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A Perfect Evening

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I know it's long, but I wrote it many years ago for the woman who finally became my wife. Interested to hear what you think of it. P.S. We played this out and it was just as good in real time!! LOL Let us know what you thought....we are flhotfun here on SLS

On the ride home from our evening out, we are sitting in the back of the car. It?s dark and just the occasional passing street light shines an orange glow across your beautiful face. Having had a few drinks and feeling loose and free, I release your hand from mine and place it on your soft sexy leg. Seeing how your in a sexy red dress with quite a long slit up the side it?s easy for me to feel your soft cool legs. I shift my body to a more sideways seating position and place my other hand on your cheek. I slide my fingers down and across your lips while staring deeply into your eyes. I let my lips brush yours, feeling you exhale heavily. I slide my hand to the back of your neck, running my fingers through your silky hair. Soft dry kisses are being poured over your neck along the way to your ear. My tongue slides out and traces the outer edge of your ear as my steaming breath tickles your neck. I lightly tug on your earlobe with my teeth and begin the decent back down your neck with soft, now moist, kisses. I slide my hand into your hair again and begin sliding it out. About half way through I make a fist and give a good tug. You neck jerks back and I look you deep in the eye. I whisper ?I want you? and press my lips to yours. Your eyes roll into the back of your head from pleasure as my tongue penetrates your lips and slides upon your own. I release your hair and begin to kiss down your neck. I run my tongue over your shoulder, my fingers sliding your dress away. I follow the ?v? cut of the dress with little kisses all the way down to your soft supple breast. My tongue digs below the dress line trying to get to the now hardened nipple. I kiss along the outside of the breast and over to the other one. My hands sliding down your shoulders and arms down onto your thighs. I kneel in front of you, wedging myself between the seats and running my hands from your knees up to you luscious thighs giving a slight squeeze. My tongue try?s to burrow itself into the lowest point of the ?v? and traces the lace of your bra. I use my chin to shimmy the ?v? down a little farther for better access when the cars stops at our destination.

I assist you in exiting the car. We say good night to the driver who has a huge smile on his face. Even though he didn?t see anything, he knows what is going to happen next. We begin to walk up the driveway getting to the edge of my car. I allow you to walk ahead as I give your sexy ass a cute little squeeze. You jump and I make my move. I grab you and spin you around. I grab both arms and push you against the car door. I begin a long, hot, passionate, slightly forceful kiss. I feel your knees begin to give out so I hold you a little tighter. I end the kiss and look at you. The lust I feel for you is blatantly obvious, and you can see it in my eyes. I slide my fingers into each shoulder section of your dress, and tug them most of the way down your arms. This allows your perfect breasts to start to peek out. Your sexy bra still hiding them. I hold you by the shoulders and bend my body to get my mouth near your chest. I wrap my lips around as much breast as I can, releasing your shoulder and cupping your breast. You?re breathing heavy and lost in the moment. I slide my fingers into the purple lace and pull your engorged nipples in to the cool night air. My tongue traces your areola, the heat from my breath warming the nipple. I continue to trace, inching closer and closer to the nipple. You can feel the moisture I?m leaving behind getting cooler in the gentle breeze. My tongue wisps across just the base of your nipple and it sends a shiver down your spine. I run my free hand down your leg and back up, going under your dress until I can caress your soft sexy ass through your silky panties. My tongue rolls circles around your nipple not actually touching it. You grab my head and try to force me to take your nipple in my mouth. I just continue to trace around it. I can hear in your breathing that your going crazy and I just snicker. You let go of my head and grab the hand that is on your ass, helping it to squeeze your soft cheek and separate it from the other one. Soft droplets of sweat are trickling down the gentle split of your cheeks. My mouth envelops your nipple as my tongue slides across the top of it. I clamp my mouth on to your breast and start to suck lightly. I put my other hand on that incredible ass and begin to massage it. Squeezing and rubbing. Caressing every inch of flesh. My fingers inch closer to the center of your ass, pulling them apart, closer still my fingers only inches from the wetness of your steaming hot pussy. I begin to slide a finger along the center of your panties, helping to get them nice and wet from your juices. You open you legs a little farther and I push my thumb against the wetness. I release your breast and stand back up. I kiss along your chest and onto your neck. We again kiss long and passionately my hand sliding up and down your panties my fingers grazing your lips. I kiss over to your ear and say ?Shall we continue this inside?? You begin to take a step and lose you balance. I catch you and scoop you up into my arms.

Entering the house I put you down at the door way. I unzip your dress and let it fall to the floor. I gasp as I look at the beautiful sight before me. I again scoop you up and place you down gently on the couch. I run my hands all over your incredible body, stopping in all the right places but for no where near enough time. I kneel beside you and whisper into your ear ?I want you to see nothing but stars tonight and I want you to know that I need to feel every inch of you, I want you, I want to be so deep inside you, and I want to taste your pleasure.? You seem to stop breathing, but resume. I kiss my way along your neck and across your chin. I allow my tongue to slide out and trace your lips. You reach up trying to get my tongue inside you, but I slide away. I kiss my way down to your heaving chest. I use my teeth and unsnap the front clip on your bra. Your beautiful breasts pop out thankful to be free. Your bra falls to either side of you and I cup your right breast. I give it a gentle squeeze several times and breath heavily inches above it. I touch just the tip of the nipple with my lips and back off. I slide my hand along your soft stomach and down onto your hips. I turn my body while kissing all the way down you belly. My hands run down each milky soft leg to the edge of the straps on your heels. I kiss my way across your panties and down one thigh. I reach the knee and start over on the other thigh. Both hands are running up and down the leg that I?m kissing. I kiss all the way down to your sexy toes. I unstrap one heel and gently hold your foot in my hand. I slide the bottom of your foot along my freshly shaven face and down onto my chest. Holding your strong calf I lift your foot back up to my face and begin kissing it all over. As I reach your toes I start to suck each one into my mouth softly and slowly. I run my tongue along the arch of your foot and back to your toes. With my hand I grab your other foot and bring it up to my mouth. I leave the heel on and trace out the arch with my tongue. I slide over the straps and onto your toes. I carefully lick each one. I start to un-strap the heel and toss it to the floor. I suck on each one of these toes also. I bring both feet to my mouth and rub the undersides with my thumbs while I suck on both sets of toes at the same time. I slowly place your legs back on the couch and run my hands along those sexy legs. I lean forward to keep them running up your upper thigh. As you feel them nearing you instinctively start to spread your legs in anticipation of my touch. My hands continue on to your belly and back to your firm breasts. Squeezing and tugging on them.

I begin to kiss your leg at your knee and start back up onto your thigh. You feel my nose brush against your mound and sigh heavily. I kiss along your belly at the edge of your panties from one side to the other and back to the middle. I kiss down the center of your panties and you try to open your legs to me to have better access. I keep your legs closed with my body weight and snuggle my face as far as I can get it into your thighs. You can feel the heat coming off my body all over you. My nose nudging your clit through your very wet panties. You feel my tongue pressing against the wetness. My fingers sliding under the edge of your panties and tugging on them. I allow your legs to open slightly, pressing my mouth harder against your soft silky panties. Your juices have soaked the outer portion of your panties and I suck some of the juice right out of them. I moan with pleasure at the taste of your sweet pussy. I slid my fingers a little further into your panties and pull them slowly to one side. I allow my tongue to roll through the soft small mound of hair you have. I lift my body to allow you to move your left leg over giving me full access to your sweet honey pot. I slide my tongue down the outside of you right lip and just barely let it touch as I slide across the bottom and back up the other side. I do this again getting just a little close to each lip each time. Finally I am tracing the lip all the way down and back up. Your love button is so engorged it is trying to push its way out of your lips and into the line of my wet tongue. I take your hand and place it on your panties to hold them over so I can use both of mine to invade every inch of you. As I slide my tongue down your lip this time, I stop right at the entrance and breath hard. The heat sends a shiver through your whole body. I place just the tip of my tongue at the entrance to your glorious love canal and flick it slowly. As you feel it start to penetrate your lips you start holding your breath with each millimeter it goes in. I slide my tongue up, separating your lips and catching the tip of your clit. Your body jerks and you exhale what you have been holding in along with a squeal of excitement. You have managed to find a way to keep your panties out of the way so you can use your hands to place my head where you want it. However, I am not that easy and even though I love the fact that you are trying to force me to do what you want, I want this to last as long as possible and resist your placement. You give a slight growl when I resist, but when you feel my tongue just below your clit you stop and moan loudly. I run my tongue from the bottom edge of your clit to the upper opening of your love canal. Back and forth. First just the tip of my tongue, then I move onto the full tongue, up and down. My upper lip is bumping your clit with each tongue stroke and it?s driving you crazy. Your hands are entangled in my hair and on this upstroke you try your best to pull my head onto it. When you pull I lift myself off your sweet tasting pussy and look at you. You can see your juices glistening on my mouth and chin and it drives you even more crazy. I ask you if everything is ok. You can?t answer, just grunt. I giggle and put my head back into the sweet smell of your sex. I suck your left lip into my mouth and tug it gently. I then do the same to your right lip. I place my wide open mouth over your entire pussy and give a large gentle suck. It puts a large amount of your sweet juice into my mouth, which I happily lift my head to show you and swallow it deeply. Once down I smack my lips and exclaim how wonderful you taste. You giggle slightly and I slide my head back into position. I pull your lips apart gently to expose your sweet clit. I run my tongue around it in circles, never actually touching it. I slide my tongue down to your now wide open hole and slowly start to slide inside you. I pull out quick making you gasp. I quickly run my tongue back up and right over your clit. Your body shakes as my wet hot tongue hits it. I close my lips around your clit and flick the tip of my tongue over and over it. I close my lips tighter and tighter until I?m sucking on it. I suck a little harder and then suddenly release it. I roll my tongue around it some more as my finger starts to play with your open hole. My finger starts to slide in slowly as my tongue flicks from the bottom of your clit up to the top of it in a fairly quick motion. I slide my finger about half way in and you again can?t breath. Your moaning is getting so much louder. Your hands are trying to pull the hair out of my head. You place one hand on my neck and dig your nails in trying to get me to finish you off. You just have no idea what you?re in for here. I?m not even close to letting you get off yet. I push, with some vigor, my finger all the way in. You yelp with excitement. I start to stroke my finger in and out of you, slowly at first and then a little faster. My tongue is now squarely on your clit which is so excited the hood has pulled itself back exposing the most sensitive area. I roll my tongue around this sensitive clit pumping my finger in and out. I add a finger slowly until they are both good and wet. I get both of them deep inside you and separate them. My fingers now sliding up and down each side of your inner walls and as I pop your clit into my mouth and start to suck hard. Your getting awfully close and I can hear it in your moans. The word yes is creeping out of your lips every once and a while and I know you having a good time. My fingers are drenched with your sweet juice and I slide my tongue down to your hole. You can feel my tongue on the edge of your hole as I lick your sweet cream off my fingers as they pump even faster in and out of you. Your breathing has become very labored and you are holding my head as hard as you can into your pussy so I don?t move. I push my way back up and begin licking your clit hard and fast. Your moans are out of control as is your breathing. Your right there and I know it. I pull my fingers out and remove my mouth. You whine loudly, very loudly when I stop and you ask me why. I look you deep in the eyes and tell you it?s just not time yet.

