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A Tale Of Two

The sun continued to beat down on us, but it didn't seem to bother us.
We continued to lay on the lounge chair, caressing each other's naked
body. It was soft, and unhurried. It wasn't sex, it was sensual. Kelli
lay on her side facing me, her head propped up on her hand. I mirrored
her position. We talked about lots of things, all of them sexual in
nature. We talked about what we had been doing these past two weeks,
what we enjoyed, what we liked and what we REALLY liked.

Kelli was so inquisitive, and I felt like the keeper of the knowledge.
I finally confessed that I had purchased "The Joy of Sex", and that is
where all of the answers I was giving to her came from. Of course, now
I had to share the book. That was okay, I had already read it cover to
cover several times. I agreed to let her read it and told her I would
give it to her that day. No sense wasting time when education is
involved. I asked if she was going to share it with my sister and her
friends, Kelli's quick response informed me that the educational
process would continue.

I wondered if now was the time to ask, I mean we had been talking for
almost an hour. "You know", I started, "I had a dream the other
night". "You did? Was it about me?", Kelli replied. I started to
relate the "dream" of her applying the sun tan lotion to her body,
almost identical to the actions she had just taken earlier. How her
hands had roamed her body, toying with herself, touching and massaging
her breasts. I explained how horny the dream had made me. How the
thought of her masturbating was extremely arousing. I told her the
dream was so real, so intense, that I dreamt I heard her make that
little squealing sound she makes when she nears an orgasm.

Kelli was reacting to my words, her eyes brightened, her hands began
to move on her leg and thigh. She traced her hand up her leg, her
fingers lightly touching her skin, up along her side, brushing her
breast. Kelli's finger traced a circle over the tip of her nipple,
tweaking it with her thumb and forefinger. Her finger moved to her
lips as I continued the story of my dream. She licked her finger,
sucking it into her mouth. Her finger reappeared, moist and wet. Kelli
returned to her nipple, tugging it erect.

I continued with my dream. I explained it sounded so real, so alive,
that I had actually awakened. My cock was hard, demanding attention. I
told her that I began to stroke myself, long slow strokes. But I heard
her sound again, I knew it was real. Kelli was watching me closely,
she had not released her nipple from her grasp. "What did you do?",
she asked. Her voice was soft, unsure. I told her that I began to
construct a scenario, one that had her masturbating in one room, with
me in the other. I noticed that her breathing had picked up. I told
her that I listened very carefully, trying to time my strokes to her
sounds, and that I had had a great orgasm, imagining that she had one

"Did you?", I asked. Kelli's gaze dropped from my face. "Well?", I
pressed, "Tell me about it." She wouldn't look up at me, but her voice
started, ever so softly. She explained that she had been asleep but
had awakened. Diane was sound asleep so Kelli told me how she had
started to daydream about me, about my hard penis, about how badly she
wanted it inside of her. I let her continue with her story. She told
me how her hand began massaging her breasts, fingers pulling at her
nipples, pleasuring them until they were rock hard. Her left hand had
found its way to her vagina, her fingers working her labia apart,
searching. The spot she was looking for was easily reached and she
began to slide a finger into her hot, wet pussy. The faster she worked
it, the wetter she became. Her left hand joined her right, rubbing,
pulling, pushing her fingers into her tunnel, she worked herself
closer to an orgasm.

The soft touch of a hand on her breast, groping for her nipple made
her come to a sudden halt. Her hands still buried in her vagina, her
hips rocking gently. She turned her head to look at Diane and at
Diane's hand on her breast.

My reaction was rather sudden also. "What!", I exclaimed. She still
wasn't looking at me. "What happened?", I asked. Kelli went on to
explain that earlier that day when they had just gotten up, they had
been in the bathroom, showering and getting dressed for the day. Kelli
told me that she had just stepped out of the shower and was toweling
off. Diane was facing the mirror, applying her makeup. Apparently
Diane started giggling, looking at Kelli. When Kelli asked Diane what
was so funny, my sister replied nothing was. Kelli persisted and Diane
finally admitted that she was so intrigued by her small breasts and
huge nipples. The water, cold tile and towel had done their magic,
leaving Kelli's nipples hard.

