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A Visit to the Dentist

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I was pleasantly surprised when the door opened to a beautiful young woman calling out my name and smiling at me. I told myself that I was going to enjoy my new dental hygienist. She was just over 5 feet tall with long blond kinky hair pulled up in the back. Everything about her was tiny I noted as I watched her small ass jog from side to side as she led me down the hall. A decent set of legs ran from her ass down to tiny feet. Her arms were slender and barely held tiny hands which were decorated with a French manicure. Not only was she a small package of pretty, she had a great personality that she showcased as she went chit chatting away while running x-rays.

When she put the lead apron over me, I swore she hovered her chest near my face a little long. And she softly touched my hand several times. I'm not used to women flirting with me so I wasn't sure if she was into me or just friendly. Whichever, I was enjoying the attention and her company. After the x-rays were done, she leaned over again to remove the lead apron, exposing her neck to me. A heavenly scent of flowery perfume wafted to my nose. She hung up the apron then grabbed my hand and led me to the exam room. I sat down as directed and more enjoyable chit chat filled with twinkling eyes and big smiles ensued.

She reclined the chair and began with my teeth cleaning. My feet were elevated and she stood at my head. I stole peeks into her blue eyes and I think I caught her doing the same. As she worked, she pressed her breasts into my head and leaned in close alot. My cock jumped slightly when she pressed her breast in extra hard and I knew she had to have seen it. She stopped her work and said "Good!" "Good?" I asked. "Yes, good. I am glad to see that you are into me as much as I am into you." Then she asked, "wanna have some fun?" Of course I said "sure!"

She leaned over and reached into my pants and began stroking my cock. I reached back and lifted her shirt up to reveal itty bitty tits that didn't even require a bra. Great for access, I thought. I caressed, nibbled, licked, and pinched those tiny beautiful tits while she continued to stroke up and down my shaft. She leaned a little further in to loosen my belt and undo my jeans button. Her movements placed her crotch right at my face. I slowly slid her pants down over her small hips to find no panties and found a beautiful small pussy with a small patch of hair. I reached around, grabbed her small ass and pulled her pussy down onto my face and eager tongue. She let out a loud gasp and arched her back as I continued licking away at her pussy folds. After her quivering subsided, she bent down and slid my jeans up over my hips for full access.

First her tongue started at the base of my cock, right where it meets the balls. She circled around my shaft and slowly worked her way up towards the head where she stopped. "Make me cum if you want more" she said. So I went to town, sliding my tongue inside her. I worked a finger into her pussy and the tip of my tongue found her clit. I made circular, rhythmic motions around her clit, letting her moans and fingernails digging into me guide my actions. I was rewarded for my efforts when she came, drenching my face with her sweet nectar.

She collapsed on top of me and lay there for a minute. When she caught her breath she grabbed my cock and stuffed it down her throat. I was impressed when she bottomed out, I am a strong 8 inches and nobody has ever deep throated me, never mind such a small goddess such as this. Up and down, twisting, sucking, stroking she went. She brought me to the edge time and time again but stopped short. She wanted this to last and was enjoying the control she had over me. Finally, she had enough. She shimmied up my torso and aimed her tight pussy over my cock. And with one swift move, I found myself buried up to my balls deep inside her. She stayed motionless as her small hole adjusted to my length and girth. After a brief period, she began twisting her torso and crotch back and forth, grinding my cock deeper into her. Then she began bobbing up and down my shaft. Slow at first, then faster. Up and down, arching her back and throwing her head back, moaning the whole time. Up, down, twist. She reached down between my legs and began squeezing my balls. Then she begged me to cum inside her. I obliged, reaching up to her shoulders and pulling her down hard into me. I exploded inside her like I have never came before.

After I was done pumping my load into her, she got up. Then standing to the side of me, she bent down and took my cock into her mouth again. She proceeded to lick all evidence of our fun off me until I was fully cleaned. She got dressed as I slid my pants back down over my hips. She then continued with cleaning my teeth, teasing me by pressing her breasts against my head again and laughing. When done, she said "Your teeth are pretty dirty, not as dirty as you, but still dirty. I think you need to CUM again in three months." "I agree" I said as I reached around her head, drew her lips to mine and kissed her deeply. "My name is Scott" I said. "Mine's Renee" she said. With that, I left, looking forward to my next visit to the dentist and actually hoping I have a cavity next time!

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