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A sweet night with Gail, couple together enjoying each other

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You wake around 4 knowing I will be there at 5 to take You out for the evening. Excitement is building inside of You and You carefully select the clothes You want me to see You in tonight. With the hussle and bussle of getting ready, the time flies and soon there is a knock on the door. You open it to me, with thoughts of me flowing through Your mind of the various times we have been together over the almost two years we have known each other.

We hug then You excuse yourself to go and finish up. A few minutes later, You enter, pretty as always and take my hand and say let's go. With a quick touch of our lips, we proceed to the car and off to to the restaurant for supper. After a nice supper and pleasant conversation about our families, we go off to find a place for dancing. We begin dancing, all types that You are willing to dance; I especially like the slow dances because I can scoop You into my arms and hold You close to me feeling the swells of Your body and the heat coming from them. I try to keep You to just one beer as I want You to remember the special night this will be. After a while, we both agree to leave and go to my place.

It has been a while since the last time You were here and You look over the place from bottom to top. When we reach my room, I tug at Your hand and You rotate into my arms. I look into Your beautiful eyes then lean down and place my lips on Yours. Then gently I knock at Your lips with my tongue and You open to let me in and suck on my tongue, just like when I first met You. Five minutes later, we come up for air and You have the look of being excited all over Your face. Pressing Your beautiful body against mine so I can feel all of Your womanhood, I lean and whisper in Your ears and ask if You trust me. You say 'YES". I reply, let me control the night and lead You places that You never thought existed. You again say "yes."

Stepping back, I look at You and then start to undress You. First the buttons on Your blouse then I undo Your pants. I then take Your blouse off and hang it on the chair then I kneel in front of You and pull Your pants off. I then wrap my hands around Your pretty butt and pull You to me at I kneel and kiss Your stomach all over taking time to run my tongue into Your navel, all the time kneeding Your cute, tight cheeks. While still kissing and exploring Your stomach, I move my hands down to remove Your sox.

Standing I step back and admire You in Your sexy underwear. You smile and say, "it's not fair, You are still dressed." So You come to me and start to remove my pants and shirt and throw them on the chair leaving me with little underpants on only which You admire and lick Your lips over. I then lead You by the hand into the bathroom where I start to fill the tub for a nice jacuzzi bath for You. As the water fills, I take You again into my arms and start to kiss You passionately. Holding me tight, Your body response sexily. As I kiss You, I take the opportunity of unhooking Your bra, so when we break the bra falls off revealing Your most beautiful and succulent breast. Kneeling in front of You I take Your breast in my hand and lift Your cute nipples to my mouth where I tease each one with my tongue and sucking on them as I gently caress the other. They are so warm, so tasty ... I so much want to excite You.

As the tub is almost full, I pull Your little panties off leaving You in Your naked beauty for me to admire. Shutting the water off I help You in. As You sit there, I soap up my hands and proceed to wash, and carress You all over. It feels so good to be pampered so, Your back washed, Your breast fondled and clean with slight tweaks to Your nipples. Your legs lifted and washed from toe to thigh and finally Your anus and vagina giving special attention, so much so that all You can do is moan at the great feeling it gives You. I then put on the jacuzzi and You are now lost in the water flow and the bubbles. As You lay there with Your eyes on me, I stand and remove my underwear and You look at me (and hopefully) appreciate what will soon be Yours.

As You enjoy the soothing tub. I enter the tub to wash myself and though You would like to just watch, You steal grabs at my body. Once done, I get out and dry myself off, telling You to wait. Once done, I shut off the tub and help You to Your feet. I wrap a warm towel around You drying You all over as You enjoy the pampering I am giving You. Unable to resist, I kiss and nibble at You all over Your body. Once done, I press Your naked body to mine and again ask You to trust me. I then place a dry towel down on the bed and ask You to lay on it. While You lay there, I retrive a pair os scissors and shaver and proceed to trim Your bush. Making so sure that I don't hurt You. Once finished I remove the towel and put them away. Returning to the bed, I lay besides You and press my flesh against Yours. We kiss and tongue duel until You are breathing so heavy. I then ask You to lay on Your stomach. I then strattle You and You can feel my hot cock and balls nestle on Your ass cheeks. Slowly I start to massage Your neck and shoulders. You slowly begin to release Your body to the manipulation of my hands. I begin to work my hands up and down Your back. Stopping now and then to kiss Your neck, nibble Your ears, suck on Your shoulders...