The pout that comes across you face is very saddening, but I know I can make this even better than it was going to be. I stand up and remove my shirt. You run your foot across my bare chest and moan slightly. I grab that foot and suck all of the toes into my mouth. Then I start to kiss the underside of this leg. All the way down the calf and the under thigh. I put my hand under your sweet now very wet ass and force you to flip over. The look on your face is pure confusion. I cover both your legs with kisses and move my way up to that sexy ass. I squeeze both cheeks firmly and begin kissing them all over. I grab your hips and help you to scoot your pretty little butt in the air. While on your knees I pull your panties off your hips and down to your knees. This gives me the opportunity to do things with little resistance from you as you have little movement now. I run my tongue up the inside of your thigh, lapping up all of the juice that has trickled down. Using my hands to separate your pussy lips, I open it wide. I push my tongue over your clit and up into your hole. I push my tongue as far in you as I can go and you can feel the steel of my tongue ring on your inner wall. I wiggle the tip just enough so you can feel it inside of you and begin to slide my tongue in and out of you. After a minute of this I place my thumb on your clit and start to rub it softly. Your moaning again and I know your getting back into the groove. I knew you wouldn?t be upset for long. I pull my tongue out and slide it down to your clit, releasing it from my thumb and flicking it wildly with the cold steel ring. I run my tongue back to your hole and go right past it. I slide my tongue along the edge of your luscious ass and tickle the top of the crack with a few flicks. I trace my way back down the other cheek and roll my tongue around the tight puckered little sinful hole. Saliva trickles off my tongue and rolls right to the opening. Your body does a little jerk and you moan slightly. My thumb is rubbing your clit a little harder now. My tongue slides past your sexy little asshole and back to the opening of your love hole. I push it deeper than before and use my whole head to push it in and out of you like I was pounding you with my rock hard dick. Again I pull my tongue out and slide it down to your clit. Your breathing even heavier now and are really starting to get into it. I roll your clit around with my tongue and slide it back up and right across that sensitive little asshole. This, you were not expecting and you jump, surprised at the fact that it felt pretty good. I slide it right back down the same place and slip it right back into your hole. I stop and stand up. You look at me with a very aggravated look. ?What the hell are you doing now?? You ask me. ?Just wait and see my sweet!!!? I lift you off the couch and stand you up. I push my sopping wet, sweet pussy juice covered tongue into your mouth. We kiss deeply and I run my hands all over your body. I place two pillows on the floor and lay between them. You get down on your knees and start to rub the bulge in my pants. I stop you and pull you over to my face. I lift one knee over my head and place it on the pillow. You place the other one on the other pillow. You scoot up a little and place that wonderful pussy square on my mouth. I hear a mmmmmmmm come out of your mouth as I start to lick you this way. I take both of your hands and bring them down to your pussy. I place your fingers on either side of you lips and help you to spread them. You get the idea and make it so it?s just the way you want it. You start grinding your hips to the movement of my tongue inside you and you start rubbing your clit vigorously. My hands are kneading your soft ass cheeks and my tongue is buried deep inside you. Your hips are going back and forth and I mumble that you may get off now if you like. Your fingers are going crazy on your clit and my hands are inching loser to your holes. I?m pulling your ass cheeks apart and helping to open your pussy a little more to allow my tongue in even further. You can feel it getting closer and closer, my tongue is darting in and out of you like my finger was earlier and now your cum juices are starting to flow as you get even closer. My fingers are playing around your holes from behind as my tongue is ground into you from your pressure. My tongue is tired now, but I know how close you are. In one quick forceful moment I grab your hips and throw you on the couch. I grab your thighs and spread them wide open. I bury my face on your clit and lick like a wild man. I slide a couple of fingers back inside you and right away you?re back to moaning wildly. My mouth is all over your pussy going crazy as my fingers pump in and out of you. My thumb is rubbing the soft skin in between your pussy and ass. My other hand is running up and down your leg and up to give your beautiful breast a squeeze. All I can taste is cum. I can tell you are right there. I clamp my mouth over your clit and start my tongue licking it hard, my fingers pumping in and out of you. My fingers are covered in a sweet white juice as you grab my head and push it onto your pussy, hanging on for dear life. A few foul words slip out of your mouth along with a series of yes?s. My fingers are buried deep in you, separated sliding up and down the walls, my tongue running over and over on your clit. Your body starts to tremble, your legs are shaking, and I wrap my free arm around your leg as your hips start to buck wildly. Your hold on my head feels like a vice, but it?s so nice. Something that sounds like a howl comes out of your mouth as a massive buck almost sends me across the room. I hang on tight as your pussy gushes out sweet, sweet cum. I start to slow my fingers down, as the orgasm starts to subside. I pull them out and release your clit. Your whole body is shaking wildly. I run my tongue down and lap up as much of your cum as I can get into my mouth. I slide my tongue deep inside your pussy and pull out as much more as I can get. You slide your fingers through my hair as you try and restore normal breathing.

The smile on your face is from ear to ear and I love every second of it. I crawl on top of you and we embrace in a strong hug. Both breathing heavily, sweat all over our bodies. Your laying on the couch legs spread wide with me in between them. You can feel through my pants that I am very hard. You grind your hips just a little to try and feel it a little better. I realize this and move my hips up and down pressing my hardness against your still quivering pussy. I can feel your juice start to penetrate the fabric of my pants and dampen my cock. We are still locked in an embrace and normal breathing is just starting to come back. With my hands around you and under your back I slide one up and grab a hold of your hair. I pull it back and you squeal. I lift my head off your shoulder and whisper ?Ok round one down and only five more to go. You up for round two my hot little sexpot?? Then I trace your ear with my tongue and my hot breath makes you shiver out a moan. You appear to be completely wiped out from the first excursion, but my kisses on your neck seem to bring your body back to life. I feel your hand slide down my back and onto my ass. You give it a squeeze and then pull on it trying to push my hardness a little more onto you. I start to gently suck on your neck while your hands slide across my hips and to the front of my pants. You feel the wet spot your sweet juices have created. You begin to trace the outline of my member with your fingertips as I kiss all around your neck and to the other side. You bring your other hand down to meet the first and start to squeeze lightly. I run my hands down your back and scoot them under that perfect ass and begin kneading it. I can feel your juices still damp on your cheeks. You work your hands to a position to undo my belt. You push on my stomach slightly so I move back enough for you to get it undone. You pull it apart and push it to the sides out of the way. You work your fingers into my waistband and undo the first button. You can feel the strain on my pants from my hardness and start on the zipper. You have to wiggle a little to get it all the way down, but you do. You slide your hand inside groping for me. You find it and give a good squeeze. You carefully pull him out and start stroking him slowly. You can tell I?m enjoying it as my breathing begins to get heavier. I am now just resting on your shoulder reveling in your touch. My heavy breathing tickling your neck and ear, making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Your strokes have put him decimeters from your still engorged clit. I can feel this on every down stroke and decide to push my hips just a little closer. As you stroke down he hits your clit squarely. Your moan slightly and I push him even closer. You roll your fingers up him and off, using them to separate your lips so he can hit your clit without obstruction. I begin to slide him up and down across your entire pussy, still wet and getting wetter with every anticipatory stroke. Your moaning is getting a little louder as he nears the entrance to your love loft. I stroke him up and rub him all over your clit sending little shivers along your spine. I stroke him down to the point that you can feel his head partially touching your entrance. I slide him back up and rub him along your clit again. All of this teasing is driving us both crazy. As I slide down the teasing gets the best of me and I let him fall in line with your sensuous hole. Without realizing he?s there I start the upstroke again and he starts to penetrate into you. He gets less than an inch and you pull your hands out and wrap them around my back tightly with a heaving sigh. I contemplate heavily the thought of burying my cock deep inside this lovely hot juicy pussy, but decide not too. I leave him there that inch and push myself up and off of you. I look down at you and you look at me with lustful yet puppy dog type eyes. Begging me to finish what I started with your eyes, I push gently. You feel him a touch further. I pull him out and you whimper. You put your hands around my neck and pull me closer to you. You look deeply into my eyes and say ?Please, make love to me. Show me how much you want me.? Then you pull yourself up to me and kiss my deeply. My cock is still sitting at the entrance to your love hive and I start to push. I enter you slowly and get about an inch in and look at you. I say ?Sweetie, I am making love to you. This is all God gave me. I?m sorry he?s so small, but that?s why I work so hard with my tongue.? You give me a playfully dirty look and say ?Cum on?please?? I slide him in and out, just that inch. Slowly pumping you, just an inch. This is teasing you terribly and you start to claw at my neck. ?PLEASE? PLEASE?? I ask you ?What do you want?? ?You, I want all of you inside me please!? ?Sexy girl I told you, this is all there is!!? ?mmmmmmm cum on mmmmmmmmm please?? You say. I lean forward to your ear and say ?What do you want??....This?? as I slam all of me as far into you as I can with one strong stroke.

