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Three's Company

My two closest friends are male-Jake, and Michael. We've
known each other since elementary school, though we didn't become
close until 8th grade. We are able to talk about anything-from sex, to
politics, to romantic interests etc. With each of them there has always
been that small undefinable "something," that minute sexual
awareness of each other, though I never expected anything to happen.
It was harmless enough, though, and added some spice to our
friendships. To be perfectly honest, I have often masturbated thinking
about them.
How to describe them both? Jake, he is perhaps the one I find the
most attractive, physically and intellectually. He is open-minded and
enthusiastic about just about everything, and he's pretty damned good-
looking. That doesn't hurt. Jake is tall, about 6'3", which is towering
compared to my diminutive 5'2" height, and he is blessed with the
most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are a clear, lovely green
that make me shiver every time I tip my head back to look up at him.
And with his black hair and killer body, he cuts quite a figure.
Mmmm, what an ass. There is sometimes a small bit of innuendo in
our conversations, though he is often seeing this or that girl.
Now for Michael. Michael is quiet and polite and very shy, until
one gets to know him. He has a delightful sense of humor, one that
most don't expect in someone who seems so quiet. He is always kind
and considerate, and I have always thought he would make the best
lover out of the two of them, precisely because of these endearing
qualities. As for looks, he is hardly lacking there, either. Michael is
much shorter than Jake-he stands at 5'6", which is just a bit taller than
me. He has slightly longish blonde hair and a permanent five-o-'clock
shadow that drives me crazy. He has a sweet, yet certainly not
effeminate face, and the proverbial puppy-dog eyes, hazel, puppy-dog
eyes, that is. He reminds me of the typical artistic rendering of Jesus,
except he has much shorter hair. He has a slightly brooding air about
him, and that is one way in which I balance him out, since I myself am
generally cheerful and even childlike. Whereas Jake is tall and lanky,
with a tight, muscular build, Michael is shorter, broader in the
shoulders and more muscular, though not bulky. Michael is very
inexperienced sexually. He is an extremely sexy guy, but he has
always turned down any of the girls who have been interested in him.
He never says much about that except that they bore him. Oh well.
He once told me he could fall in love with me if he let himself. I was
very surprised, but I hid it well. I just smiled.
Jake and Michael get along well too, and together we form a close-
knit threesome that many of the women who are interested in either of
them find very threatening. Last night something happened that made
us a real "threesome."
Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I was sure they had forgotten,
since I hadn't had so much as a phone call from either of the two. It's
summer, so school's out, and they both know my work hours, so I
couldn't figure anything except that they had just forgotten. I got
home from work @ 5:30 P.M., checked my mail, and answering
machine, and then grabbed a Coke, before settling into my favorite
chair, a wooden rocker. I sighed, a little sad and disappointed that they
had forgotten. But I simply shrugged my shoulders and decided to
forget about it. Tired and bored, I reached for the remote control and
zapped the TV on. Nothing decent was playing, so I flipped it back
As usual, it had been a tiring day at work. I got up from the chair,
reluctantly, and jumped in the shower. I began to feel a little bit better
as the warm water started to wash away the grime, both physical and
psychic, that had built up during the course of my day. Sighing, I
climbed out of the shower and stood in front of my closet trying to
decide what to wear. Hell, I wasn't expecting any company, so why
wear any clothes at all? I get a thrill out of wandering around my
place completely naked. There's something very liberating about it-it
always makes me feel deliciously wanton. Having decided not to wear
any clothes, I went back downstairs and again curled up in my rocking
chair with the latest Anne McCaffrey fantasy novel. Just as I opened
its pristine cover, I heard a slight sound. I glanced suspiciously over
my shoulder before shrugging my shoulders and turning back to my
book. All of a sudden, I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. I yelped
with fright-there I was alone, and without any clothes on, and someone
was in my apartment! I yanked on the hands with all my might. I
swiveled around, and saw...Jake and Michael. My face must have
turned a dozen shades of red as they both shouted "Surprise." I tried as
best I could to cover myself, and failed miserably. Against my will, I
felt my nipples harden.
I saw their eyes widen as they took in the sight of my nakedness.
