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A Woman Awakes -Ch. 1, The Birthday Surprise

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The heroine of the story speaks to her man in a telephone conversation.

Hi, honey. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the birthday surprise that you arranged for me. I was disappointed that you had to be out of town on a business trip on my birthday, but I must say that you really gave me something that I?ll never forget. Your meticulous planning and preparations were very evident, and they paid off big time. I know that you want me to tell you all about it. So, just lay back on your bed, and I?ll warm up your hotel room with my story.

My birthday started off like any other day, but ended unlike any other. I had a hair appointment in the morning and returned home after lunch. I hadn?t been home for any more than a minute when the doorbell rang. A handsome man was there, and he smiled as I opened the door. He knew my name and had a message for me. He handed me an envelope. Then, he told me to close the door, read the message, and tell him what I thought. I thought that this was strange, but I closed the door and opened the envelope. What a surprise to find that the note was from you! I?ll read it again for you.

It said:

Hi lover! Happy Birthday! I have arranged something very special for your birthday. The guy outside the door is a masseur from a business called Massages and More. His name is Marv. I have hired him to give you a massage to help you relax on your special day. I stopped by his office and gave him the details about what I wanted him to do for you. I know that you are a little shy and reserved, but I thought that your birthday this year would be a chance for a ?coming out? party for you. You really owe it to yourself and to me. So, here?s what you need to do. If you want to follow through with the plans that I?ve made for you, just open the door and invite Marv in. If you don?t want to find out what I planned for you, just wave at Marv through the window, and he will go away. The decision is yours birthday girl!

With all of my love,

Your Horny Hubby

Wow, I thought. What should I do? I was a little nervous and flustered. Then, I peeked out of the window. Marv smiled at me, and I smiled back. I started to raise my hand to wave at him, but I felt that my hand was magically drawn to the door knob instead. My curiosity and interest were aroused. So, I turned the knob, opened the door, and smiled back as I said, ?Hi, Marv.?

?Hello,? he said. I invited him in and closed the door. Then, my afternoon of adventure began. Marv told me that he had detailed instructions about what he was to do for me. I told him that I understood, and hoped that he would be patient with me because this was the first time that I had ever done anything like this. Marv nodded his head and urged me to relax. He told me that he knew that this was my first time, but it wasn?t his. I laughed. His little joke helped to break the ice.

?So, are you ready to be pampered, Princess?? he asked.

?Yes,? I answered quickly, which surprised me a little.

Marv took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to the bedroom. There, he opened his duffel bag and took out a large white towel that just about covered all of the queen size bed. Then, he told me to stretch out on my tummy while he got into his work clothes. So, I kicked of my shoes and got on my tummy on the bed. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he removed his shoes, pants, and shirt. Marv moved our video camera, that ?my hubby? had conveniently left setup, to the corner of the bedroom next to my dresser and turned it on. Next, he moved toward the bed clad in only his boxers and a tee shirt. Marv, climbed onto the bed, and straddled me with his bent knees on either side of my hips. His bottom rested gently on my thighs. I was still fully clothed, but was really beginning to feel a little embarrassed. However, this feeling disappeared as Marv began to rub my back. Oh, he was good. He worked on my back, shoulders, neck, and arms until I was so relaxed that I felt like I was floating on a white magic carpet. He even massaged my bottom. Then, Marv moved to my legs. He massaged my ankles and calves at first, before moving up to my thighs. I was really enjoying his expertise. He moved his hands between my legs and I opened them to give him better access. Higher and higher went his hands as I quivered with excitement. He stopped just short of my pussy. Marv asked me if I was enjoying the massage, and I murmured, ?Yes.? Marv told me that I would probably enjoy myself more if I closed my eyes. He said that closing my eyes would help me to relax and concentrate on his efforts.

?I can do an even better job if we can get you out of some of these clothes,? said Marv.

?OK,? I said with a shy little smile on my face.