I?m as deep as can be and your body quakes. You gasp for air and let out a squeal of excitement. I use my hips to push farther and I sit up quickly. I grab your legs and open them as far as they can go and push myself deeper into you with all of my bodyweight. I wiggle my hips from side to side just to ensure I?m as deep as I can get at the moment and I let you enjoy it. I slowly slide him out of you, all the way out. I hold your legs up in the air and slap my tongue against you clit. I slide it from top to bottom flicking it at the hole and running it back up to your clit. I roll it around your clit a few times and listen to you moan. I run it back down your sweet pussy and right past your now very wanting hole to the edge of that sweet ass. I flick my tongue out a few times and just barely catch the tight little opening. I place the tip right on the entrance and flick with some pressure. I am utterly surprised to hear you moan a little with a hint of a giggle because it tickles. I slide my tongue back up and push it deep into your sweet pussy. You can feel my ring on the walls inside of you again and you start to wiggle your hips. I pull my tongue out and place my whole mouth over your clit. I suck, just a little so there is some pressure, and pull your clit into my mouth. With your clit in my mouth I am able to use the ring to rub your clit. Strange feeling you think to yourself, as a few moans escape from your lips. I let go and kiss my way up your belly and onto a breast. They feel neglected so I suck on one slowly, rolling the nipple around with my tongue. You can feel him at the entrance of you again and try to wiggle your hips to get him in you. I release your nipple and look up at you. ?No no no? I say. ?Not yet? ?MMMMM? is all you can seem to muster as your hips stop moving. I cup both of your breasts in my hands and squeeze them together. I push your nipples as close together as I can and start to suck on both of them at once. Sensations run from your nipples right down your belly to your clit. I move him around teasing that wet little pussy. Sliding him up and down your slot, he?s rubbing against your clit, slowly at first then a little faster. You sexy ass is hanging off the couch as my hands slide down and gently massage those soft sexy cheeks. Sliding my cock up and down the length of your still soaking wet pussy and place the head again right at the entrance. I suck a nipple into my mouth and your groan excites me. I start to push him inside of you, getting just a touch of him in the entrance. I pull him back out sucking harder on your nipple and slide him up and across your clit again. I rest him on your clit for a moment and then start jerking my hips so he runs over it faster and faster. I pull away fast and let him fall. He grazes past your sweet pussy entrance and slides down along the skin in between and touches your tight asshole. Resting there you give me a look like what the hell are you doing? I let him sit there for a moment and snicker as I pull him back up. I place him right at your entrance and slowly start to slide him into you. Inch by inch I slide into your tight wetness. Penetrating you deeper and deeper, he gets about half way and I begin to pull him back out. You grab a hold of my ass and try to keep me from removing my rock hard cock from inside of you. I pull him out to the edge and stroke him back into you. You let out a long sigh as he slides in. MMMMMM, OOOOOOOO, you inhale deeply and wait until I stop to exhale. I push him to about three quarter?s depth and slowly pull him back out. You don?t stop me this time because you get the idea of what I?m doing. I pull him further out, slowly. You feel your love canal emptying. You lie in wait for the pressure of being filled back up, but you suddenly realize I?m all the way out. You open you eyes and look at me as I begin to stand. ?What are you doing?? As I get to the full upright position you notice just how soaking wet my cock is and think to yourself how tasty it must be. As I start to turn you bounce to a seating position and grab him tightly. ?WHOA!!? I say. ?What are you doing?? All you do is laugh as you lean forward and start to slide your tongue down the shaft, licking all of your juices off of him. ?MMMMM? is all I hear from you as you reach the base. Holding him with one hand you move him around and run your tongue all over from the top to the bottom and back. You hold him tightly in your hand, running your tongue around the head and listening to me whimper at what you are doing. In one felt swoop you engulf my cock with your hot lips and mouth and slide him into you. My head snaps back from the glorious sensation. You release your hand and just slide him in and out of your mouth. My moans are getting increasing louder and I place my hand gingerly on your head. You have picked up the pace and now I?m about yelling. I grab your hair and tell you to stop! You release him and look up at me. ?Why do I have to stop? You didn?t do what I wanted you to do to me when I wanted it, so why should I?? You ask me in an interested tone. ?Simple? I say. ?This is about you not me!! If it were about me you would be doing that for the next four hours, but it?s not. It?s about you and getting you to such a sexual high you forget how to cum down!? I slide my hands under your arms and lift you off the couch.