Neither of them had the grace to turn his back. "Turn around while I
get some clothes on!" I said, embarrassed, though a little turned-on.
Neither of them moved to do my bidding. "Come on," I sighed as they
stood there staring at me as if entirely without any intention of
"Oh come on, Raven, don't you want to open your birthday
present?" Jake asked, grinning cheekily.
Laughing, a little amused, I replied, "AFTER I get some clothes on,
"Who said you need clothes-after all, we ARE all friends, aren't
we? Nothing to be ashamed of..." Jake shot back at me. The
strangeness of his statement made my jaw drop open incredulously.
While I've mentioned there has always been a subtle hint of sexual
awareness between us, neither of them had ever said anything so
As I stood there, awkwardly gaping at them, not sure what to make
of their odd behavior, Jake asked me again whether or not I wanted to
open my present. I nodded back, silently pondering the dynamics of
the situation. My curiosity piqued, I vowed to go along with whatever
little game they were playing, just to see where it led. And we WERE
close friends, and I trusted them. That decided, I kept silent as I
watched the look that passed between Jake and Michael.
Michael stepped forward with a length of dark fabric. I did not
protest as he wrapped it around my head so it covered my eyes, and
tied it securely. "Just relax, there's nothing to worry about," he said in
that very sexy voice of his as he guided me upstairs and to what
seemed like my bedroom. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on my bed.
Michael then asked me to lie down on my back. At this point I was
semi-aroused because I had an inkling that whatever they were going
to do, it was very definitely going to be sexual. "Do you trust me?" he
asked quietly.
"Of course," I replied.
"Good," Michael replied.
I felt both of arms being raised as my wrists were tied to my
bedposts. The room was silent for several minutes, and I didn't sense
their presence anymore. A little worried at having been left alone like
that, I said, "Michael? Jake? Where are you?"
It was then that I heard the first moan. "Oh, Michael, oh yeah, just
like that..." I began to hear wet, sucking sounds. Were they doing
what I thought they were doing? My question was soon answered
when Michael, undid my blindfold, leaving my wrists still bound. My
eyes widened in pleasant surprise as I took in the sight of Michael's
mouth wrapped around Jake's cock. I watched, fascinated, as Michael
licked Jake's balls. As he did that, I could see Jake's cock, slick with
Michael's saliva, and hard, with several prominent veins. From where
I was lying, Jake seemed to be enjoying Michael's ministrations
immensely. He lay on the floor with his head thrown back and his
eyes shut, and his hands were on Michael's head as he thrust his hips
forward and upward, fucking Michael's mouth. He sounded obscenely
good-his moans and groans evoked an immediate and forceful reaction
in me-I could feel my pussy starting to get wet, and all of a sudden, the
room seemed a little too hot. I moaned softly.
Michael pulled his mouth off Jake's cock and looked at me.
Smiling sexily, he touched a finger to Jake's glistening cock and
moistened it with his precum. Then he slowly raised that finger to his
mouth and licked it, just as slowly. Damn, but he looked good... His
hazel eyes glinted wickedly as he cleaned off his finger, watching as I
shifted slightly on the bed, testing my bonds. "Uh-uh, Raven, not
Suddenly, Jake had lifted himself up and pushed Michael over onto
his back. I watched, enthralled, as he bent his head to Michael's nipple
and began to torment him. He sucked and licked Michael's nipples
into shiny, taut peaks. Michael arched his back and moaned, his hands
holding Jake steady at his chest. It was too much for me. Jake's black
hair looked so perfect against the paler frame of Michael's chest. I had
never had any fantasies or thoughts about watching two men make out,
but it was swiftly becoming clear to me that it COULD be a very
arousing thing-especially when it was done live.
I pulled at my bonds and moaned, wanting to be free. They both
laughed, but did not untie me. "What's the matter? Oh, Michael, I
think she's getting lonely over there. Is that it, Raven?"
I moaned once more, and said, "Michael, Jake, stop teasing me.
Come on, untie me."
