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A Fine Day Of Yachting

As I am prepping the boat for launch... tying
everything down, stowing things away... I see you,
strolling down the dock, bag in hand, heading
towards me. Tight blue bikini top and a matching
sarong, just clear enough that I can see your thong
bottoms, revealing only enough to let my imagination

The boat I am using belongs to some friends of
yours, and they told you I was sailing alone... you
just wanted to know if I could use some company
for the week. One look at your strong body and
seductive lips, and there is no question you're

As we cast off, I can see you oiling up to catch a
little sun. You lay down on the front deck, and I
watch you remove the sarong, revealing your
glistening, almost naked ass... your entire bikini
is barely covering all of the fun parts of your smooth
baking body. I feel my groin stir inside of
my army green, partially torn shorts and have to
adjust myself to stand up underwear for
support. Wanting you but hardly even knowing
you, it is all I can do to keep my mind on steering
the yacht.

We have been on the water for 45 minutes, out of
the harbor, and the water is gently undulating the
boat back and forth... I put the coordinates into
the on board auto pilot, and go below to finish
stowing the ropes and other gear... you are laid back
on the front deck, back arched slightly, one knee
slightly bent.

I am almost done packing the gear up, when I hear a
movement on the top deck. I take the last bag and head
up, to see your soft, delicious skin from your toes,
up your muscular, slightly parted legs, all the way to
your full, moist lips, bikini crumpled in a ball next
to you. I am paralyzed watching you feel your body,
running your hands up and down your sides, tickling
your breasts with your fingernails, spending a little
time pinching your nipples, then back down to your
thighs. You feel my presence and shift your head in my
direction, then look at me and say, "I was hoping
you would come back up here."

I am floored by you, and feel the blood rush to my
crotch, thinking of what will happen. I sit across
from you on the deck and slowly unbutton my
shorts. My cock is already hard and pulsating with
excitement, and your breathing quickens just a little
as I remove my shorts and show you how hot I already

There we sit, both naked, watching each other and
touching ourselves, increasing our excitement with
every touch, every look. I am gently touching the head
of my cock while watching you , and feel the precum
surface. With my index finger, I rub the precum
around my head, wetting my cock, and then slide my
hand down my shaft, and slowly back up. I watch
your chest heave up as you watch this, and you
slide your hand down to your thighs, rubbing your
pussy aggressively, but soft.

You spread your legs a little further, and show me as
you insert one of your fingers. While I watch you arch
your back, and hear you moan, both breathing deep and
trying to catch your breath with your excitement, I
stroke myself a little quicker each time, thinking
about fucking you, tasting you, and wanting your
tongue on my aching cock.

One finger turns into two, and you are moving your
hips with your hand, pushing deeper into yourself,
still watching me, my abs flexing and relaxing while I
rub myself. You take your fingers out of your pussy,
and look at me wantonly, tasting yourself, licking
your fingers, sucking on them just long enough for me
to picture your lips around me. You roll over
and stand up, I stand up to meet you.

Your hands wrap around me , and you force your tongue
into my mouth while you gently slide your hand down my
thigh, stroking my already fully erect cock. I kiss
you back, pressing my tongue as hard into yours as I
can... GOD I want you so badly. As we stand there,
kissing, I can feel your naked breasts against my
chest, hard, erect nipples begging for me. I slide my
hand up your waist, your side, reaching your firm,
smooth tits, squeezing them gently at first, then
pinching your nipples... our mouths part for a moment,
you moan and whisper "yess". We drop to our knees on
the deck, then you are on top of me laying down.

I am overwhelmed with lust, reaching around behind
you, feeling the tension in your legs, your ass. I
slowly move my hand up the inside back of your thigh,
and I can feel your swollen, wet, hot pussy.I push in
one finger from behind, then two... you raise your
head and close your eyes, feeling my fingers inside of
you, teasing you. I kiss and tongue your breasts while

fingering and playing with your hot pink pussy, and
I can feel you adjust your hips on top of me...

You reach down and grab my hands, look at me, and
smile... I then feel a rope around both my wrists...
you have tied me to the deck rail... we are
both so hot and after each other... you lay back
down on top of me...

Stroking, caressing and touching my anxious, sweaty
body. Kissing me... feeling me strain, you part your
mouth enough to tongue my body as you move
across it, tasting my sweat, smelling my passion.
You feel your way down to my cock, tongue teasing me
all the way... I can barely wait for you to suck on
me, writhing my hips forward in anticipation.

