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A Bod For Sin

We are in a church, but a really big church, a cathedral, after regular hours - you wearing a long coat over high heels, thigh highs, garter, bustier and a collar. You are wearing a wig jet black bobbed hair, lipstick, sunglasses.

Candles are dimly lighting the area - no one around and we slip into a confessional it's hot and I pull the coat off and we start to fumble around. I pick you up and press you against the wood backing as it presses into the flesh in your back. As it goes on you begin to sweat, my hands rubbing on your slick skin trying to hold your legs up while thrusting into you. The wood on the back starts to hurt and you bend forward but get thrust back as you raise your arms up to the ceiling.

You try to stifle the moans as you orgasm over and over and collapse on top. As I climax, my legs give out and we collapse onto the bench with our fluids and sweat comingling.

As you put your coat on to exit we slip behind on of the large columns in the back in the shadows. You unzip my pants, take out my cock and begin to take me into your mouth as I my back grinds against the column.

As I ejaculate, you let it drip down your chin, onto your cleavage and get up to kiss me passionately against the column. We sneak out the back door and smile all the way home.

End of Story