I eventually make it down to the small of Your back. At which point, I lean over and begin to kiss Your scar from the top of Your back all the way down. Once I am there I move to one foot and massage the leg all the way to the thigh then moved to the other foot and leg and do the same. I can sense Your anticipation and I can no longer hold off, so I start to massage Your cheeks and inner thighs.

I have a big smile on my face enjoying the beatiful woman laying between my legs being massaged. I then continue to fondle Your cheeks as I return to the top of Your back and I proceed to kiss, lick and nibble Your back bone slowly down. At the base I continue and lick up and down Your sexy crack then playing with Your anus as my tongue rims You. Lifting Your hips a little, I am also able to lick Your vagina lips and lightly tickle Your clit. I can imagine the feelings growing deep within Your abdomen. You are getting so wet, and You taste sooo good to me. From Your breathing, I can tell You are very excited. I am enjoying this moment so much, but now it is time to move on.

I dismount You then roll You on Your back. Your lips, Your mouth, Your tongue are more than excited to invite mine into You. You kiss me with the same passion like when we first met. You want me so bad. I break the kiss, and while straddling You move to kiss Your neck and Your shoulders; kissing Your arms and fingers. Moving back to Your chest, I kiss all around Your breast, deliberately avoiding them so as to build Your anticipation. Then I begin to nibble and lick Your beautiful breast. Now avoing Your hard nipples so as to tease and excite You more. When I finally do suck in Your hard nipples and lick them, You moan loudly. I can feel Your hips beneath me try to pump into me as I delight Your nipples with my mouth. After more of this pleasurable torture, I proceed down with my mouth kissing and covering Your stomach. At Your waist I move to one leg and proceed down kissing as I go eventually taking Your toes into my mouth and sucking on them.

I then proceed to the other foot and suck those toes and proceed up Your leg to Your waist. At this point Your head is rocking back and forth urging me on. I lift both Your legs to my shoulder and look at Your beauty. Your eyes, so expressive, Your breast, so firm and excited, Your vagina, glistening wet and begging for attention. I lean forward and begin to kiss and lick all around Your gash. After what seems like hours of torture, I drag my tongue up Your gash, digging into Your anal rose bud, moving up into and through Your soak pussy the over Your so sensitive clit making You jump with delight. With two fingures I penetrate Your vagina and butt and find Your g-spot that I proceed to rub with more and more pressure. As I do this, my tongue and mouth descend on Your clit and begin to suck You to a nice orgasm. Becoming unbearably pleasurable, You grab the back of my head and drive me deeper into You as You pump my face without stop. Then those pleasurable orgasmic feelings reach a peak and You climax all over my face. Once I know You are through, I move to the outside and lick all the juices that I missed from You.

Rising up, I am on all fours over You and my knees are between Your legs. You look up at me, into my eyes and see someone that loves You very much. You lift one arm and wrap it around my neck while the other hand takes my penis and guides it into You as You pull my neck down to You. At the entrance to Your pussy, I feel it penetrate as Your mouth finds mine to kiss me and I also feel Your legs wrap aound me. Locked in Your arms and legs, I wish I could be there forever. I start to drive my erection deep into You as You respond kissing and using Your legs to insure each thrust goes into You deeply. We move that way slow at first then increasing in speed. Your legs are holding me so tight and I can feel Your finger nails dig deep into me as I bring You to another orgasm. You are so sweet...then as soon as that one stopped, another soon follows and You are riding me hard. This time Your pussy musscles are too much for me and as You climax, so do I. After catching our breath, I roll You over so I am below and You are on top with me still in You. Your head laids on my shoulder as I wrap my arms around You. And in Your ear, You hear the whisper, "I Love You"

I then lay You besides me, then rise up and use my tongue to again devour You and clean the mess we made. Afterward, I lay besides You and cover us with a blanket, then holding You we fall asleep...

Later You wake with me by Your side. After watching me, You decide You will tease me like I had teased You earlier. So You proceed to...... (Your turn now...send to fish41952 at y a h o o dot com if interested noting title)

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