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06 27 2012 Perfect Timing

Hey to all of u out there that have yet to answer or respond to me and my amazing husband. Maybe there's no one out there that likes to play like us. Last night my man starting licking me and I woke up with him inside me with his eyes rolling back, making sweet love to me. Trust me if a man wakes you up with passion and well the biggest dick that is soft, sweet, u can see the veins as it grows inside. We watch hot porn he could not leave my sweet tight pussy alone, I came all over, he continued through out the night seventeen times, some so gentle it felt like our body's became the same. Then, oh yeah THEN his ..... Was so hard he did what ever he wanted to my body and mouth as I moaned and screamed and came all over him. We know that ther is someone out there that we would allow to join in. I love licking sweet skin and watching him get turned on from watching what I will do to u. I love women and miss the taste of one as well as the look on my mans face watch.......yummy where are u? We are here and so ready to show u a unforgettable time. By the the way we are cool as fuck and oh my ... He is so fucking fine and well we are will to bring In a couple because the more the better . We like to laugh, living,love, licking,learning from what ever the moment brings. Where are u? Come play with us

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