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Awakening Volcano

To say she was a fiery sexy red head would be an extreme

She was sitting at a tablewith her friends when we first laid eyes on her and it was that first eye contact that we were hooked. Glowing, knowing, inviting eyes that sparkle and pull you into her grasp. Smiles were presented and returned. A wink, a nod, an obvious gesture, yes we were the ones couple was looking for.

We sat close enough to watch her mingle and laugh with her friends. She was enjoying moving around and talking with everyone; a very free spirit full of lust and excitement. As time wore on she moved closer, close enough to catch her scent, and what a wonderful scent it was. A sensual show was being performed for us and all the rest of the party was unaware.

Seeing that it was time for us to leave, she made one last advance. Close enough to feel her breath i whispered "Soon, very soon."

Soon came quicker than we thought it would. We contacted each other and a time and place was arranged. It was decided yhat a meeting of just the girls would be less intimidating. So they met at the local lingere store and went shopping for sexy clothes to try on. After gathering a few items and some small talk they headed to the dressing room. Now was the moment of truth, both of them were new to this. It was to be a double first.

"You need to come over here RIGHT NOW" came a call from my wife. "I am having my nipple sucked by the sweetest tongue you have ever felt in your life. My GOD I cant even think straight, hurry!!!!!!!" she whispered into the phone.

When I arrived they were still inside the dressing room.After an eternity they emerged, smiling and glowing."Did yall find what you were searching for" I asked? " OH MY GOD YES and more" they chimed in unison. "Were you thinking about us?" "Does this answer your question" came my reply as I rubbed my erection into her hand?

part 2 to follow

End of Story