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A Bath

My heart skipped a beat when I heard you enter the house on Thursday. I wanted to be waiting for you naked at the door. Instead, I accepted my fate and allowed your guidance to take over and teach me how to please you. It is hard to please you, you require things I have never done before. I want to please you so I stand naked hair freshly trimmed to your liking. You pull it to tell me my place.

“May I” I ask. “ You may” you kindly say.

I smile and start at you belt but realize in an instant your boots are still on, they must come off. You lie exhausted on the bed as I attempt to take your boots off. I had such trouble taking off those boots.

Finally you tell me to “Loosen them more at the bottom”.

I quickly listen and finish my job of removing your boots. Next are your pants. I pull them down thinking they will come off easily but I am wrong. They are tied in knots at the bottom. I really appreciate your frustration at the end of the day when you take off your uniform. It gets me wet thinking how I am making your night easier by undressing you as you rest on the bed. I tug and pull at the strings until they finally come undone and remove the rest of your clothes. I rub your feet, your calves, then get massage oil and continue with your legs.

You stop me “ Lick” you say.

My pussy gets very wet. It is my first tongue bath. I start at your feet and work my way up your calf. It is a different sensation I feel while I start to kiss your feet. My ass naturally goes up in the air when I kiss your feet. It went the highest on the second foot as my head was nearly touching the ground. I imaged you looking up and seeing my cute little butt. I did stomach and glute exercises at home, I didn’t have motivation to go to the gym after working in the heat all day. Such the bad pet.

I lick my way up your leg back to your ass. I taste Goldbond from a long day in the heat. I think to myself this is what I will send to him while he is in Afghanistan. I move my way up your body. I lick every part front and back. It is such an erotic feeling to give you a bath with my tongue. Clean you from a long two weeks in uniform. At one point you dozed off, I was so happy I had relaxed you enough you had fallen asleep. You deserved the rest. I stopped for just a sec and you quickly awoke and I worked my way to your fingers. As my tongue glided between your fingers I felt myself again get wetter as it touched both sides of my tongue. I discovered my two favorite parts of your body to lick are your hands and feet.

My pussy was dripping from all the new feelings I was experiencing. I was really enjoying myself. I loved licking you and felt your tension and anger of a long week. I was hoping this bath would take these troubles away. I wondered if you would allow a man to give you a massage, I have the perfect masseuse to help get the tension out of your body. His hands are strong not like mine. I will ask later.

When I get to your face you say “ No Lips” my heart stops.

Did I do something wrong. Did you not like your bath? I was such a good girl while u were gone. I sent nice texts, was excited to play with your sub, made you videos. Why no lips? I realized I could not please you in that moment. You would never allow it. I want to leave and go home but I am trapped and don’t know how to get out. I continue to please you licking your balls, ass, and cock.

“Get it nice and wet and get on top” you demand.

I glide my dripping pussy down on your cock and slowly make love to your cock with my pussy going up, down, slow, fast, gripping and holding it so I can feel every part of it inside me. When we r done we fall asleep in each others arms and wake to my breakfast, your cock.

End of Story

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