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A trip to Germany (Day 1)

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This is a true story that happened to me in the summer of 2006.

Hi, my name is Mike. I?m 19 years old, 6?2?, 180lbs, brown hair and eyes. I?ve been dating a girl named Valerie for a year and a half now, and we?ve been having sex for a little over a year. Valerie is your definition of a knock out. She?s 5?7?, blonde hair, blue eyes, very fit, and a B cup. Her ass is what people would kill for. It is the most perfect round ass with enough meat that you wanna bite it, but not big enough that you?d think she?s fat in the least bit. It?s a ballet butt as they call it. It kinda looks likes shes sticking it out at all times. She also has a sister (Stacey) who?s 18 (a year younger that Valerie) who is also quite sexy herself. Shes 5?6?, a little thinner than Val, and has brown hair and green eyes. She has a tiny little ass that just looks perfect, and also has B cup breasts.

This story starts in July of 2006. Val just won an online contest (random draw) for a trip for two to Germany. She was very excited, but didn?t know who to take, me or Stacey. She decided to take us both and just have us three split the price of one roundtrip ticket three ways so it came out to a little over $250 each. This was fine since despite being in University, we all had part time jobs and had some change kicking around. In August, we left for a one week vacation to Berlin.

When we arrived there, we were in awe at how beautiful Germany was. It was nothing like the USA, it was cleaner and people looked friendlier. After some trouble getting a cab, we made our way to our hotel which was also hard considering we didn?t speak a lick of German. In the prize package, Valerie won nice hotel reservations for a week as well as tickets to various shows and concerts in Germany. When we got to the hotel, we noticed right away that there were two beds. Both looked like doubles, but were smaller than the doubles I was used to in the States. Stacey said that she and Valerie should sleep together so me and Val don?t do anything gross while shes in the room. I was upset but realized that I just got a pretty free trip to Germany and shouldn?t really care that much.

We decided that we?d go to a club that night since neither of us were old enough to club in the USA, and this would be a good chance to try it out. We all started unpacking and I got out a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower before we went out. I opened the door and to my shock I saw Stacey getting undressed about to hop in the shower. She didn?t have the shower started yet so I couldn?t have heard it before entering. She screamed and said ?Ew, get out, I?m trying to shower here?, and with that I apologized fast and closed the door. I at least got an eyeful of Stacey before leaving. She was topless (though I didn?t get to see her tits because she was facing away from me) and she was also taking off her short shorts so I got a nice eyeful of her white g-string in my face as she was bent over. Her ass looked so perfect, and she looked to have just as nice a body if not nicer than Valerie (which was hard to believe).

I came back into the main room to see Valerie unpacking still and apparently didn?t hear Stacey scream. I had a little erection going and was try to get Val into the mood. I kissed her at the back of her neck and told her that Stacey?s getting into a shower and won?t be out for 10min at least. She said ?oh really?? and reached her hand into my shorts and took a hold of my cock. She looked a little puzzled as to why it was pretty hard already, but just continued stroking it anyway. I put my hand into her short shorts and started rubbing her pussy over her underwear. Unlike her sister, Valerie hardly ever wears thongs, I usually have to beg her for it. She wasn?t wearing one as usual, and I continued rubbing her pussy but this time inside her panties while she was stoking my cock some more. We were making out when we heard the bathroom door open then close, so we quickly removed our hands and went on as nothing happened just before Stacey entered the room.

Stacey said ?You can go in there now Mike?, so I took my towel again and went in there. I noticed that all Stacey?s clothes were still on the floor, so being in the horny state that I was, I picked up her white g-string and began to smell it. It smelled so good. Her pussy must taste amazing. I put it in my mouth and started to undress and stroke my cock. I was just imagining tasting Stacey?s sweet fresh pussy. I decided that I really should get into the shower and hurry before people wonder what?s taking so long, so I did. About 3 minutes into my shower I heard a knock at the door, and when I yelled out ?yes?who is it?, the door just opened. It was Valerie. She said that she needed to shower fast too and that Stacey wants to leave in a hurry before the lines get too big. She got into the shower and immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I liked where this was going, so I just leaned against the wall as she got on her knees and started sucking my cock. Despite having sex often, Val isn?t really a kinky type of person in the least. The weirdest thing we?ve ever done was me lick Val?s asshole before. She was finishing me up and I busted in her mouth. She looked up at me and laughed a bit, and then spit it out onto the shower floor. It looked hot to see that much cum come out of my girls mouth. She got up and kissed me long and I could taste my cum in the mouth. I wanted desperately to lick her pussy clean, but Stacey started yelling ?lets go already? and we hurried our shower and got out fast.

