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A Night Out With The Boys( Man Woman Bar Scene)

> >When you are out at the club with your friends, I am the cocktail
> >waitress that comes to your table. You are the finest looking man at
> the
> >table and I am drawn to you, so I come and stand next to you to take
> the
> >order.I ask you first what you would like, and the look in your eyes
> >tells me that not only is this man thirsty, but he is hungry, too,
> >hungry for a hot woman like myself who is also in a bad way and needin'
> >and on the prowl tonight. There is a party going on in my pants and I
> >can't do a damn thing about it since I'm working tonight, and I'm horny
> >as hell and in a bitchy mood having to do without some lovin'. When I
> >take your order, I subtly lean over the table, giving you a good
> glimpse
> >of my heaving bosoms sitting high and proud in my push-up bra, you can
> >see the red lace and my hard nipples, and you get a scent of my perfume
> >mixed with my pussy juices started to soak my thighs, warm, slippery
> >cunt juices, I can smell them, so I know you can,too. You smell sexy to
> >me, you must be wearing Stetson mixed with your man scent, I'm in
> >heaven. I think that your friends are ready to order, but I am still
> >staring at your crotch, and I'm dreaming about feeling and tasting
> >what's hidden behind the zipper, you look so uncomfortable, buldging in
> >your tight pants like that, poor Baby, you need some relief, just like
> >me! Your friend brought me back to reality, he was getting irritated
> >that you were getting all the attention, so I smiled at him, and stuck
> >my breasts out for him, took his order and the other order, too, and
> >walked away, wiggling my ass, and flipping my hair back, to entice you
> >further. I bring the round of drinks back to your table and when you
> pay
> >me, I brush against your hand softly with my long red nails, and you
> >know that I want you, too.
> >
> >
> >
> >We both know that before the night is over, we will be together... I
> >have a plan, I have a break coming up and I will make the best of it.
> >After I finish waiting on a couple of more tables, I hang out at the
> bar
> >just talking to my co-workers, while the entire time I am just watching
> >you and taking in your fine body, you see me watching you and you smile
> >at me, such a sweet smile, coming out of a rugged man, can't beat that
> >combo, I gotta have you, I made up my mind, I will get you. I arrange
> >for my friend to cover for me while I take an extended break. I walk
> >over to the pool tables and start to play, bending over real far to
> give
> >you a glimpse of my flower, which you could see, since I'm not wearing
> >any panties tonight, it's too hot and I'm too hot. That's all it took
> >for you to come over to the pool table and make you move. You come up
> >behind me and press you bulging crotch in to my ass, while reaching
> >under my skirt and feeling my wet, sticky cunt. While no one is
> looking,
> >you finger my clit with one hand, while inserting 2 fingers deep in my
> >pussy with the other hand, pressing hard up against my g-spot, OMG, I
> >thought I would loose it right then and there. I knew then I couldn't
> >wait any more, I had to have you NOW!! Damn, if this had been biker bar
> >where anything goes, I would simply have hopped up on the pool table
> and
> >spread my legs pulling you towards me, wrapping my long legs around you
> >grabbing you ass, demanding that you take me now. If I had been
> drinking
> >too, and not worried about loosing my job, that's exactly what I would
> >have done, too damn horny to care who was watching. You had me hotter
> >than ever before, I reached around and felt your throbbing cock, just
> >begging me to bust him loose from his cage. You told me to meet you in
> >the bathroom, that you will ask your friend to cover at the door, and
> >with that you gave me a kiss and grabbed my breasts and squeezed them,
> >and told me to hurry. You were already in the bathroom waiting and had
> >your cock out and ready for me, but my manager was watching and I could
> >not go in to where you were, so I whispered to your friend to tell you
> >to meet me outside. There was a patch of woods right next to the club,
> I
> >was waiting there and when you came out, I took you by the hand and we
> >went further deep in the woods. You took your huge fuckin' cock out
> and
> >told me to suck on it, sweet Jesus, this girl's never seen anything so
> >big in he life, how in the hell was all that going to fit in my pussy!
> I
> >knew I was wet enough to accept it all and I was damn sure going to try
> >to make it all fit! You wanted to shove your entire monster cock in
> >somewhere hot, and not even the head would fit in my small mouth. You
> >were getting so frustrated and needed to feel a release that you told
> me
> >to just grab hold of the tree and bend over, you raised my skirt and
> >fingered me again, knowing you would have to loosen me up before trying
> >to fit your huge member inside me, you took your fingers and tried to
> >spread my cunt apart, gettin' me ready for all of you, it hurt and I
> >cried out, and told you to stop, that someone would hear us. I didn't
> >know what I was getting my self into, how in the hell was I supposed to
> >go back to work after getting my eyes fucked out by such a monster
> cock,
> >and how was I supposed to walk, without looking like I just got off a
> >horse? All I knew was that I needed to feel all of you inside of me
> >right now, I told you you were too big, that I would scream and just
> >grabbed my hips and told me not to worry me pretty little head about
> it,
> >that the music was too loud and they were all drunk anyway, and the
> next
> >thing I knew you were pulling me towards you as you were plunging deep
> >inside me, ramming all of you in , moving faster and faster as I was
> >screaming louder and louder into the night, as we both spasmed together
> >strong and hard, I had to hang onto the tree to keep from falling,
> Baby,
> >I never had it so good, and I don't ever want you to stop!
> >

End of Story

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