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My Bi Side

I met Tim and Linda in a chat room. They were in the PA bi men 4 men room. I asked if they would like a sub male looking to explore some fanatasies? They told me if I was sub they would love to explore. I agreed. They told me I would have to submit to there desiress. I again agreed. They said I should send a pic and I did. they again said If I wanted to play with withem I would have to do whatever Linda said. I told them that I would blow a goat if linda wanted. I was so horny just looking at her pic I would have done anything. She made me stroke his cock and it grew about an inch and a half. I stroked him and i could feel the excitement building in his balls. she told me it was making her hot just seing what I was doing. I stroked it until he was ready to cum. When he did I licked the cum off of omy hand and lips because he shot so much. I did this and then she grabbed me by the ears and pulled me close. telling me it was her fantasy to see a man suck cum from another. she kissed me so deep I thought my tongue was being pulled out of my mouth. when she was done I felt I needed to explore her pussy with my mouth. little did I know she was into bi men

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