussy and started going to work. For what Adam could see, he could only see my ass slamming into open legs. Val took her hands and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. Adam could now see my asshole, just before Valerie slipped a wet finger into my tight anus. Adam was fingering his own ass at this time and I started to blow my load deep into Val?s womb. I filled her with my spunk and she fucked me hard with her finger. I withdrew my cock and told Val to spread her legs for Adam so he can see her freshly fucked cunt full of cum. She did and pushed out a big load of cum from her cunny. Adam had enough and blew his load all over himself.

We turned off our computer and went to shower, knowing that Stacey will be home later and we can?t be seen doing this. I was anxiously awaiting the night and what it?ll bring as Val?s #3 fantasy just came true.

To be continued in Part 3

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