Your legs are slightly wobbly, but no where near enough. I know I have much more work to do. I walk you over to the table. You ass rests right on the edge as my hands hold you face ever so softly. I begin a soft kiss with you. The soft kisses turn into a longer tongue filled passionate kiss. Our hands are all over each other. Mine slide from your face across you shoulder onto the upper portion of your chest and come to rest on your left breast. I give your breast a hearty squeeze and bring my other hand up to the other breast and give it a squeeze also. I slide my hands down your smooth skin and around to your fine little ass. Leaning slightly making the kiss a little more difficult I reach around and start to massage you sweet little cheeks. Sliding my hands farther down your ass I lift you up and place you on the table without breaking the kiss. My hands run across your thighs until they find the moisture in between. I slide my fingers across your mound and down onto your damp lips. I cup your whole pussy in my hand and wiggle my middle finger at your entrance. Your lips separate willingly waiting for me to touch you again. I trace the left lip up with that finger until I find your hardening clit. I slide my finger around it not actually touching it, just grazing it. You lean back and rest yourself on your hands lifting your legs a little more to give me better ability to drive you crazy. You are one sexy sight in this position. The moon light coming in through the sliding glass door just shines off your silky skin, giving you an amazing glow. I lean forward, still rolling my finger around the outside edge of your clit and start to nibble on your ear. My breath is running down your ear and onto your sweaty neck, giving you goose bumps. I trace the inside edge of your ear with my tongue and suck on your earlobe. I place my head as far back as I can in this position and lock my lips onto your neck. I suck on it for just a second so you can feel the sting of your blood rushing to the area like you were 17 and getting a hickey again. I release and roll my tongue down to the front of your neck, sliding it up your chin and outlining your lips. You open your mouth wanting me to kiss you again, but I just keep tracing your lips until I suck the bottom lip into my mouth. My finger slides down your drying pussy and enters you quickly pulling as much juice as it can to moisten up the rest of the area. I slide my finger back down to the same area again and flick it right in front of your hole just enough for you to feel it there and want it inside you. You?re moaning loudly and grinding your hips trying to get my finger in you again. I stop the wiggle and start to roll it around the outside of the hole. You can feel it there and want it bad. You are starting to grunt because you want it so bad. I quickly slide it all the way inside you and you jump slightly. I wiggle him around inside you, rubbing him all around your inner walls. I run against the wonderful ?G? spot and I feel your whole body shake as you squeal. I turn my hand to get a better vantage point for this. I find it again and slowly start to rub it, making your whole body squirm with delight. You throw your head back in sheer ecstasy, and I slam my wet lips onto your neck sucking it hard. You can feel the blood rushing as my free hand cups your breast and squeezes your very hard nipple with no remorse. ?OOOH? pours out of your mouth with a long sigh from the intense pleasure. I slowly slide my finger around your ?G? spot and start sliding it out. It?s dripping from all of your juices and I slide it down and dampen your tight little ass hole. You give me that look again, but this time it doesn?t last. You just feel too good inside to care at this point. I slide my finger all around that little hole getting it good and wet. I apply a little pressure to it and your head darts up. I stare into your eyes and you can see I won?t do anything you won?t like. I slide my finger into your pussy again getting it good and wet and slide it back down to your sweet little ass once again. You still have that look in your eye as I roll it around the danger zone with a little pressure. I adjust my body slightly so my hard cock is resting on the table just inches from your tight little hole. You can feel it near and don?t know what to think. I push my hips forward and he?s hitting the hole. You look me dead in the eye and I just smile. You see I know what is about to happen and you only think you know. I know that as I begin my push he is touching the forbidden zone, but I have it wet enough that he slides right up and enters your sexy pussy slowly. You let out a sigh for two reasons. One because I didn?t do what you thought I was going to do and two because you get to feel my hardness deep inside you again. The level of the table is perfect for this. I continue to slide inside you. You feel me getting deeper and deeper. ?MMMMM Thank you, I?ve been waiting for that!? I push him all the way inside of you and start to bring him back out. Slowly, so dam slowly it?s agonizing. I bring him out to the tip and slowly, so slowly, start to push him back in. I begin to pump him in and out of you in a smooth fluid motion, in and out. I step up the pace a little and you fall back onto your elbows. I take a hold of your ankles and lift them up to my shoulders. I start to pump into you a little faster and harder. This is a good position for you and you lay all the way back. I just keep sliding myself in and out of you. Slowly pumping you sweet pussy. There is a puddle of your juice on the table that my balls keep running through. I rest your legs on my shoulders and begin playing with that sexy ass again. I slide my finger up and under to the soft spot between the two holes. I let my finger massage that while I slide my hard cock in and out of you. You?re panting and moaning at this point and it almost sounds as if you are nearing another one. I don?t know if I can let that happen just yet though, and I allow my finger to drop down to your now soaked ass. I apply a little pressure just so you can feel it there. I roll it around and it starts to penetrate your forbidden zone. I stop and think about this for a minute. I think about the fact you said no way, but I also consider the fact that you are lost in the moment and it might help you out as far as how good you feel right now. A little pressure on the prostate can feel really good. I look at you to see your reaction, and I can see nothing but partially closed eyes with just the whites showing. The moans coming out of you are deep and enjoyable to hear. I decide this would not be the best timing so I remove it and bring my hand around to find your clit. My thumb lands on it and starts to rub it around in a circle. Your back starts to arch and you?re getting into a loud pant close to a scream. I pick up the pace and really start to pump him in and out of you. He?s moving your inside around quickly, back and forth. I start to pump with long steady strokes. I place my hands under you sweet ass and lift you up just slightly. It?s just enough movement to allow me to slide in and out of you nice and straight. Your head is bouncing from side to side and your whimpers of pleasure are much louder. You hands grip the table and you start to match my rhythm by pulling and pushing yourself, forcing me deeper in you with each stroke. With your movements matching mine the strokes have become very powerful and are going at full depth. I let go of your ass and place my hands under your arched back, just above your ass. I pull a little which changes where you feel him and what he hits inside of you. You are grunting with each stroke and are forcing yourself onto him. I hold onto your hips tightly and start to pump with everything I?ve got. I am literally slamming him in and out of you. You are now at a full scream; your knuckles are pure white from the grip you have on the table. You pull your head up off the table as I slam you as hard as I can, faster and faster, pumping you like a madman. My grunting is matching your screams, your neck is all the way back and the top of your head is hitting the table each time I slam my cock into you. I pull on your hips, slamming your sweet pussy. It?s all you can do to hang on. ?OOOOOOOOHHHH GOD, He HE HE Here it cooooooooooommmmmmeeeeeeeesssssss? You are losing it. I pump as hard as I can. The table legs are starting to give from the intense movement. ?Oh GOD, Oh GOD, here I cummmmmmmm, oooooooooooooooooooooo, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? ?Unh unh unh uinh? ?ooooooooooffffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk? You entire body tenses as tight as can be. I can see the veins popping out of you in all places. I look you in the eye and as hard as you try you just can?t look at me. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, and suddenly your whole body goes limp. I slow down my pumping so he?s just sliding in and out of you. Your white cum is all over my cock and dripping out of you, running down you ass. Your breathing is very labored and your body does a quick jerk as the orgasm begins to subside. I slow my motions to a near stop in and out of you and lean forward. I kiss your sweaty breast and lick the sweat of your whole chest. I pull him completely out of you slowly and you whine softly.

I run my hands from your chest down across your belly and on to your thighs. Your legs are just hanging off the table totally limp. I spread them again and kneel down in front of you. I place my tongue about 2 inches past your sweet little asshole and lay it out flat. I slide my fat flat tongue up, licking all of your sweet cum off your ass and right up to your still dripping pussy. I push my tongue deep inside you getting all I can of your cum into my mouth. I wiggle my tongue inside of you trying to pull as much more as I can out of you. I pull my tongue out and stand up to look at you. You reach for me and I look right at you. I grab your wrists as they come towards me. I place your hands on my face and slide them down my cheeks. Your fingers begin to trace my lips and I open my mouth and suck the index finger in. As you place your finger down on my tongue you can feel the puddle of your cum still sitting there. You look at me and I smile. You use that finger to gently force open my mouth and can see it all sitting there. You watch as my tongue lifts up and your cum disappears down my throat. You just sigh deeply and lay your head back down. You sit partially up and grab me by the neck pulling me almost on to you. You lift your head a little higher and force your tongue into my mouth. I put my hand behind your shoulder and pull you closer to me. The kiss is incredible. Even after all of this the passion level is still high. I help you off the table once the kiss is done and you can?t stand up. Your legs give out. I walk you over to the couch and offer to get you a drink. You say please and I head over to the kitchen. I pour you a glass of lightly chilled White Zif and myself a water. I head over to you and hand you the glass. You are worn out, and tired, but very content. I sit next to you and we can feel the intense heat coming off of each others bodies. You take a long swig of your drink and swallow hard. You lean slightly and rest your head on my upper chest. I kiss the top of your head and put my arm around you. I put my hand on your shoulder and pull you close, giving you a loving hug. You sigh heavily. You wrap your free hand around my stomach and give the squeeze back.

I down my bottle of water and you finish your last sip of White Zif. You rest your head back down on my chest as I cover the bottle and tap you on your sweet behind. You giggle slightly and sigh softly. You lay yourself out on the couch and roll to be able to look up at me, your head sitting on my big belly. You place your glass on the floor and slide your hand up and around my neck. You massage it lightly, and stare into my eyes. ?That truly was wonderful. I am amazed at how close to your story it really was.? You say. ?Well? I say ?I like to be as honest as possible!!!? You laugh a little and slide your hand around to my face. You can feel the rough stubble starting to poke through as run your finger across my chin and up to my lips. You trace my lips with your finger and I open my mouth sticking out my tongue, giving your finger a little lick. ?MMM?.good idea? you say. You roll a little more so you?re facing my chest and boost yourself up slightly. You bury your head in my neck and feel the little hairs raise as your soft touch sends shivers across my body. You give me soft subtle kisses on my neck and up to me ear. ?That was awesome, but I want more? you whisper in my ear and slide your tongue out and trace my earlobe. My spine is tingling from your statement and I place my hand on your hip, sliding it close to your belly. Still next to my ear you whisper ?No, no, not now, it?s your turn.? As you pull my hand off your soft mound of hair and place it back on your hip. You kiss down my neck over to the front, up over the rough skin and onto my lips. You kiss me ever so gently, several soft pecks on each lip, never giving me a full kiss even though I try to get one. I slide my hand up your soft back and slide my fingers into your now very tangled hair. You kiss my cheek and up to my other ear. Kissing your way back over, you again come to my lips, doing the same as before with little kisses across each lip. This time I am ready for you with my hand on your head and I pull your lips onto mine. You?re slightly surprised, but kiss me anyway. Our tongues rolling over each others, my ring pressing against everything in your mouth. You break the kiss dropping your head down to my neck yet again. Kissing on my Adam?s apple you begin your decent down to my chest. You kiss your way through my 30 chest hairs and over to my right nipple. My hand is now massaging your soft ass cheek as your tongue rolls around my nipple. You feel my head jerk back from the sensation shooting from my nipple to everywhere in my body. You suck my tiny nipple into your mouth and just barely touch it with your teeth. You climb up on top of me, placing my now hard again cock on the outside of your ass, resting nicely in the between the two soft pillows of flesh. You place your hands on either side of my head and hold it back against the couch. You?re looking at me with a look of pure evil. My eyes stare back at you and you just laugh. I ask ?What are you doing?? You laugh again and say ?Just you wait and see, your in trouble now sweetie!!? With intense passion and force you give me an incredible kiss. I can feel you tongue almost touching my tonsils. You are grinding your hips against mine making my hard cock slide up and down the soft crack of your sexy ass. You break the kiss and place your fingers to your mouth. You get them as wet as you can and lean forward. You put your hand down on my hardness and get it good and wet from your fingers. You sit back down and start grinding again. The wetness now allows my cock to slide freely in between the sweet cheeks and you can tell by my moaning it feels real good. You wet it again and then you wet in between the soft pillows. The area is drenched now and he is just sliding back and forth. You scoot yourself backward on me and it makes him slide across both your dampening pussy and now right across your tight little asshole. He separates your pussy lips from the grinding and I can feel warm little droplets of your sweet pussy juice dripping onto him. You bend and pull the untouched nipple into your mouth. Sucking on it gently and then a little harder and harder, you feel my body tense from the pleasure and it makes you suck a little harder. You scoot back a little farther and now he is rubbing your clit and just touching the entrance to your sweet pussy. In one swift move I push up on my hips and he enters you a little. You moan but jump off of him. ?I told you shit head, it?s your turn? you say with a smile. You kiss you way down my stomach and slide yourself off of my legs and onto the floor. My legs open from the pressure you put on them with your body and you slide your way right in. You continue to kiss my stomach, my cock pressing against your breast. You kiss down and grab a hold of my cock with your left hand and hold him tightly. You pull him out of your way as you kiss down my hair. You get to the base of him and roll your tongue around it. You?re stroking him slightly as your tongue starts to slide up to your fingers. You now hold him with only your thumb and slide your tongue up to it. Holding him with your tongue you remove your thumb and place your hand around the base. You slide your tongue around the lower edge of the head several times, while your free hand tickles my sack. I can feel your hot breath on the head as you go around. You slide your tongue back down the shaft and up the outside of it. You wrap your lips around the outside of him and slide them up and down. You roll your head and continue on the other side. My fingers are running through your hair as my moans get a little louder. You slide your tongue up to the head and snicker when I jump from the feeling. Your wet tongue starts to roll around the head and you suddenly wrap you lips around him. You only place the head in, but my hips buck from the sensation. You start to slide your mouth up a little and you hear me sigh heavily. You remove him from your mouth and let out a chuckle. Licking your way back down my shaft you can feel my hands tightening in your hair. Down and back up, you do this several more times before putting him back into your mouth. You wrap your lips around him and go as far down as you can. You close your lips tightly and start sliding up and down, making him very wet and me groan with excitement. You wrap your hand around the base and start a good up and down rhythm between the two. My hips are moving in sync with you and I am getting much louder as you continue. You slide him out and start licking all over again licking up the wetness you have created. You roll your tongue to the base and on to the soft sack below. You run your tongue all over it popping one side into your mouth at a time while your hand strokes him softly. You release the sack and run your tongue up the shaft stopping only to look at me with a smile. Again you slide him into your mouth and start a good rhythm going. My hips are getting a little faster and my hands are just about pulling your hair out of your head. My hands begin to give some minor assistance to your speed and I am moaning very loudly now. Finally I grab your hair and pull you off of him.