It was now 9:30pm and we finally got into the club. Both girls looked hot to me, but once we got in, we realized that they were both over dressed. Their skirts were medium low, while all the other girls were ultra low, and you could see some girls asses from the back of their skirts. We were in shock at how different Germany was already. All the guys seemed to be pretty fit and good looking, and all the girls looked like they won Miss. Germany 2006 this year in a 500-way tie. We decided to go to the bar in the club and get a drink each. None of us drink that much at all, but we were all nervous inside of here and thought it?d be best. We each took a shot and Stacey went off on here own to find someone to dance with while me and Valerie went to the dance floor (nowhere near the middle) to dance on our own. After a few songs of grinding, we were getting REALLY sweaty and a little horny. There were pole dancers dancing on stages at 5 different areas of the club, and we happened to be near one of them. She was wearing just a thong and high heels and here tits were big and perfect. She looked to be hepped up on E. I had noticed the pole dancer for about 5 minutes before Valerie tapped me and said ?Oh my god, look at that, they have strippers here, this is nuts?. I looked up at the stripper with permission I though, and was quickly smacked and told ?well, don?t go nuts over here, shes just a slut?. I laughed but that laughing was stopped almost immediately when I noticed something going on in the corner.

There was a girl down on her knees giving some guy a blowjob in public! She was looking really sexy having a sweaty wet look to her. Her skirt was almost like a belt as I saw her ass perfectly split as she knelt on the floor. Val turned around to see what I was gawking at, and she said ?oh my god, this is nuts!? She turned away back to me and looked so shocked, but surprisingly not disgusted. She turned back around to them and watched for a good minute while grinding on me. Only in Germany could you have a pole dancer and a hot girl grinding on you yet, you?re looking at something better! She turned back to me and said ?I?m sorry, it just looks so hot?. This is very unlike Valerie, but I liked it and wanted to get more outta her. I said ?you don?t think she?s a slut? Or do you just like looking at that guys nice cock?? Her face was just full of shock. She couldn?t believe what I had said. She gave me back a devilish smile and said, ?I only want your cock, and besides, its not like you?re not looking at that girl?s ass or that strippers tits?. She said this with a smile which turned me on even more. She then shocked me some more by turning my attention to two girls who were dancing with each other neither of which were wearing underwear. She said ?maybe next time, I?ll dress more appropriate for you? and gave me a sexy little wink while letting me watch two hot girls asses and pussies flash me.

The night got late fast, and we found Stacey who looked really drunk now and we went back to the hotel. Stacey hit the bed and was asleep in a hurry while me and Valerie sat on the couch and watched some late night TV. I wanted to get this conversation in the gutter quickly, so I asked her ?what was her favourite part of the night?? She quickly replied ?dancing with you?, and I replied with ?no really, was it the sight of two people having oral sex, or was it all the hot guys around you, or was it seeing a nice cock getting sucked on before you?? She looked at me shocked again and said ?I loved seeing the girl giving the guy a blowjob, but his cock really turned me on too?. Bingo I though, getting her going. She said ?what was your favourite part? Seeing the pole dancers, seeing up skirts, or seeing a slut give head in public??. I replied with ?all of the above?. I then said ?whats some things that we did this time that you?d wanna do differently next time??. She said ?umm?I don?t know?.but I know that I?m gonna buy a shorter skirt and wear a nice g-string?. I was getting really hard now, and said ?that?ll be hot for the hot guys to see. You should take off the g-string halfway through the night as well?. She smacked me lightly on the arm and said ?MIKE! That?s dirty. But, if you want it, sure. And since guys might see my ass, then you should be allowed to check out all those hot bodied girls, maybe catch a peek up some skirts and see some nice smooth things!?. I don?t know if she wanted me to cream my pants, but I was coming close. I said ?next time we should be able to dance with other people so we can get horny and fuck like nuts when we get back to the hotel?. She loved this idea then the topic switched fast.

