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A couples sexual fantasy progresses

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This is about my wife and I, a true story about how we have been exploring the world of threesomes and full on swinging. My wife, "Kay" and I "Jay" have been married for less than a year, but have had the best relationship together. We are the type of people who can talk about anything with eachother, which is why we hit it off in the first date. I'm 23, 5'8", 150lbs and muscular, Kay is 25, 5'4, and 155lbs, with a very nice body... nice C cup breasts and hips that hug her jeans. Kay and I both worked out hard each week, me for work and her for herself.

Before Kay I got married, we started having sex with eachother only a month after meeting in the dance bar. We tried hard to keep it from our Christian friends and family for fear they wouldn't see us the same, with the exception of our babysitter nobody knew we were doing it. See, Kay has 2 children from her previous marriage, which made it necessary to find a trustworthy babysitter.

I was fortunate to have found someone who had the same interests, feelings, beliefs, values, and a really strong sexual drive. After being married for only a few months, Kay and I began to talk about our desires and fantacies in bed while we made love. It slowly turned into a hot bed of sexual fun for us as we talked about eachothers fantasy, and how we would fulfill it for eachother. Kay was first to tell me she's allways wanted to have a threesome with another girl or guy. That quickly escalated into my ultimate fantasy with her too... we talked and played out what we would do, who we would do it with, and how it would feel to ahve another girl in bed with us.

As the weeks of fantasizing went by, we found ourselves alone without our kids and wanting to make the fantasy become reality. We started off by the normal talk and sexual loving that we've allways had, only this time I took a picture with my cell phone of us in bed. Kay was surprised by that, and asked me what I was going to do with it. I told her I wasn't sure, but that it would be good for something. We kept our for play up and began to talk about having a threesome, only this time we sought out who we knew we could proposition to sleep with us... our babysitter. She was 22, 5'6", 140lbs and had talked to Kay about her sexual escapades she's had with guys over the summer. She's the only person who knew Kay and I were sexually active before marriage, she would clean our house while she watched the kids for us. While cleaning, she continually found our condom wrappers and used condoms which we dropped on the bedroom floor and in the trash during the night hours.

I took that picture I took of Kay and I having sex and sent it with a text message to our babysitter, I asked her if she wanted to have a threesome and sex with Kay and I. Shortly after we never heard back about the text, alittle apprehensive Kay and got in our car with condoms in hand and drove over to our babysitter's house to see if she was home. Too our surprise she had another car parked out front of her house, one her guy friends. We bagged the idea and just went home to have sex together.

Jumping 6 months later, Kay and I still talk about having the alternative sex, but it's been fueled after finding this website. We found the swinging website after talking about putting out a personnal ad, and found the stories. These stories have feed our desire and have given us numerous ideas for what we want to try and do with eachother. I started looking and printing off the pages of stories, reading them to myself before taking them upstairs to bed with us. They started with the simple FMF stories, but slowly I've been printing the more risky MFM and full couple swaps and even the ones with multiple girls and guys. My wife loves to hear me read the stories to her, touching her and feeling her pussy get wet with my fingers while i read.

She gets herself off hard with every story I read to her, this past week I read a couple stories to her in bed. I went through the newly wed's first full swap, the nurses conference, and picking up a stranger. I wasn't sure how she would respond to the last story, but I was pleasantly surprised when she had a orgasm as the story progressed to the stranger pushing his big cock into her pussy... when she heard how the wife wanted and lusted for the other man's cock, how she felt with it inside her and how he fucked her with her husband watching, Kay let out a loud moan when I told her he finished fucking her and filled her pussy with his cum. Kay immediately wanted my dick, she forcefully pulled me ontop of her and grabbed me. She held my dick to her soaking pussy and told me to push into her, slowly I pressed the head of my dick into her. Feeling the head slide in and the feeling of her juices cover my shaft. I was ready to cum before I could push all the way into her, so horny from reading the stories with her. I told her I was going to cum if I pushed into her farther, she didn't care, she told me to fuck her, and do it fast. I did, I puched hard and fucked her, we came hard together... feeling her as I came inside her. Her pussy was tightly holding my dick. I pulled out of her, dripping cum from my dick as it pulled out of her.

We got up together and went into the shower, this started out as normal but ended with a new twist. We talked briefly about how we enjoyed our sex life as we washed, but she said something that really surprised me. She came out right and told me she was okay with us having a threesome, and doing the things we read. I was shocked, up to this point she and I have never really come to grips with it being okay to have sex with others, and to watch me fuck another girl and watch her get fucked by another guy. Things we've talked about only in fantasies, now she's okay to do for real. Slowly we're getting ourselves prepared for the impending threesome sex that is destined for our bedroom.

AS it comes, the story will continue.

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