I lean forward and force my tongue into your mouth before you can say a word. I help you up by the hair as we kiss and toss you down in my place on the couch. You land with a bit of a bounce which helps to open your legs. I bend over and run my tongue all over your pleasing pussy to ensure it is good and wet, but I needn?t worry, it was very wet already. I slide my tongue up your belly across your chest, over your chin and slip it into your mouth. I move myself over you while we kiss and I line him up to your dripping hole and push slowly. You move your leg to the top of the couch for more room and I push him in further. I break the kiss and look at you deeply. You can see in my eyes that I am loving every second of this and you know how badly I want you. I push myself as deep as I can go and you sigh from the fullness. I put my hands on the armrest behind your head and one of my feet on the couch. The other is on the floor for stability. I slowly start to slide myself in and out of you. I push him as deep as he can go. You hips arch up trying to get all you can. You can feel my heartbeat pulse through him inside of you. I lean forward and start to kiss you softly. You willingly accept them as my hips start to move just a little. I?m keeping him all the way in but giving little pushes to try and hit just the right spot. With each push a mini moan escapes from your lips. I continue with the little pushes but now they are harder. Pushing deeper into you each time I turn them into full thrusts, pulling him out to the head and pushing him deep inside you. Your moaning is much louder as you like the slow long thrusts. I continue these in and out of you, making them faster and harder each time. In a flash I slam him all the way into you shocking you. I screech comes out of you and your eyes open wide. You sigh heavily and look at me. ?Whoa.? Is all you can manage to muster. Just as fast I pull him out, and you have an even more surprised look on your face. I start to walk away and you ask where I am going. I head to the kitchen and tell you to come find out. You see the kitchen get bright as the refrigerator door opens. You are curious now and follow me in. I am standing there shaking a can of whip cream. You giggle quietly and ask what I intend to do with that. I pop the cap and say ?Watch and see.? I tip the can over and spray a stream along the length of my still very hard cock. I look at you and say ?you gonna help me clean this mess up?? You giggle and say ?Ummmm yea!? as you walk up to me and go down on your knees. Without hesitation you engulf my cock with your warm lips and take as much as you can, clamping your lips down and sliding your head back. Your mouth comes off of him with a pop and you tilt your head back to swallow all of the white cream.(lol) You use your tongue to lick the rest off of him and take him back into your mouth. I?m leaning against the counter moaning as you force my legs open and slide your hand up my leg to my ass and give it a few good squeezes. Your head starts to slowly go back and forth as you hand finds the other cheek. You keep squeezing and kneading as you mouth goes faster over my cock. The wetness from your mouth is dripping off of him and onto the floor as my moans turn to grunts and ?yea?s?. You head is moving at quite the pace as both your hands are now kneading my asscheeks. I put the can down on the counter and hold onto it to keep my balance. ?Oh GOD, YES, God almighty that feels awesome. You, you need to slow down before you end up with a mouthful of something you don?t want?. You do one of your cute little snickers and keep right on going. I am almost at a scream now and I grab your hair so tight it feels like I?m gonna tear it out of your head. I?m assisting you in your movement until I can?t take it anymore and I pull your head back almost with a snap. ?HEY!!!!! What are you doing? Stop it!! I?m not done yet!!? you say in a raised voice. ?You?re done now sweetie!! That was waaaaay too close!!? You?re pulling your head against me pulling on your hair, trying to get back to him. I kneel down to get to the same level and give you a nice warm kiss. ?Come on, we?ve got so much more to do!? I say to you. You look at me with a pouty face and I help you up. We hug softly and I grab the can from behind me. I move away from you a little and spray the cold cream on your right nipple. I make a little circle with it and bend down to start sucking it off. You being the smart ass you are, grab my head and smash it against you boob. Cream goes all over my face and your boob. We both start laughing and I move up to your face and give you a full on kiss putting the cool cream all over your mouth and face. I run my tongue all over your face both licking up cream and laying out more. You can?t help but laugh a little harder until you hear the can start to make noise again and feel the cream start to run down your sweet ass crack. You jump and squeal. I spin around you and help you to bend over resting your hands on the counter. I lick the cream straight up the crack and I can hear a little bit of a rumble in your chest, like your hiding a moan. I?m to a point where I just don?t care anymore and am totally in love with this sweet ass, so I just go all out. I shake the can again and scoot your legs back some so your sweet ass is open just a little more naturally. I pull a cheek out of the way and spray a big dollop of whip cream right on that tight little asshole. ?OH that?s COLD!!? You say rather loudly. I place my tongue right on the top of the cream and push it through it. Suddenly you feel the warmth of my tongue on you sweet little hole. I flick the tip of my tongue right at the entrance and pull the cream into my mouth. I swallow and put my tongue on the soft skin in between the two holes to get what?s dripping down. I slide my tongue up and pull the rest of the cool cream right across your warm hole. I flick again and pull that cream into my mouth. I put the can on the floor and use both hands to separate your sweet soft cheeks. I roll my tongue all around your tiny little hole only stopping at the entrance and wiggling a little. I lay my tongue flat and slide it right over your hole. I do this again and then place the tip of my tongue right in the center of the hole. Your moaning has become a little louder as you feel my tongue there. You?re not too sure what to think, but you know it feels good. I start to push my tongue into you. With some rolling pressure I push him in a little farther. You?re getting out a pretty good moan now and seem to be enjoying this. I love the fact that you?re moaning and push my tongue in until you can feel the ring pressing against the outside. I wiggle the tip as best I can inside you and slide him back out. You let out a sigh as you realize this is a good thing for you. I pick up the can again and squeeze out some more cold cream onto you sweet little asshole. This time I let it start to melt and watch it run down to the opening of your awesome pussy. I let it run down right to the hole and slap my tongue against your pussy forcing the cold cream inside you a little. I force my tongue deep inside your wet pussy and pull out as much cream as I can. I curl the tip of my tongue inside of you and pull it out, sliding it up to your ass and licking all the cream off of you. Without warning I force my tongue back into your tight little ass and you moan deeply. I pull your cheeks apart with my hands and push him in as far as the tight little hole will allow. As I pull my tongue back out you scoot your legs back a little more and lean more forward to the counter. This allows your ass to open even more making it so I don?t really have to pull your cheeks apart. I slide my tongue down onto your pussy catching your little swollen clit and flicking across it a few times just to make you want more. I flick my tongue several times as I slide it back up your very wet pussy until I reach the entrance. I slide him in a circle around the entrance, outlining it. My moustache is tickling your wet little asshole as my tongue enters your pussy from behind. I grab your cheeks and force them in an upward motion making you curl your back and push up onto your tippy toes. I bend my neck back and push my head against you. This forces my tongue in farther than it has been all night and you can feel the ring on the upper and lowers walls of your insides. With it in this far you can really feel it when I flick the tip. I do as much as I can to flick him inside you. With each flick you feel the ring put pressure on your inner walls and you start to really let out some happy moans. I pull my tongue out of you quickly and push him back in just as fast.