Diane commented further that they looked so hard, and that really, she
wished hers were larger than they were. An easy calm settled over them
as Kelli continued to dry herself. She said that she turned, facing
Diane, she then took both of her hands and slid them up her stomach to
her breasts, pulling a nipple in each hand. She squeezed and pulled at
the same time, causing her nipples to thicken and harden to their full
erection. "Now they're hard", she said. Diane was fascinated, she
moved closer and reached a hand out. She tentatively touched Kelli's
nipple, feeling the texture. "It's okay, go ahead", was Kelli's reply.
Diane covered her breast with her entire hand and rubbed. She moved
her other hand to Kelli's other breast, gripping her nipple, she

"Yours are so different than mine", Diane said. With that, Kelli
reached for my sister's breasts, feeling the weight and softness. She
ran her thumb over Diane's nipples, they responded, growing. Kelli
continued, pulling on them, urging them to their full size. The two of
them exploring, feeling and discovering the differences and
similarities. Kelli said that this lasted for a minute or two, then
they resumed their morning ritual in preparation for the day.

She looked at me, finally, as if for approval. None was necessary. "So
then what happened?", I persisted. The words seemed to pour out of
her. She explained that she had worked herself so close to an orgasm,
that she had forgotten totally about Diane. She hadn't even been aware
of the bed shifting as Diane moved over to her. "Keep going" was all
my sister had said. Kelli returned to her spot, trying to regain the
momentum she had lost. Diane massaged Kelli's breasts, working her
nipples, pulling and squeezing, hard and soft.

The extra attention of Diane's hand on her breasts allowed Kelli to
regain her momentum and added to her pleasure. Her fingers were
sliding effortlessly in and out of her vagina. One hand pulling at her
labia, spreading the wetness. Her pace quickened as she slid one hand
up the flatness of her stomach towards her breast. She touched Diane's
hand on her breast lightly, just with her fingertips. She told me that
she covered Diane's hand with her own, pressing it to her chest. She
closed her hand, forcing Diane's to grip her nipple, she pulled,
adding more pressure to the enlarged flesh. Kelli's other hand had
increased its pace again.

She loosened her grip on Diane's hand, causing the release of her
nipple, but not Diane's hand. She moved their hands down over her
stomach, past her navel, the contact with her skin unbroken. Their
hands made contact with her other hand as they slid over her labia.
Kelli said she moved Diane's hand onto her labia and began a slow
massage. Diane's hand, still covered by Kelli's, joined the quest for
an orgasm. Kelli applied more pressure to the captive hand, forcing
the fingertips into the folds of her labia. She seized Diane's index
finger and plunged it into her hot vagina, now dripping with her
juices. She worked their fingers in unison, deeper and faster, in and
out, again and again.

Kelli pulled the hand from her vagina and drew it up her body to her
lips. She hungrily attacked Diane's finger, licking it like a penis,
sucking it into her mouth. She released the finger from her mouth and
returned it to her vagina, joining her other hand. Again she inserted
Diane's finger into her vagina, working the motion faster, the urgency
becoming more apparent. She repeated the actions, drawing Diane's
finger back to her hungry mouth, sucking her juices from my sister's
finger, only to return it back to her steaming pussy. Kelli's hips
began to move, rocking of their own free will. A squeal escaped from
her lips. Kelli released Diane's hand, allowing it to work unhindered.

Kelli's squeals continued, coming sooner and sooner. Diane again
removed her finger from Kelli, offering it to her lips, Kelli sucked,
drawing her finger deep into her mouth. Her squeals continued as Diane
removed her finger from her lips, returning it to Kelli's vagina. I am
sure that the sounds Kelli was making were what had awakened me from
my sleep. Kelli said that she had become almost uncontrollable at this
point, her hips bucking against the three hands. The orgasm built,
like waves, increasing in intensity as each wave washed over her.

Diane leaned over Kelli, never loosing touch, she pressed her lips to
Kelli's nipple. Kelli said it was as if someone had electrocuted her.
Diane drew her nipple deep into her mouth and sucked, nibbling on the
hard flesh. Kelli lost it, her squeals lost in the sound of the bed
and heir hands and fingers in her vagina. The energy exploded in an
audible sound that I heard in my room, bringing me to my own orgasm.
Of course, I had no idea what had happened in the room, my imagination
was my guide. But it could not have imagined what had really happened.

I looked at Kelli, her eyes still downcast. I reached for her chin,
pulling it to me, I kissed her lips. My tongue tracing the outline of
her lips, forcing them apart, driving into her mouth in search of her
tongue. They danced and played of their own will, we sucked them into
each of our mouths. My hands roamed her supple body, reaching for her
breasts. My penis was hard. It pressed into Kelli's stomach, her hips
moving against me.

