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2 3am Phone Call

I was in a dreamy daze when the phone rang. Just one full ring and I
picked it up. My dream was telling me he already called, who could it
be now? I said a soft "helo" instead of just plain hi. A curious
hello, as could this really be him, and yes he said "hi." It was him.
I relaxed back, forgetting the false memories from my dream of him
already calling. I placed the phone next to me on the bed. In the dark
I saw my alarm clock, it was a little past two in the morning. I
whispered to him that in my dream he already called. His voice was
lovely.. soft and sexy. He whispered to me "what are you wearing?" and
I tell him: sweats, a long tee, no panties.. He tells me what he's
wearing.. I ask if he's in his bedroom. No he isn't. I remember
thinking to ask why are you in the computer room, but he goes on
softly about how everyone stayed up really late, and I forgot my
question. He says he's been thinking about calling me all night. I
picture him with family members physically away from me, but I see his
mind drifting off towards me.. thinking about calling.

I remember how I rubbed baby oil on me earlier. See everyone was
watching a movie so I had the room to myself, and I was horny but my
pussy kind of dry. But anyway I decided to try baby oil, I heard
that's supposed to feel good. So I sneeked in and out of the bathroom
a couple times downstairs. Getting a plastic cup and putting some baby
oil in it. I rub it all over my hands, and pussy and legs and it feels
wonderfull, slippery. I imagine him taking the oil and covering my
whole body with it. I wonder if the baby oil is safe to get in your
mouth. There's a fragrence to it that I wish wasn't there, it makes it
so I can't smell my pussy juice.

On phone we talked about every type of sex you could imagine.. so
open, I loved it. He blew up a balloon about two feet but it was still
soft and he was in it.. and he made it squeak on him for me. And I
blew up a balloon really fast like how I want to blow him. And I
rubbed it hard against my breasts. It can squeak really loudly,
especially if I get my breasts a little wet. I wish I could have
gotten them all wet and sticky with his cum. If I hold a balloon in
my hands too long with it not blown up, I just get this urge to really
want to blow it really big and fast. I love blowing so hard that I get
dizzy from giving all my air to the balloon. It makes me excited to
write about it.

And then if I have a balloon just kind of soft against my breast it
like doesnt feel like its pressing hard enough and I want to rub it.
talk about a fetish for balloons :)

I came on the phone.. When it is a long time since I last came I dont
understand how I came before. I tend to want to analize things too
much and I wonder what exactly I did that made me cum.. well this time
was the second time in a row that we both came... Last time I came
kind of fast right after he did, it was all rushed. This time I came
first. I think I know what got me going to, he made me beg for it.. I
was so there then, so much in fantasy lost in our own worlds, my eyes
were closed and all I could hear was him, and I was there strapped
down on the bed shaking but not being able to move too much.. and he
was teasing me, he was telling me how'd he just push his dick in a
little bit and pull away.. (god writing this practically makes me
shake, talk about writing with a passion....) and he was going to
tease me other ways too... I could never get enough of him teasing

he made me beg and i told him to push his dick into my pussy, shove it
into me, fill me, fuck me.. I want to feel him deep and big in me..
and then I just lost control... I could feel I was gonna cum but I
wasnt too sure, didnt want to be too sure, just incase my body didnt
go through with it.. but I shook, and moaned... and kept babling on
talking dirty to him. I said that I needed him a couple times, a
reflex from in me to pull him into me and let him feel my body, my

when I'm cumming I'll say everything that goes through my mind.. I
read in Glamour once that one of men's most fears about sex was that
they'll call out their x-grilfriend's name.. I mean I guess that would
really upset the girl but in a way its the most natural thing... I was
lying on the bed completely stretched out naked cumming.. I would move
about in different ways, imagine him fucking me in all those
positions.. I had my legs both staight up in the air at one point.. I
was so hot... and I could hear the wetness in me swish around a
little.. sometimes it makes farting noises which are either funny or
embarrasing or disgusting.... I had two fingers in me most of the time
I was cumming, really really deep.. I can get three or four in, but
not deep...

damn I keep side tracting. ok. i shook a lot, squirmed, I was loud, I
urged him to cum for me, I told him i was crazy.. i was so hot.. I
listened to him, sometimes I could hear his heavy breathing but
sometimes it would stop and I knew he was listening to me.... near the
end of cumming I blew up a balloon fast but I was quite lossed by then
and it slipped right out of my hands.. but I grabbed up and caught it,
blowing harder, faster, wanting him to cum, knowing it makes him horny
to hear me go crazy on the balloon. I played with my ticklish spot
some on and off too, making me like twing my legs..

and I heard his sexy voice saying he came and I dont remember much
what i said except i quieted down some and lisened to him and asked
him if i could have it and he took it off of him.... and then sally
(who all this time I thought had been sleeping) says "How was your
sex?" And she babbles on about how she was up most of the time and she
tells me about what she heard and that I shouldn't have been so loud
if I didnt want to wake her. When I was cumming I wouldnt have
stopped if my parents walked into the room..I was lossed yet found :)

but I say damn a couple of times (because of sally) and tell him that
I love him and thats it. I'm alone. Kind of aching a little from
cumming so much and my mouth dry... and anyway I mostly ignored sally.
I went to the bathroom, rubbed some baby oil on me which felt better
and lied in bed for awhile thinking how great the (phone)sex was.. and
I guess eventually fell asleep because the next thing I know my alarm
went off at 7.

End of Story

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