I continue ?tongue fucking? you for a several seconds until I feel your juices running down my cheek. I don?t want to miss a drop so I pull my tongue out and run it up each thigh getting everything that has dripped out of you. I run him back up your pussy across your clit and right back to your tiny little sinful hole. Without missing a beat I push him in as far as I can. This time I push a little harder and get the ring inside of you too. I roll my tongue side to side to let you feel the ring slide around inside of you. I push a little farther and you jump a bit. He went a little farther than you were expecting. You?re ok with it though and relax right away. I slowly slide him out and back in a few times and stand myself up. You start to right yourself and I put my hand on the small of your back forcing you to stay put. I slide my cock up to your wet pussy and rub him all over your clit for a few seconds to get him totally hard again. Once back at full staff, I pull him up to your ever so willing entrance and slowly start to push. You are very wet and accept him with ease. You push back against me to try and get all of him you can as deep inside you as possible. I slowly start to pull him out as I rub my hands across your sweet little ass and up onto your back. I slide him back in and it makes a squishing sound due to your incredible juice flow. ?MMMMMM, that feels nice? you say as I slide him back out. I push him in with some force which pushes you more forward onto the counter. ?OH!? I surprised you a little bit. I start with a small slow rhythm sliding in and out of you. I pick up the pace after a few seconds and you push back onto me a little harder. Your hands are steadying you on the counter and helping you to push back. I grab your hips and use them as leverage to start pumping in and out of you wildly. I go up half on my tippy toes to give a little different angle and you let out a squeal. I continue to pump you hard buckling your elbows at on point and almost making your head hit the edge of the counter. I go back to flat footed and slow myself back down a little. With a more constant rhythm I place my hand under us and get my fingers good and wet from all the juice you?re releasing. Bringing my hand back up and increasing the rhythm I push my wet middle finger into your tight asshole. This starts and incredible chain of events. As my finger gets deeper into your tight little ass and my rhythm keeps up I can start to feel your juices drip onto my toes. The feeling of hot rushing juice all over my cock is driving me crazy and getting me closer and closer to cuming. I can feel your juice running through my toes and it?s making the floor slippery. I begin a rhythm with my finger that is opposite of the one from my cock and you get really loud. With out skipping a pump I add a finger to you sweet little ass and you start bucking your hips, making my rhythm even faster. You can?t decide which way to force your hips, towards your pussy or your ass. Both holes feel so good right now. We are pumping fast and together now. Your screams are short and labored. My grunting is getting really loud and it?s helping you along. You like the fact you can hear me enjoying what?s going on. My foot is now covered in a thin milky cream. You have reached a boiling point to where you can just take no more and you let out and amazing howl as you pussy contracts against my pumping cock. I see the cue and force my two fingers all the way inside you. You scream again as they fill you to the hilt. I keep pumping you through the screams and I can?t believe the rush of now thick cream coming from your pussy. I can feel your insides quake with my other hand on your back and I know this is a good one. You pussy just shakes around my cock now pumping you a little more slowly. I remove my fingers and you just let out a huge sigh. I?m still sliding in and out of you, but now it?s just a slow rhythm as your orgasm finally subsides. I ask you if your ok and all you can do is sigh out an ?ungh?. I think this means all is good, at least I hope it does. Your body goes limp and you can barely hold on to the counter any more. I rub your back with my hands and ask you if you want a rest. ?Huh, huh, uh, yea.? is all you can seem to say. ?Really?? I ask. ?TOUGH! You ain?t getting? one!!? I say powerfully. ?HUH?? you say as you look back at me. ?I?m not done with you yet!? I snap back. ?Give me your arms!!? I yell playfully. ?But they are Jell-O right now!? you quip. ?SO!! Give me them now!!? I say as I lean forward to take them from you. At this point the only part of your body touching anything solid is your feet. I lean back a little and pull you with me. ?Are you ready for this sweetie?? I ask. ?I don?t know what are you doing?? you ask back. I slide my hands down your arms and grab a hold of your wrists. I lean a little farther back and start to slide him in and out again. ?Here we go!!!? I say as I begin pounding your pussy harder than you have ever felt before. I am moving so fast you are having a hard time catching your breath and you start screaming in between thrusts. Your breathing is so irregular because the thrusts are so fast and powerful, you feel like you are going to hyperventilate. You can?t believe that you are working on another orgasm so quickly. I am pounding in and out of your pussy with such vigor that your juice is literally pouring out of you and running down both of our legs. I continue to slam you, hard, VERY hard. It almost hurts, but you can feel the orgasm building to a fevered pitch so you don?t care. As I pump in and out of you this fast you can feel your own juices hitting you on the belly and chest from it dripping onto my balls and being flung from the powerful strokes. Your next one is really close until you hear me say I?m right there and about to blow. This sets your own off and your whole body goes into this frenzy of shaking and quivering. The orgasm makes your pussy go squeeze happy again and I?m done in. I just can?t take it now. I tell you that when I pull out even though you might get a little upset with me I would like you to hit your knees and turn around. I slow down with the pumping and let go of your arms as you say ok, at least you grunted out something that sounded like and an ok. Your not really looking forward to what you think is coming next but you?re at a point where you really don?t care. ?Ready?? I ask. ?Un-huh? you mumble. A few more quick slams and I pull him out of you and grab him with my hand. You fall to your knees and spin around. I?m stroking him feverishly right next to your face when I tell you to lean back. You lean back and I tell you to push those luscious tits together. I squat a little bit on the side of you as you squeeze them together. You can feel your own juice dripping out of you and running down your feet the way you are sitting when you hear me say ?hear it comes!!? You close your eyes for safety sake and I point him down at your heaving chest. You hear me grunt loudly and start to feel string after string of hot cum plaster itself across your chest. You moan just a little as some hits your nipple directly. I continue to grunt as the streams turn into just drops. You open your eyes and see me just exhausted. You watch as my body jumps from the last few strokes across him. You release your chest and use one hand to move mine and start stroking him yourself and the other to rub my now cooling cum into your sweet chest. You pull every last drop out of him and rub the rest all over him. Finally I sit myself down next to you and we lean against each other. We are both wiped out and can?t move. For some reason we both seem to have the giggles though and just start cracking up right there on the kitchen floor. After a few minutes of relaxing I ask you if a nice hot shower would be good for you. ?God yes!! That would be awesome!!? you say. I find a way to stand up and open the fridge. I pull us both out a bottle of water. I open one and hand it to you. I open the other and walk away. You hear the shower come on and wonder to yourself what could possibly be next??.

Once the shower water is nice and warm I return to the dark kitchen and put out my hand. You?re slouched to one side almost asleep when I get there so I ask if you just want to go to bed. You tell me you?re too curious to see what?s next to stop now and take my hand. I carefully help you up and let your limp body fall into my arms. ?You ok to walk sweetie?? I ask. ?Yea, just gonna take me a minute.? you say. We both giggle a little as I lead you out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. As we get to the bathroom you say ?I just realized how badly I have to go to the restroom? and laugh slightly. You go to the bathroom and come back out. I ask how you?re feeling and you tell me fine, but a little sore. I tell you I will try to be a little more careful and chuckle. I slide back the curtain and help you into the warm spray. You step fully under it and I walk in behind you closing the curtain. You turn yourself several times under the warm flow of water. I place my hands on your hips as you turn and you moan slightly from the warmth of the water and the feel my hands. You turn and face me and I run my hands up the streams of water to your soft supple breasts. I begin squeezing both at the same time and move forward to suck a nipple into my mouth. Using my tongue ring I press it against your nipple as I roll my tongue around it. You let your head fall back to feel the water run through your hair and enjoy the feeling on my mouth on your hardening nipple. I continue squeezing your tits together as I suck. I can taste salty traces of myself and the wonderful finish we just had on your nipple. I move over to give the other nipple some attention when you say ?You just don?t ever give up do you?? I release your nipple only to say ?nope!? and then I squeeze them together and place my mouth over both nipples rolling my tongue around them both at the same time. I press my ring against your nipple and you let out a yelp. I guess I have to remember that your nipples are a little sensitive to pain. I back off your nipples and just give them a few more squeezes. I slide my hands down and around so I can play with that sweet little ass some more. I am kissing your neck as the water runs around my lips and my hands separate your sweet cheeks. You spin us around so I am under the water now. The water is pouring over my head and down my body as your hands start to explore all of me. You decide this would be a good time for this as I have been all over you all night, but I have left little time for you to do anything to me. You begin by kissing my chest and running your hands all over it, moving them to my shoulders and down my arms. You push my wet hair back and start kissing my neck through the streams of warm water running over it. You move from the front of my neck to the side and up to my ear. You whisper ?Now it is your turn and this time you?re not going to stop me!? You can feel the goose bumps pop out all over my body as your hands slide down my back to my ass which you give a healthy squeeze. You giggle slightly as you gently bite my neck and kiss down it back to my chest. You?re now kneading my ass like I did yours so many times earlier this evening. You bend yourself a little and roll your tongue around my right nipple. You feel my insides jump when you hit the nipple directly and you giggle. ?Found a spot did I?? you ask. ?Umm yea.? I say back to you through an exhale. You pull the nipple into your mouth and give it a semi-hard suck. You can feel my whole body tense up and you pull me closer to you by my ass. You release the suck but keep your mouth there just to tease the nipple some more with your tongue. Rolling it around the nipple you can hear me start to moan. You let go of my ass and bring one hand up to play with the other nipple and are amazed at the amount of goose bumps that pop out once you pinch it lightly between your finger and thumb. You kiss across my 30 chest hairs and over to the other nipple. You start to play with the first nipple with your fingers as you are now sucking on the second one. You bounce back and forth across my nipples for a few seconds while your hands explore my body. You run your fingers up through my dripping hair and down my wide back. You put your hands squarely on my ass and spread the cheeks wide and giggle. ?How does it feel for you?? you ask me. ?Not bad, thanks for asking!!? I reply with a hearty laugh. ?Smartass? you mumble as you run your tongue up the stream of water to my neck, slapping my bare ass at the same time. You feel me jump from the sting and can?t help but laugh. You kiss the side of my neck and back down my chest following with your hands. You bend in half as your hands reach my stomach and you slide them around to my ass again. I can only guess that all the ass play I have given to you has made you feel slightly vengeful and wanting to give me some sort of payback. Guess I?ll have to be the one to wait and see this time. Even though we just had an explosive ending a few minutes ago, with your mouth so close to him he is beginning to rise to the occasion again. You are a little surprised but happy none the less. You pull me by my ass a little farther out of the water so it?s running down my back now instead of being in your way. You bend your legs and kneel in front of me. You place your hands around him and he gets a little harder. Moaning slightly you look up at me with devil eyes and tell me this time I will not stop you no matter what!! I tend to disagree, but I will wait and see what happens. You cup my balls with one hand and start to roll them around in your palm. Using your other hand you begin a slow stroke on him. It?s an incredibly slow stroke that you take from the very base all the way to the top where three of your fingers are off of him. You slide your tongue out and flick it across the head continuing to roll my balls in your other hand. Keeping the long slow stroke you move your head a little lower and run your tongue across the wrinkled skin. You cup your tongue and place it under the wrinkled skin and slide it up. With out any warning you suck one side into your mouth and roll it all around. I am as hard as I was before at this point and you release my ball and run your tongue all the way up my shaft to the tip, swallowing the head with your hot wet mouth. You do one down stroke and pull him out. You felt my body tense after that and know what to do now to drive me crazy. You pick up the stroking pace and roll your tongue around the tip just to tease me. Just because you know what it does to a guy you arch your back towards me tilting your head and looking up at me. You stroke a little faster and put him decimeters from your mouth. I can see the evil in your eyes as I look down and you stick your tongue out just below the head. As you stroke him he keeps rubbing against your wet tongue. You keep mumbling ?come on? in a taunt and you feel me exhale deeply. You can?t help but laugh at this and you stop doing it. ?Sorry had to do it!? you say through a giggle just before swallowing all of him you can. You close your lips tighter than you ever have in your life and it feels like a vacuum on my hard cock. The sensation is incredible and my whole body shakes from the feeling. You loosen your lips just a little to get them good and wet and start sliding that vacuum up and down on my cock. You hands find their way back to my ass again and you pull the cheeks apart as you start to squeeze them. You pull as much of him as you can into your mouth and keep the hands pulling on my ass cheeks. The feeling of you sucking the way you are and the speed at which you are doing it makes me not even realize that your hands are moving closer and closer to the center of my cheeks. You move your mouth faster up and down on my cock making sucking sounds when I suddenly feel you index finger tickling my asshole.