I turned over and sat up. Then, Marv helped me out of my sweater. He looked at my bra covered breasts and smiled. Finally, he reached for the waist band on my slacks. He laid me down on the bed on my back, and I lifted up my bottom so that he could slide my slacks down. Down they went to expose my panties and thighs. Marv pulled them all the way off. Then, he neatly folded them an placed them on my dresser.

Now, there I was, clad in only my white lacy bra and white panties, in the presence of a total stranger. I was both aroused and a little apprehensive. So, I rolled over on my tummy to preserve my modesty.

Marv smiled and said, ?So, you want more on the back??

I nodded and Marv began to work his wonders on me again. But, this time it was really exciting because my clothes no longer separated his hands from my skin.

Marv gave me the same type of massage that he had given me with my clothes on, but this time I was feeling very different. The massage felt very sensual and erotic, and I was beginning to become very aroused. Everything that Marv did was now even more exciting. He stroked my back with his hands. Oh, it felt so good. I kept my eyes closed and kept my composure as he nimbly unfastened my bra. Then, he worked on my back, shoulders, neck, and arms until I was so relaxed that I felt like I was floating on a white cloud. Marv move his hands to the sides of my full firm breasts and massaged my sides. Next, he worked on my bottom. Then, Marv moved to my legs. Again, he massaged my ankles and calves at first, before moving up to my thighs. I really enjoyed feeling his hands on my body. He moved his hands between my legs, and I opened them to give him better access. As his hands went higher and higher, I trembled with nervous anticipation. But, again, he stopped just short of my pussy.

Marv gently moved me onto my back. He removed my bra and laid it over the bed headboard. Then, Marv asked me if he could remove my panties. ?Oh, yes,? I said, as I raised my bottom from the bed to help him with his sensual task. He hooked his thumbs under the waist band of my panties and slid them down. I kept my eyes closed to preserve my modesty and maintain the magic of this moment. Down they moved, over my thighs, past my knees, over my calves, and finally past my ankles. Now, I was totally nude. And, I was with a man other than my husband. But, I was reassured by the thought that my horny husband had arranged for this experience and carefully planned my arousing adventure. I peeked at Marv as he feasted his eyes upon my bare body. He smiled and told me that I was even more beautiful with my clothes off. Marv complimented me on my ?magnificent breasts,? as he referred to them. I felt that his praise was sincere, and felt especially honored because I was certain that he had seen many women this way. I gently closed my eyes as he began to fondle my breasts. He was gentle but firm as he handled my melons. He moved his fingers in circles as he massaged my areolas. Marv mentioned that my areolas were as full as he had ever seen on a woman. He said that they were beautiful extensions to my breasts. Then, he grasped my nipples and began to gently roll them between his thumbs and fingers. I was aroused. So, they were erect. Marv lightly tugged on them to tease them to even further firmness.

?Wow, your nipples are really sensitive aren?t they?? asked Marv.

?Yes, they are,? I answered.

?Very unusual for a full breasted woman,? remarked Marv with wonder.

Then, his hands traveled down to my tummy and over my abdomen. I kept my thighs pushed tightly together to preserve my pussy from any immediate attention. He massaged my tummy and occasionally moved up to continue to give attention to my breasts. I was feeling so sensual that I could hardly stand it.

?I hear that you like to have your private parts massaged when you?re laying on your tummy,? Marv exclaimed. He was well coached for my ultimate pleasure, I thought. So, I just smiled, rolled over on my tummy, and spread my legs.

Marv immediately moved his hands to my inner thighs and began to massage them lightly with his finger tips. He moved higher and higher with every stroke until he finally reached my pussy. Marv reached under me and massaged my muff. Then, he migrated to my pussy lips. I was so juicy. My moisture was flowing from my opening. Marv deftly opened my cunt with his ring finger and index finger, and slid his middle finger into me. Oh, I thought to myself, if he is asking a question with his middle finger, my answer had to be ?yes.? Marv moved my moisture to my clitoris, and used gentle but steady little circular motion to massage my most sensitive part. He rubbed my back and thighs with his other hand. Marv also kissed the exposed sides of my full breasts as he continued to deliver pleasure to my crotch. I had almost reached an orgasm when he suddenly stopped.