?Mike, what?s your 3 biggest fantasies?? she asked me. I told her that she?d either get mad or disgusted, so I don?t really wanna mention them. She said that she wont, but I didn?t believe her that much. She said ?come on, start of with #3.? I said, fine, and told her a weak fantasy of mine which had little risk of her getting mad considering our past conversation. I said ?I?d love to be able to have some no holds barred sex with you. I mean all the things I?ve asked for and things I?ve been to scared to. For example, I wanna be able to lick your asshole as long as I want, as well as finger it while fucking you in the pussy. I want to be able to cum all over your face, or asshole. I also want to be able to treat you like a slut and call you names and spit on your face while fucking. I want you to finger my asshole and lick it clean, as well as take a load of my cum, and snowball it into my mouth and watch me swallow it.? Her mouth dropped to say the least. She said, ?wow, that?s hot. Good number 3, my number 3 fantasy would be to have me and you go on cam for someone and do and say real dirty stuff to them. And I?m leaving it at that.?

Onto our #2 picks, I told her that she should go again, since I went in more depth that her. She said ok, and said ?don?t get mad, but my number two fantasy is to fuck a stranger in front of you. Not to throw it in your face, but for you to see someone else in me fucking me. You can jerk off all you want, but you cant touch or leave.? This was something I kinda thought of but once she said it, I was on the verge of blowing my load in my pants. I said ?that?s sounds awesome, my number two is to fuck your sister Stacey.? She cut me off and said quite eagerly and sexy-like ?in front of me??. And I said ?yes, now that you mention it, you have to watch your boyfriend and little sis fuck in front of you.? She touched her tits a bit and said ?I bet she?d like that?. Seeing her reaction to the idea, I told her that I saw her changing earlier in a white g-string while she was getting into a shower, and her sexy ass was the reason I was so hard in the first place this evening. She told me that?s dirty and she liked it. She was way too horny and a little drunk now to care about anything. I told her that I masturbated in the bathroom just before she came in today smelling and tasting that g-string. Valerie now removed her top and was just in a bra and panties.

?My number one fantasy is to have a threesome with you and a stranger. I wanna have two hot cocks whipping around and be able to suck and fuck both or just one at a time, or however else I choose. I want to be in control of the two cocks and have both you and the stranger cum in me.? She said. Well this was too much. I told her that she just also named my number one fantasy and that we should try it out soon.

I quickly took off all my clothes and told her to come here and suck my cock. I never talk to her like this, but tonight she was gonna be slutty. She got naked and come over and started sucking my cock. I noticed that she paid attention to what I said earlier and started to rub a finger into my asshole but not inside. We were about 5 steps away from a sleeping Stacey, yet we were gonna go at it like animals. Her lips were so perfect going up and down the wet hard shaft of my cock. She finally stopped for a second and went down to suck my balls, then pushed me over onto my back as she spread my legs and started to lick my asshole. I was going nuts and felt cum go through my dick and out onto her hair, and back. She looked at me like a slut and said ?well?.lick it off?. So I went to her back and started lapping up my own cum. It tasted weird but not bad. While I was back there, I decided to do down on her as she was still on her knees and I slid under her and started to lick her sopping wet pussy. She started to scream loudly (she?s usually quiet) and I knew that Stacey would be waking up soon. Though I didn?t know it, Stacey was now faking being asleep and was peeking now and again at her sister and I fucking. Valerie said ?mmmm lick my asshole you dirty boy?. So I got my wish and started licking her asshole, which I knew she liked all along just thought it was too dirty. Her asshole was a perfect little pink dot between her nice round ass cheeks. It tasted great and I was getting hard again. I put my own finger in my asshole while I jerked myself off. She said that my tongue was her personal toilet paper, and that I better be sparkling from pussy to asshole. I kept this going as I was slowing going in and out of my own asshole with my index finger. Valerie started cumming from all the attention her pussy and ass was getting and I was on the verge myself. I quickly put her on her back and started to drive my wet hard cock into her soaked tight shaved pussy lips. Her pussy was so tight despite being very wet. I was going in and out of her so fast, I just wanted to bust. I finally took my cock out after a few minutes, flipped her onto her stomach and told her to raise her ass up. I started to slide my shaft between her ass cheeks and just before I blew, I pulled back and let it go onto her ass and over her pink little asshole. I then licked up some cum off her asshole and had her turn to face me as I spit it into her face. She smile a dirty smile and spat back at my face. She took my cock and smacked herself in the face with it a few times before giving it a kiss, then giving me a long kiss, and then went to the shower to clean herself off. I went to sleep knowing that the rest of this trip was going to get better and better.

To be continued in Day 2

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