My eyes pop open with surprise as I look down at you. You do a few more strokes and look up at me after releasing him. ?Problem?? you ask slyly. ?Ah, umm, well? I stammer. ?Shhhhh? you say as you engulf my hardness again and push your finger a little harder. I?m the one that is not too sure what to think now and figure out how it felt for you earlier. I told you to just relax and enjoy it, so I guess I better do the same. Besides, if I protest now the chances of me getting you to try anything else new will be slim to none. I put my head back under the water and relish the feeling of your sweet lips wrapped around what I have for manhood. You?re moving back and forth a little faster and using the water to dampen my hole. I?m really unsure of this but before I have a chance to say anything your finger finds the edge of my prostate. You feel my cock get twice as hard instantly as my body shudders. I had heard before that playing with a man?s prostate can drive him wild, but I had no idea it would be like this. The feeling of your mouth has been intensified three fold now and I?m losing my mind. With just little rubs back there you can feel my body tense at a certain point. Focusing on this point and the fact that you can now taste me leaking you use your other hand to stroke him letting up a bit on your mouth. You take him completely out of your mouth and start to stroke him fast. I tense as you find the spot out back again and you feel him tense in your hand. You feel the vein harden under your thumb and you know what?s about to happen. You push harder with your finger and I jump back. You grab on to my hardness for dear life trying not to let go of it. Your hand falls away from my backside and I pull your hand off of him. ?NO!!!? you yelp. ?I said you weren?t gonna stop me!!? ?I never said that sweetie, you said it!!? I laugh. You reach for him and I moan as you grab him. ?HA, Now I?m going to finish it!!? you just about yell. ?No you?re not? I bark back as I bend my knees and kneel in front of you. The pout on your face is saddening, but I look past it. You fold you arms across your chest and look at me meanly. I know that you don?t really mean it. You put your hands on my chest and try to push me away as I lean into you. The push forces me backwards and I grab your shoulders for support. This sends me to an almost laying position and you to within inches of him again. You can see that he?s starting to soften and you grab a hold of him and wrap those sexy lips of yours around the head. You start sucking with extreme vigor in hopes that I will finish. I grab your wet hair in a big bunch and pull you off of him. ?Oww!? you squeal. ?Sorry, but it?s your turn again? I say as I lift us both back up to a kneeling position. ?No!!? You state with adamant force. Without touching your legs I place my hand on you dripping wet pussy. You jump slightly from the surprise. I instantly find your hard clit and give it a few flicks before you have time to react. You grab my hand and try to pull it out from in between your legs, but you can see quite quickly that it?s a losing battle. I run my finger all the way down you slot to the hole that is just running juice out of it. I cup my hand under it and let some of the juice run into it. I pull my hand back out and make you watch me lick it off my palm. I take what?s left and rub it on your nipple. Pushing you back to rest on you hands I pull as much of your soft sexy breast into my mouth and roll my tongue all over it trying to get all of your sweet nectar off of it. I pull my mouth off but use my tongue to lick up every last drop. I move to the other nipple and slide my hand back in between your legs. I use my palm to rub your clit as two of my fingers enter your hot little love hole. I push them in deep and you let out a wild moan as juice runs down the side of my middle finger and onto my hand. Pulling my fingers most of the way out and then adding a finger and pushing them back in only makes you moan louder and deeper. I move my fingers around inside you feeling the soft skin of your inner walls. You keep shifting your body and I can tell you?re uncomfortable in this position. I remove my fingers and flick the middle one across your awesome little ass, making you tense up slightly. I stand up and hold out my hand to help you up. You stand, but your legs go weak from being bent for so long.

I hold you up by pushing you against the back wall of the shower and shoving my tongue deep into your throat. You love this and do the same back. Our tongues roll over each others and you can taste a slight bit of your own juice on my tongue. I intensify the kiss and run my hand down your now dry back to separate your luscious ass cheek from the other one. I slide my hand back up your body and grab you by the shoulders. I can tell your cold now and I spin you around so you are in the cooling water. I scoot you to the side and adjust the water temperature to warm to make you feel a little better. I turn you around to face the water and scoot you back a bit so when you are bent over the water is still running down your chest. I bend myself down and run my hands down your now warm back. I kneel behind you and use my hands to open your firm cheeks for better access to you tight puckered hole. ?MMM? floats out of your mouth as you feel my hot breath near the tiny hole. I place my tongue just below the hole and flick several times. Then I run it up one side and around the top to the other side ending with the tip right in the center. I flick the tip a few times just barely touching the puckered skin. You giggle softly from the tickling sensation it creates. I roll my tongue all over the outside of the hole making you moan gently. Using my thumbs I pull the skin of the hole a little tighter and put the tip of my tongue right in the center. I start to apply some pressure, but he slides in nicely. You?re a little more used to this now and love the way it feels. A nice moan escapes from your sweet lips as he enters you. You can feel my ring pressing against the taut skin and wait to feel it enter you. I pull a little harder with my thumbs to open it a little wider and the ring falls in with a slight pop. I firm up the tongue muscle and make it straight as I can. I force my neck to bend pushing my tongue as deep into your sweet little ass as it can go. You moan out loud and lean forward to try and get a little more. The water begins to run down your back and over those sweet ass cheeks. A stream runs right down the crack and into my mouth. The only thing this does is make the hole a little wetter for better access. I pull my tongue out slowly and you bend as far over as you can. With total shock to me you state ?AGAIN!? Of course I am more than happy to do so and I push him in as fast, far and hard as I can. ?OH YEA!? bellows out of you as you revel in the feeling of my tongue deep inside you tight little ass. I start to slide him in and out in a fucking motion and your moans get a little louder. I know I can make you cum from playing with this sweet ass and decide it time to be a little more daring. I push my tongue in all the way and back out again. Once more I push him in deep and this time I hold it there. I wiggle the tip inside you and you can feel the balls of the ring rubbing against your insides. You continue to moan deeply as I slide him back out. I rub him all over the outside of your tight hole before I stand up. I run my hands over your sweet cheeks and you start to stand back up. I let you come up a little and make you lean against the wall so the water is hitting you on the small of your back. The hot water feels good running over your skin until you feel my finger sliding across your clit up along your honey basted hole and resting at your tight little asshole. Everything is wet from the water running down your back and over your luscious ass. My finger slips in nicely and you again start to moan. You don?t know if this is what you really want but it feels great and your not about to stop it. I push my finger up to the second knuckle and you gasp. I slowly slide it back out to the tip and slowly slide it back in, a little deeper this time. I get past the second knuckle and again you bend a little more to get things a little deeper. I slowly pull my finger back out to the first knuckle and push it back in all the way to the end this time. You let a loud ?OOO? slip out and I know you are getting into this. I slide it out and back in a little faster and push deeper when I get to the end of my finger. I wiggle the tip of my finger deep inside you and you wiggle your sweet ass against it. I start to slowly pump it in and out of you and you begin to moan deeply. The more I slide in and out the louder you seem to get. Between the warm water running down your back, the feeling of my finger and the fact that my other hand has fallen in between your legs and found your clit, your mind is starting to numb. I?m rubbing your clit with my middle finger, pushing it to the left and right as my other middle finger pushes its way deep inside your honey of an ass. I place my finger directly onto your clit and roll it around. Your breathing becomes very labored as I do this and I think I can get away with a little more now. With the warm water keeping your tiny asshole nice and wet I pull my middle finger out and replace it with both my middle and index fingers. I only push them up to the second knuckle to start and you again gasp loudly. The pressure on your clit from my other hand and the feeling of this much inside you is taking your breath away. I slowly pull my fingers out to let your tight little ass get used to the new sizing and slide them back in just as slow. This time I push them all the way in and you just about scream. I roll your clit a little harder and I can feel juice dripping out of your pleasure port and onto the palm of my hand.

