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While the Men Played Golf

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My husband Paul and I, my name is Karen, were seduced by our more mature friends one Friday night while camping. Sandy and Bill have been friends and members of the group that camps together for several years. Then are about 15 years our senior. Bill a handsome man, retired but active. Sandy is in great shape for her age and still looks great in the two piece bathing suit whenever we get into watersports. The have a class ?A? motorhome, like a house on wheels with double slide outs to make the darn thing into a house at the campground. Paul and I only have a conversion van but we opted to spend our money on a nice boat and trailer. We love the water and Paul and I still have good shapes and look nice in our bathing attire.

The seduction came as the result of a rainy Friday night and the four of us sitting to visit in their RV. Sandy is extremely outgoing and when away from home (like in a campground environment) gets into sexual innuendos with every other sentence. All in good adult fun till they started making the moves on us and things got seriously sexy, leading to Paul and Sandy having sex in the living room area and down the hall to the back bedroom Bill and I got it on. As things cooled down Bill, Paul and I got dressed but Sandy only put on a cover up like ones wears over a bathing suit. She left it open to reveal her lack of tan lines and give all a nice view of her physique. I noticed that she was clean shaven down there too.

The surprise of the evening was Sandy coming on to me as we were calling it a night. She actually kissed me on the lips, which I didn?t resist partially because of surprise an partly due to the nicety of the kiss. She immediately sensed some interest on my part and the second kiss was open-mouthed and tongue searching. The boys got an eyeful. While in a good bye hug she whispered that she?d like for me to come over the next day while the boys were playing golf. I whispered that I would and we all said good night. Paul asked me on the way back to our van if I was okay with the events of the evening, meaning wife swapping for the first time. I assured him it was purely recreational sex and very erotic and exotic. Then he asked if I was into the bi-sexual advances of Sandy just as we were leaving. I told him to ask me tomorrow after you men return from golf. Paul got back from the shower house and got a really nice blowjob before leaving for the golf game. I got organized and dressed for the day, knowing I was going to Sandy?s RV and things might get sexy again I made sure to find my ?Daisy Duke? cut offs, a blouse I could leave the buttons undone and just tie the shirt tails under my breasts. Just to help the look I wore no panties and no bra. I was headed to the den of sin and dressed for success.

At Sandy?s RV, I found her hanging up some morning bath towels to dry on a line they had strung. She saw me coming and offered coffee inside, I agreed like the fly to the spider and followed her inside. Sandy was wearing a light weight cotton house dress that buttoned its front from the scoop neckline to the hem meeting her upper thigh. It was short. The top two buttons were left undone to allow cleavage to breathe. After all she was out of town and in sexy mode. Inside she reached for some cups on the top shelf and the short dress raised enough for me to see she wasn?t wearing anything under it. I thought to myself that we were thinking alike on the visit?s potential. There was a small kitchen bar and stools where I sat for the coffee and Sandy leaned over to put her elbows on the bar letting her dress open to let see all the way down the front of it to her navel. ?I see you have no tan lines? I said to get a conversation started. She said she laid out nude in the sun whenever she could, even though she knew the teenage neighbor boy was peeking out his second story window at her. As we talked she was unbuttoning the rest of the dress to show me her tan. ?Do you mind if I get naked?? she asked, I told her it was her house and her rules and I didn?t mind at all. Once naked she came about the bar to my seat and started running her hands on my body.

?Are you comfortable with me making advances?? she asked. I just nodded ?Yes? and she leaned over to give me a hot wet mouth to mouth kiss. I gave back as good as I got and the next thing I knew the front of my blouse was open and my breasts were being sucked on. I leaned back to give her better access and I felt my shorts being undone. Sandy?s hand slid down the front of my opened shorts and the kisses started back up. I offered to get out of my clothes and she let me stand to wiggle out of my cut offs and we were both naked. Another kissing session ad I returned the oral attention to her breasts. Our hands knew no limitation and we touched one another everywhere within reach. Sandy took my hand and led me to the back bedroom. She spun me around causing me to flop down on the bed on my butt. We laughed as she said ?Get on that bed, Honey, you are mine for the rest of the morning?. ?Come and get it? is all I said.

We kissed with her on top and me under her sexual seduction. Her kisses moved further down the front of my waiting wanting body till reaching my bikini bottom tan line. ?You need to get some sun down here?. ?You should shave this pretty pussy of yours too?. ?I?d be happy to do that for you, if you?d like? I answered, ?That sounds wonderful?. ?First things first?let?s take of the things at hand? she said as her hand cupped my crotch and massaged it, working her finger magic down there and making me wetter than ever. Moving around to get a better angle she lowered her face between my legs and started giving me head. I spread wide for her and started pinching my own nipples as I love to have attention both high and low when it comes to sex. One finger slid into me and I moaned with pleasure at her advances. Her tongue never seemed to stop but the tempo was artfully changed to heighten my pleasure. I started to quiver feeling an orgasm coming on when she kept her finger in me and trailed kisses back up my body to suck one nipple then the other and ending up in a mouth to mouth, side by side position. With her other hand she guided my hand between her legs and I gave soft teasing touches to her as I worked my fingers into position and then inside her.