"My God", I said. "I can't tell you how horny hearing that made me".
Kelli looked at me and said "You don't think that I'm weird because
that happened?" Her eyes told the story. I wrapped my arms around her
small torso and hugged her tight to me. "I think you are wonderful",
was my response. Her hand grasped my erect penis and pushed it towards
her labia, moving it into her lips. The wetness and heat was
remarkable as she moved my penis against the petals of her lips. "I
want you in me, I'm so horny and I'm so glad you don't think I'm

Kelli rolled onto her back and lifted her legs. She grabbed the back
of her thighs and pulled them up like she was about to do a
somersault. I positioned myself above her, the tip of my cock brushing
the lips of her pussy. It needed no guidance, Kelli had opened herself
up to me. My erect penis slid into her, meeting the heat and tight
resistance. The pressure was incredible, her muscles tightening as I
drove deeper into her. Again, the head of my penis hit something,
causing Kelli to moan and push harder with her hips. Our pubic hair
touched as our pelvis' hit. Kelli began squirming to the left and
right, her hips rocking. It felt like the hand in her vagina would not
release me, would not allow me to pull out. I pulled my hips back,
Kelli pushed hers forward, trying to force me to stay were I was, deep
inside of her.

I pulled back, my penis slid out of that oily, hot sheath. The head of
my penis reached her lips, I held it there, teasing. Kelli's hips
pushed, searching, wanting to recapture my penis. I plunged forward,
driving my cock into her, pinning her ass to the lounge. She moaned
and squealed. I continued, almost drawing my penis out, toying with
her lips and driving it deep into her. I was at a point that I
couldn't continue at this pace. Forget the teasing, I drove my hips at
her like a man possessed. The sounds were intoxicating, the slapping
of our skin as our pelvis' met, the slurping of her pussy as it
grasped my erect cock. The sounds returned, deep, guttural groans,
squeals. The two of us fell into an elevator shaft, floating
weightless as our orgasms overtook us.

We continued to move against each other, slowly, languidly. There was
no hurry, only satisfaction. The spasms in Kelli's vagina continued to
tell the story of aftershocks. I learned that by contracting certain
muscles, I could cause my penis to move deep in her pussy. Kelli
noticed and smiled her approval. I know it seemed like we remained in
this embrace, with me lying on top of Kelli for an hour, we knew it
wasn't, but the sun on my back suggested it was long enough.

My limp penis slid from the tight grip of Kelli's vagina. Our juices
trailing down her thigh. She looked at me, her eyes half open and said
"Last one in the pool doesn't get laid again". I fell back as she sat
up and lunged for the pool. I was in shock, hell, I didn't have the
strength or mental capacity to speak after the orgasm she had just
given me, let alone move. And she was already in the pool! I was
beginning to think that I was clearly over matched in this
relationship. My muscles finally began responding to the urgent
messages from my brain. I detected movement, almost at the same time
my body hit the water.

We swam for a few minutes, feeling the rejuvenating properties of the
pool water. I was almost beginning to feel like a human, the brain
synapses were firing and they weren't missing. Kelli swam up to me,
obviously in better control of her muscle function than I was. She
wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Playfully at first,
deeper and more passionate. God, she was hot. We were in the shallow
end, the perfect height for Kelli to wrap her legs around me, she did.
We started talking again, about the intensity of the feelings, how
great it was.

It was as if someone had dumped a bucket of cold water over me!
"Kelli, shouldn't I be wearing a rubber?", I asked. Her laughter was
infectious, I found myself totally involved. She looked at me with her
big eyes and said "Nothing to worry about, I'm on the pill". I almost
dropped her I was so surprised. I responded with a highly articulate
response, "Huh?" Kelli went on to explain to me that ever since she
started getting her period it had been very irregular and difficult
for her, so her mom took her to her gynecologist and they had put her
on the pill. Kelli went on to explain, in a rather matter of fact way,
that her gymnastics performance had improved ever since.

We continued to play in the water, relaxing into a familiarity that
only intimate people could. "Have you ever used any toys?", I asked.
"Sure", was her reply. She explained to me that her sister had a
vibrator and she had used it whenever she could. She said that Judy
and she had used it every time they slept over. Unfortunately, her
sister was away at college, so her "friend" was no longer available. I
was stunned at the mention of Judy's name, but tried not to show it.
We were in each others arms at this point and I asked her if she would
like a "friend" of her own. Her response was all I needed. She told me
to make sure it looked just like my cock. I told her I would go
shopping for her later today.

We realized that my sister was due home at any minute and scrambled to
dress ourselves. Sure enough Diane showed up about three minutes after
we finished adjusting our suits. I bailed out and left the girls by
themselves. I had some shopping to do!

End of Story

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