You kiss my stomach, then look up at me and smile.
Without touching me with your hand, you lick my shaft
slowly, gently, teasing me. I moan, and the muscles in
my whole body tense with pleasure,feeling your mouth
as you start at the head of my cock, tasting the tip
what I have for you. With a little more pressure, you
french kiss my shaft, working your way around, and
down to my balls. They are held tightly against my
cock, and I feel your mouth swallow them, your tongue
swirling around them, driving my temperature even

I feel your breath on me... heavy, panting, then I
hear you whisper that you want me to cum, and my body
quivers, also wanting to. With your hand caressing my
balls, I watch your lips kiss, then open, and take me
into you.

The ropes tighten as I strain - all of my muscles
tightening... wanting to please you... feeling you
please me, your mouth wrapped around my hard wet
cock all the way to the base. I can feel your
throat open as you cover me, then your tongue and lips
squeeze around me on your way up.

As I watch you, aching and swelling, I see you suck
on your fingers, then reach into your own wetness...
rubbing in slow, circular motions around your lips,
your clit... breathing heavier while you suck me,
almost cumming, then stopping, wanting the moment to
build some more.

I feel your excitement...knowing I too am close.
You can taste my precum, and that makes you suck even
harder... I watch you as you masturbate faster...
rubbing yourself harder, up and down, finger-fucking
yourself with increasing pace... I move my hips with
your head... feeling myself swell... You reach climax
and I feel your mouth open... you scream... wanting me
to cum with you. I can't control myself any more,
and unload my cum into your mouth... it makes you
shake with pleasure, and you let my cum shoot into you
and drip down the back of your throat... I can feel
you swallow me, and watch your body take all of me

A little calmer, you smile, come up to me, and we
kiss deeply, relieved, but wanting more. As you untie
the ropes, I smell the sex on you, and touch your
breasts with the tip of my tongue while you reach
above me to untie the ropes. Comfortable, we wrap our
legs around each other.

We sit engulfed in each other, letting the boat move
our bodies, slowly, gently as the waves pass
underneath us... I can feel you wet against my
cock, and our groins rub together enough to tickle
us... I feel myself arousing again, and move my waist
against yours, gliding myself along the outside of
your pussy, feeling the heat stir hotter
inside of you... the smell of our sex mixed with our
sweat from the heat penetrates our mood, and we grope
after each other even more passionately than before,
still with our legs locked around one another.

The beaded sweat we feel pools and drips down our
bodies, making us slippery as we grind our bodies
together tightly. My cock is still sliding up and
down along your lipps, and I can feel your nipples
hard against my chest, moving tighter against me as
your breathing elevates with your pleasure, our
tongues needing more of each other, melting together,
wrestling to find more. I feel your hand reach
under me , and move my cock to a new angle while
adjusting your hips to take me into your heat. We both

heave our bodies forward, embracing as I enter you,
sliding my shaft slowly between your thighs, feeling
you squeeze tight around my head, then all the
way down until I am all the way into you... GOD
this feels so good!

Our breathing shakes, still hungry to orgasm again...
we untangle our legs, and I turn you around. You
reach under your legs, grab my shaft, and feel me as I
enter you again...from behind. Parting your pussy,
your fingers touch my cock and you get more aroused
feeling me thrust myself into you harder each time. I
feel you adjust, your hips moving skyward, legs
spreading a little more. You start to scream...
begging me to fuck you harder, faster, to get

I grab the front of your thighs and slam you onto
me as I ram my rock hard shaft into you faster,
feeling you shiver, hearing you scream for me. I
feel your pussy tighten around my cock as I fuck
you, then your whole body tenses, and I see the
muscles on your back flex, tighter and tighter...
hearing you scream, seeing you cum, feeling you
reach Ecstasy, I am about to explode... You pull off
of me and lay down, wanting to see me climax.

I cum, shooting my semen in a straight line,cumming on
your tits, your sternum, your stomach... I straddle
you and rub my cock in my own cum, spreading it on
your body as I move up to your tits. You move your
arms together and smile at me, relaxed, pushing your
breasts together. My cock wet and slick, I push it
between your tits, on to your mouth... you lick
the cum off of me, and I roll off of you, our
breathing slowing, satisfied... for now.

End of Story

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