?You okay with going down on me for a while?? she asked. ?How could I say no?? I replied and started kissing my way to her clean shaven vagina. Between her legs I kissed her entire area before licking her lips open and tongue searching for her clit. My finger was still inside her and she started getting as aroused I was a few minutes earlier. ?Let?s 69? she said. ?Let?s? is all I said and she positioned me on top of her. Sandy?s arms wrapped wound my legs as eh held my lips open allowing her full access to my love hole and clit. ?Whatever you get, you give, agreed?? she said. ?You got it? I said and we started into a bi-sexual follow the leader like I have never experienced. It was wonderful to be at the complete mercy of her tongue one second and then in charge of her sexuality the very next. She was gaining ground with the control over my sexual experience and soon I gave into an orgasm. As I finished and was catching my breath we paused and I rolled of her. In a few minutes we were ready for round two. Sandy wanted to be on top this time and I told her my pussy was just plain old wore out. But since she was the hostess I got on my back and she lightly blew on my crotch and kissed it lightly as I went to town on her clit with my tongue moves. The butterfly flick was getting her attention so I would work her entire vagina with licks, kissed and go back to the clit flick action, each time seemed to bring her closer to her orgasm and finally I heard her yell out ?Oh YEAH!, Right There, Don?t Stop!? Her whole body shook and her breathing seemed to fall back into her throat?she was coming for me. I knew how I liked it when getting off like that and I gave her my best cool down head job attention. Sandy rolled off me into a pile of happiness, having just been given her climax. We didn?t get dressed but did switch from coffee to a cocktail since it was now 1 PM in the afternoon. We had been at it for two hours. Both tired but both happy to have one another as friends with benefits.

Sandy asked how long I had been Bi and I told her she was my first woman. Stunned on one hand and honored to be the first on the other she started asking all kinds of questions about how I felt about the experience and then telling me of her first time and how much she liked being bi-sexual instead of just having men fuck her. That led to her telling me she did her boss at work about twice a week and whenever she needed a favor like and extra day off. She added that she and the boss?s wife had had sex but the boss was not to find out since they both wanted to keep it a secret from the other and we laughed. Sandy?s exploits with sex were only when they were out of town for the most part. The boss and his wife were kept quiet by all and I was the only one to know about that arrangement.

She told me of other positions she liked like doing 69 with the wife while her husband fucked her doggie style. Then she shocked me with another announcement when she added, ?Either hole?. ?So you like anal sex?? I asked. ?Sure, don?t you?? she asked back. I shook my head no and said ?I never considered doing it like that but know of some women that did? She offered to tell me all about it as she beaconed me into the bathroom toe shave my pussy. I thought why not, we were having fun and it would be a nice surprise for Paul, later. All the time I sat spread eagle on the sink area and Sandy was shaving me between my legs she talked of taking a cock in her ass. How to make sure that size was the first consideration and that there was plenty of lube handy the first few times and anytime when it had been a long spell since getting some anal action. ?You can always work your way up in size as your find comfort with spreading your cheeks for a man. The men really liked to feel they are controlling a woman by fucking her in the ass but we should also remember that the woman is always calling the shots and controlling the men by letting them think that. We laughed again. ?All done, what do you think?? she said as I stood to take a good luck at my new look in the mirror. She reached into the shower and turned on the water. ?Shower together?? she asked and I nodded to join her in the running water and we bathed each other being careful to keep our hair dry. All toweled off we decided to get back into our clothes as the men would be back for golf soon. We were almost done with our cocktails as we sat outside under the awning as saw the men return.

We got kisses and a brief recap of the round of their game of ?pasture pool?. The boys grabbed a beer each and joined us in the shade of the awning. Bill asked Sandy, ?Did everything go alright?? Sandy pulled him close to whisper into his ear and he smiled broadly with what he heard. The men wanted to get another shower and maybe take a nap but not before one more beer was had. Sandy and I suggested running into town and picking up something for dinner. The boys were hot sweaty and tired and sent us on our merry way to town for some shopping and to snag some groceries on the way back. Still dressed in her house dress and nothing else and I in my cut offs and tied blouse Sandy and I dared to tease the men in town as we made our rounds at the strip mall and shops. Several men flirted with us, one who Sandy actually knew talked for some time. Later Sandy told me they had swapped with he and his wife a few times at the campground. I looked back at him with renewed interest and mentally sized him up as a sex partner. Sensing my interest Sandy said ?Yes he?d do you in a heartbeat?

It was amazing to me how one morning while the men played golf gave me such a new outlook on my sexuality and prowess toward men in general. Sandy said to never forget to take care of your man at home if you were going to play around. She said she always made sure Bill was happy then took her pussy out to play, and Bill knew it. She fessed up to Bill every time she had sex with someone and he wasn?t there. But she also added that they liked to swap as a couple best. I started wondering how my husband was going to receive the news of the day and my interest in wife swapping for us as a couple in the future. Sharing that concern with Sandy was quelled when she said ?What husband doesn?t want to see his wife fucked and what husband wouldn?t like to get some strange?? I thought maybe the boys could go play golf again tomorrow.

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