They paid no attention to my pleas. They both came toward me. I
held my breath in anticipation. Soon Jake's mouth was closed over
mine, nipping and nibbling at my lips. His tongue slipped inside my
mouth and began its seduction just as Michael's mouth came to rest on
my ear. Michael did nothing at first, just breathed tiny gusts of warm
air into my ear, making me shudder. "I want you," he moaned into
my ear. "I want to fuck you until the pleasure becomes unbearable,
and then I want you to come. And believe me, you WILL come." His
words were turn-on in and of themselves, but the feel of his tongue
tracing the whorls of my ear was another. Jake's tongue was warm and
wet and wonderful in my mouth, while Michael's was equally potent in
my ear. God, could it get any better than this?
But I was still bound. Not pleased with that, I broke my mouth
away from Jake's and told him to untie me. He simple shook his head
"No" at me, and leaned back down. But now his mouth found its way
to my already-hard nipples. My breath caught in a sigh as I felt the
slightly rough rasp of his tongue against my nipple. He took the nipple
entirely into his mouth and began to suck, causing my back to arch and
push my breast even further into his mouth. I then felt Michael's
mouth on my other breast. Michael flickered his tongue quickly back
and forth against my nipple, and I asked myself if I had died and gone
to heaven. Too dazed to think anymore, I just barley noticed when one
of them left their post at my breast and ventured further down. When I
felt a tongue gliding 'round my foot, on my heel and instep, I cried out,
"Oh God." "Oooh..." I moaned as my little toe was enveloped in the
wetness of one of their mouths. I opened my eyes for a moment, just
long enough to see who was doing what. Jake was still occupied with
my breasts, while Michael had gone on to the new territory of my feet.
He kissed and licked and nibbled his way up my calf, behind and on
my knee, and up the length of my thigh, stopping on its inside. His
breath was warm and moist against my inner thigh. I waited, hoping
he would put his mouth on my pussy; there was an ache there that
begged for the satisfaction of his tongue. I opened my eyes as I felt
both their mouths leave my body. Their mouths met just inches from
my yearning pussy. I moaned and yanked at my bonds as Jake's mouth
finally tasted me. I writhed and moaned loudly as he gently sucked on
my clit while simultaneously sliding a finger in and out of my dripping
pussy. I thrust my hips at him, fucking his finger. "Untie me, please,"
I begged, "Please, I can't take much more of this."
They finally relented and undid my ties. Thinking fast, I pushed
myself up onto my hands and knees. Looking back over my shoulder
at Jake, I told him to fuck me, and to fuck me hard. Smiling, he asked,
"More than ready," I replied. And with that, he slid his hard cock
part way into my wet pussy, giving my body time to adjust to and
accommodate him. "Fuck me, Jake, put your entire cock inside my
pussy and fuck me. NOW. "
"Yes, m'am, birthday girl, your wish is my command," Jake
answered before sliding the remaining length of his cock into my
pussy. "You feel so good, so tight and wet," he groaned.
I moaned back, saying, "Jake, oh, Jake."
Meanwhile, Michael kneeled in front of me, massaging my breasts
as Jake's cock slid in and out of me. My pussy clung to his cock, as if
reluctant to let it go. I thrust my hips back at him as he fucked me.
We thrust faster and faster, and the pleasure became more and more
intense, until the sensations of Michael's hands on my breasts and
Jake's cock inside me became too much, and I came. I felt Jake shoot
his load inside me right after I came and my pussy spasmed around his
cock. "Now your turn," I said to Michael, and pushed him onto his
back. I leaned down over him and took his stiff cock into my mouth. I
licked all around his head, tasting his precum, before licking up and
down the length of his shaft. Gently taking his balls into my mouth, I
sucked and licked them. His moans spurred me on to take his cock
into my mouth and begin to suck. I felt his hands clutch my hair, as
my mouth slid faster and faster on his cock. I felt his cock start to
throb a few seconds before he came in my mouth. I swallowed
quickly, taking it all in. He sighed, and smiled a happy, lazy smile at
me. I kissed him, and he tasted his own juices in my mouth.
At this point we were all exhausted, so the three of us snuggled in
close together. I lay sandwiched in between my two closest friends.
They smiled at each other over my head before saying, "Happy
Birthday" and kissing me on either cheek. Laughing, I said thank you
and pulled each of them closer.

End of Story

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