Marv moved me onto my side and moved my legs. My thighs were perpendicular to my body and my knees were bent to that my lower legs were perpendicular to my thighs. Then, Marv moved in behind me. I could feel his tee shirt on my back and his boxer shorts on my bottom. His legs followed the contour of mine as well. We were like two spoons on their sides in a drawer. I could also feel Marv?s erect manhood pressing against my bottom through his boxers. We ?spooned? like this for delightful period of time. Marv cupped my breasts, tweaked my nipples, stroked my tummy, and of course reached down to continue to give attention to my throbbing little clit. He again almost had me at orgasm when he stopped.

Marv backed off a little, as I maintained my position on the bed. I heard the unmistakable sound of a condom foil pouch being opened. Next, I listened to hear the condom being unrolled on his cock. Marv again moved in close to me from the back. ?May I enter you?? he asked.

I was actually relieved that he was asking for my consent because it saved me from the embarrassment of begging him to bang me. I needed to be filled by a man, and I needed to achieve an orgasm. So, I quickly answered, ?Oh, yes, please do.?

Marv pushed his penis past my puffy pussy lips and entered me. It was thrilling to feel him as he slid deeper and deeper into my cunt. My juicy vagina throbbed with excitement when at last I was filled by his condom clad cock. Marv began to massage my love chamber with long and steady strokes of his dick. His upper torso was angled away from me so that he could put as much of he meat into me as possible. This also enabled him to massage my back, breasts, arm, tummy, hip, and thigh. All the while, Marv continued his deep, slow, sensual, plunges into my pussy. Then, Marv took my hand and placed it on my muff.

?Please get in touch with yourself,? he said.

So, I began to massage my clit as he continued to thrust into my cunt with his cock. I was becoming more and more aroused. Occasionally, my fingers even felt the shaft of his cock as it was sliding in and out of me. I must admit, that was really a turn on. I continued to deliver pleasure to my pussy. It was so sensual to masturbate myself while I was filled by a man. I was filled and fulfilled at the same time. My feminine fervor was at a fever pitch. I moaned with pleasure as waves of pleasure moved through my body. I screamed with erotic ecstasy as I reached orgasm. More moisture gushed from my vagina as Marv continued his massage.

Now, I wanted to return the favor. So, I began to move up and down on Marv?s cock. I wanted to massage his meat with my moist pussy lips. I must have done some good because it didn?t take long for Marv to react by stiffening his body. He moved his hands to my shoulders and held on for dear life as I rode his cock. Finally, I felt him begin to throb and squirt as he ejaculated in my vagina. I continued to move him in and out of me as he squirted three or four more times. Finally, he moved his hand to my hip to stop my rhythmic movements.

?Thank you, thank you,? murmured Marv.

?Thank you!? I exclaimed.

Marv gently pulled his manly massage muscle out of me. Then, he flipped the towel over to cover me. I drifted in delight as I recounted my experience. Marv moved to the bathroom to cleanup and get dressed.

Marv emerged from the bathroom while I was still drowsing in delight. He gave me a good bye kiss on the cheek and said that he would let himself out. But, he also left a note with an important message and his business card.

It said:

Remember to call your horny hubby!

Always at your service,


I found the message on my pillow when I awoke. Marv had left the video camera on during my entire message session. The video camera woke me up from my sexy slumber when it reached the end of the cassette. I am looking forward to watching it with you when you return home.

So, honey, thank you so much for my birthday present. I really enjoyed it. Your sleeping beauty has finally awakened. I am looking forward to more exciting erotic experiences to make our sex life more spicy and sensual.

I know that you really enjoyed listening to my story, and I thoroughly enjoyed telling it to you. And, I want to do more thrilling things to energize our lives. I want us to grow together and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Good night my love. I?ll be dreaming of my horny hubby as I do every night.

Thus ends Chapter 1.

(Her further adventures to be continued in Chapter 2.)

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