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A Masters Touch &8211; Part 1

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I strip off my clothes because of my strong desire to be free of constraints, just leaving on my black thongs and high heels. I kneel before you, as you are sitting on the couch watching TV and lay my head on your lap with my arms going around you. I breathe deeply, taking in your scent that is uniquely yours and I feel a clam settle over me. It doesn’t matter what happened during the day, any troubles or concerns just simply melt away in that moment. I am thankful to be right where I am, just having you allow me to touch you, to feel you near me. After a few minutes, I feel your hand resting lightly on my head, acknowledging me, your fingers sifting through my hair. Desire runs deeply through me and the need to please you in every way. My cheek is lying over your crotch and I can feel you growing, so I rub my cheek over you again and again. I want so much to have your beautiful cock in my hands, my lips kissing and licking the head. You know how aroused I am. You grab a handful of my hair, pulling me away from you to look you in the eyes. You tell me to go get on the bed.

I stand up and walk as quickly as I can, because you are all that I want. By the time you reach the bed you are completely naked and you lay down in front of me. I stare at you hungrily, and then I reach out and take your cock into my hand. I love the way it feels, the silkiness over hardness. I run my hand up and down your shaft, as I lean forward. I run the tip of my tongue over the head, tasting you, as I swirl it around, taking you into my hot wet mouth. You indulge me for a little bit because you know how much I love to taste you. Then I feel your hands in my hair again as you grab a hold and pull me back. You keep my head on your stomach, allowing me to look at you cock as my hand rubs up and down it, over and over again. I always know when you are getting close, because you will let go of my hair and allow me to take you into my mouth again. I suck on you hungrily wanting you to cum deep in my throat. Your cock is so thick and long, it takes me a few times to get it nice and wet to take you as deep as I can. I relax my jaw and only then I can take you all the way. The head hitting in the back of my throat each time I go down, my eyes begin to water, but I don’t mind, I relish in the fact that I am going to please you. Then the moment comes and you hold my head down, keeping your cock buried deep as you let loose on your load that you have been saving just for me. I drink all of your sweet cum down. When you release me I pull back for a much need breath. After I catch my breath, I lick and clean you. I then lay back and snuggle into the crook of your arm, happy knowing that I pleased you.

You tell me to lie down on my back, and I do so with anticipation. I spread my legs, opening to you, awaiting your touch. I watch you, and you have that devious look in your eyes as you reach for the crop. I’m exhilarated and anxious at the same time. You push aside my thong to get a look at my pussy, almost like you are inspecting me. I close my eyes and then I hear your voice, you tell me to look at you. You want me to see when that crop is going to come down on me. You love to watch my expressions as you do so.

I open my eyes just in time to see the crop going down and I feel my body flinch, not know where the blow is going to land exactly. I yelp with surprise as it lands on my inner thigh. I try so hard not to move as the next one comes down on the other side, but I fail. My legs want to close automatically, and you swat both sides again quickly, giving me that look that says you better keep them open. After my inner thighs are a pretty shade of red, you decide to move to another spot.

By now I am breathing heavy, so aroused by you administrations. You let the crop fly, hitting my clit and I gasp and moan, my back coming up off the bed. Once again I try to keep my legs open as the crop connects to me and I start squirming, my breathing getting harder and faster. You switch to hitting my nipples; they are so hard and begging to be hit. My hands automatically fly up to protect myself. One hand gets hit and I force myself to put them back on the bed, grabbing a hold of the sheets. Then you stop and I feel your fingers on me and I hear you calling me a dirty little bitch for cumming. You put the crop on the side and lay along the side of me.

You reach for my pierced nipple and you pinch it hard, it almost takes my breath away. My eyes are wide open, watching everything you do. You reach down and start rubbing my clit. You brush my hair away from my ear and lean forward. Your hot breath on my neck is making me melt. Your sexy voice whispering in my ear, you want me to cum for you on the count of three. One……two……three……cum for me bitch, you say as you bite down on my ear lobe. I cum so hard and fast, I can hardly breathe. You stop rubbing my clit and then grab the curbed glass dildo. It slides in easily because I am so wet. You don’t really give me time to recover as you begin moving it in and out of me. All I can do is lay there moaning, loving the things that you do to me.

You stop for a moment and grab a towel, to put underneath me, you know me so well and you know that this is just the beginning. You begin again, fucking my pussy with that dildo, making me cum over and over again. I watch as you lean down towards my nipple, your mouth opening, showing me your teeth. You do this slowly and my anticipation is building waiting for you to bite me, all along that dildo still going in and out of me. Then you do it, you bite down on me and I cum so hard that I squirt as I moan loudly…..

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