It?s easy to tell you?re going crazy by the depth of your moans and the fact you keep pushing your head back as far as you can to get the water to run down your face just because it feels good. Thinking now is as good a time as any I pull my fingers out and just about jam them into you sopping wet pussy. I push three of them up as far as I can get them and spread them apart, pumping them in and out of you. You feel the fingers sliding over the inner walls of your love nest and the finger rubbing over your clit and your head starts to spin. You?re dying to cum but I keep stopping at just the wrong times and you lose it. You?re getting frustrated at the fact this keeps happening until you feel my fingers come all the way out of your pussy and all three of them enter your slightly more willing ass. Having the three of them in there up to the knuckles feels a little weird, but really really good at the same time. You think back briefly, to the first time you had sex this way and how much it hurt. This time it doesn?t hurt, it?s a little uncomfortable each time I add a finger, but once it?s there for a few second that goes away too and it feels good, not painful. I remove my finger from your clit and you whimper a little. You were enjoying that, but now you?re focused on the incredible feeling in your most sinful hole. You start to think that you?re more amazed at the fact that it feels good, more than the fact that you are actually letting in happen to you. You lose that thought once you feel me stand up and my harder than usual cock enter your drenched pussy, while my fingers go as deep as they can into your tiny little asshole. I bury my cock as deep as I can and you let out a massive sigh of excitement. You push back some and the water runs off your back now instead of down to your ass. You continue to push against my thrust into your soaking wet pussy and your excitement heightens. You realize this is it you will now be able to let out the massive orgasm that has been building for the past ten minutes. However I surprise you when you feel nothing inside you because I have pulled out my fingers and my hardness from all of your openings. You are visibly upset at this as you were getting really close. You don?t say anything, but I can tell. I slide my hands up your back into the streams of water and lean over as close to your ear as I can get and whisper ?Relax, you?ll have your chance. I promise.? You really have no idea what this means until you feel the stiffness of my cock rubbing against your fairly willing asshole. Your mind starts to race in wonder if it will hurt, if you will be comfortable, if it?s what you really want. You feel my foreskin roll over your wrinkled hole and you shudder. It?s not a finger is all you can think about. It?s larger, both in length and girth (although not much) and you?re worried. Your worries start to fade away as you feel my finger brush against your clit to help you relax. You feel the finger from my other hand start to enter your sweet little asshole and you tense up from fear. ?Relax? you hear me say. You start to, but are still scared. You feel the head of my hard cock come in line with my finger and your body tenses up again. I push my finger from side to side in your ass to get you to loosen up a bit. This helps but the pressure I now put on your clit helps much more. Sensing that this won?t happen any time soon due to your fear I kneel back down and push my hot tongue into you tightening ass. The rolling of your clit and the feeling of my wet tongue deep in your ass force you to relax completely. I stiffen my tongue and start to push my tongue in and out of you. I am now using my thumb on your clit and my chin keeps hitting your sweet wet love hole as I pound my tongue in and out of your ass. I replace my tongue with the three fingers again and you sigh loudly. You do like this feeling. I stand up and take my thumb away from your clit but keep my fingers deep in your ass. I start a good rhythm with them and you can hear yourself starting to moan. I continue with the rhythm and move them a little faster in and out of you. Your hips are moving back and forth to match my rhythm and assist in getting my fingers as deep as possible. Without you knowing what I?m doing I get myself ready for the next step. I keep my fingers going in and out of your sweet little ass and you are getting closer and closer to an orgasm with each pump. The more I pump the further out I pull my fingers each time until they come all the way out and then slide back in. This feels really good to you and you let me know this by increasing the depth and tone of your moans. Without missing a single pump I replace my fingers with my hard cock. You notice only by the fact that it?s just a little larger and I am moving it deeper inside you than my finger and a little more slowly than I was a moment ago. You start to tense up but the fullness you feel prevents that from happening. You?re still a little unsure, but that too fades away as I get him in twice as deep as my fingers were. You let out a very loud groan as I reach the bottom and your head snaps back. It?s a little uncomfortable, but you?re getting used to it very quickly. I push him in as far as he can go and hold there for a second. You never thought you would see the day, but you are now in total ecstasy. I slowly start to pull him out of you and your moaning is massive. It is amazing to you that you are able to do this without pain and actually enjoy it. I pull him out slowly to the head and push him back in just a little faster. You moan hard and wait for the next pump. I start a slow rhythm and pump him in and out of you. I whisper to you to start rubbing your clit as I can?t reach it from here. You put all of your body weight onto your left hand and place two fingers on your clit. The feeling of him pumping in and out of your sinful area and now your clit being rubbed is sending you into orbit. I grab both of your sweet asscheeks and spread them apart for slightly more depth. With your asscheeks as leverage I pump in and out of you a little faster. ?Yes! Yes!, faster, faster!? you scream. ?MMM Yes, harder, harder!!? you yell as your fingers go in a frenzy across your clit and my cock pounds in and out of your luscious ass. ?Fuck me, fuck me! Yes, fuck my ass, OOOOOHHH god I can feel it, it?s coming, I?m gonna cum.? You can feel your pussy dripping juice as it runs down over your clit making the friction on it more intense. You can feel the water getting colder over your back or is it just because you are now so hot? You can hear me start to grunt loudly and you know I?m getting close. ?OOOO fuck me, Cum with me! Please cum with me!!!? You scream as your body starts to shake as the orgasm starts to roll through you. You feel it first in your belly and it begins to roll down to your pussy. It gets to your clit that your are pounding away at furiously and shoots up to your ass. ?OOOOO? you are screaming and it is echoing through the bathroom. The harder I pump my hardness in and out of your ass the more intense the orgasm gets. I start grunting with every stroke and they become erratic. You know I?m gonna pop and you get a shiver up your spine as the orgasm envelops your entire body. You can?t touch your clit anymore it?s just too sensitive so you put your hand on mine and pull your cheek even farther apart. Your nipples become super sensitive as the orgasm reaches the upper portion of your body and the water heightens this feeling. As it reaches your neck I grunt loud and slam my cock in and out of you a few more times. It travels around your neck and up to your head as I scream and you feel the hot bursts of cum all over the inner walls of you?re your sweet ass. This, somehow, sets off another mini orgasm that quickly catches up to the first and makes you lose all control. Your head is bobbing up and down and your breath is barely there. As the last drops of cum run out of my cock and fill up your sweet ass your whole body shudders violently. Your orgasm has finally reached its peak and it starting to subside. Then with a few insanely hard and fast strokes I pump him in and out again just trying to get every last drop out. You again shudder as a very small but powerful orgasm rips through your body. It only last a few seconds, but it?s enough to make your whole body go limp. Neither of us noticed, but the water has now gone very cold. Thankfully we are both so hot and sweaty we don?t really care. I let my shrinking cock slide out of your glorious ass and you can feel a stream of cum follow it and run right down over your soaked pussy. I slide my arm under your belly and help you stand up. ?I can?t stand.? You mumble. I stand you up and quickly grab the soap. I lean over and turn the water all the way to hot. It doesn?t get much warmer, so I begin soaping you up as quickly as I can. I get up a good lather and rub it over you back and down to your ass. I clean in between the cheeks popping a finger in now and then just to feel you shake. I gather some more soap and run it around the front to clean up your beautiful pussy and when my hand runs across your clit you just about fall down. I soap up your pussy really good and pull out my hand to get up another really good lather. I soap your entire body all over. Arms, legs, hands, face, neck and back. You can feel the coolness of the water now and are not liking it very much. I spin you around quickly to get all of the soap off of you and turn off the water. I grab my biggest softest towel off the counter and wrap you in it. I rub you down, getting all of the water droplet off your body. I squat down and rub down your legs and give your sweet pussy one last kiss. Your hips jerk back as you feel my lips touch you. You?re just way too sensitive for anything to touch you right now. I stand up and wrap you up in a new dry towel and dry myself off quickly. I step out of the shower and help you out and walk you over to the bed. On the way you tell me to wait, after all of that you REALLY need to go to the restroom. I walk you over to the restroom and you do your thing. You exit and I help you over to the bed. I remove the towel and help you into the bed. I cover you with the warm comforter and you snuggle up in it. I get in under the blanket and press my naked body against yours. You moan slightly and push yourself against the warmth emanating from my body. I ?spoon? myself to your body and wrap my arm around your body pulling you close. I brush your damp hair out of the way and kiss you gently on the neck. Then and only then do you fall into a deep sleep.

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