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What A Weekend 3

This is an ongoing true-life adventure that is being posted as it happens.
This event happened this past weekend. This weekend we went out of town.
Melissa and I told no one where we were going or what we would be doing. I
had it all worked out. I made reservations in a town close to where Sam
was living. My wife and I checked in a little after 2. I knew through
email that Sam wouldn't get off work till around 6. The whole afternoon we
laid in bed playing and teasing. Melissa didn't know Sam was coming.
Around 5 I told her he was coming and then I told her I was kidding. She
smacked me and told her to quit teasing her. She had been wet but now she
was soaked. At 6 I tied her to the bed. It was a king size one. At 630
he called and said he was on the way. She now knew the truth and I watched
as she became more turned on. I got out the supplies in preparation. Just
before 7 Sam knocked on the door. I got up and let him in. I placed the
do not disturb sign on the door before I closed it. I went back to the bed
and lay down next to Melissa. Sam saw her there and a smile crossed his
lips. He asked what do we have here?

My wife was so turned on her breathing was ragged. As I started to
lightly whip her with a whip, Sam started to undress. Then I told him it
was time for desert. I grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup and poured
some on her nipples. On each nipple then on each side I trailed down to
her wet pussy. He started on one side and I started on the other. We
licked her clean. I went down on her and nearly drowned in the heavy fluid
draining from her. I ate her to orgasm, which didn't take to long. She
nearly broke my neck. She begged to be released so we untied her. Sam
slid his cock up inside her with my wife on her side and him from behind.
The view was so erotic as I watched his cock pull and stretch her pussy
lips. I knelt down and started to lick her clit. I was alternating
between her clit and her lips, as his cock would slide in and out. I then
added his balls to the mix and bathed them with my tongue. He started to
drive into her really hard so I concentrated on her clit. The both came in
an earth shattering orgasm. As Sam started to pull out I took his cock in
my mouth to clean it off. Then I went down on her to clean her out.

As Sam lay there I told him it was his turn. I secured him to the bed
and got the syrup, duplicating what I had done to Melissa. This time my
wife took one side and I again took the other. We licked nibbled and
sucked his nipples and work our way down. When we got to his hard cock we
took turns licking off the chocolate. Melissa got up to go to the bathroom
and I took him into my mouth. I am still intrigued by the act of giving
head so I give a lot into doing it. It's such a new thing. I gave all I
could and was doing so as Melissa climbed back into bed. She was playing
with her pussy as she watched her husband suck his friends cock. Sam
started to moan and grind really bad so I knew he was about to cum. I
started to work his meat even harder. I felt his load erupt from his cock
and thought he would never stop. I climbed up to my wife and kissed her
with a mouth full of his come. I shared some with her before swallowing it
down. We then untied him and we started to enjoy sex between the three of
us. I started to fuck my wife and he was licking my balls. We covered
every angle that 3 people could in bed together as I fuck my wife he slid
his cock into my ass and I did the same to him. We did a daisy chain where
I went down on Melissa and she on him with him sucking my cock. I put the
two of them on their backs and would alternate between going down on them.
I enjoy giving much more than receiving so this was extremely hot! It
ended much to soon and unfortunately Sam didn't get to cum back the next
day. Melissa said she wanted to be in charge for once. We did have some
great sex between the 2 of us as she told me how hot it was with Sam there
and to watch us get it on. Well until next time. I cant wait and thanks
for all the feedback. I will keep you updated as the events occur.

End of Story

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