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Girls Night Out Part Ii

Since this was the first time Ann, Karla or myself had been with a woman, we wanted to take full advantage of it. We were close friends and never thought we would be kissing, sucking and licking each other.

I started to rub Ann's clit that was so hard it was begging me to lick it. I said "Ann, I never thought I would want to eat your pussy, but I am, so move over here." My first taste was wonderful. She moaned so soft with pleasure. I could tell she wanted me to do it and had probably dreamed of it before. I leaned over and kissed Karla so she could taste Ann with me. Steve and Jeff took a break so they could watch us 3 girls get freaky on the bed. I quickly found Ann's G-spot with my first two fingers and began sucking her clit. She got off almost instantly and the cum came flying out of her pussy. I was so turned on I came a little myself. Karla started to suck my lovely D/DD breasts and her soft mouth felt so wonderful. A womans lips are so much softer than a man. She inched down between my legs and with the first touch of her tongue to my pussy caused me to let out a moan I am sure the people in the next room heard. She said I tasted so sweet. After I came in Karla's mouth, she moved up to kiss Ann so Ann could taste my sweetness.

I flipped them both over and started to finger both of them while they kissed each other passionately. I slipped my pinky finger into Ann's ass. She came so much it was if someone spilled a glass of water on the bed. I then motioned for Jeff to come fuck her and guided his cock onto her soaking pussy. Steve resumed fucking the hell out of Karla and lay back and rubbed myself into orgasm. It was the best girls night out yet.... I will definately write about it when it happens again. Maybe this time it will be with someone new. Maybe from this site. I never dreamed I would love eating pussy so much, but I did.

End of Story