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A Perfect Day

Once upon a time
As Helen looked up to the bluesy sky she smiled; by all measures, the day was perfect. She moved closer to Tom, leaning with him on every turn as they cycled down Pine River Rd. She hugged him tightly remembering his embrace of last night. She had met Tom last night at a big screen small bar on the eastside of Bay City. The date, planned after a flurry of emails and phone calls, showed promise Yet it was the kiss After the big screen game, wine, and small talk, It was the kiss He had kissed her in the parking lot. It was an instant realization that THIS is what she wanted This was right His Kiss his arms so strongly held around her. She wanted to be taken. Her tongue found his Tom's slipped below her waist first holding her ass and then slowly shoving her forward rubbing and grinding into her .
With an abrupt stop of the bike, Helen awakened from thoughts of last night. She realized they were at a stop sign waiting for traffic to pass. Suddenness of the stop, moved her even closer to Tom on the seat; her pussy was now parked on a seat section that lay directly above the mainframe, the vibration of every cylinders pop... passed through the mainframe into the seat, expending all vibration directly onto Helen's clit. She smiled even giggled... Yes, a perfect day... she thought to herself

Thoughts drifted again to Tom's car; they had moved there because of patrons leaving the game. Tom had backed his car into an obscure corner with little light and no cars. Any nervousness had long since been replaced by only hunger need which grew with every kiss lick touch. He kissed her full once more; one hand on her neck, the other finding and then rubbing the out line of her cunt through her jeans there was no resistance... Darling ... his lips were so busy he could say nothing else. He began with her neck, soft warm kisses pausing to suckle only momentarily. The kissing stopped just long enough for Helen to help Tom removed her bra and blouse. Lips kissed the soft warm flesh, stopping to lick and taste each nipple. The insatiable fire within Helen was beginning to burn out of control. Each lick brought a involuntary twitch of her thighs as if her center... thrust against a phantom cock. Helen reached out and began massaging cock. Tom took her hand away. She protested but Thomas was hungry and he would not be denied. It was time to feed on her. He removed her pants, underwear and begin to sup.

Helen head snapped up as she suddenly realized they were pulling into the drive way of Tom's property. He wheeled the bike behind the garage and came to a halt. He turned in his seat to kiss her and then laughed. Helen looked down. The wetness of her center... spread out through her jeans; the leather seat gleaned with wet cum. She blushed. He kissed her a gentle kiss I am not going to waste that... he stood her up next to the bike and removed her clothes. There was little foreplay, the wench's cunt was wet and he wanted it. He pushed her back into the seat as she had arrived, facing forward, her hands clung on the sides of the seat, while her legs were lewdly spread before her; Helen sat low on the back seat sissy bar to allow Tom's cock to enter her. Tom turned toward her as he climbed onto the bike. Helen watched and felt, as Toms cock rubbed across her juicy cunt and then pushed against her tight lips. He entered her deeply completely continuously He bent down, using one hand he held her head as he kissed her he kissed as he fucked her . Deeply . Tom began to go faster . faster pinning Helen to the bike she was his . Completely . He held her so tight and yet she begin to fly she thrusted her cunt, so hungry in its own greedy orgasm As she heaved her hips one last thrust she felt Tom's hot cum filling her hot wet cum exploding into the hungry mouth of her cunt
They lay like this awhile, enjoying the heat of their closeness, and perhaps both attempting to hang on to the shadow of their frenzied sex... of only a few minutes before. Finally Tom raised himself to a sitting position and smiled. I don't think we need the wine anymore, but just in case... He brought up the bikes satchel showing two bottles of wine Helen climbed off the bike and went on her knees in front of her new Master. She held his cock in her hand Looked at it and smiled She licked off a small drip of cum still clinging to the cockhead, pausing only to look up at her Master with smiling eyes.. And then Helen supped

End of Story