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A House Wifes Sex Life

Well lets put it this way I love sex. I am about average and have 34c and about 130lbs and short. My husband is 6'2 about 220lbs and about 7 in. He is great.

Well heres one of our storys.

One night I was on line and HE kept telling me to get off and I didn't want to so when I finally got off he threw me on the bed and ripped my clothes off. He said I was being bad and not listening to him so I needed punished. All I could think was this is going to be great seeing as I love rough sex.

Well then to my surprise he tied me to the bed and said you know the safe word. He then put the blindfold on and he kissed me on my neck and then my arms and down my body. I was getting so wet with him just touching me. Then I heard him get up and he went and got some of our sex toys. I just couldn't believe he was getting them he never used them before so I was getting wetter. He then started eating me out and I had orgasm after orgasm. I felt like I was in heaven.

He then slowly inserted the vibrator and turned it on and again I cummed all over the place. When he was done with that he made me suck him until he was hard and he gaged me several times. Then he forced it in so hard I instantly climaxed and cummed all over his hard cock.

He then un tied just my legs and flipped me so he could go harder and then he jammed it in my ass and I screamed in pleasure over and over again. He went as hard as he could until he cummed and we were both happy.

End of Story